Animation of a 1911 pistol's operation

Animation of a 1911 pistol's operation

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Автор ridwan ryuzaki ( назад)

Автор R Ropi ( назад)
slide and barrel start to move backward immediately when bullet starts

Автор Robert Sodan ( назад)

Автор suttipong yom ( назад)

Автор suttipong yom ( назад)

Автор narayan sahu ( назад)
pover full 

Автор RA_ OPTIMIST ( назад)
Thanks! Safety 1st and safety starts with understanding how gun components
work! Great video!

Автор Zach ( назад)
1911's are sick! Only problem most people have is the mag capacity. I made
a video of the most fun and expensive way to fix that problem on my

Автор Andrew ( назад)
Check out my awesome gun creation in Solidworks. 

Автор Bas de Jonge ( назад)
OKay you got me... if even blew at my screen before reading xD

Автор joecow12 ( назад)
That sir, is funny.

Автор luis fernando ( назад)

Автор luis fernando ( назад)
solito se regresa 

Автор Edmund Matthews ( назад)
Great look at an amazing machine. Thanks E Matthews

Автор Justin Von Conruhds ( назад)
that's a flagrant waste of bullets.

Автор Redmanfms ( назад)
There isn't a "rotating locking bolt" in a 1911.

Автор Xeon06 ( назад)
Everybody looking for the program, type "sti m1911 animation" in Google,
should be first link.

Автор Christopher Penta ( назад)
They forgot to include the part where it missfeeds. 

Автор Jignesh Tamke ( назад)

Автор clubmimo123 ( назад)
Magic :)

Автор rhysman0001 ( назад)
but how do u put it into one 

Автор rhysman0001 ( назад)
thats made from ı ̸ ̸ ̸ ̸ ̸ ̸ ̸ ̸ ̸ ̸ ̸ ̸ ̸ ̸ ̸ ̸̨

Автор rhysman0001 ( назад)
realy cause i already did not trololololololololololol

Автор joeydealbuquerq ( назад)
Omg i cant believe that little concavity is what pushes the bulled into the

Автор dgarciaisler ( назад)
it looks like sti´s animation software, i dont know where to find it.

Автор derangedZOD ( назад)
hey,what program did u use for the gun animations

Автор rhysman0001 ( назад)
people can make guns because of you

Автор Kinjiru Oni ( назад)
slieght of hand pro!

Автор adam smith ( назад)
Im so rich, I shoot one bullet in a full clip ,reload, then put another
full one back in. 

Автор darwinfoto09 ( назад)
Oh really, and where did you read this tidbit of information.... Obviously
you didn't read the engineering spec so your spewing garbage. Its idiots
like you who told Columbus the earth was flat....

Автор darwinfoto09 ( назад)
Because its a cheesy animation video you RETARD.... If you really want to
know, go ask on Brian Enos Forum, there are plenty of gunsmiths who will
explain it to you... No get off the internet, you mom has dinner ready...

Автор PlebScrubber ( назад)
i make the same mistake in battlefield

Автор Bau Uau ( назад)
man nice 2d work... but very boring

Автор Swolbraham Lincoln ( назад)
Thanks for that i always wanted to know how gun puts another bullet,i never
tought its a simple thing like this,it just drags it here lol

Автор ahenryb1 ( назад)
I love 1911 pistols. They are beast

Автор deathmagnetica ( назад)

Автор Nicolas Boschel ( назад)
@jaquelineveronique no, the recoil push the chamber backward. (this is a
recoil-operation gun)

Автор jacquelineveronique ( назад)
I don't understand, is there no gas tube that creates pressure to make the
slide move backwards ? 

Автор stevesmakmanofficial ( назад)
@FeistyForJustice me2

Автор Michael Emery ( назад)
@rmac2846 At the top of the magazine, the sides are bent-in a little. The
round (bullet and cartridge) is pushed forward, by the slide as it returns
forward (by the main spring), the bullet is pushed onto the feed ramp,
which directs the round up, as the round moves forward (and up into the
breach) it passes beyond the those bent-in sides of the magazine. The next
round it is pushed up by the magazine spring, until it is stopped by the
bent-in sides of the magazine.

Автор Rory McCabe ( назад)
why do the not all fly out when it cocks bakck why do they stay then wait
to get pushed into the barell?

