Aaron Rodgers 362 Yards & 4 TDs! | Giants vs. Packers | NFL Wild Card Player Highlights

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Просмотров: 76186
Длительность: 2:35
Комментарии: 709

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Автор Game Writer Guy ( назад)
Dude gets *miraculous* protection from that o-line. No knock on Rodgers,
his accuracy, and his dancing feet, but you could read War and Peace back

Автор MoneyOverFame ( назад)
Aaron has been special these last few games. He's in one of those grooves
right now that's hard to explain. Very entertaining to watch.

Автор andromeda gen ( назад)
TBH I would take Rodgers over Brady any day.

Автор Zander Howard ( назад)
Best qb in NFL atm

Автор Steevens Alconcel ( назад)
How do you give him 10 seconds after the snap to make a throw?

Автор MrG2J ( назад)
The commentator said eventually he's gonna find someone that's opened,LOL.
Nobody was opened...that's how great this man is!

Автор Kevin Schaap ( назад)
The cowboys are really scared and they should be! By the way, I'm tired
about the commentator Troy Aikman. He is wrong 8 outta 10. He wasn't a
great QB either.

Автор OldSchoolLimp ( назад)
I always wondered how Rodgers is able to evade pass rushers and scramble
better than QBs like Wilson. He is not that athletic like those other QBs
who scramble. What Rodgers does is he just outsmarts the defense.

Автор Broken Omega ( назад)
I really hope it's Patriots vs Packers in the superbowl

Автор WhoozyOMO ( назад)
the Cobb hat trick

Автор Edward Mack ( назад)
Damn... This man straight up picked his shots at our defense and adjusted
to how we were trying to stop him! Absolutely brilliant performance....
Pack go whoop some cowgirl ass!!!!


Автор michael westin ( назад)
What field vision this mf has, turns broken plays into touchdowns

Автор Agent Squidward ( назад)

Автор Marcelo Tosatti ( назад)
Extraordinary QB.

Автор MrMicronano ( назад)
I've not heard anyone comment on the obvious push off by Cobb on the Hail

Автор Kristaps TrapZingis ( назад)
Best TD:INT ratios in NFL history:

Aaron Rodgers 4.12
Tom Brady 3.00
Peyton Manning 2.15
Drew Brees 2.11

Автор 12345balla12345 ( назад)
The amount of time Packers O-line gives Rodgers to throw is insane

Автор Ballin Too ( назад)
we seen wat pats are without brady still win. pretty sad brady went 12 yr
run 82 qbr and no superbowl, brees and peyton was best qb now arod is.
brady was never the best qb ever

Автор Nickalaus Luebke ( назад)
Run the table

Автор Colin ( назад)
Aaron Rodgers has Davonte Adams and Adams is already a star but next year
and until Rodgers retires Adams will be a superstar, Rodgers makes
receivers superstars, already made jordy and Cobb and, now already Adams is
making himself a superstar

Автор He Hate me ( назад)
Lmao easy to say we live in the bandwagon era guy wins a playoff game at
home against a mediocre team and now no one can stop him

Автор coolout191 ( назад)
Cowboys are so lucky Rogers wasn't on his hot streak against them he would
have tore that team up

Автор Yamaha FZ09 ( назад)
A few buddies and I started the MVP chant at the game after his interview

Автор Tabitha Ramos ( назад)
wow!! if he plays like that next game i bet he go beat anyone

Автор Drake Mancil ( назад)
is anyone else hearing somone say defense stay 1:51

Автор peekay222 ( назад)
Aaron Rodgers wins a wild-card game - watch everyone go nuts!
Those people must have been on the ledge for the first 27 minutes of the
game when he looked like Fred Rogers.

Автор The Gentleman ( назад)
Aaron Rodgers is overrated af. I swear.

