Counter Strike Source: Extreme Mod (new skins and guns)

My first video about Counter Strike.

Extremme Mod brings new skins, weapons and gameplays.

Link to the download (FIXED):


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Автор Ching Pheav ( назад)
how to install ?

Автор TheSynergic ( назад)
well, just google it!

Автор Abdul Rahman ( назад)
cs extreme v6 is only for cs 1.6 and its skin and weapon are better than
this one,it got mode than 10 riffles there,i have the game but i don't know
how to give you the link to ownload it

Автор shah Zahra ( назад)
all weps and sounds right

Автор hafiztkd ( назад)
bodoh nyer game......!!!!

Автор ansarumer ( назад)
hey teammate killing match! nice

Автор ansarumer ( назад)
and that tmp is not so nicce

Автор ansarumer ( назад)
hey!there is not another map greater than de_dust2?hah!

Автор piercedmarine14 ( назад)
hey people im working on actually ADDING WEAPONS to css in other words
there can be 40 weapons i will put a tutorial on this soon

Автор lambert einstein ( назад)
this is counter strike xtreme v6? (sorry bad ingglis i cant speake ingglis)

Автор TheCrazygamer81 ( назад)
i can't see how much i score and death........how to fix this?

Автор Ashish Gupta ( назад)
nice mod man .... i hv downloaded it and its complete fun

Автор Ayy Lmao ( назад)
exist version without this ultra blood ? :D

Автор burninrubber440 ( назад)
skins aren't mods.. fag

Автор WompDoo ( назад)
are these just skins or really a mod

Автор A4dr3x I ็ ( назад)
gun sounds ???? fail xD

Автор SSanya16 ( назад)
nooooooob xD

Автор radudaniel100 ( назад)
this is counter strike source!! CSS n00bs!!

Автор Aligagang Aligaga ( назад)
@Biscater2000 I hate those guys ask for links or Name of the music

Автор Biscater2000 ( назад)
@BoomPro022 Link is on the description. I'm getting tired of repeating this.

Автор Jov1s Nbd ( назад)
link for download ???

Автор Chop nese ( назад)
i want it but how to download ??

Автор nick jamie ( назад)
u have ur gun names wrong

Автор Biscater2000 ( назад)
@egis109 Who are you talking to? 0:05 First, you watch. Then, you comment!
Who's the dummy now? lol

Автор iActiDrift ( назад)
gun mod?! its no mod, its COUNTER STRIKE SOURCE u dummy

Автор deaf mute ( назад)
2:27 S.T.A.R.S

Автор Irimia Roberto ( назад)

Автор In1est4 ( назад)
that's not Cs Source?:s

Автор Skyler Burnett ( назад)
@crysisnuker no you can't...

Автор TheWarhook ( назад)

Автор Frododance ( назад)
Sorry, but the biggest crap This here is what I've seen next time do not
shoot into the wall but at least the tech trapej shoe, and yeah it totally
sucks that the ME just occurred to me after 30 seconds

Автор humoramarillo123 ( назад)
2:27 hey, he´s a STARSSSSSS!!!!!!

Автор josan14basket ( назад)
i saw the stars glove

Автор Graham Smith ( назад)
but cs sucks...

Автор marcuspldk ( назад)
how did you do that speakers are in another color?

Автор Evangelistic ( назад)
Mw2 glock style

Автор Credebn ( назад)
what no mac 10?

Автор MrKrusten Ⓥ ( назад)

Автор aviable96 ( назад)
oooh pleease reupp this, its down :( but... N1 WORK!

Автор BizzareCHILD ( назад)

Автор DontEatTheReaper ( назад)
@luiscamara1 So what? This isn't real, it's a game.

Автор mace jackalson ( назад)
@IMoeyAssiI the gun mods can be removed though

Автор GangsterAsk ( назад)
Your "revolver" is the skin from half-life 2 deathmatch .::.

Автор luiscamara1 ( назад)
glock is so stupid no police would use it that way

Автор Chuong Nguyen ( назад)
Look at the tip his glove during the glock shooting. It's STARS! (resident
evil ^^)

Автор Mohamed Assi ( назад)
@Biscater2000 I've got a mod that add's weapons not replaces. Thats why I

Автор Biscater2000 ( назад)
@IMoeyAssiI yeah of course, it's a mod...

Автор Mohamed Assi ( назад)
Biscater, Would these replace the Original weapons?

Автор SmashCOBamberg ( назад)
ROFL "... attacked a teammate"

Автор clarity. ( назад)
The "UMP" is a Spectre M4, if you didn't know.

Автор Niko80674 ( назад)
@Biscater2000 Dude where do you get game cam?