Автор [41UC4RD] ( назад)
like a counter-strike noob... reloads after every shoot

Автор iMakeYouMoist (940 лет назад)
thumbs up if tried to wipe that thing of the screen

Автор oObassheadOo ( назад)
@TAPriceCTR ............shhhhhhhhhh

Автор TAPriceCTR ( назад)
wouldn't the barel moving like that reduce reliability?

Автор Slick Freeman ( назад)
no other vids recomanded 

Автор 1nv1nc1b1l ( назад)
@clubmimo123 just this shit : ı̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̨t

Автор 1nv1nc1b1l ( назад)
@clubmimo123 no ;)

Автор alex elias ( назад)
this is just the same clip repeated over and over again i hope u idiots who
liked realise tht

Автор Jeddostotle7 ( назад)
What program did you use for this?

Автор ITzNightTime ( назад)
lol the owner of this gun should stop wasting time and put 1 bullet ea.
magg o_o

Автор ahmed seoudi ( назад)
100% have closed the video after the second bullet 

Автор Todd Walker (423 года назад)
@aeiou772 who gives a fuck damn ppl its just a animation of how it works

Автор clubmimo123 ( назад)
is there someı̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̨thing on your screen

Автор SBrax ( назад)
so a magic bullet just appears in the barrel? you should animate pulling
the slide back...

Автор Jeremiah Grim Reaper ( назад)
I've seen better... : ) 

Автор Vápo caralho (588 лет назад)
Reload all time -_-

Автор Pooshooter5k ( назад)
@mangdolphy actualy it is to unlock the slid and barrel. The more powerfull
pistol rounds need heaver actions so the barrel and slide recoil together
at first but the barrel can not traval as far as the slide and still get a
new round chambered because the slide pushes the new round into the breach.
so they have to disconnect from each other. Thats why you dont see fixed
barrel on many larger pistol round but on smaller(.380) fixed barrel is
commen because they are more accurate.

Автор IAN_ROCKS16 ( назад)
@josephoo7 tilting barrel has nothing to do with feeding but it helps
hmmm..if it "helps" then it has something to do right :D anyway tiltings
primary function is not to unlock the slide and barrel but as a 'RESULT"
when slide and barrel unlocks. 

Автор IAN_ROCKS16 ( назад)
@rabbiteh you're confuse now my friend lol it was YOU who said tilting is
not to aid feeding lol. pls include "Namenda" in the list of your
medications and ginko biloba.

Автор Hdyt ( назад)
@josephoo7 gp k100. my bad. Which beretta 92 has a browning tilting barrel

Автор josephoo7 ( назад)
@p0331546 A Beretta 92 does have a tilting barrel, but it would depend on
the model you are referring to...and please say that you were being
sarcastic when you mentioned a Ruger GP100...it has a perfectly fine
titling barrel though, when I point the muzzle down to drop a speedloader
into it.

Автор josephoo7 ( назад)
@mangdolphy Umm...the tilting barrel has nothing to do with feeding. Sure,
it helps, but the primary function is to unlock the barrel from the slide
so as to allow case extraction and feeding. The slide remains closed,
locked to the barrel by the two lugs in the top during initial recoil,
then, once the projectile leaves the barrel, enough time has elapsed to let
the unlocking process happen. The cam reaches the point in its rotation to
allow the breech to drop, and the empty case is extracted. 

Автор LittaGangsta ( назад)
where can i download this software

Автор ian moone ( назад)

Автор IAN_ROCKS16 ( назад)
@p0331546 - u're barking at the wrong tree dude. 1911 uses short recoil
mechanism that has tilting link to disengage bolt and barrel, while the
pistols u mentioned uses gas mechanism as in rifle. now it was not stated
that the barrel has to tilt to chamber bullet properly so idk what ur
talking about. if ur

Автор Hdyt ( назад)
@mangdolphy then I guess berettas, desert eagles, rotating barrel gp100,
delayed blowback steyr gb and straight blowback pistols doesn't feed
properly because their barrel doesn't tilt. Lol k. 

Автор IAN_ROCKS16 ( назад)
@rabbiteh oh one more thing. when the slide returns forward under spring
force, this is the time another round is being fed into the chamber. THUS
proving my point that the barrel tilts(rear of the barrel tip down) a
little and helps in PROPER feeding of bullet in chamber. whheeww i hope u
learn something. Ok ur next assignment will be how to shut your mouth when
you dont know what your talking about.

