My handmade power amplifier project 1000W

My handmade power amplifier project 1000W

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Автор taoybb (13 дней)
Look at that transformer WOW! That thing have to handle 1000W!! This is
bullshit. Kid just try to show his copying project.

Автор thegr81337 (4 года)
@machturnip agreed

Автор MalaysianBlasters155 (2 года)
will burst away once u turn it ON

Автор Йосиф Сталин (6 лет)
Very good amplifier! Just one question: how much is the capacity of
capacitors? Thx anticipatory... :)

Автор Jack Ripper (1 год)
Heck, just take a pair of Apex PA-01 power op amps, a +/- 30 volt DC power
supply and a small handful of parts and you have a 100 watt per channel
into 8 ohms stereo power amplifier. It's so easy, a caveman can do it (and
he already did!) :)

Автор nMAPPER (3 года)
@BKKTran You need to know surprisingly little mathematics and electronics
to design a power amp. A properly motivated 16year old has had all the
needed math at school and can then go to the library to study up on the
needed books. I could have designed one after my first year at uni, and
probably earlier if I had the drive to do so. So it is perfectly possible.
Hell I know a guy who can do this, he designed a 6meters linear amp at the
tender age of 17.

Автор Jimmy O. (3 года)
@BKKTran dude settle down i do complicated shit like this too and im 15 ive
literally went from simple knowledge to something close to this level in
one year without the classes.. when your interested in a component you lern
about it then after a whale you can put the components together and do way
more complicated things

Автор bitrex (6 лет)
That's some big iron thar

Автор toniemi85 (6 лет)

Автор sanosukke (3 года)
@45llamas yup, you're just like it. LOL, sorry, just couldn't let it slide.
Anyway, @toniemi85 really good looking amp, but how does it sound? Is it
inverting or non-inverting? And how's the distortion? Any clipping?

Автор Robert Kleven (4 года)
@thegr81337 this conversation is CLOSED due to failure and boredom

Автор florickwar2 (5 лет)
get some real speakers whit a 98db+ efficiency and a power amp whit a
10killogram aluminium heatsink holding twenty to-3 style transistors and a
block transformer capable of 1500 watts and a capacitor bank beond your
imagination . ,and dont talk about crown and qsc their products are rubish
to mutch plastic and no transformers and in case your plx dies u will have
to get spare parts costing half the amps worth - where did the real
oldskool amps go ??

Автор LauxHawk (3 года)
@BKKTran I'm 16 bro, and if you spend enough time on anything you can do
this. I started learned electronics when I was 13 and I can hold a
conversation with a electrical engineer no problem.

Автор thegr81337 (4 года)
hmm sorry to see it go

Автор John Doe (3 года)
thats two big ass capacitor inside for amp...

Автор fast85e (5 лет)
There are plenty of people that will make you a custom transformer too. Not
a bid deal at all. Most high power RF amps need to have custom transformers
made every time. Custom stuff is only as hard as you make it. You can even
blow your own custom vacuum tubes if you want....

Автор Lucifer (3 года)
Dude if this is your build can you send me the schemathics by DM?

Автор nextlifeguitarist (6 лет)
nice...i use to design amplifiers too..my last creation is a 250+250w/8
using 2sc3264/2sa1295 from sanken, i am trying to use some ideas coming to
integrated electronics like to put three differential amplifiers in
parallell for the voltage amplifiier stage input using 2sc3381/2sa1349
double transistor from toshiba just reduce the noise and, i hope, to reduce
the IMD. On the next i will use current feedback, i never do that before,
it could have much better slew rate than a voltage fbk

Автор sparky3489 (5 лет)
Yup, just check out my vids or the link I sent you. I've been making my own
boards since 1986.

Автор Andrei H (6 лет)
That's a nice PCB. But you DO need a bigger power supply. I did the same
mistake myself quite a few times, and wondered why the amp distorted a lot
earlier than i expected it to. When i plugged the meter in and saw the
voltage drop on that poor power supply i understood. First step in any good
electronics project is a BIG power supply. In your case you should go for a
toroidal transformer, it's more effective and delivers cleaner power,
although it is more expensive it is worth the price.

Автор maynardr6 (3 года)
@machturnip zomg, if you had vids, I'd sub.

