Minecraft: How To Change The Enchantment Table Language To English (Pc / Mac) -HD

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This is how to change the Enchantment Table language to English
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This video will show you how to change the enchantment table in minecraft from the default language to English, Even if you are using a Texture Pack.

Here are the parts:

Mac (No Texture Pack)- 1:28
Mac (Texture Pack)- 3:10

PC (No Texture Pack)- 5:02
PC (Texture Pack)- 6:47

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Can't find the minecraft folder in your library?
Watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uCZcdlJ9DuU

If you can't find a "Font" folder and you are using the texture pack method, then that means that your texture pack does not require HD font, so just follow the NON-texture pack way, and you should be fine.

The texture pack I am using is "Dokucraft Light" for all those who are asking.

If you get a black screen, try deleting the "META-INF" folder located in your "minecraft.jar" and try again.

If for some reason your Minecraft crashes, just force update the next time you run Minecraft and it will work fine again.

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I hope this helps

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Автор TheMineCraftKid 101 ( назад)
Help dis all it say when i open font # This file NEEDS to be in UTF-8

Автор Robloxian Destroyers ( назад)
minituff i dont have a bin folder D:

Автор Lucian Sturmey ( назад)

Автор FroPage ( назад)
I dont have a Fonts folder?

Автор George Washington ( назад)
i don't have the bin file. whats wrong please help

Автор Totally Random ( назад)
I don't have a font folder. It's a .txt one. I don't know what to do..
Please help!! Also, I'm on a PC

Автор odisho zia ( назад)
i only see alternate

Автор autumn kunkle (942 года назад)
I shared it with my cuz

Автор maxi c ( назад)
we dont need this video the 1.8 update lets us see the enchantmets already

Автор Ty Tan ( назад)
wheres the download for the texture pack

Автор Luis Eduardo Echagarruga ( назад)
what is the name of that song in your intro?

Автор A.Qaium ( назад)
ummmmm i changed it to english but it shows random words not like
efficiency 4 and stuff

Автор swagmaster 40 ( назад)

Автор GamePlus ( назад)
In the bin folder i no have minecraft.jar why pls reply

Автор Kimmy Gibbler (907 лет назад)
Lol, It isnt in english, but im glad my mc still works

Автор Thomas Culhane ( назад)
For 1.8 Resource Packs (Semi-Works):

Go to your .minecraft folder and open the resource packs folder (Shown in
Go into your resource pack and open Assets->textures->font
Delete ascii_sga.png and replace it with the picture for ascii.png (Shown
in video, copy/paste ascii.png and rename the copy to ascii_sga.png or
ascii_sga if there is no .png on the others)

Text doesn't exactly match up, but some words appear!

Автор RICH WEZZY ( назад)
which texture pack is that

Автор LegendaryGamerDXR1 Silent ActiveX ( назад)
attention i have bin folder so subscribe mine channel and tell me ur email
and im gonna PM u ok?

Автор Daniel Sebisaho ( назад)
it didn't work

Автор RevolvusMC ( назад)
Whats the song for this?

Автор DarkPixelz DJ ( назад)
i cant find folder font fake!!!

Автор David Hunter ( назад)
I dont have bin folder i only have assets, librarys, logs, mods,
recorcepacks, saves, versions, launcher.jar, launcher.pack.lzma,
launcher_profiles.json (no bin folder, and i checked the video 5 times, oh
and im on PC no texture pack)

Автор TappinBooty - Taps ( назад)
Haha, I get it, Minecraft thought that people would switch the fonts, so
they just put random english lettering so they don't cheat with the
hacks.... lol

Автор Caitlin Rose ( назад)
What song was that

Автор HyperMX gaming ( назад)
pls help i don't have bin in my .minecraft

Автор Stevey AndPiggy ( назад)
i dont have the bin folder

Автор Bob Jonson ( назад)
I'm PC user but I dont have "bin" folder :(

Автор R4styPlays Games ( назад)
there is no "bin" file in my .mine craft folder

Автор xRyuga Gaming ( назад)
dont have a minecraft.jar foler. LAME.

Автор Fantasticus ( назад)
I Subscribed!
Keep up the great work!

Автор TheRomanPlayer 73 ( назад)
i hate ur intro its written in the stars :(

Автор SquidCash98 _ ( назад)
This didn't even work!

Автор Beck Carlson ( назад)
I don't have a bin folder

Автор Claire Clark ( назад)
dislike if I didn't work

Автор Ted kwok ( назад)
what texture pack are you using

Автор Daniel Dawidowski ( назад)

Автор DelanoGamingXD ( назад)
i dont have minecraft.jar

Автор Legendary Chicken ( назад)
Or you can just by the 2014 Minecraft annual 

Автор ςเภเ๓๏๔_256 ( назад)
that song doe

Автор Hitten Coast ( назад)
Thanks allot!,m8

Автор Mr. Doge (1598 лет назад)
WILL NOT WORK IN 1.8 because in single player you have it when hovering
over it on servers no

Автор Jessica Yong ( назад)
i can't find minecraft.jar :/

Автор Erick castelan ( назад)

Автор Oliver K ( назад)
Doesn't look like enchantments but it is English!

