=AQW= How to get J5 Armor (Full Walkthrough)

=A.Q.W= Walkthrough on how to get the J5 Armor. This will be the full walkthrough of everything in J6's new area. Please rate and comment if you think it is good.
My AQW username is Chaos Guardian
Link to my character page: http://www.aq.com/character.asp?id=chaos+guardian
The song used in this video is "Don't play no game that I can't win" by the Beastie Boys

This is a summary of the whole walkthrough.

- J6 - Get the map from the dragon /join j6
- Dwakel Decoder - Get it from boiler /join crashsite (the map is no longer called /dwakel and changed to /crashsite as of 2016)
- Complete the J6 quiz in saloon to unlock hyperium coordinates (look for coordinates on J6 map)
- Get through turrets - evasion/teamwork (look for coordinates on J6 map)
- Pickpocket J6 - VR pass
- Do chapter 6
- Do mission 1&2
- Do chapter 5 - Get auxiliary clue
- Do mission 3&4
- Click the correct dials to unlock J6 shop
- Get the J5 armor

IMPORTANT NOTE: AQW made an update, the Data disk 5 now drops from "Femme Cult Worshipper" in /fotia or /frozenfotia maps now, and are no longer dropped by "Horc Noobs" that are in NoobShire. Thanks for your attention. :)

Frequently asked questions:
What wings are you using?
- I am using the "Firestorm's Flight" wings dropped by the dragon Ssikari in the Fire Storm map. Here is a link for more details: http://aqwwiki.wikidot.com/firestorm-s-flight

What Daggers are you using?
- I am using the "Dacite Daggers" which drop from the Mafic Dragon in the Mount Mafic map. Here is a link for more details: http://aqwwiki.wikidot.com/dacite-daggers

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Автор TiftyTift ( назад)
Anyone watching this in 2016?

Автор Agneza Hawke ( назад)
how did you manage to disable those things?

Автор jose victor alampayan ( назад)
your video is cool bro

Автор Nikolas Chalaris ( назад)
Hey, what if I have completed the missions with the red button? Can I still
get J5 armor? I can't get disk 5 from The fotia whorshippers though..

Автор shainey balili ( назад)
i cant join to hyperium

Автор Ahmet Can Anar ( назад)
Thank you dude! And can i learn your wings name?

Автор weakzard ( назад)
is it rare now?

Автор Silverly ( назад)
What daggers are those?

Автор iLordZ ( назад)
Thanks so much for updating the video :)

Автор Spawn Azza ( назад)
2016 it is crash site now

Автор Balalio Veegee ( назад)
CG it helps thanks =)

Автор Roundseven ( назад)
Black J5 looks better in my opinion

Автор Jerry Barrios ( назад)
Why i cant get data disk 5 Help plsss!!! :(

Автор Vitor Mariano ( назад)
Music name?

Автор PaulAndrei639 Gaming ( назад)
Sneeviltron is so hard to kill ugh

Автор Sheejunne Atmosfera ( назад)
thank bro

Автор Rawr Defender ( назад)
That person following though XD

Автор Darl Pantinople ( назад)
How can I disable the turret all by myself I cant get j5 suit help me
please T_T

Автор shamefullacts ( назад)
NOTE/TIP: team work is easier

another NOTE: you can also get this at the j6 shop

Автор licywilson ( назад)
Therenwasi t zny quest from tne red eye wtf

Автор Kimo Gaming ( назад)
Thank you Sense :),now i got the j5 armor

Автор Jimmy Mulato ( назад)
i cant find the data disk how to get it it is a drop???

Автор Mary Jane Baguisi ( назад)
Tnx bro by that video because it my idols in aqw

Автор CG ( назад)
IMPORTANT NOTE: AQW made an update, the Data disk 5 now drops from "Femme
Cult Worshipper" in /fotia or /frozenfotia maps now, and are no longer
dropped by "Horc Noobs" that are in NoobShire. Thanks for your attention.

Автор Shyami Jayasinghe ( назад)
thnx for the help i got it

Автор Ken Noel ( назад)
thanks dude! you're awesome!

Автор John Ae ( назад)
I got the J5 armor dude thanks :D

Автор Hanz Ortega ( назад)
thanks dude its help

Автор Real deadfunny (697 лет назад)
cool and thanks

Автор Tadeo Epelde ( назад)
Thanks men! like and sub! sorry for my inglish,i am spanish :D

Автор Jenell Sutton ( назад)
it doesn't work for me

Автор Erikku reynaldo ( назад)

Автор NarutoVs Suaske ( назад)
Helped me so much yo you should be famous or something atleast like

Автор Ancient Cryomancer ( назад)
thanks dude i finish it and i have the armour :D

Автор CPM X ( назад)
thx bro 

Автор Zyro ( назад)
The cutscene before you do the quest "Intruder Alert! Intruder Alert!"

Автор taif sabih ( назад)
can someone help me get j5 armor plzz?

