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Автор mr dinkel hopper ( назад)
they r all dum shits

Автор shortfacebear 63 ( назад)
I notice that some people open their doors on lane splitters. More people
should do that, it might discourage these douchebags and make them realize
that 'filtering" as they like to call it is not only dangerous, but rude.
Akin to line cutting. Wait your turn like everyone else.

Автор Cody Price ( назад)
Ha the suzuki pit bike with the fat kid on it. Best part is how the camera
man talked. Yar ight u guh

Автор SeokJeung ( назад)
suck my insured cock.

Автор James Thorson ( назад)
Poor simple jackoffs.

Автор smile every day ( назад)
4 person Motercycl crash all at the same time rare site to see much less
catch it in vid lmao

Автор Robert Mustain ( назад)
I have always wanted to open my door on a passing motorcycle.

1/1000 motorcyclists actually drive with respect and common sense. The rest
get brake checks and run off the road. Watch out for you? Hell no, you need
to watch out for me. Go take your penis extension to a race track.

Автор SCURGE ( назад)
hahahahahaha!!!! morons and their loud, obnoxious, childish toys

Автор Daniel Young ( назад)
Why so many dislikes? 

Автор Sullen Morbius ( назад)
black people and motorcycles just don't work in concert together

Автор Zaidan Ali ( назад)
These fails are good I wish if you can get more people come on

Автор 5rack ( назад)
Oh Lord.. L license... i mean.. seriously... bahang tanah jugok awok mu
berat nanang...

Автор Travis Hill ( назад)
I love watching these douchbags fail

Автор W. Kruit ( назад)
0:35: I just spent about $1500 on protective motorcycle clothing. I wonder
why... On the other hand, I don't like road rash!!

Автор andrew best ( назад)
giel franson ur the fucking arsehole

Автор Ryan Cushman ( назад)
Check out this video on YouTube:Minh

Автор Toasty Munchiez ( назад)
The last guy wasn't even wearing a helmet = MORON

Автор Colin B ( назад)
lol what a dumbass on the green Kawasaki at 1:36

Автор Bryan Garcia ( назад)
ride safly and dont do stunts .period!

Автор Vanessa Chambers ( назад)

Автор Mr. Random (1251 год назад)
5:10.....that's what u get for riding a KTM

Автор P360 ( назад)
At 4:19he was doin good but he had to do a trick

Автор James Metevier ( назад)
Pizza man can road a clutch

Автор Smigzy Boi ( назад)
He fall down and go boom boom,ilmmfao

Автор patty nice ( назад)
i don't think these people were able to save $500 on their auto insurance

Автор TroyaE117 ( назад)
Guys, don't wheelie on a public road. Not in the UK, anyway. It's a
dangerous driving ticket right there. That's a criminal offence. You are
mad to do it. And you risk others.

Автор James Roche (101 год назад)
hi a vid for u guys 

Автор James Engles ( назад)
The feels.

Автор Ranveer Singh (Mr Singh) ( назад)
Hahaha best thing open door front of moron 

Автор Jim Diaz ( назад)
guy at 1;40 literally ran himself over. I didnt think this was possible
until i saw this idiot. LOL

Автор Kens RoadtoDentures ( назад)
do you know why I love this video? because every one of these d-bags were
driving like assholes. They deserve every single bump bruise and scrape
they get. :) ill have to remember that open the door trick....

Автор MartynaELO ( назад)
cbhuuuuuj z wami 

Автор Bradley Fordyce ( назад)
I think I'll invent a one wheeled motorcycle.

Автор Arambula559 ( назад)
I pay 550 for insurance full coverage for the hole year. Is that too much? 

Автор Lloyd Smith ( назад)

Автор RedTeamWolf ( назад)
I would love to get paid 300 dollars a month to drive my already fuel
efficient truck

Автор pineapplepissant ( назад)
I dont want F@#%ing insurance!!!

Автор csp mass_effect ( назад)
lol the guy at 1.41 what he try to do ?

Автор The Poverty Stricken Motorcyclist ( назад)
2:05 "look at me, I'm so tough an' cool" 2:18 Doh, pathetic loser.

Автор Samol Gaming ( назад)
This i a swedish comments. Jävla klantar

Автор Prince Jabbo ( назад)

Автор Jason C ( назад)
I hate stretched bikes. Especially hate show offs on stretched busa's.
That's was great when he dropped that shit. Lmao!!

Автор Reduxalicious ( назад)
I can save $500 on my auto insurance?! but...my truck and bike are less
then that.. 

Автор scott burnhan ( назад)

Автор Pluis1970 ( назад)
It's always teethcrunchingly scary seeing these idiots sliding over the
tarmac in tee shirts, shorts and bare hands. 

