My handmade power amplifier project 1000W

My handmade power amplifier project 1000W

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Автор Deep Collections ( назад)
how much its cost

Автор taoybb ( назад)
Look at that transformer WOW! That thing have to handle 1000W!! This is
bullshit. Kid just try to show his copying project.

Автор Popa Daniel ( назад)
1000W in pula cu satelitu la ce vad eu acolo daca are 400W sa zici pomana

Автор Luis Sousa ( назад)
mosfet (pnp/npn), really? *facepalm*

Автор microbizz.com.ph ( назад)

Автор Harold Hennigan ( назад)
im 16, im building a 50 watt valve guitar amplifier and i case you dont
know valves are a bitch to work with, require high voltages and large
expensive transormers and are themselves expensive- If I can make a 50 watt
valve amp at 16 he sure as hell could have made that solid state
thingamagig at 16 too.

Автор What the fuck are you doing reading my username? ( назад)
"You don't know propper english?" "propper" *replying to an ancient comment
because fuck you*

Автор Jack Ripper ( назад)
Why didn't you go with a Class-D design?

Автор Jack Ripper ( назад)
Heck, just take a pair of Apex PA-01 power op amps, a +/- 30 volt DC power
supply and a small handful of parts and you have a 100 watt per channel
into 8 ohms stereo power amplifier. It's so easy, a caveman can do it (and
he already did!) :)

Автор Jack Ripper ( назад)
I'm an electrical engineer too. At age 3, my dad gave me a little green
light bulb and a battery. I tried every combination and finally it lit up.
I was hooked. My dad got me one of those "100 in 1" electronic kits, as
well as lots of textbooks and parts. I was obsessed with learning all I
could about electronics. I built my own 3 tube, 50 watt, 40 meter (ham
radio) transmitter when I was 11. As an EE, YOU should know that one rarely
needs more than Ohms law to design a working circuit.

Автор Mihkel Laansoo ( назад)
Idiots... Amplifiers are super simple. This kid just paralleled 5 pairs of
MOSFET transistors (npn/pnp) To drive them you need few more pairs to
amplify the current and voltage... Or theres few single chip drivers like
LM4702. he has split power supply so he doesnt need output capacitor....
Stop hating, your just too fucking stupid to understund us.

Автор 3vIL VIrUs ( назад)
You dont have to study physics to design this. I'm 18 now and I have
designed 4 Amplifiers and other audio/electrical equipment myself. If you
are interested in the subject, you can do it without studing. Apart from
that, the amp in the video is overrated^^

Автор matsushita1918 ( назад)
why all the dislikes?

Автор J Audio Car audio ( назад)
nice amp

Автор ssjlkrillin ( назад)
There's a critic for everything on youtube...I'm an electrical engineer too
and it is not outside the realm of possibility for him to develop a power
amplifier at that age. Some people acquire their skills at an earlier age
and have better access to certain resources (e.g. homeschooling). There's
always a "you're wrong and this is why" response instead of a "have you
considered doing this?" type of response. It's great that he's doing this
instead of getting carpal tunnel from an Xbox.

Автор Crobular I ( назад)
I`m a gingerbeer as well. He does not need a degree in electronics to build
that. Just a handful of RF power transistors a few bits and pieces. Driver,
Heatsink, Fan , Filters and the usual power supply. A little know how
thrown in.

Автор Bubu5485 ( назад)
Maybe in U.S. my friend, but in Europe we study electronics more early than
you think. I bet you cant even design a power amp from scratch. If you are
an electrical engineer let us show an amp design. Idiot.

Автор Dnaudio12 ( назад)
he could have designed it without a degree in EE, i have friends that have
made 3d printers and all kinds of other projects, its called research

Автор melisantika ( назад)
I Really Like The Video From Your My handmade power amplifier project 1000W

Автор jh78ghbn56 ( назад)
Intersting looking amp my freind. I would like to know the transformer
specs, what rating capacitors you had and how many, what transistor you
used, and how high was the current you draw, Im guessing it must be north
of 30Amps seeing those thick wires, and what load speakers you had,8 ,4 or
2 Ohm. Thanks ^.P

Автор Josh C ( назад)
@machturnip well said my friend, well said.

