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CUPERTINO, CALIFORNIA — Apple’s new Campus 2 headquarters is expected to open in early 2017, according to Mashable.

The main building is a ring-shaped, four-storied structure that looks like a huge spaceship. The site covers 176 acres, or about the size of 100 soccer fields.

At over 1,500 feet, the main building is greater in diameter than the Empire State Building is tall, and wider than the Pentagon.

More than 3,000 sheets of curved glass cover the main building, which is a perfect circle.

The site will be be powered completely by renewable energy, including solar power and biofuels. Around 80 percent of the site is green space, complete with jogging and cycling trails.

Some 13,000 Apple employees will work at the new headquarters, which has seven different cafes. A thousand bicycles will be available for staff to get around the campus, which will be planted with 7,000 trees.

The campus will have a 1,000-seat auditorium, a 100,000-square-foot fitness center, and 300,000 square feet of research and development facilities.

Parking garages above and below ground have space for about 14,000 vehicles, while a visitor center offers views over the entire campus.

The total cost to build the Apple Campus 2 is estimated to be $5 billion. That figure is equal to around 2 percent of the company’s $215 billion in total cash reserves as of January 2016, according to Macworld.

The Apple Campus 2 will be the world’s fifth most expensive building and quite possibly the world’s coolest office.

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Автор ViciousDave4Life ( назад)
OMG that large yacht is bigger than the Ark made in that funny god movie. It is larger than the titanic! But even with how big it is, it could still fall over in the oceans with there gigantic waves. Good luck to however makes it.

Автор Mohamed Omar ( назад)
Laugning at apples workoutcenter:D..does apple think thows geeks will ever workout...I bet 99% dont even know what workout means

Автор Machete X7 ( назад)
Invisible building near airport 🤔 hmmm..

Автор Eric Minden ( назад)
I believe the entire budget is closer to an even $12B

Автор Dark Liquid ( назад)
What if the end of the world comes, they will fly to the space?

Автор Real xM ( назад)
Who got a iPhone 📱

Автор Edward Glen ( назад)
what's then mortgage payment??...oh i forgot..only a quarter's earnings....

Автор Owen. Kamp ( назад)
Whoever thought it was a good idea to build an invisible skyscraper near an airport is not very smart

Автор Muhammad Nur Arifin ( назад)
There's Windows In Apple Headquarters

Автор Shamar Coke ( назад)
Invisible I'm sending a plane in roger

Автор kim Harrison ( назад)
i guess that were the money is going on bullshit

Автор Gadsdon Flag ( назад)
Eat your heart out Microsoft!!!!

Автор Philippe Michaud-Boudreault ( назад)
The video is about literally everything except the inside of the headquarters. bad title

Автор Democratic Republic Of Bananas ( назад)
I live like 2 minutes away from this building I made a video about this on my channel.

Автор Salahuddin Cook ( назад)
Celebes Dok Negara IPhone 6 and plus

Автор Salahuddin Cook ( назад)
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Автор Salahuddin Cook ( назад)
Bumbungloe Media Gavernment Coruption Wacth puskesmas Tamalatea Jeneponto indonesia By Tajuddin Timothy Donald

Автор Christopher Finn ( назад)
They should build a bridge going from one to the other made of rope and would that would sway in the breeze. With that be cool?

Автор Shiftinq ( назад)
Just asked Siri apples networth, it's 638B

Автор Samuel Torres ( назад)
Ever since the death of Steve Jobs, Apple started to do stupid shit.

Автор Oscar Dighton ( назад)
China is the future

Автор EmojiGaming WithEnder ( назад)
Ehh it doesn't look like a UFO

Автор Blazerking 121 ( назад)
I like Samsung but apple beating it right now Samsung needs to step up

Автор James Man ( назад)
it reminds me of the halo ring of the once Apple game, now microsoft halo video game.

Автор alicia ramirez ( назад)
My husband is one of the men building that campus! It's in Cupertino.

Автор Sebi One ( назад)
so now apple's headquarters is as pretentious as their products.

Автор David Hadley ( назад)
Do you idiots know what inside means?

Автор Traumadd ( назад)
Can it run candy crush tho?

Автор Rexo ( назад)
4:30 bird graveyard

Автор Robert Correa ( назад)
That is only 10 min Walk away from my house XD

Автор Christie Willey ( назад)
People didn't get much to lose their homes!!!

Автор Mark Jennings ( назад)
Like..... Yaaaarrr

Автор Lawrence Krupp ( назад)
Interesting to see that any article or video involving Apple immediately brings out the basement nerds and haters to pile on. Their insecurity indexes must be off the charts.

Автор maxbass ( назад)
$5,000,000,000 / 13,000 employees = $384,615 per employee for their office. You could just buy them all a house and let them work from home.

Автор Brent Jett ( назад)
"Inside Look" is a bit of a stretch here.

Автор SEANGT ( назад)
this video is ridiculous lmao. why is it like this. why is the thumbnail a render with a giant red circle. his voice. the animations. the 3d models. lmao

Автор TheJapanChannelDcom ( назад)
Again.. it is not a "campus".. it is a "world corporate headquarters" for Apple.
They just use "campus" as more of their clever manipulation of the masses - because "campus" sounds more noble and educational than the center of a greedy money grabbing empire.