Автор Daniel Chachanashvili ( назад)
Lol packers receivers werent even as impressed anymore with hail marys

Автор Juan Blas-Mendez ( назад)
Packers will beat dallas 31-17

Автор Kendrick Mitchell ( назад)
1:51 "He gettin scared"

Автор Marlene Mortler ( назад)
texans 17 - patriots 13

steelers 24 - chiefs 10

seahawks 31 - 35 falcons

packers 34 - 20 cowboys

Автор Chris Affronti ( назад)
Pats packers Superbowl

Автор Ballin Too ( назад)
Can you imagine aarod and bellichick go 10 yr span win no superbowl wit qbr
82 and mark sanchez beat him lmaoo brady stable qb that makes nothin
happens if pockets collapse

Автор Edward Cao ( назад)
Odell has a higher chance of catching a cold in Miami than catching a

Автор tvwatcher90 ( назад)
this man is a god

Автор Liquid Omega ( назад)
brady has the rings yes we all know this but if you take those away is a
prime tom brady better than a prime aaron rodgers i dont think so

Автор Bobby Smith ( назад)
Packers , Patriots SB ?.

Автор Brock Osweiler #Superbowl51 #GOAT #ItsAllBrock ( назад)
LMAO Rodgers is trash
Best QB list:
1. Brock Osweiler (me)
2. Tom Brady
3. Joe Montana
4. Peyton Manning
5. Dan Marino
78. Aaron Rodgers

Автор Joe Sef ( назад)
everyone's giving rodgers so much credit which is great but how bout our
defense last night...could be better but definitely improving by the week

Автор The beast ( назад)

Автор Dominic Caporelli ( назад)
Honestly Aaron Rodgers perfected buying time, this man bounces around the
pocket in positions to help his blockers block... No other quaterback does
that nearly as well as Rodgers... Most QBs would throw it away, take the
sack, or run out of bounds.... But Rodgers turns dead plays into touchdowns
and that's the mark of a legendary QB... God Bless and GO PACK GO!!!

Автор Jay Dow ( назад)
Packers oline and Cowboys oline should all tie for MVP. They're truly

Автор navanater123 ( назад)
Brady versus Rodgers the super bowl we all want and deserve

Автор Jivan Gill ( назад)
This what that makes Arron Rogers so dangerous his ability to move around
the pocket and extend plays just wow man

Автор backsrteetboy123 ( назад)
Your stuff is on fire

Автор phroz ( назад)
That play at 0:50 alone better get him the MVP

Автор Christian Ruiz ( назад)
12+ midgets, i mean giants hated this vid lol.. GO PACK!!

Автор Mohammed Belbaisi ( назад)
I'm So Scared To Play this Guy Right Now.. We Have to Be PERFECT. Let's Go

Автор Intense Kaos ( назад)
Can't wait to see him matched up against our secondary this Sunday!!!! >:)

Автор OldSchoolLimp ( назад)
That is what the Giants get for all of a sudden stopping the blitz. Also,
trying to keep Rodgers in the pocket also diminishes the rush's intensity.
it is also 5 (6) vs 4 with good o linemen. Plus Rodgers extending plays.
Don't blame them though, cause Rodgers is always better when you rush him

Автор michael davis ( назад)
Rodgers and bellicheck would have 8 superbowls together

Автор Maik Matt ( назад)

Автор panoramablack ( назад)
Rodgers is greatt

Автор Eth D ( назад)
When you watch Brady, he impresses you. When you watched Peyton, he
impressed you. When you watch Aaron Rodgers, he leaves you in awe. There's
just never been a QB in NFL history with his skillset.

Автор Vinayak Pande ( назад)
If Rodgers keeps playing like this and the Packers stay well staffed,
pretty soon people will be calling him the best QB ever. The conversation
about the best QB in the NFL right now is a two horse race for me between
Brady and Rodgers.

Автор cameron doward ( назад)
Aaron needs to buy his o line steak dinner or what ever they want cause he
has all day to throw wow! Donald trump could throw a touch down with that o

Автор Steve Bryant ( назад)
who does lucky better than aaron rogers...? no one.. eveyone else has to do
it for real.

Автор Baller Boy ( назад)
Aaron Rodgers is like the Steph Curry in the NFL. You bust your ass of to
guard him, you think you got him, then all of a sudden he gets hot and ends
up blowing you out. I know it had to hurt for the Giants to feel like they
were dominating this game only to get blown out in the 4th quarter.

Автор Life's just one big movie ( назад)
aarogant Rodgers won't get passed Seattle/Atlanta so it doesn't matter

Автор Kobe Bryant #BlackMamba #24hunnit #GOAT ( назад)
aaron rodgers seriously needs to chill

Автор Jebediah Springfield ( назад)

Автор John Stjohn ( назад)
No denying anymore. Best QB to EVER step foot on the field.