Автор DONDIVA1969 ( назад)
Haters gonna hate.

Автор Simeon Petkov ( назад)
@toniemi85's SPeeCH

Автор Simeon Petkov ( назад)
that's true but i am 14 years old and when i was 4 i fixed my first TV now
i am making a 1200w (60v 20a)power supply and a class A 300w amp (0.0005%

Автор Christopher Role ( назад)
this is not design by an engineer but only a hobbiest!!!!!!! hah hah hah..
peace,,kawawa ka naman

Автор 26xl888 ( назад)
@machturnip I think you will find it's 'ass-holery'

Автор jh78ghbn56 ( назад)
that is quite the heatsink yourve got there ^.^

Автор cassius969 ( назад)
@fingerboy18 But then it might last a long time and never break and people
buy less new stuff. Open up an amp, for some reason they put the caps NEXT
to the heatsource. At least they did in my old Kenwood, which is why they
are all fcked up and I had to replace them. And that thig generates a lot
of heat too, while putting out only about 65 watts. Made in the late 70s.

Автор peter bukovec ( назад)
@BKKTran actually; in some countries like mine (Slovenia) you are given an
assignment like designing and building an amp like this in highschool. You
are normally give 2 months to complete it. The assignments at university
are more like design of microchips and such (I'm only second year of
university now, but we had to design simple chips allready... your
country's education standards just seem a bit lax.. ;) )

Автор glennoyke ( назад)
.... im trying to make one to and ittl give the same effect but its gonna
be about 5 times smaller so why the crackanut so big?

Автор Randy Lott ( назад)
@BKKTran If he was such a good engineer, he'd know not to put electrolytic
caps so close to a heatsink. That's a no-no.

Автор nMAPPER ( назад)
@BKKTran You need to know surprisingly little mathematics and electronics
to design a power amp. A properly motivated 16year old has had all the
needed math at school and can then go to the library to study up on the
needed books. I could have designed one after my first year at uni, and
probably earlier if I had the drive to do so. So it is perfectly possible.
Hell I know a guy who can do this, he designed a 6meters linear amp at the
tender age of 17.

Автор narcoti (1221 год назад)
@BKKTran You don't have to have a fucking bachelor's degree to fucking
design this, an audio amplifier is child's play, you don't need to know
calculus either. Oh and by the way, have fun wiring houses, this is
electronics engineering not electrical engineering BIG difference between
the two, now fuck off.

Автор cj691 (78 лет назад)
@BKKTran A piece of paper does not make or break someone from being capable
of things.

Автор poodlelord ( назад)
@BKKTran Actiually, a senior at my highschool built one of these as a side

Автор толян нескажу ( назад)
нету тут киловата! ! ! хотябы дажепотомучто транс на 250-30 ват!

Автор 45llamas ( назад)

Автор sanosukke ( назад)
@45llamas yup, you're just like it. LOL, sorry, just couldn't let it slide.
Anyway, @toniemi85 really good looking amp, but how does it sound? Is it
inverting or non-inverting? And how's the distortion? Any clipping?

Автор 1999eking ( назад)
@machturnip who gives a shit about propers grammar its the fucking

Автор 45llamas ( назад)
schemathics plisss i from chile i'm like your amplifier

Автор Vince Pressley ( назад)
@machturnip kudint sed it beter miself. and I meen dat.

Автор Lucifer ( назад)
Dude if this is your build can you send me the schemathics by DM?

Автор JubiTheVille ( назад)
@everyone, all you need is a computer. instructional videos, forums,
diagrams ect... case closed. like a calculator to math, a computer to

Автор Jimmy O. ( назад)
@BKKTran dude settle down i do complicated shit like this too and im 15 ive
literally went from simple knowledge to something close to this level in
one year without the classes.. when your interested in a component you lern
about it then after a whale you can put the components together and do way
more complicated things

Автор bassmekanik101 ( назад)
And turn it on so we can see and hear how it works

Автор 6527mjap ( назад)
I think it's a kit, if it was hand made it will be so messy. i made simple
amplifiers too, kits, and built by scratch but with a schematic diagram for
instruction. transistor, IC, mosfet. but one thing I wanted to learn is to
build a tube type amplifier. I wish I had money that time to get better
education. ^.^

Автор LauxHawk ( назад)
@BKKTran I'm 16 bro, and if you spend enough time on anything you can do
this. I started learned electronics when I was 13 and I can hold a
conversation with a electrical engineer no problem.