Автор Selma Sisi Schwartz - Clausen ( назад)
can someone help me on how to go as fast as he is going

Автор Jalen Rogers ( назад)
Im your 300th like, and thanks so much for this video it really helped me

Автор maryjane dacullo ( назад)
hey my name is CG in real life i just used my aunties youtube

Автор Seth Holmes ( назад)
it won't let me pass the black and yellow line

Автор Rhaikko Olmedo ( назад)
Tnx For Help!!!
And I get IT!!
my prove

Автор Houssam Lmzili ( назад)
ty man your video is the best :D

Автор Shiny Dialga ( назад)
When I finished Zephyrus I still can't access/open the Chapter 5,what
should I do? 

Автор Christian Watt ( назад)
I am unable to access the Moonyard quest and I watched the video.

Автор Hammaam Mukti ( назад)
Thx alot dude

Автор Billy Arrow ( назад)
im a lvl 61 with all the rep classes and artifact hunter

Автор Billy Arrow ( назад)

Автор _invicible elite_ ( назад)
tnx! for the tutorial i also like and subscribe to you :D

Автор Timothy Noveros (901 год назад)
at 12:10 it says that you have no mission and at the mash it has no serpent
creature. well i want to get the j5 armor but i choose j6 pirate. so pls
chaos guardian help me.

Автор Ahnaf Ahmed ( назад)
dude did not work...............OMG JK THX FOR THIS J5 DUDE U GOT A SUB :D

Автор AQW AEAizehn ( назад)
warra great effort men . :) 

Автор AQW AEAizehn ( назад)
it helps a lot 

Автор Ɖoƞƞaʀĸ ( назад)
Dude i someone how completed that second Mission of that robot in that
moonyard , but when i kill all those enemy n come back that robot , it
shows some scene shots n after it finishes a ' Continue ' pops up n it
keeps on repeating again n again 

Автор Un Known ( назад)

Автор john rolvil hamoy ( назад)
were did u get that duel wep?

Автор Andi Irsyad ( назад)
thanks i got the armor

Автор Amauris Cruz ( назад)
like subcrito :D

Автор Gary Kong ( назад)
Thank You So Much Great Video :) 

Автор Sam Ham ( назад)
cool done

Автор Sam Ham ( назад)
and like 2

Автор Sam Ham ( назад)
i will sub

Автор Sam Ham ( назад)
thanks man you are the best i didnt understand any other video of aqworlds
only i understanded yours so thank u very much much

Автор HoloPineapple ( назад)
Can't get past!!!

Автор iKrylo ( назад)
Ty so much! Like and sub.

Автор Ahmed Abass ( назад)
What level are you now

Автор Fadi Youssef ( назад)
thanx man you are best i have the armor :)

Автор Dragon AE ( назад)

Автор DaGe LV ( назад)
where did u get this daggers??

Автор ashley cutor ( назад)
love you ^^

Автор Zeekza ( назад)
Thank you!

Автор Hardcore Gamer (117 лет назад)
thx man!

Автор anh tranminh ( назад)
why i can't join the hyperium

Автор Arif Sharom arifsharom ( назад)
i got the hardisk 5 but went click the red buttons then the screen, the
chapter 5 quest is still red. how to do this?

Автор Syahrul Firmansyah ( назад)
like it

Автор Insecure Guy ( назад)
GUys you pple think he is a noob check this out

Автор Insecure Guy ( назад)
Bro ur amazing thank you soo much for your help but i dont like this lame

Автор jacob lacasse ( назад)
thanks for the help man and btw nice vid

Автор BoxFullOfBoss ( назад)
thanks it helped a lot!

Автор Zoe Calpito ( назад)
Tnx so much for this sub and like (because i was doing this for a long time
since i was lvl30+ now im 50)

Автор KidZ ArE SuPeR FuNZ ( назад)
Thanks Ive Been Searching For It For 2 Years
And How Did You Speed Up Your Video I Dont Know Tell Me Pls

Автор Rayyan Boltman ( назад)
I don't get a misssion3 it says no more missions at this point

Автор HFG pangilinan ( назад)
It says there are no more mission available at this point...what im goin to

Автор ya girl lou ( назад)
LOL, I got the armor by fighting the dragon. :3

Автор Raphael Manalili ( назад)
Thanks for the tutorial :) 

Автор ammar al Ghifary ( назад)
i cannot get mission 3
repply plz

Автор Connor Salmon ( назад)
u rock

Автор Connor Salmon ( назад)
thanks u so much i would of never ever gotten j5 u just earnt a new

Автор Djordje Mirkovic ( назад)
make more videos

Автор Dractor myth ( назад)
thanks >-<

Автор John Reinier Garcia ( назад)
thanks :)))

Автор CG ( назад)
Wow I didn't expect 100subscribers, so thanks for subbing guys as well as
all the wonderful comments you made! :)

Автор Aleksander Vrhovšek (The Slovene Guy) ( назад)
100 sub!

Автор Real deadfunny ( назад)
i was sorry to sat that is a lie it works thanks man

Автор Real deadfunny ( назад)
why is it not working lie

Автор felolamano ( назад)
Ur really awesome there u help me around so much can I be in 1 of ur vids?
Pls Reply

Автор Gregory Benjamin ( назад)
Thank You very much ,now i got j5 armor <3

Автор Hisao Gaming ( назад)
thanks dude :D
you just earned a new subscriber :D

Автор mike74521 ( назад)
thanks men

Автор jonttuWE ( назад)
Why I dont have any monsters in moonyard :O?

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