Автор IAN_ROCKS16 ( назад)
@rabbiteh- WOw another smartass lol. tilting IS NOT to disengage the lock
moron but as a result when slide and barrel recoils backward remember it is
still locked upon initial recoil and at the end of barrel travel thats when
the slide or bolt and barrel unlock then the slide will travel far back to
eject the case and compress the recoil spring. at this time the barrel is
slightly tilted so when the slide returns forward, a new round will be fed
into the chamber. who don't know shit now stupid

Автор IAN_ROCKS16 ( назад)
@rabbiteh- WOw another smartass lol. tilting IS NOT to disengage the lock
moron but as a result when slide and barrel recoils backward remember it is
still locked upon initial recoil and at the end of barrel travel thats when
the slide or bolt and barrel unlock then the slide will travel far back to
eject the case and compress the recoil spring. at this time the barrel is
slightly tilted so when the slide returns forward, a new round will be fed
into the chamber. who don't know shit now stupid.

Автор Charsept (422 года назад)
@mgsfan15 hmm... i think youre just saying that because your found out you
were wrong >.> but whatevs

Автор mgsfan15 ( назад)
@Ranger360counterstrk Welllllllllll... it does.

Автор mgsfan15 ( назад)
@wtfdudenotcool101 Lmao, I'm just kidding about the gun. 

Автор mgsfan15 ( назад)
@wtfdudenotcool101 Not on a video about REAL guns.... And this is a AWESOME

Автор MavHunter20XX ( назад)
Needs music 

Автор pieter pakker ( назад)
best damn weapon ever created.

Автор Hugo Alarcon ( назад)
@mestuptim well my bad stupid but int the animation it does so i thought it
did in real life.. geesh

Автор IAN_ROCKS16 ( назад)
@mestuptim You're an idiot mestupidtim! Barrel really does move when the
slide was pulled back and it will even tilt a little bit for proper feeding
of bullet in chamber. Buy a gun first before you make a comment coz
obviously you dont know shit lol. peace BTW i have 8 1911 pistols. 

Автор Shepherd Films ( назад)
@xcalico1 it doesnt move stupid 

Автор bashira345 ( назад)
the barrel moves??? o-o

Автор Holy Penguin ( назад)

Автор Gee Bro ( назад)

Автор Hugo Alarcon ( назад)
@L5212 no i really thought it moved on a real 1911.. Does it? lol im
feeling very very dumb right now.. but the video does suck

Автор Goshy Illana (GoshySpeaker) ( назад)
@xcalico1 you said that because video sucks rite?

Автор Goshy Illana (GoshySpeaker) ( назад)
@xcalico1 -.-' its a joke... rite?

Автор Hugo Alarcon (1247 лет назад)
wwooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow i never new the barrel moved! Do alot
of handguns do that? 

Автор Dank28i ( назад)
@CombineHgrunt Yes

Автор Zoronii ( назад)
ITT: CoD makes everyone immature shits. 

Автор SulfurCitizen ( назад)
...should have sent a poet..

Автор CombineHgrunt ( назад)
@pikachupowers Of course there are way better ones, this is almost ancient
technology. Still, anyone who calls emself collector should keep and
operate one of those

Автор Dank28i ( назад)
@CombineHgrunt The m1911 is a good firearm but there is better

Автор CombineHgrunt ( назад)
The M1911 is a fucking good firearm and still does good use in combat 100
years after. And if you only got to know this piece of Historic weaponry by
Black Ops, you should really consider one of the 3 following: - Play a
better game instead, which fits you more, like Barbie or Hello Kitty cause
you kiddies are fags - Suicide Try imitating CoD, use commando pro in real
life and jump off a cliff, WITHOUT TAKING DAMAGE XDD

Автор 11leeman ( назад)
@BarcelPL John Browning designed it, Colt manufactured it. Get your facts

Автор Barcel (101 год назад)
@11leeman Except this was made by Samuel Colt (you know, it's COLT 1911,
not BROWNING 1911)

Автор William Sebastian ( назад)
That is the STI version not the original 1911.

Автор MistrDough ( назад)
@axiumvids A recoil spring under the barrel pushes the slide (top part)
back. This spring also helps in absorbing the recoil from the gun as it

Автор captainroger ( назад)
@ndh4500 Good enough reply, but I fired the colt in the Gun Store in Vegas.

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