How to make your own Lionsgate Intro!

today im showing you guys how to make your own lionsgate intro. This can also work with the lionsgate horror intro. Download Link- https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=dbb68b31ef98f99f&id=DBB68B31EF98F99F%21270

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Автор drupe oner ( назад)
u got a loud ass mouse

Автор Alluka Zoldyck ( назад)
hello :) where can i get free adobe After Effects ? :/

Автор Alluka Zoldyck ( назад)

Автор annessette soriano ( назад)
the link is blank can u update it plssssssssss thank you so much! <3

Автор stevied24 ( назад)
the one drive is not there anymore,,what happened

Автор Mohanraaj Devarajan ( назад)
thank u

Автор Kelly Lacerte (Official NFuze) ( назад)
Show credits, you didn't make this.

Автор Twins Fantastic ( назад)
i cant delet the text

Автор Twins Fantastic ( назад)
can/t open in blende

Автор Enginee icoffshore ( назад)
thank you so much . 

Автор Gerald Mcginley ( назад)
on your new website, where are the file downloads, since you changed them

Автор David Rocha ( назад)
não explicaste um caralho boy

Автор TheGamingPianist™ ( назад)
Create a marvel intro tutorial the new one please?

Автор Roger Falkner ( назад)
awesome this is so cool thanks for sharing such a good vid. I seen all the
programs you had running at the time and yes vid processing is a resource
hog. Will be trying it on my windows machine I am on a Linux machine atm

Автор Romel Lacsina ( назад)
Sir can you make it for me because i have no adobe after effects. The label
is "INFOTECH". Thank you in advance.

Автор Focus Force Pictures ( назад)
+ronaldinfan56 you have to check audio in rendersettings under the "output
module" card. 

Автор ronaldinfan56 ( назад)
after i export it there is no audio

Автор peppercollee ( назад)
does it render different or slower on blender on the lions gate and century

Автор plantsvszombiesfan64 ( назад)
go to ballyweg.net

Автор ShadowCr33p3r ( назад)
the lionsgate like thing isnt there

Автор cubecast1 ( назад)
wheres the link?

Автор Kierra - ( назад)
there is a youtube video that gets you Adobe after effects cs6. the video
doesn't mention it but you need WinRAR. watch?v=d_Y2cxCOdhc

Автор TheAlphaSwords ( назад)
duh, its hundreds of dollars. That's why I said "not legally" FOO

Автор R3HAB3000 ( назад)
Dude you Downloaded for free This foo is a dumbass I saw that Run as

Автор Nick Sven ( назад)
@TheAlpaSwords can you make one for me? i mail the text.. oke?

Автор Francesca Riis-Poulsen ( назад)
Adobe after effects is a software that can't be emailed over.

Автор Arif Fahmi ( назад)
adobe after effect cs3 free

Автор Arif Fahmi ( назад)
you can download free from internet,if you want,i can give link

Автор Ultragian (942 года назад)
Yeah, those people are really stupid, I got the full CS6 Master Collection,
a friend wanted it from me, he don't even know how to use the programs!

Автор cheezeburger100 ( назад)
awesume..thankz for da demostration..ur tha first person that i cld really
undastand u speak real clearly..thank you!!

Автор Romandisel ( назад)
thanx, good video... I can do this x)

Автор Romandisel ( назад)
Your after effect is cs5 or cs4?

Автор TheAlphaSwords ( назад)
I dont think you understand. adobe after effects costs ALOT!!! of money. I
cant give it to you, at least not legaly.

Автор Romandisel ( назад)
but you can't pass me the adobe after effect by email? please?

Автор TheAlphaSwords ( назад)
adobe after effects costs alot of money. only blender if free at blender .

Автор Romandisel (484 года назад)
You can pass me the blender and adobe after effect by email? I can't do the
download --'

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