=AQW= How to get J5 Armor (Full Walkthrough)

=A.Q.W= Walkthrough on how to get the J5 Armor. This will be the full walkthrough of everything in J6's new area. Please rate and comment if you think it is good.
My AQW user is Chaos Guardian
The song used in this video is "Don't play no game that I can't win" by the Beastie Boys

This is a summary of the whole walkthrough.

-J6- get map from dragon /join j6
-Dwakel Decoder- get it from boiller /join dwakel
-Get through turrets-evasion/teamwork (look for coordinates on J6 map)
-Pickpocket J6- VR pass
-do chapter 6
-do mission 1&2
-do chapter 5-get auxillary clue
-do mission 3&4
-unlock J6 shop
-get J5 armor

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