Автор Arynor11 ( назад)
COPY AND PASTE IF U HATE THE NEW YOUTUBE!* ┌∩┐(◕_◕)┌∩┐ Fuck the new layout

Автор Dick Mcgee ( назад)
hey biscater add me youtube i have to ask you something about toggling mute
i typed toggle mute someones name cause they were annoying and someone told
me to and my computer is brokenn plzzzz some1 tell me what to do

Автор Biscater2000 ( назад)

Автор MigElskeWOW ( назад)
if i download this pack did i also get that HUD in the vid?

Автор MrSora541 ( назад)
uhm where do u put files?

Автор TheUniKkatil11 ( назад)
pls.... tell me sombody's how is pasword counter strike eXtreme pls....
tell me pls...

Автор karatekidYM ( назад)
Animations are simple beautiful ;)

Автор Assburgers The Manwich ( назад)
epic fail

Автор PoisonHeadcrab ( назад)
god, this is lame

Автор PoisonHeadcrab ( назад)
all the default weapons are shit, but there are many skins that are WORSER,
agree. But .exe's deagle release is just the best.

Автор Jason Lim ( назад)
p90 and mp5 is nice.

Автор Mrrk09 ( назад)
you cant replace the lovely deagle!

Автор perreterecon ( назад)
have you change the p228? it looks like a french pistol the PA 15

Автор nick21701 ( назад)
dude wuts the song name?

Автор Jeric Castillo ( назад)
awm or awp

Автор Lump1996 (470 лет назад)
LOL can you give it Me? ?

Автор Biscater2000 (1727 лет назад)
That´s Movie Maker 2 Creativity Fun Pack.

Автор Lump1996 ( назад)
i mean At the Start the 5 4 3 2 1 GO! with what for a prog. you use THERE

Автор Biscater2000 ( назад)
to tape? gamecam. to make the video with the animations and stuff? windows
movie maker ;)

Автор Lump1996 (382 года назад)
Nice Video.... What for a programm do you Use?

Автор Biscater2000 (459 лет назад)
no, just for cs source.

Автор John Ernest Cunanan ( назад)
is this for both counter-strike 1.6 and CSS??

Автор nick21701 ( назад)
looks sooo siik!!!!

Автор Quyen Le ( назад)
what is special about fiveseven..

Автор DamjaNDeTA ( назад)
scout looks like G36! (a little) :)

Автор Brent Wheeler ( назад)
i h8 skins when they have a nade launcher u cn not use :|

Автор Assburgers The Manwich ( назад)
wtf the m60 is the m249 nooooooob

Автор LurvixFTW ( назад)
man skinnar GUi > CSS >HUD På FPSBANANA punkt COM

Автор Peter Larssen ( назад)
hur får man sån dära färg på hp texten somr han har?

Автор trojaner180 ( назад)
i would use this if there wouldnt be so much blood and so much fucking

Автор Alexander blomdahl ( назад)
what crosshairscale looks liek it don't be bigger :O ;S

Автор Puzzle ( назад)
and valve skins are much prettier than these, ugly as shite

Автор Puzzle ( назад)
uhm, banned from what? not Valve... and if it was from other servers, then
the admins are absolute idiots tbh :)

Автор Daniel Maccheri Rivera ( назад)
Its UMP you retard

Автор Daniel Maccheri Rivera ( назад)
Acttually it looks kinda cool

Автор Blake Nyans ( назад)
the UPM looks like a retarded thompas lol

Автор Xan0rak ( назад)
Why must you make the Glock sideways??? It looks terrible!

Автор Berni0707 ( назад)
Anybody knows how to add new weapons? Not skins for weapons. I want ADD NEW

Автор Aaron Lawson ( назад)
excuse me my good sir, could you help?? when there is a skin i want, that
has several color choices, how do i extract one of the color choices with
the skin? PLEASE help D:

Автор Biscater2000 ( назад)
link is on the description..

Автор Biscater2000 ( назад)
not my fault.. fucking youtube took out the other song, a lot better than
this one

Автор Aaron Lawson ( назад)
i know right? i've been playing on just about every server no matter which
one ive gone on though i didnt get banned. what retards XD

Автор kazakos1994 ( назад)
from where can i download this mod? Pls answer me

Автор javiownz ( назад)
Dumb ass, you cant get banned by having modded guns. Only for wall hacks
and ect. Dumb ass. get your facts straight.

Автор javiownz ( назад)
Your gay ass song ruined the video... How can we hear the guns? Fuck face.

Автор Red bananaz ( назад)
getting so annoyd with all these noobs that dont understand that you will
not get banned if you use skins...

Автор Andreas (760 лет назад)
what is the name on the mod?

Автор crysisnuker ( назад)
u can only be banned for wallhacks.whitch are undetected because they mod
materials.whitch is not bannable nor detectable like i said because it acts
as a mod.but of course.u can be reported :D RE-SKINS TEXTURES OR SOUNDS

Автор crysisnuker ( назад)
You cant get banned for useing skinned guns and textures etc.

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