Автор WolfeyTeWoof 15 ( назад)
Apple has really out done themselves and it's practically eco friendly !!!

Автор Moto Paganda ( назад)
Apple is fruit .... stop misleading people

Автор Beau Kennedy ( назад)
maybe they are just trolling because you'd never know it was there

Автор Beau Kennedy ( назад)
oh that's smart building a invisible skyscraper next to the airport

Автор Clarence ( назад)
imagine in year 2045 you see a cool buildings and teach

Автор Callum Doyle ( назад)
Yay! Lest build an invisible megastructure next to a ridiculously busy airport!

Автор Vendetta Gaming ( назад)
Why wouldn't they make it shaped like an apple??

Автор Defense General ( назад)
we are in the cooperation era

Автор Insane Gamez ( назад)
Yes go apple 🍎

Автор Edwin Bravo ( назад)
Here comes some Samsung fans getting butt hurt😂

Автор Orange Is The New Black ( назад)
invisible building? planes will love that

Автор wang galileo ( назад)
It only cost 2 percent to build that... imagine how many starving people they can feed... apple can literally end world hunger

Автор Jbazz ( назад)
Is it the phone company?

Автор Confused Potato ( назад)
Jurassic world

Автор SolOtis ( назад)
I want to work in Apple's Campus. Hire me please, I'll move.

Автор Ironugget 58N MAIN ( назад)
Why would they put an INVISIBLE HIGH TOWER next to an AIRPORT?!?!

Автор LOOK ITS A LENNY ( назад)

Автор Cyppy747 ( назад)
What a great idea for an invisible building that tall near an airport
Plane pilots will naturally see the building while focusing on getting clearance to land

Автор AMEdits ( назад)
Apple's products are so overrated TBH

Автор BJI82a ( назад)
Everyone is talking about the tesla that senses an accident ahead and stop while on auto pilot please do that one it would help the self driving cars a lot also do one about the company that is trying to make the first holodeck for use by normal people not just the army

Автор anon _rah ( назад)
fuck off Apple, you satanic bitch

Автор shareena clarke ( назад)
This looks amazing. 😻Especially the floating city.

Автор DHC DeepBlue ( назад)
Liberal twats

Автор A Gamer Aaron ( назад)
Apple needs to buckle down with some actually good ideas & to support their pro models & users again. Otherwise this is going to just be a buttload of wasted money all for a customer base that's just leaving them in droves.

Автор Shadow Playa ( назад)
Apple's asshole

Автор BUBBLEGUM GUN ( назад)
Power to the Corporations

Автор psychobeam99 ( назад)
Apple be like "Hail Hydra"

Автор Costello de Lévêque ( назад)
Invisible tower is the most stupid thing I've ever heard of lol

Автор augusto 22 ( назад)
and i thought the economy was getting to ahit but here i am looking at 5 billion plus projects

Автор FormattedSky s ( назад)
why 5 billion

Автор TheVikas ( назад)
Why not just a tall tower? just saying and when did apple care about the environmen?? oh wait money they are saving money

Автор Swish ( назад)
Wow bill gates house is pretty nice

Автор JUSTACHIPN ( назад)
Shows us all how over priced there shit is ... MASSIVE profit !!!

Автор GangstaOne Numbero uno ( назад)
And trump is like i won't that

Автор Ryan Man ( назад)
What if a stunt plane flys into the invisible building

Автор hewhoshunsthelight ( назад)
China's new spy on the rest of the world telescope more like it

Автор amoore67 ( назад)
Only 2% of Apple's cash reserves & the peasants complain about high taxes, we are slaves you idiots.

Автор amoore67 ( назад)
Apple Campus, where they scrape every bit of profit out of your mind before you hit the old age of thirty.

Автор awaken moon ( назад)

for what?

Автор Swolelord Nito ( назад)
Missed opportunity to make into a giant shape of an apple

Автор Trikster ( назад)
35th comment

Автор Max Zomboni ( назад)
The rest of the story. When the building is finished. Steve Jobs will will rise from the dead, and fly it into outer space.

Автор Balling Like Choji ( назад)
welp... we all knew apple would run the world sooooo...

Автор Insignificant Other ( назад)
Why the fuck would you make an invisible skyscraper near a fucking airport

Автор shamim qasim ( назад)

Автор Holdingmaker48 ( назад)
i got here to late

Автор Familiar Neko ( назад)
OMG apple is preparing for the apocalypse!!!

Автор Jeffy Gud boy ( назад)
Wow it's ok but just imagine a actual UFO landing in the centre of the new apple base

Автор Kyle Diaz ( назад)
I hope everyone had a happy new year!

Автор Alfie Clark ( назад)

Автор Thomas Brett ( назад)
fuck me in the ass

Автор David Soto ( назад)
no views 1 like and 2 comments, congrats YouTube u got a deploma from Preschool

Автор Alfie Clark ( назад)

Автор TomoMelon ( назад)
please stop with the "first" comments...

Автор Carlos Lopez ( назад)

Автор Cutietothemax Awesome ( назад)

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