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Автор Pierre Audra (5 месяцев)
Appréciez ce beau moment de notre jeunesse.....

Автор Hans Svedlind (3 месяца)
Albert kan spela gitarr och sprider glädje med sin levande utstrålning,

Автор P J Villanueva II (2 месяца)
Sweet little Lisa: https://youtu.be/YK8estjfQV0

Автор IantheWoodcraftsman (1 месяц)
The Refreshments certainly back Albert Lee very well, and the instrumental
licks by both Albert and Johan certainly set this piece off. Thanks for

Автор Bobby Lee Murphy (19 дней)
Man, I love this music!!! Wish I could play like this!!!

Автор Detlef Pickut (19 дней)
Sweet little Lisa

Автор Yola Casarín (1 месяц)
Johan Blohm toca el piano como mantequilla, es muuuuy bueno y la banda

Автор Lars-åke Mård (5 месяцев)
like this

Автор Greg Mac Lean (5 месяцев)
Only started listening to this band a week ago soley by accident and can,t
get enough of them. Grew up listening and dancing to all the old rock n
roll greats, not the crap they pass off as rock now. One of the best boogie
woogie piano players ever.

Автор Eddie Berg (5 месяцев)
I love it !!!!!!

Автор Dennis Partridge (4 месяца)
Albert Lee a real rock legend..along with this band awesome..

Автор ArmaniS ArsacaS (9 месяцев)

Автор Ralph BRILL, JR. (8 месяцев)

Автор senior137 (9 месяцев)

Автор redneck44056 (9 месяцев)
It is great to listen to real music played by an excellent group of
musicians. Albert Lee and the group really can play. Would listen to them
all day. Keep up the great work.

Автор Semper Fidelis (10 месяцев)
VIVE le Rock'n Roll 

Автор MAUREEN E Donovan (10 месяцев)
It's so obvious that they all still absolutely love what they do. They
couldn't be that good, that fresh and spontaneous if they didn't.

Автор Peter Nuzum (1 год)
People seem to want to comment on the piano player. Let us say he is
enigmatic or inscrutable. But which ever, he is excellent and really is a
key part of the band

Автор john ropeleski (6 месяцев)
great group.albert can really play.love this guy

Автор jon cotner (1 год)
thanks for the song great

Автор Peter Nuzum (1 год)
Wooooow, just the best!!!!! Albert is definitely one of the greatest guitar
players ever. Certainly up there with Keith Richards. Absolutely love this

Автор serge husson (1 год)
super extra

Автор Bror Karlsson (1 год)

Автор hugeelen (1 год)
Heavenly !

Автор Carine (1 год)
fantastic band 

Автор Carine (1 год)
fantastic rythm and song

Автор Håkan Andersen (1 год)
Såg Refreshments med Abalone Dots på Vara Konserthus ikväll i deras
Julkonsert. Ett härligt lirande i ett fullsatt konserthus (ca 500 platser).
Se konserten!

Автор Sándor Nagy (1 год)
OHHH SOUND!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Bernhard Jonsson (6 лет)
Why comment his bodyweight? He is a very fine person and plays the piano
like very few can! Are you an oilpainting yourself by the way? Be nice to
people and you will recieve kindness back!

Автор TheMavenFrankeus (5 лет)
We are tall, sexy, liberal and rich... The dull people move to the
States... LOL

Автор Marcus MarQTwang Måttgård (7 лет)
Nice twang in the axe!

Автор naybobdenod (5 лет)

Автор amcervantes (7 лет)

Автор rockon61 (7 лет)
Sweet Little Rock n' Roller Albert Lee Is without any Doubt The best
Country rock guitarist in the World !!

Автор TheSmokedGlasses (2 года)
What more can you say. The Great Albert Lee is still rocking the house.
Brings back my youth. Great Rock and Roll will never die just as the King
Elvis, it will always be playing after we are all gone. The net is forever.

Автор John Reid (5 лет)
That "piano player" just happens to be Swede Johan Blohm, "the world's
greatest" boogie-woogie piano man (pronounced Yo-han Bloom) Are Swedes
really as cold as they appear? Their emotions probably don't differ much
from those of other people, but as a matter of cultural form Swedes don't
reveal their emotions as often and overtly as people from other cultures...

Автор MrGuitarbiker (2 года)

Автор Torbjörn Tjärner (3 года)
Simple and good, and nice to dance to! : )

Автор krelbar (1 год)
Nah, there's another one out there where the drummer plays it properly and
really drives the tune, ill see if i can find it.

Автор roper (4 года)
This is what my brothers & I called "Rock-N- Roll"" in the -50s. Great work
on that TellaCaster. cdg"T"town

Автор GibsonKLO (5 лет)
Och var läste du det någonstans ? Translation : Where did you read that ?
I´m from sweden I´m not a cold person or wathever you think we are.

Автор cttxlv (7 лет)
Love how that group of brit's at Radar records got together and dug that
southern/country vibe and made some of the greatest records ever

Автор micmoable (2 года)
AL LEE sure can pick it

Автор VintageReverb (7 лет)
The man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Felix8906781 (7 лет)
wat is the name of the song of henry and is gang theme

Автор RAYGUNNE (7 лет)
There are many great Country/Tele.players; Roy Buchanan, Danny Gatton,
Tommy/Phil Emmanuel, and many we'll never get to hear sadly. They like the
music they play is purely subjective. So rating them in some sort of who's
best order or whatever is a fruitless task.

Автор Woody Powell (5 лет)
does anyone know if this concert is available to purchase on dvd? this is a
MUST have for any collection. the refreshments are great but when alvin lee
is with them, oh my! entirely different sound. and for you mavenfrankeus; f
/ u! and f / o! we neither need, nor want, anyone else moving here dull or
otherwise. we have enough. tell the "dull people" to move to france. they
never have too many liberals there. you'd probably fit right in!!! : )

Автор andreboogie (8 лет)
You guys ROCK! When are The Refreshments playing in the UK?

Автор impact1 (6 лет)
Man oh man this is sinsational. Boogie rock just the way it should be
played. Cheers !

Автор tisbon3 (6 лет)
I Love this song!

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