=AQW= How to get J5 Armor (Full Walkthrough)

=A.Q.W= Walkthrough on how to get the J5 Armor. This will be the full walkthrough of everything in J6's new area. Please rate and comment if you think it is good.
My AQW user is Chaos Guardian
The song used in this video is "Don't play no game that I can't win" by the Beastie Boys

This is a summary of the whole walkthrough.

-J6- get map from dragon /join j6
-Dwakel Decoder- get it from boiller /join dwakel
-Get through turrets-evasion/teamwork (look for coordinates on J6 map)
-Pickpocket J6- VR pass
-do chapter 6
-do mission 1&2
-do chapter 5-get auxillary clue
-do mission 3&4
-unlock J6 shop
-get J5 armor

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thx men... nowi can get the j5 armor thx again men :D!!!!!!!

Автор Joel Dagger (1 год)
Old wen you come to the robot accept quest and kill robots and turn in and
you have it;) i have unlocked all items ;)))) and i come get doomwood mod
pack and chaos mod pack

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You just run across using rogue class or Chenin class

Автор Samuel Yau (1 год)
If you dodge or they miss, then you make it

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just type /join saloon ur welcome :)

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Автор TheTutorKing (1 год)
To be quite honest you have to try more then once =_=. If you still cannot
go through you will have to get the evasive potion from Reen in Arcangrove
+ use thin wind (preferably use footwork from rogue and make sure that you
have full thief enhances). That is the only way to get the high enough
dodge to get through. If all else fails you need help from a friend. *-*

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whats that sword name

Автор Roshan (Down Town Funky Stuff) Fernando (1 год)
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