BC-348 Modifications

Four easy modifications that can be added to a BC-348Q to make it a more practical for Ham radio or SWL use, Please note I started with a 348 that was allready modified, if you have a clean unmodified 348 dont change it. Find one that has been hacked! origional examples are hard to come by and shoud be preserved.
Ray Fantini KA3EKH

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Автор wa5iyx ( назад)
Only had two opportunities to play with BC-348s. In High School in Oct
1963 a classmate (future WN5IXV/KK5HP) had one. Listened to some NDBs on
it, but local 930 AM was getting into the i.f. of it. In the fall of 1970
the UT Austin Physics building had one. Used it to get the propcasts and
Geoalerts from WWV during 6-10 pm Monday night lab class. Hooked up to a
Tektronics scope and took a photo of a WWV "tick". Also heard the Russian
RID ident on 10-MHz.

Автор Jean AArouet ( назад)
Nice power supply look...the S meter and antenna are truly ghastly. To have
Crystal filter working beautifully all else being ok, determine the actual
crystal frequency, not its nominal value and centre IF's to it...NOT tune
IF's to 915 and expect crystal to magically do a job you have just stopped
it from doing. Cheers

Автор LMHS63 ( назад)
Hi Ray, I had 4 of these, some mint some OK. My first rcvr was a BC-224
when I was a Novice. I rack mounted 2 of these on the original shock mount
base which is now quite rare. I restored 3, '348's but I could never get
the S-meter circuit to work ! I had the exact meter that's in yours. And
yes, all my radios suffered from reduced audio output with the Crystal
filter "in". Alas, all my '348's now reside in other collections, one in a
restored B-17 in California. They were great radios, extremely well made. I
own most of the era's "Surplus Conversion" handbooks garnered over the
years and not for sale ! Thanks for posting. 

Автор Scott Pastor ( назад)
Loved it! Thanks!

Автор 357Shakey ( назад)
1948 CQ modification manual - you the man!

Автор Leonardo Ferraz ( назад)
i have a complete BC-348 Receiver, including the Dynamotor is still used as
the internal hi voltage power supply,this part of circuit i have preserved
i upgraded only the carbon resistor and capacitors,with the change of time
this components present several leakage and resistance alterations. ©2011
Guimbadriver Broadcast Corporation,All rights reserved.

Автор Ray Fantini ( назад)
There is a drawing of the S meter circuit on my web site on the BC-348
modifications page. The new s meter circuit goes between the feed to the
screen grid of the 2nd IF amplifier and the screen supply, the screen grid
on the amplifier is pin 6. Be careful because high voltage will be on that
point. Ray Fantini 

Автор Richard Grove ( назад)
Hi Ray,..I just acquired a BC 348-B..and after doing some "Cleaning" of the
exterior ( it came from a Smokers home) and cleaning up the incoming AC
line ( I added a Computer type Cord/plug) the radio works fine with a small
"Long wire antenna"..can ypou tell me exactly where you tapped the line
into the radio for the "input" for the "S" meter ( Tube, and tube socket
number)..Thank you!!.......Richard KC6VKV Reno, Nevada

Автор Chris ( назад)
Nice radio. I've got one that's been modified in similar ways for s-meter,
speaker level audio and standard ac power. It works well. I bought it at a
local hamfest. I'll try to do a video in the future.

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