Автор pr4wn5tar ( назад)
so does it make noise?

Автор Padurariu Catalin ( назад)
@BKKTran Looks like a production amplifier to me ... no handmade or whatever

Автор Muhammad Ali ( назад)
play it

Автор John Doe ( назад)
thats two big ass capacitor inside for amp...

Автор maynardr6 ( назад)
@machturnip zomg, if you had vids, I'd sub.

Автор brycewoot ( назад)
@machturnip yay for trolling!

Автор wcocowcocow ( назад)
@M50SNIPER actually your both sort of right because watts is a measurement
of energy and they are both energy.

Автор razorrick1293 ( назад)
@BKKTran that depends on what your going for, something simple, like a few
op amps and a decent power chip isnt hard to design, ive had a pretty good
go at valves and been quite successful and im 16 (this is after the 12v
project i have uploaded which failed a bit). but something high powered
like this i agree would take some knowledge

Автор BKKTran ( назад)
@razorrick1293 Yes, any moron can download a schematic and build one with
some instructions and basic electrical theory. To DESIGN an amplifier
requires an in depth knowledge of electricity and magnetism, as well as a
profound understanding of analog & digital circuitry analysis. Yeah, you
don't need a degree, but you do need at least 3 years of engineering
instruction before you even know where to start. I highly doubt a 16 year
old would have such knowledge to design an amp from scratch.

Автор razorrick1293 ( назад)
@BKKTran you dont need a degree in electrical engineering to build an amp.

Автор BKKTran ( назад)
@toniemi85 You designed this when you were 16? That means studied calculus
and physics at the age of 10, got into a university at the age of 12, and
graduate with a bachelor degree in electrical engineering at 16. And i'm
fucking Iron Man!! I'm an electrical engineer bro, you can't bullshit a

Автор z3r0zx1 ( назад)
And you couldnt just buy a real amplifier?

Автор thegr81337 ( назад)
@machturnip agreed

Автор thegr81337 ( назад)
@KlevenRobert hmm, sorry to see it go...

Автор thegr81337 ( назад)
hmm sorry to see it go

Автор Robert Kleven ( назад)
@thegr81337 this conversation is CLOSED due to failure and boredom

Автор thegr81337 ( назад)
@KlevenRobert so be it, but dont write checks that your c*ck cant cash

Автор Robert Kleven ( назад)
@thegr81337 that makes you the one s*cking my c*ck

Автор thegr81337 ( назад)
@KlevenRobert thats drama king to you!

Автор Robert Kleven ( назад)
@thegr81337 seems like no situation to me :P dramaqueen

Автор thegr81337 ( назад)
@KlevenRobert the situation of you bashing everyones comments

Автор Robert Kleven ( назад)
@thegr81337 what situation?

Автор jigibao ( назад)
I SEE 20transistors "push-pull" there and that is rated at 1000watt rms..
BUT i have problem with your power suply,remember for 1000watt output you
need at least 1500-2000watt power suply...no food "electrycity" no power!!
nice done...

Автор thegr81337 ( назад)
@KlevenRobert ok, i was trying to lighten the situation, but you can be a
duche, thats cool too

Автор Robert Kleven ( назад)
@thegr81337 lol?? you can do better then that i hope... worst oneliner i've
ever seen

Автор thegr81337 ( назад)
@KlevenRobert yeah, that google translate is wonderful, isnt it ;)

Автор Robert Kleven ( назад)
@machturnip i can speak english dutch french and german, how about you?

Автор heffdaddy ( назад)
who gives a shit about what it puts out just the thought of making an amp
is bad ass

Автор caleb maddox ( назад)
lol like 10 watts

Автор Henzzman ( назад)
@KlevenRobert I wouldnt be so sure about the incapability of the
transformer.It looks its very heavy duty style and the core seems to be
quite thick,so i think the transformer could be in the 1kW+ range.

Автор Davide Dopesick ( назад)
pretty damn good.Test video?

Автор criticallistenphile ( назад)
@toniemi85 Very nice work. Thank you for posting your video. Who cares what
the hypercritics have to say. It's easy to complain from behind a keyboard.
Keep it up. I like it.

