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Автор Rik Puts (13 дней)
it dint works )-:

Автор Cat In A Onesie (23 дня)
i will try nce i get pc

Автор Dan Dennis (21 день)
what version of MC was that?

Автор thehorace snakevenom (23 дня)
Can do for 1.7?
Plz make another vid for this request plz

Автор TheJJGamer (23 дня)
What was that song playing on your intro?

Автор Natalie Maisondieu Laforge (24 дня)
i dont have a bin folder..........

Автор JDanner11 (2 месяца)
I love Written In The Stars!

Автор Melon Sensei (1 месяц)
Help I found the bin but archive utility I searched every where for it its
not there,I found minecraft.jar but What do I do?

Автор Meh (1 месяц)
no font folder on minecraft.jar

Автор Program Mendoza (2 месяца)
what program does he use for the intro

Автор Emilio Hernandez (1 месяц)
9:02 listen man i'm just intrested in the hack

Автор Swegkindlolz (2 месяца)
what is the song?

Автор Zed RaBows (3 дня)
Couldn`t find Minecraft.jar. What do I do ?

Автор skull crasher (3 дня)

Автор teague epik (7 дней)
get a macbook pro

Автор phaedy finch (9 дней)
Those words do have a meaning but they will never give you an exact
enchantment on the other hand they will give you a hint of what you might
get. Silk =Silk touch. Fire = fire aspect. Free =infinity. And so on.

Автор Eric Johnson (9 дней)
Xbox 360?!

Автор Renars Garders (6 дней)
Please help

Автор Andrew Lacy (8 дней)
ecuse me i accidental deleted my default and whatever the other one was i
do i get those back

Автор victor elkhoury (9 дней)
well i'm on the 1.8 snapshot and it worked for me

Автор FoxyKittenGirl 18 (10 дней)
It is a mod

Автор Aden Gregory (9 дней)
Can u show me how to get to my bin folder, when i go to the minecraft
folder i dont see bin.

Автор FireMaster4501 (14 дней)
the enchantment texts is so wierd. Dry beast beast is fire aspect 2, What
the heck!

Автор James Watson-Heath (12 дней)
Why do i not have the bin folder?

Автор Adura Eydanyz (24 дня)
Thaaaanksssss its working

Автор Commander Shepard (15 дней)
awesome!!! but i dont try it but thanks :)

Автор Ray Campbell (12 дней)
Whats that song?

Автор michael wolf (24 дня)
I don't have a bin folder

Автор devin hamilton (20 дней)
Good tutorial now all I need is a REAL computer lol

Автор Stefo Koron (1 месяц)
It works.yay engliish!!!

Автор JacobVSGaming (14 дней)
Thats bull I wanted to get sharpness 3 but then it says random stuff

Автор Felipe Urrea (1 месяц)
I don't have Bin...

Автор RushNReady (1 месяц)

Автор Antoinette Johnson (12 дней)
my moms name is antoinette johnson i,m just useing her google aconnet

Автор Halomaster5594 (23 дня)
can't find application support

Автор skull crasher (3 дня)

Автор Jerome Goode (1 месяц)
i have no bin lol

Автор bennie tziek (1 месяц)
how to do this on 1.7.4?

Автор Jazzyoreo2011 (1 месяц)

Автор Chloe Clair (2 месяца)
on the pc with no texture pack :(

Автор William Leber (2 месяца)
i cant find my name in my finder :/

Автор TheSpartan117 (2 месяца)

Автор Heckweek (2 месяца)
Does it work for 1.7.2

Автор Filip Skoko (1 месяц)
I have not bin folder there is not bin in 1.7.2 you idiot !

Автор Edward HD (1 месяц)
You can't copy and paste in WinRAR you dumb ass!!

Автор michael gonzalez (15 дней)
You just got another like :)

Автор Kyle Michael (1 месяц)
where is the file for the tectures?

Автор Sauhua Yip (2 месяца)
Thank you!!!

Автор jose alanis bantugan (3 месяца)

Автор MrOliver1312 (5 месяцев)
Do not dislike this is just an outdated video back in the day this would
work but 1.6 and up is diffrent system so don't be mean or complain he may
make an updated version

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