Автор johnziebass (5 лет)
i think it has 20 output transistors

Автор toniemi85 (6 лет)
yes, 300watt is perhaps real handle power, but peak power is more.. i don't
build a-clas amp, but this sleepcurrent is big. 300W is many watt.

Автор HobieTyourtube (5 лет)
Nice Job--------------BUT!-switch mode power supplies--rock? Heavy Thermal
heat sinks mean--------your Amps are---inefficient? I guess the exercise
is-----------tranfer the mximum energy to the speakers? Steve,

Автор B0DYR0T (5 лет)
Why, watts are just a measurement of power... You could use a car audio
driver and get the same loudness from 1000 watts as a 100 watt driver...

Автор sparky3489 (5 лет)
Where'd you buy the kit from?

Автор JubiTheVille (3 года)
@everyone, all you need is a computer. instructional videos, forums,
diagrams ect... case closed. like a calculator to math, a computer to

Автор sparky3489 (5 лет)
Just one look at he PC board and it's CLEARLY a kit. I know, I make my own

Автор toniemi85 (6 лет)
4Ohm but maybe 2Ohm

Автор sparky3489 (4 года)
What does being single/double sided have to do with anything? Why would you
paint something that most likely wouldn't be seen when the REAL spotlight
should be on what it does? You can buy kits of all kinds of all shapes and
sizes depending on the kit.

Автор machturnip (4 года)
@thegr81337 Actually, that was the best one liner ever. I checked with

Автор 1999eking (3 года)
@machturnip who gives a shit about propers grammar its the fucking

Автор T3RM1NH4CK3R (6 лет)
OMG , make turtorial how to make that. Thats Awsome ! i really need to know
how to do that :) ( i Rated 5 Star Video )

Автор Jack Ripper (1 год)
Why didn't you go with a Class-D design?

Автор machturnip (3 года)
@1999eking Did you read my whole comment? It had nothing to do with
grammar, except that I used grammar as a metaphore to illustrate that other
dude's obsession with forcing his opinions on other people. It's called
satire. Wikipedia that shit, it's fucking awesome!

Автор Kevin Nieto (6 лет)
what ohm load can it handle?

Автор Jack Ripper (1 год)
I'm an electrical engineer too. At age 3, my dad gave me a little green
light bulb and a battery. I tried every combination and finally it lit up.
I was hooked. My dad got me one of those "100 in 1" electronic kits, as
well as lots of textbooks and parts. I was obsessed with learning all I
could about electronics. I built my own 3 tube, 50 watt, 40 meter (ham
radio) transmitter when I was 11. As an EE, YOU should know that one rarely
needs more than Ohms law to design a working circuit.

Автор z3r0zx1 (4 года)
And you couldnt just buy a real amplifier?

Автор shredmaster999 (6 лет)
wish you could share the schematic

Автор Robert Kleven (4 года)
@thegr81337 what situation?

Автор dividebyN (5 лет)
Nice1 for a bit of homebrew kit, Is it bridged for 1K mono? 20-40 % will go
in heat, but if it's bridged. . . prob nearer 1.5-2K ! Depends on u'r
mosfets and supply voltage/ current. . . 5 *'s 2 U !!!!

Автор Padurariu Catalin (3 года)
@BKKTran Looks like a production amplifier to me ... no handmade or whatever

Автор 45llamas (3 года)

Автор matsushita1918 (1 год)
why all the dislikes?

Автор heffdaddy (4 года)
who gives a shit about what it puts out just the thought of making an amp
is bad ass

Автор Josh C (2 года)
@machturnip well said my friend, well said.

Автор topgun182 (3 года)
@machturnip kudint sed it beter miself. and I meen dat.

Автор J Audio Car audio (1 год)
nice amp

Автор Robert Kleven (6 лет)
The fact you don't understand what i mean is because you don't know enough
about amplifiers to measure output power and your video is overrated...

Автор Mihkel Laansoo (1 год)
Idiots... Amplifiers are super simple. This kid just paralleled 5 pairs of
MOSFET transistors (npn/pnp) To drive them you need few more pairs to
amplify the current and voltage... Or theres few single chip drivers like
LM4702. he has split power supply so he doesnt need output capacitor....
Stop hating, your just too fucking stupid to understund us.

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