Alien UFO Space Station Captured Near Sun (2012)

What appears to be some sort of alien space station the size of Jupiter is seen refueling near the sun and then takes back off into space. Currently nobody (including NASA) has a guess as to what this thing is. Alien? Spacecraft? Hoax? Tell me what you think in the comments below.

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Автор Effingbaddude ( назад)
I say it's a singularity that drifted too close to the fields of the sun,
started a process of feeding and was blown away in an ejection...perhaps to
return again somewhere else, or perhaps others lurk...

Автор rsextreme477 ( назад)
We need to learn how to use helium3 like they do, who knows, maybe there
were humans from earth on that ship and there's something there not telling

Автор Dredah Mkala ( назад)

Автор Reuben Mears ( назад)
It's swamp ga...i mean a coronal cavity......now move along.. nothing to
see here! And yes this is the only documented photo of a vortex and a
cavity...so don't ask anymore questions...its all under control!

Автор Chris Caraveo ( назад)
Could it be that all stars are fuel stations for alien space travel? Using
a hydrogen powered space station that drains out as much as it can as a way
of moving along the universe. Or some type of Magnetic fuel station to move
around. Interesting.

Автор ty koehler ( назад)
This has been proven to be a solar flare as of 2014 because it almost hit
earth but luckly our orbit shifted just in time

Автор Joseph Demelia ( назад)
It is quite probable that we are witnessing a visitation to our star system
by a Type 2 Civilization. The object could in fact be a Dyson Sphere World
using our sun at that moment to replenish its energy supply. And we just
happen to catch sight of it. I'm pretty positive it isn't a solar
prominence as has been suggested.

Автор Carla R Wolf ( назад)
According to Buddhist understanding, we are at the end of the universe's
life cycle, so many planets are blowing up. The aliens, which are around
the sun and in the moon, have no home, so they have come here, which is one
of the last places for the great rectification to reach. They are being
prevented from coming to Earth. More is explained on the Falun Dafa website
about life and the universe (and aliens in the conference articles). Also,
go see Shen Yun which has prophetic content, as well!

Автор Gürkan Baran ( назад)
this fake picture .gif

Автор niko _k98 ( назад)
so your saying u don't believe in aliens at all, even simple life... the
universe is so big wat makes earth so special??? there r billions of earth
like planets out there at least some of them have to have life

Автор EchavarriaJr ( назад)
According to Michio Kaku,the alien technology here would fall under a type
2 civilization where they directly get their energy from a sun to power up
their huge machines.

Автор ranndy34 ( назад)
Aliens: I'll just take this and be on my way. *sees nasa's camera* Fuck
guys they saw us GOGO GO!

Автор A JAXX ( назад)
"At the right hand of God are pleasures forever more", the bible says.Just
think of the hands on angel technologies that are being used by those
creatures,and they are all humanoid types for a reason, no one will be left
out in accessing it's powers,and that will include us humans who have
trusted in the finished work of Jesus Christ. We will get that upgrade,with
our new glorified bodies."Buckle your seat belt Dorothy, because Kansas
City is going bye-bye",(The Matrix).Come quickly Lord Jesus.

Автор Joe American ( назад)
There is only 1 thing that it could possibly be, we know it has to have
some type of propulsion to be able to break free of the suns
gravity.therefore it can only be a ship from other lifeforms and that
somehow they were energizing their ship.totally unbelievable.Wake up people
this is amazing.

Автор Mist ( назад)
peoples like to talk about what they actualy know nothing. if that is the
sun, imagine if our sun luminate the entire galaxy that "ufo" next to the
sun must be luminated by the sun lights. so how could be something black
next to the sun? only way is if didn't have body

Автор IOSGamingDaily ( назад)
So accounting on the size of the universe/galaxy and do to its ever
expanding physics there is no possible alien species that exists and even
if they did exist there could be thousands of possibilities think what if
we were not the first creatures in the galaxy/universe and if a species of
aliens did exist but are a younger species than us if they didn't have war
they would be able to think of more technology to build and take to the
stars earlier than we did

Автор sonnyjoydivision ( назад)
Those things are not UFO's they are the Archons

Автор AwesomePeopleByVan ( назад)
oh, i'm sorry :) thats was aliens space station and death star and Darth
Vader... another one Star Gates fan here..

