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Автор McFlerByte (1 месяц)

Автор Mc Animater/Player (24 дня)
WILL NOT WORK IN 1.8 because in single player you have it when hovering
over it on servers no

Автор Minze Pfeffer (5 месяцев)
oh great, its in englisch... yea...
and what the fuck does efficiency IV mean?

Автор Jake Hess (4 месяца)
Lol. I have an app that does it for me. I don't need to mess around with

Автор ♥MissPeppermint♥ (1 месяц)
Omfg. 9 minutes wasted. THANKS DICK.

Автор Bosanski Tutorijali (3 месяца)

Автор mrlubbalubba episness (5 месяцев)
where is minecraft.jar in normal pc???? does anyone else think it would be
much easier if the tutorial was on a pc rather than mac?!!!!

Автор ExplodingFireworks (1 месяц)
i have a mac and i dont have the 'bin' folder

Автор joepcraft (2 месяца)
This doesnt work for me with the new minecraft I can't find bin

Автор Musicthegamer (5 месяцев)
this video is out of date can you make a up to date one?

Автор Dewan Arman (3 месяца)
does this work or windows

Автор Andrew Dela Cruz (2 месяца)
Please give me link to download Archive Utility

Автор Legendary Chicken (14 дней)
Or you can just by the 2014 Minecraft annual 

Автор BlackWolf (5 месяцев)
i dont have "Alternate and Default" But ascii,png - ascii_sga.png -
What do i have to do??

Автор Ian Dohner (1 месяц)
User file doesn't Fucking exist you little Fucker!

Автор ICanCount12456 (3 месяца)
Someone Help Me, There Is Nothing In My "Bin" Folder!!!

Автор Zaner Gamer (5 месяцев)
Thanks for breaking my computer

Автор Lacee Hiller (2 месяца)
if the english words don't make sense, why would we want it to be in

Автор Zombie Killerz Juegos (4 месяца)
I CANT FIND LIBRARY... my asshole roommate restarted my computer and i
can't find library now... theres no user either

Автор Pwnership (2 месяца)
mine didn't have a bin...

Автор Craftingwarlord (4 месяца)
yo guy should i help out and make a video how to do it on PC not MAC and
please subscribe and leave a like.

Автор Jessica Yong (25 дней)
i can't find minecraft.jar :/

Автор AmazonMiko 1385 (2 месяца)
i have vanilla texture pack

Автор Luke Barrier (3 месяца)
I don't have a bin folder

Автор colacano (1 месяц)
dude tnx but why is it kind of not english its kind ok otp hot Dog jafo
and like that

Автор Pizza King (1 месяц)
someone plz tell me why i don't have a bin folder

Автор zander gillis (1 месяц)
my computer is windows 8 dose that count

Автор Rockymonseygamer (1 месяц)
The name of the intro's full song is Written in the stars

Автор PanikosGR (5 месяцев)
Intro song Please ? :P

Автор daveanderic22 (2 месяца)
how do you get it on HP computers

Автор Tony Cao (3 месяца)
I DONT HAVE A ****** LIBRARY! help? :(

Автор Erin Reid (2 месяца)
if I search %appdata% it says This file does not exist. So I open minecraft
, click on resource packs then resource pack folder. Near the top I click
on minecraft to access my MC folders.

Автор Olson Labelle (7 месяцев)
I thought that it would read the enchants if you switched it to english...
Instead I got random words put together XD

Автор Noel Banal (2 месяца)
Written In The Stars is the song

Автор Donmy Is Op (3 месяца)
by the way, why would you need this? it takes longer to do this then it is
just to get a good farm that cabn get u 30 lvls really fast over and over
again, so u could get a smite V or sharp V before u can get a good enchant
from this, but it IS cool. kinda like FU*KING AWESOMENESS! no, this isn''t
a hate comment, or a OMG dis iis KEWL I WANTZ 2 MARRY IT!

Автор Daniel Dawidowski (5 дней)

Автор Cinimod_256 (23 дня)
that song doe

Автор B-Gamezz (2 месяца)
doesn't work by me...

Автор Falcon Rapid (6 месяцев)
i dont have bin becouse my launcer is from team extream ..what need i doo

Автор Barbara Stoddert (3 месяца)

Автор hop jump (4 месяца)
i am using a mac with a texturepack and i cant find the font folder

Автор BlueInferno Fire (1 месяц)
it didn't help me. In my resource packs i found fonts but there were a
bunch of stuff. YOU LIED TO ME

Автор ɲµя๏_ƒ๏яȼ€_ǥąʍɨɲǥ™ (3 месяца)
Nice intro! :D

Автор colacano (1 месяц)

Автор mortalminerXpho (2 месяца)

Автор Yuki Harada (5 месяцев)
Well my PC broke

Автор Margaret Wilds (3 месяца)
Minecraft: How To Change The Enchantment Table La…:

Автор Brandon Chelius (3 месяца)
%appdata% doesn't work

Автор antoine blackwell (4 месяца)
all that fucking effort and it only made that crap english 

Автор Umair Wahid (4 месяца)
or you could just use an anvil and know what you are enchanting it with...

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