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Jason Johnson, orchestrator and conductor


Автор Romel Lacsina (2 месяца)
Sir can you make it for me because i have no adobe after effects. The label
is "INFOTECH". Thank you in advance.

Автор Focus Force Pictures (3 месяца)
+ronaldinfan56 you have to check audio in rendersettings under the "output
module" card. 

Автор Nick Sven (1 год)
@TheAlpaSwords can you make one for me? i mail the text.. oke?

Автор TheAlphaSwords (1 год)
I dont think you understand. adobe after effects costs ALOT!!! of money. I
cant give it to you, at least not legaly.

Автор cubecast1 (9 месяцев)
wheres the link?

Автор Ultragian (1 год)
Yeah, those people are really stupid, I got the full CS6 Master Collection,
a friend wanted it from me, he don't even know how to use the programs!

Автор Romandisel (1 год)
Your after effect is cs5 or cs4?

Автор Romandisel (1 год)
but you can't pass me the adobe after effect by email? please?

Автор Francesca Riis-Poulsen (1 год)
Adobe after effects is a software that can't be emailed over.

Автор peppercollee (6 месяцев)
does it render different or slower on blender on the lions gate and century

Автор Romandisel (1 год)
thanx, good video... I can do this x)

Автор TheAlphaSwords (1 год)
adobe after effects costs alot of money. only blender if free at blender .

Автор Bryan Gawley (1 год)
Dude you Downloaded for free This foo is a dumbass I saw that Run as

Автор Krabzy Kz (11 месяцев)
there is a youtube video that gets you Adobe after effects cs6. the video
doesn't mention it but you need WinRAR. watch?v=d_Y2cxCOdhc

Автор plantsvszombiesfan64 (8 месяцев)
go to ballyweg.net

Автор Arif Fahmi (1 год)
adobe after effect cs3 free

Автор Romandisel (1 год)
You can pass me the blender and adobe after effect by email? I can't do the
download --'

Автор TheAlphaSwords (1 год)
duh, its hundreds of dollars. That's why I said "not legally" FOO

Автор ShadowCr33p3r (9 месяцев)
the lionsgate like thing isnt there

Автор ronaldinfan56 (5 месяцев)
after i export it there is no audio

Автор cheezeburger100 (1 год)
awesume..thankz for da demostration..ur tha first person that i cld really
undastand u speak real clearly..thank you!!

Автор Arif Fahmi (1 год)
you can download free from internet,if you want,i can give link

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