Автор AwesomePeopleByVan ( назад)
I said that the aliens does not exist? My comment is about this stupid
video with a non sence title, that have just one reason - to take a lot of
views. Take a cookie, small boy, and read some books about physic and
astronomy, cuz words like gravity and mass are 100% new for you. I will not
continue this discussion, cuz your 10 IQ points aren't enough for it.

Автор AdrblAznGrl ( назад)
Yes goyim, it's impossible for more advanced life than humans to exist out
there, we are alone, it's only us you stupid goyim.

Автор George Presley ( назад)
Your stupid. It doesn't happen? I'm assuming you watch the sun 24 hours a

Автор The Angry General ( назад)
I don't know if any body notice but there was a big shock wave on the sun
were the ship launched off.

Автор manuel84 ( назад)
Coronal Cavity Filament? youtube.com/watch?v=82l46fpd-ic

Автор Hazard James ( назад)
The guy would have had nobel prize etc. If you are doing an hoax and have
no formula, well the 51% thing is a good bet, cause you make it look like
"oh no I'm not interested I'm looking for a better opportunity". Think
about it, the "egg experiment", is not impossible to fake. Now if he really
wanted to blow the world's mind or get noticed, you do it with a live
animal, you hit major news. Wasn't it what he wanted, protect humans from
fire ? Not yolk. Or maybe the guy was a retard after all...

Автор Hazard James ( назад)
Maybe Starlite was an hoax. Think about it, if it was real, why only do an
egg experiment? Why not do it with a live animal, a rat or even his own
hand... That's all he got in 20 years, a stupid egg? Why not leave the
formula somewhere safe? The guy was an old crust about to die, common. If
it was not an hoax, hell this material whatever it is, needs to be renamed.
I mean the guy's sitting on it for 30 years. He will be remembered as the
51% guy, writers don't even get that. I vote for the hoax.

Автор Stern Dust ( назад)
Just another self-appointed expert. U should get an award for the most
nonsense comment here!

Автор Belthazor111 ( назад)
Maybe the sun farted!

Автор hf117j ( назад)
What was seen was my left nut, I felt a tug, and pulled it away, there was
a little loss of hair.

Автор youtube ram ( назад)
it's easy for aliens destroye world as mars, yes aliens specialist cleaning

Автор FablehavenFan1 ( назад)
/watch?v=w1capJeRoqI From what little we understand, I fear it is WE who
are the uneducated morons who think we would be incinerated. We do not know
everything. A society who has lived perhaps a billion years longer than we
upon the earth may use other materials that can not only easily approach a
sun, but cancel its gravity against us. When you comment, it is YOUR
ignorance showing.

Автор FablehavenFan1 ( назад)
Check out this version, Mate: /watch?v=w1capJeRoqI

Автор FablehavenFan1 ( назад)
The truth is, we do not know everything. We are babies in the universe,
believing science as we perceive it. Can you lock your mind around the very
real possibility that other planets in this vast network of suns have been
here millions, and perhaps even a billion years longer? Do you think,
perhaps, they may know more than your little pea-brain? Many of us are not
Nibiru-nuts, but working scientists who recognize how little we really know
as our experiments show us Newton...was wrong.

Автор ryert ( назад)
That shit pisses me off! The selfish dick, died and too a secret with him
that could have helped mankind. Yet his greed for "billions" ruined it all.
Him holding out got him so much didnt it! What a jack ass! lol

Автор smoovetipp ( назад)
Do a search for Maurice Ward and his invention, Starlite plastic. Then try
to imagine what far more advanced science might be capable of.

Автор Nicolas Ospina ( назад)
Jupiter size? Hahahaha thats fuking hugeeeee

Автор PNGPJS ( назад)
i agree mate , theres so many uneducated morons who believe this shit .
Apart from your explanation any object would not get within millions of km
from the sun as it/they would be incinerated from the searing heat . The
sun is basically a giant ball of nuclear energy . The solar flares alone
stretch out for several million kms . Nibiru 2012 .....we're still here !!
Dumb cunts .

Автор G K S ( назад)
It's the suns soul!

Автор Basil Johnson ( назад)
It's the destiny from SGU.

Автор RATY SYSAVATH ( назад)

Автор john brown ( назад)
kitty im just a 44yo man guess ive had a adventouros life , a NDE which
enlightend me and showed me the world in diffrent angle ever since, my
concepts changed overnight , its a lot to explain, but bottom line the
closeness humans shared pre social media was so different pros&cons apply
to this ,ive no problem with scientific tech developments, i just feel we
ALL need to slow down a bit humanity is enterd another missing link a jump
to soon

Автор Kitty Fister ( назад)
You must be a world renowned scientist. The all capitals gave your high
credentials away.