Автор joel750 ( назад)
To those fellow motorcycle riders out there: PLEASE be careful and try not
to get into incidences like this in this video. We're already 30X more
likely to get into accidents and by doing stunts like this, we're really
not helping ourselves by NOT being good ambassadors of our sport. We should
set a GOOD EXAMPLE to motorists out there and give them the notion that
we're not insane or dangerous people that are out there fro mayhem or harm
them so PLEASE be careful safe and keep the rubber side down. :)

Автор GravityBeastCw (1801 год назад)
Damnit guys :L Earn the helmet and respect the bike ;)

Автор AmamMcMam ( назад)
1:45 HOLY FUCK! Well, enjoy that burnt rubber to the face.

Автор Tyler Bates ( назад)

Автор difa harta yoga ( назад)
1:50 L O L XD

Автор BBDrums34 ( назад)
Every single one of them deserved it! And who ever it was that opened their
door in front of the bike,Good job, that was well deserved!

Автор Frank Quitely ( назад)
Guess what, I don't want to know, either.

Автор Matthew P ( назад)
Glad all the riders seem to be ok.

Автор hsmatias ( назад)
I'm only downvoting because of the stupid ass insurance ad you posted
before AND after the video. 

Автор Xternal47 ( назад)
3:15 you got a gas leak right there dude.... you got a match? LOL...

Автор 706d ( назад)
I love the insurance ad with poor grammar. I just saved a bunch of money by
not being insured at all!

Автор Ali Yahya Kilicaslan ( назад)
Stunting without protector gears, NO RESPECT!!!

Автор cameron wilkinson ( назад)

Автор patton303 ( назад)
Shorts and no protective gear = squid

Автор patton303 ( назад)
Shorts and no protective gear = squid

Автор domi ( назад)
2:35 Taxidriver = ashole

Автор Henr Gher ( назад)
Best was when the guy got pulled over on a bike

Автор Henr Gher ( назад)
Best was when the guy got pulled over on a bike

Автор bshawn41 ( назад)
Opening your door, what an ass.

Автор ludovico ( назад)
If I saved $500 on motorcycle insurance, gieco would owe me like $50.

Автор Krazytom44 ( назад)
Two types of riders....those who have fell....and those who will
fall...have your gear on people...lol

Автор Callum Chew ( назад)

Автор Anna Kir ( назад)
gently used, mostly highway miles..

Автор sunny sam ( назад)

Автор Battle NS55 ( назад)
just punch them in the face

Автор Sinbad950 ( назад)
06:00 Looks like he "assfisting" himself to assgasm....

Автор Sinbad950 ( назад)
"DOUBLE KILL" Aaaa ha ha ha ha ha

Автор Dirk Bentdick ( назад)
DUH! not all busa riders are retards

Автор umaxen01 ( назад)
Don't worry, these guys are going to destroy ObamaCare...

Автор brave0nej ( назад)

Автор arslanrohlfs ( назад)
Lol undercover cop 1:10

Автор arslanrohlfs ( назад)
Lol undercover cop 1:10

Автор Joe Rollins ( назад)
@ 3:08 Scud kills 6 people and injures 14

Автор Joe Rollins ( назад)
@ 1:48 This is the official "Crowd Slam Wheelie".

Автор Joe Rollins ( назад)
@ 1:41 She says "You are such a dumb ass!!!"

Автор Aleksandro Angelow ( назад)
1:22 :D :D :D :D :D Multi Kill :D

Автор XeX Console (UnlimitedModding) ( назад)
What's car insurance got to do with a Failed Fail Compilation.

Автор Saroz Wagle ( назад)

Автор LegendMuscle ( назад)
lucky that bike didnt get sucked up that guys ass

Автор prodigygsx ( назад)
1:22 strike!!!!

Автор WINGMAN ( назад)

Автор sheri ash ( назад)

Автор sauron viper ( назад)

Автор yamkippur2112 ( назад)
Lol Kawi at 3:39 has bad crank seal on wet side.

Автор Andre Zig ( назад)
how to download?

Автор Shaun Brown ( назад)
5:50 Awww my arse. lol

Автор lusteronline ( назад)
Go check out my 1/15/14 podcast where I talk about motorcycle riders

Автор 1tokeover ( назад)
2:14 why are people who own busas retarded. They are all retarded. Bunch of
straight line heros.

Автор 1tokeover ( назад)
At 1:50 the guy honks at him like it's going to help. What an idiot.

Автор abe nakamura ( назад)
If I had a bike I would never do wheelies or drift that's pure stupid and a
waste of money on a beautiful bike.

Автор Azizi Kipop ( назад)
Dota sound

Автор Azizi Kipop ( назад)
Dota sound

Автор Leon S. Rondellini' ( назад)
Stupidity is one hell of a drug...

Автор Eugene McKibben ( назад)
What a collection of knuckleheads. 

Автор amirul aiman ( назад)
i am sorry
i like de video

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