Best stress ball ever

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Автор ThesplitBanana ( назад)

Автор aru meerah ( назад)

Автор naz mohammed ( назад)
yep cheap as well you can't go wrong

Автор Savvy Says ( назад)
I had on but....I wanted to see what's inside and it was slime

Автор Gokhan Aktan ( назад)

Автор Grace M ( назад)
I brought 5 and all of them exploded....

Автор Turtle Lover ( назад)
Why are people disliking?! There is really no point in it. She/he didn't
say they were showing you how to make it, there were just showing you what
is the best in their opinion

Автор cassandra Lengyel ( назад)
that's so cool!

Автор Amira Hussain ( назад)
I go itfor free from my school i pretended i had anger problems

Автор naz mohammed ( назад)
what a weirdo get it from the poundshop

Автор Chi_Chips ( назад)
Hey you can buy it on ThinkGeek :p

Автор Venusfly trapies ( назад)
Inside the ball is actually slime

Автор Hannah Ocampo ( назад)
how is that the best?

Автор Raimi Nuruddin ( назад)
tell me how!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор ‫عبدالوهاب العميره‬‎ ( назад)
Is it for anger to?

Автор Erin Chapman ( назад)
Its called a mesh ball

Автор And&and ( назад)

Автор Yasmine Nünning ( назад)

Автор Brickbuilder128 ( назад)
If you want to make this, get a rubber "water" stress ball and take a
string net around it to make the balls

Автор Extremely Negative ( назад)
I have trypophobia but this doesn't affect me. weird

Автор SCK ( назад)
I remember this! My one exploded the first day I got it..

Автор Reycyjoy De Guzman ( назад)

Автор Niramax Productions ( назад)
You can get them from the pound shop in England

Автор makayla glitterz ( назад)
I got goosebumps 

Автор Boldizsár Benedek ( назад)
This is the stress ball

Автор Isabel Erna and Emilly ( назад)
how do you make them

Автор Ryan Day ( назад)
I want to sniff it with my penis

Автор Mlg Doge ( назад)
Put one in a crusher and watch it pop

Автор EndlessMoney Studios ( назад)
think geek is the website

Автор Payton Ruskowsky ( назад)
i has one

Автор 狼魂 ( назад)
Stressful indeed.. Want to pop them all

Автор MoonDoge ( назад)
i want to lick it

Автор Atompucok ( назад)
Probably not a stress ball just a balloon and a plastic mesh around it. To
see that i'm right watch the bottom of his hand where rest of the thing is
just hanging down.

Автор Kendo121 ( назад)
whats the name of it?

Автор MyVash12349 ( назад)
Amgine that was in your skin, like a paricite. And eveyrtime your skin
toutches something it would sizzle, and move!
If you left the urge to itch. Or were just discussed SEARCH TRYPOPHOBIA on

Автор Aliz Glez ( назад)
... i'm outa her 2 MILLION VIEWSSS!!!! JESUS, I'm i the anly one surprised?
i've seen a lot of videos example: thank's for the 1 like XD

Автор OdiusTV ( назад)
Trypophobia anyone? 

Автор J Richard ( назад)
I had one of these, there were weaknesses in the surface that caused it to
all pool into one bubble. That shit does not come out of carpet.


Автор Enlightened Tha THIRD ( назад)
Where we get these? I seriously want one

Автор TheLucarioGamer - GTAV, MC, and more (SOON) ( назад)
i really wanna chew on it

Автор Henry Andelin ( назад)
Shut up and take my money

Автор christiano marijuano ( назад)
I have it but in purple :D

Автор xChispaPinky ( назад)
damn that trypophobia 

Автор DoubleDDog steve ( назад)
hmm.. gross

Автор Ouji ( назад)
How does this have 2 million views??

Автор Nial Mcdermott ( назад)
seriously who hasn't seen these

Автор Geometry Dash V1.7 Master ( назад)
Slime is inside it mine just poped

Автор MrAcidtester ( назад)
i wont this ball !!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Trinhdy Dinh ( назад)
i have that and im playing with it now

Автор CEM McD ( назад)
I had one of those a couple of years ago but it popped

Автор Hicham C ( назад)
u must of popped alot of those during your daily wank session

Автор kornelija bajoraityte ( назад)
aww i love them !!!