Автор Soumya Sumitra Behera ( назад)
Hey dude, i have a 4 ohms and 30 W Woofer speaker. How to build a amplifier
for this to make a sub woofer of 5.1

Автор royalbrainwave ( назад)
get the fuck out of here with that shit video, RETARD!

Автор vitorix24 ( назад)
WTF two BIG bobins xD

Автор maciej wrotek ( назад)
full power full system, now they will experience full power of the dark
side, do they not ?

Автор sparky3489 ( назад)
What does being single/double sided have to do with anything? Why would you
paint something that most likely wouldn't be seen when the REAL spotlight
should be on what it does? You can buy kits of all kinds of all shapes and
sizes depending on the kit.

Автор 3yE ( назад)
@sparky3489 mind you, the board looks like single sided, otherwise one
would faintly see traces under the laquer on component side. You can also
etch your board, spray paint the component side then drill before assembly,
which would give exactly that look on a self-etched board. The solder/trace
side is obviously bottom. Of course without proper project docs or specific
kit name one could argue to death and still be wrong. :D Where'd you see a
kit with such a corner radius anyway?

Автор sparky3489 ( назад)
It certainly isn't wire wrapped!! I never said the board was etched but it
has traces like an etched board. I know all there is to know about boards
as I'm an IPC-7711/IPC-7721 certified specialist in board repair as well as
a certified J-STD-001D specialist in Requirements for Soldered Electrical
and Electronic Assemblies. There's nothing you can tell me I don't already

Автор bob345 ( назад)
same place you are, the board is not eched

Автор sparky3489 ( назад)
Where are you looking? I'm looking at the red and yellow board with the
huge heatsink down the center and caps on the end of the heat sink.

Автор sparky3489 ( назад)
Umm yeah, a "prototype PCB" from a company isn't exactly hand made now is
it? Before you post again, try not to get athletes tongue.

Автор bob345 ( назад)
actualy the board looks like a peice of ebonite rather than a fiberglass pc
board. he may be using it to just hold the parts in place. ive done that
mayself a few times.

Автор fast85e ( назад)
There are plenty of people that will make you a custom transformer too. Not
a bid deal at all. Most high power RF amps need to have custom transformers
made every time. Custom stuff is only as hard as you make it. You can even
blow your own custom vacuum tubes if you want....

Автор fast85e ( назад)
Wow, you guys don't know anything on here. Just search "prototype PCB" in
google and more then 20 companies are out there that will make you low
quantity boards. I've had boards made for over 50 projects now. Pad2Pad
even has there own easy to use design software. Before you post like you
know anything about anything, do some research!!!

Автор sparky3489 ( назад)
Umm, no. A PC board is usually fiberglass layers glued together with traces
between the layers for multi-layered boards solid copper clad for
single/dual layer. I etch boards which means I make a Printed Circuit
board. Nothing is "hand made" in the video. ALL the parts are just hand
assembled. BIG difference. If he'd hand wound the x-formers, there'd be no
arguement. Go to 0:35 in the video, the boards are colored which means they
came pre-made from a factory ergo a kit!!!!

Автор sparky3489 ( назад)

Автор sparky3489 ( назад)
Yup, just check out my vids or the link I sent you. I've been making my own
boards since 1986.

Автор sweffe96 (211 год назад)

Автор sparky3489 ( назад)
Just one look at he PC board and it's CLEARLY a kit. I know, I make my own

Автор sweffe96 ( назад)
Doubt its a kit ;O

Автор B0DYR0T ( назад)
Just wondering, isn't saying watts is a measurement of heat wrong, in the
sense that the heat produced is the watts wasted, meaning like the more
efficient a circuit is the more watts truly utilized and less heat will be
produced? Just curious now as to what if watts and heat really go hand in
hand, or is it just the resistance or poor circuitry . Anyway I'll send you
a friend request so we don't spam this video LOL.

Автор B0DYR0T ( назад)
My bad dude friend got on my account to talk shit to someone, and he
thought it was you (Comment received at the completely wrong time). My bad
dude, yeah I know you're right. He was looking for this Darkeyce02 douche
bag... anyway my bad, wrong person.

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