Автор john brown ( назад)
ITS TO ME A MIXED SIGNAL FROM A paralell universe crossing wires, i relate
near death experiences to the same. sorry bruv its hard to put into words,

Автор AwesomePeopleByVan ( назад)
Bullshit !! such object "space ship" would have a greater density (not the
masses!) than the sun itself, and not a small mass. the impact of its own
gravity to the sun would look much more spectacular. ejection of matter
under the influence of gravity and magnetic fields created such an
illusion... but no, the idiots are always looking for some evil aliens,
space ships, mythical planet Nibiru and other nonsense :))

Автор MrPopgoesthewisel ( назад)
It feeds off solar energy once it has enough the moths fucks dips cause
it's to hot you can see it move so fast as it leaves

Автор John S ( назад)
energy being used by something, maybe to fuel it ?

Автор timeattack100 ( назад)
See the chockwave on the sun as it leaves,freaky

Автор Todd Thomas ( назад)
Human = Prey Alien = Predator Nuff = Said..

Автор Todd Thomas ( назад)
I bet They are Hungry.. Makes me feel a lil funny.

Автор David Buck ( назад)
It looks like a massive heat tornado. Like a dust devil. If that
observatory is held in our gravity, I don't know of any that aren't, then
it was moving with our orbit around the sun, so the disturbance was moving
across the surface of the sun. The swoosh at the end was it dissipating.
Nobody knows anything for certain but I think this is a more likely

Автор Ollie Forde ( назад)
Yeah almost definitely a coronal mass ejection, could be wrong though

Автор Ollie Forde ( назад)
Looks like a solar flare or a CME

Автор Soumit Biswas ( назад)
its seems sun is sucking the gasses like a vortex or something...if there
was some object, it would have reflected light of the sun...thats what i

Автор chis johnmar mendoza ( назад)
a lot of people said its the Jupiter according to its radius

Автор 16nowhereman ( назад)
It looks like something is sucking the life out of the Sun!

Автор liam atkinson ( назад)
its a coronal prominence cavity,hope this clears it up !

Автор ToKeNhI ( назад)
It stared on March 11 2012 and it stayed there untill March 12, 2012

Автор lightsZeroKaos ( назад)
it could also be dumping a bunch of waist and stuff? but then again
refueling makes alot more sense. but man this is some mind blowing footage.
it really give you and idea of how advanced creatures can get...

Автор Bitcoin Jobe ( назад)
Huge ass mofo alien being born from the Sun? That is pretty weird
though..whatever it is

Автор Sol Amun ( назад)
:D exactly, so much "flat earth" comments. its like saying, my lack of
knowledge its what defining my reality, if i my correct lack of knowledge
regarding the sun and heat is this, "nothing cant stand the heat of the
sun", then you close your mind like a fool as if your lack of knowledge is
a fact of the matter. this is why its a church, does not based on true
science, rather of belief on the correct lack of understanding of things,
kind hilarious if you ask me :P

Автор Logika Saja ( назад)
I'd never see my teacher light a single cigaret even though is legal in my

Автор Sol Amun ( назад)
i guess its your psychich teacher lighting up a cigaret after teaching you
that nothing can stand the heat of the sun, i find it strange that solar
warming up accrues of the plants, expressed in such a way, the planted that
are away from the sun are getting hotter. any expiation to this as well
Einstein ? there is no shame saying you have no idea what is it, and what
is going on, instead of coming up with this idiotic shit "burn like a
sandwich in a toaster" ? if you are stupid then yes.

Автор Logika Saja ( назад)
No space craft can stick to close to the sun, even the alien space UFO. The
will get BURN like sandwich in toaster.

Автор Corey Ward ( назад)
now i see it. you all know what this is its using it as a fuel sourse.

Автор Corey Ward ( назад)
point to what your seeing... gees.

Автор Kip Loretta ( назад)
Coolest thing ever!

Автор Jonathan ortiz ( назад)

Автор Jonathan ortiz ( назад)
the first ever sun tornado:waesome!

Автор HeathenGeek ( назад)
If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, sounds like a duck, it's
obviously a giraffe.

Автор Hem 2012 ( назад)
Thank you for submitting your report. Here is the information we received
from you:

Автор Aziz Ali ( назад)

Автор Gmasked Undercovered ( назад)

Автор TrollICON ( назад)
lmmfao this video is a FAIL!