Автор jim jimjim ( назад)
that's what she said :(

Автор Shadow ( назад)
What The Fuck?

Автор MrC4 ( назад)
He's an alien!!! GET HIM!!!

Автор ChromeShadow98 ( назад)
May have just developed a phobia

Автор Christopher Young ( назад)
They always sell those at museum gift shops!

Автор DarkSkyr ( назад)
nano suit enabled

Автор Ariana Badillo ( назад)
Had one but got so mad that I threw it up a tree and it got stuck

Автор PinkMacaroon ( назад)
I loved those!

Автор vBogzHD ( назад)
Thumbs up if your tired of seeing these comments!

Автор imad omda ( назад)
Ya mine do that they change color from brown to wight

Автор imad omda ( назад)
My balls do like his ball as well

Автор fleszmuzik ( назад)
u wanna suck my balls? haha

Автор gsikarwar ( назад)
simply great. i wanna do again so that i can get one more ipad :P. its not
a joke, your address and mail id is enough to receive ur ipad3. its worth a
try here --> bit.ly/166PkCh?=wzgvip

Автор Stephen ( назад)
Go see a Doctor...

Автор James Baxter ( назад)
fuck you

Автор The Red Star ( назад)
I think you should get that checked...

Автор jayha242 ( назад)
i wanna bite it

Автор glashoppah ( назад)
Where's the link to buy one dammit?

Автор Jackle61 ( назад)
What, go from blue to green?

Автор fleszmuzik ( назад)
my balls does that

Автор Kirill Kondrachov ( назад)
You might want to go to the doctor and get that checked out....

Автор Hello, is it me you're looking for? ( назад)
I had one of those, till it burst into my fucking eye!

Автор Jason Tay ( назад)
fuck that man i wan smash the thing until it pop out , DAMMIT!!!!

Автор Jason Pierre ( назад)
lightly tugg and pull ...

Автор Jason Pierre ( назад)
lightly tugg and pull ...

Автор Earl Nelson ( назад)

Автор Jonathan M ( назад)
Thumbs up if you're on a random video spree!

Автор Griffy or Cono ( назад)

Автор stackopancakes ( назад)
Protip: Don't chew on them. They pop.

Автор TheChickenRiceBowl ( назад)
You like boobs with green warts on them?

Автор TheChickenRiceBowl ( назад)
For some reason this annoyed me more.

Автор Aron Ingi Asgeirsson ( назад)
Wher did you get ítalíu

Автор PickleF4rmer ( назад)
Dear fucking santa...

Автор skunkFU25 ( назад)
you might need to see a doc

Автор skunkFU25 ( назад)
you might need to see a doc

Автор Adr1n3015 ( назад)
i buy a best one in a ripley museum !!!!!!!!!!!!! I WIN :D:D:D

Автор John Singletary ( назад)
Deal with it

Автор HairyCreatures ( назад)
It release stress, to create sickness.

Автор hassan OnEye ( назад)
Oh we need to make boobs like this :p

Автор Kim B ( назад)
eww! you dont need to tell us how that feel.......fag!

Автор KlaymanMichael ( назад)
well Japanese people love gross things XD

Автор Neo DC ( назад)
It's like holding a ball of herpes.

Автор SuperChocoTaco ( назад)
i had one of these when i was in middle school. after a while of playing
with it, the damn thing popped and got green shit all over the carpet.

Автор Davidovar34 ( назад)

Автор da funk ( назад)
i had one of these be4

Автор TheGamingBros35 ( назад)
I cut one open, and GREEN GOO got all over my damn hands.

Автор Pradeep D ( назад)
simply stunning! . dont waste time guys , rush to this site and get ur
ipad3 or iphone as per ur choice. be mature and do this, never forget to
fill with your mail id and ph number. have a try and enjoy :) >

Автор kdmgr ( назад)
I have That same one lol one of them poped the green stuff is goo

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