Автор Adrean Lorenzano ( назад)
Your have no excitement. You are boring 

Автор Ian Dohner ( назад)
User file doesn't Fucking exist you little Fucker!

Автор Roblox Master ( назад)
omg i just got minecraft a few mins ago :D

Автор Pizza King ( назад)
someone plz tell me why i don't have a bin folder

Автор McFlerByte ( назад)

Автор ExplodingFireworks ( назад)
i have a mac and i dont have the 'bin' folder

Автор zander gillis ( назад)
my computer is windows 8 dose that count

Автор ♥MissPeppermint♥ ( назад)
Omfg. 9 minutes wasted. THANKS DICK.

Автор Gamez4Dayz (1697 лет назад)
it didn't help me. In my resource packs i found fonts but there were a
bunch of stuff. YOU LIED TO ME

Автор Milo Adams ( назад)
I can't find the bin and minecraft.jar folders on PC 

Автор Rockymonseygamer ( назад)
The name of the intro's full song is Written in the stars

Автор colacano ( назад)

Автор colacano ( назад)
dude tnx but why is it kind of not english its kind ok otp hot Dog jafo
and like that

Автор GamingCrew101 BeatGamingCrew ( назад)
Don't work

Автор - GhostCraftGaming - ( назад)
Does not work :(

Автор B-Gamezz ( назад)
doesn't work by me...

Автор Aadit Sayam ( назад)
Hey am using a PC (Windows PC) and i went to the %appdata% i clicked
".minecraft" But i don't see any "bin" Folder even though i am using no
recource-pack Am using Just the Defualt of Minecraft Which comes when you
play first time the game

Автор StefanPlays Games ( назад)
This Is stupid If you want likes or subs make video for pc ON PC NOOB I

Автор cheekymonkeyandy ( назад)
my minecraft folder dosent have a bin folder i dont know why can someone

Автор AmazonMiko 1385 ( назад)
i have vanilla texture pack

Автор Lacee Hiller ( назад)
if the english words don't make sense, why would we want it to be in

Автор Caleb Cray ( назад)
whats the name of the intro song?

Автор mortalminerXpho ( назад)

Автор Erin Reid ( назад)
if I search %appdata% it says This file does not exist. So I open minecraft
, click on resource packs then resource pack folder. Near the top I click
on minecraft to access my MC folders.

Автор Zachary Maneja ( назад)
idk if that is really it if its English, i think they they just put words
for each set of tings idk how to explain

Автор Kebbz Gaming ( назад)
Please press on button right here translate to understand this!: vad är
application support jag hittar den inte :-(

Автор Erich Raymond ( назад)
hot the stale? lol

Автор CupcakesAreYummy667 ( назад)

Автор Andrew Dela Cruz ( назад)
Please give me link to download Archive Utility

Автор Visve Gato ( назад)
it's not showing me the altrenate and default folders as i open font...just
unicode page and stuff why?

Автор Pwnership ( назад)
mine didn't have a bin...

Автор Noel Banal ( назад)
Written In The Stars is the song

Автор Lantern Corps ( назад)
no help!

Автор acidcraft390 ( назад)
What song is this

Автор jackson dornsife ( назад)
i dont have a bin folder in my mc XD

Автор joepcraft ( назад)
This doesnt work for me with the new minecraft I can't find bin

Автор TBNR Birdie ( назад)
I dont have a bin folder

Автор Gaute Kalløkkebakken ( назад)
IT doesnt work

Автор berat kir ( назад)
it dont works
by me it says unicode_page_00 and ascii not default and alternate

Автор daveanderic22 ( назад)
how do you get it on HP computers

Автор Margaret Wilds ( назад)
Minecraft: How To Change The Enchantment Table La…:

Автор BrandonTheBest: comedy and gaming ( назад)
%appdata% doesn't work

Автор Donmy Is Op ( назад)
by the way, why would you need this? it takes longer to do this then it is
just to get a good farm that cabn get u 30 lvls really fast over and over
again, so u could get a smite V or sharp V before u can get a good enchant
from this, but it IS cool. kinda like FU*KING AWESOMENESS! no, this isn''t
a hate comment, or a OMG dis iis KEWL I WANTZ 2 MARRY IT!

Автор Ash Quiver ( назад)
lol hot the stale.

Автор ICanCount12456 ( назад)
Someone Help Me, There Is Nothing In My "Bin" Folder!!!

Автор Dewan Arman ( назад)
does this work or windows

Автор BPatandKiki ( назад)
I love it!

Автор Velavan Wim ( назад)

Автор Velavan Wim ( назад)
words dont mean anything u idiots

Автор Tony Cao ( назад)
I DONT HAVE A ****** LIBRARY! help? :(

Автор ɲµя๏_ƒ๏яȼ€_ǥąʍɨɲǥ™ ( назад)
Nice intro! :D

Автор Bolt 03Games ( назад)
i dont have the bin folder lol. XD

Автор Geometry dash LSS ( назад)

Автор Matthew Noonan (1681 год назад)
i dont have a font folder

Автор Barbara Stoddert ( назад)

Автор Bosanski Tutorijali ( назад)

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