Автор Unclebrowny ( назад)
theyre lookin for a new pope... just sayin faggot

Автор fajkoson ( назад)
sure.. its like 2x earth size object and its alive..sure..and i am a pope.

Автор fajkoson ( назад)

Автор Zack Pecia ( назад)
it is towards the bottom of the sun, bottom leftish... it kinda looks like
a centipede

Автор MiJaCo72 ( назад)
looks like it is spherical at the top of the tornado like a round cloacked
ship or a round force field is surrounding something, Maybe pulling up
massive energy for use from sun??

Автор Lanny Robinson ( назад)
On Feb. 11, 2010, NASA launched an unprecedented solar observatory into
space. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) flew up on an Atlas V
rocket, carrying instruments that scientists hoped would revolutionize
observations of the sun. If all went according to plan, SDO would provide
incredibly high-resolution data of the entire solar disk almost as quickly
as once a second. nasa(dot)gov/

Автор ulquiorra schiffer ( назад)
that thing is not a solar flare or anything sun related. this thing is
either alien itself that harnesess energy off the sun or some sort of craft
that uses energy to power technology.whatever it was it swam away like a
sperm or something. definitely wierd

Автор Climix Johnson ( назад)

Автор Fal Sea ( назад)
I have just watched a much better shot of what this video is about and i
was able to see CLEARLY the object that is mentioned. You can watch it by
Truth Helix Studios, and it's not a space ship or station, but it is of
interest though. And whatever it Is it was HUGE!!

Автор Fal Sea ( назад)
Further, to the comment i left , below, i have just watched it again and
the twister shaped thing that pulls away from the Sun has got an Arc shaped
end which is not seen to be connected to ANYTHING. I would love to see what
he is seeing.....to say we are watching the same thing, and yet he sees an
OBJECT that stands out to him but is invisible to me and others. Sorry
Henry, i don't doubt you...i just wish i could see what your seeing!!

Автор Fal Sea ( назад)
I have my laptop connected, via, HDMI monster cable(the best there is), to
my 42" HD TV, and i'll tell ya, i don't see this Alien Space station/craft
that he is talking about. I see the skinny black twister shaped thing
pulling away from the Sun, but that's it. I definitely do not see a
"Jupiter sized" anything! The Sun is there but around the Sun is total
blackness and i have repeatedly watched and watched in case i'm missing it,
but no, don't see it.

Автор Jasper T. ( назад)
I guess if it was an object it would have been brighten up by this type of
ray or others, I think it was just a void.

Автор Sagg Rocks ( назад)
WTF Sun rotates?

Автор MrYoshicat ( назад)
take a look at the properties of " tungsten and argon " combined and thier
restistance to incredible high temperatures ( welding industry, tig arc
welding temp at the tip is as high as the surface of sun ) , this is
technology mankind has had for at least 70 years , Aliens could of course
have technology to get as close as they want , if they chose, they could
probably build a craft to go through the centre of the sun .

Автор Daryl Racine ( назад)
There are living things in space.. as we are un able to see them fully as
of yet. They feed off our Suns energy, as we can clearly see.. then it
detatches & swims off into space.. like a sea creature here on earth going
up for air... ? It is alive!!

Автор Riggoxea ( назад)
Alien pit stop.

Автор alexis lisboa ( назад)
era optimus prime....xd

Автор zach miller ( назад)
s.s 13 gathering plasma! XD

Автор ACfireandiceDC (909 лет назад)
OH! OH! Some 12-year-old on YouTube uploaded a video trying to make
everyone think that there are UFOs wanting to destroy the world! We need to
prepare for an invasion!!!!

Автор FINNEGAN MEGA ( назад)
twister in the sun

Автор brian crow ( назад)
solar flare plasma vortex simple

Автор macek677 ( назад)
I have recorded PLENTY of those! Check my channel !

Автор chris murphy ( назад)
do u have a link to the orginal link??

Автор speedychamp01 ( назад)
thats is a weather baloon mister video poster

Автор speedychamp01 ( назад)
hahahahah nice idiot comment to video mister all sapiens

Автор Tom Stephenson (343 года назад)
It is a living creature, feeding on solar plasma.

Автор newsense3000 ( назад)
looks like the way planes refuel in the sky but by the sun and then it
looks like when it reaches the max it blows off at super speed. if someone
knows what this is tell us please.

Автор joshua t ( назад)
maybe something was placed in there to tamper with the sun?

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