Автор Stefan Glende ( назад)
Matt Ryan for MVP what are you talking about. AARON RODGERS MVP FOR SURE

Автор Obi Enezuagu ( назад)
yooo aaron Rodgers is the Lebron of the NFL....he plays quarter back like
he dancing ..amazing .

Автор maestro4202 ( назад)
is rogers even human or some cyborg expirement? he threw that hail mary
with a 1-2 inch margin

Автор Pepe Toro ( назад)
and that's why the packers are in alot of commercials an many more to come

Автор Shalom “Mamba” Umaga ( назад)
"Makaveli in this, Killuminati, all through your body, The blow's like a 12
gauge shotty, feel me" -2pac referring to Rodgers on Hail Mary

Автор ian kasyoka ( назад)
Steelers vs Packers sb51

Автор Aj Pierre ( назад)
Let's go Cowboys!!!

Автор Tony Stark ( назад)
He's going have a 7:TD game very soon!!! guaranteed!!!! 100%

Автор MilleusPetrozza ( назад)
This guy is just plain ridiculous. And the offensive line is something like
a mixed bag. Having problems blocking and creating running lanes, and
protecting the QB at first (5 sacks) but in the second half, they became a
brick wall.

Adrian Peterson is All Day, but Aaron Rodgers is too. All Day to throw the

Автор Mayelo Madero ( назад)
Super Bowl will be Patriots vs Seahawks

Автор Pepes Tacos ( назад)
I really like what the football series here, why did they stop doing it?

Автор Jake Reed ( назад)
Hes a bad baaaaaaaaaad man!

Автор ForrestRGump ( назад)
Aaron rodgers and his line and wrs are just incredible he does a little
dance in his pocket which btw rarely collapses along with excellent
footwork and a strong arm and his wr know to shake off defense and get open
aswell as his skill to make miracle hail marys happen and get right in the
hands of his wrs.

Автор Enrique Ybarra ( назад)
DRC injury eventually hurt the giants. really wanted a great game but
second half it opened up

Автор Philipe jose ( назад)
Rogers or Ryan? who ya got for MVP

Автор Hector Malo ( назад)
I just hate thinking bout when is he going to retire😞🔫😖😖😖😖

Автор Sean pikachu ( назад)
Rodgers better than tom Brady this year?

Автор danslugs ( назад)
anyone else remember when people were after rodgers' head because of the
slow start? loooooool...

Автор Packers 12 ( назад)
AR12 is amazing! I'm proud to be a Packers fan!

Автор Naanu Loper ( назад)
Aaron Rodgers and Russel Wilson .. 2 best QBs in Clutch time !!!

Автор danniel Gtz ( назад)

Автор ac27 ( назад)

Автор Ballin Too ( назад)
Aaron Rodgers will go down as the best qb ever

Автор TheOneConsciousness Gives rise to all form ( назад)
We're going to the Superbowl go pack go

Автор bowend12 ( назад)

Автор Tom Brady Shady #StillCheat #Scandals #BestCheater ( назад)
I love how these packer fans swear that the cheese heads will win the super
bowl. Did they forget I'm not suspended anymore?

Автор EyeEatYellowSnow 1 ( назад)
Cowboy fans gonna be mad when Greenbay walks in and wins by 15 + . Their
lack of experience in the playoffs will prove it

Автор Nick Murray ( назад)
It is clear that the Green Bay packers have the best pass blocking oline in
the league, Rodgers had a whole year in the pocket to make each throw. No
wonder he has good games with that oline

Автор NX VoidBlade ( назад)
gg packers. goat crushed our defense. hopefully we get to the superbowl
next year. You better beat dallas

Автор Gabriel Schubring ( назад)
Bmore he's including the rushing touchdown against the Vikings!!!!

Автор ButtonsXD Minecraaft ( назад)
even though he struggled the first and a half quarter he still came back
and led us to victory, definitely best qb in the league. Jordy nelson left
and their corners didn't know who to focus on, really nice job spreading
the ball around. now let's beat the cowgirls

Автор JUXcaptainHOOK ( назад)
He's not top5 of all time yet like Peyton and Brady but if he keeps this up
he will be

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