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Автор Cj R. ( назад)
I love watching idiots getting seriously injured being stupid on the

Автор Jason Jordan ( назад)
Haha, You dont need car insurance here.

Автор Selcuk Sezen ( назад)

Автор Stephen N ( назад)
at 2:32 i would have started punching that driver

Автор mr dinkel hopper ( назад)
they r all dum shits

Автор shortfacebear 63 ( назад)
I notice that some people open their doors on lane splitters. More people
should do that, it might discourage these douchebags and make them realize
that 'filtering" as they like to call it is not only dangerous, but rude.
Akin to line cutting. Wait your turn like everyone else.

Автор Cody Price ( назад)
Ha the suzuki pit bike with the fat kid on it. Best part is how the camera
man talked. Yar ight u guh

Автор SeokJeung ( назад)
suck my insured cock.

Автор James Thorson ( назад)
Poor simple jackoffs.

Автор smile every day ( назад)
4 person Motercycl crash all at the same time rare site to see much less
catch it in vid lmao

Автор Robert Mustain ( назад)
I have always wanted to open my door on a passing motorcycle.

1/1000 motorcyclists actually drive with respect and common sense. The rest
get brake checks and run off the road. Watch out for you? Hell no, you need
to watch out for me. Go take your penis extension to a race track.

Автор SCURGE ( назад)
hahahahahaha!!!! morons and their loud, obnoxious, childish toys

Автор Daniel Young ( назад)
Why so many dislikes? 

Автор Sullen Morbius ( назад)
black people and motorcycles just don't work in concert together

Автор Zaidan Ali ( назад)
These fails are good I wish if you can get more people come on

Автор 5rack ( назад)
Oh Lord.. L license... i mean.. seriously... bahang tanah jugok awok mu
berat nanang...

Автор Travis Hill ( назад)
I love watching these douchbags fail

Автор W. Kruit ( назад)
0:35: I just spent about $1500 on protective motorcycle clothing. I wonder
why... On the other hand, I don't like road rash!!

Автор andrew best ( назад)
giel franson ur the fucking arsehole

Автор Squeaker Nuts ( назад)
The last guy wasn't even wearing a helmet = MORON

Автор Colin B ( назад)
lol what a dumbass on the green Kawasaki at 1:36

Автор Bryan Garcia ( назад)
ride safly and dont do stunts .period!

Автор Vanessa Chambers ( назад)

Автор Mr. Random (1251 год назад)
5:10.....that's what u get for riding a KTM

Автор P360 ( назад)
At 4:19he was doin good but he had to do a trick

Автор James Metevier ( назад)
Pizza man can road a clutch

Автор Smigzy Boi ( назад)
He fall down and go boom boom,ilmmfao

Автор patty nice ( назад)
i don't think these people were able to save $500 on their auto insurance

Автор TroyaE117 ( назад)
Guys, don't wheelie on a public road. Not in the UK, anyway. It's a
dangerous driving ticket right there. That's a criminal offence. You are
mad to do it. And you risk others.

Автор James Engles ( назад)
The feels.

Автор Ranveer Singh (Mr Singh) ( назад)
Hahaha best thing open door front of moron 

Автор Apidium ( назад)
Cee Lo Green at 2:05 thinking he's cool. How embarrassing.

Автор ScoutSpyScout ( назад)
i don't like to brag but...7 years on a 600GSXR and no fall (or fail) to
mention but i agree about the road rash.

Автор xr4igaz ( назад)
'DON'T want you to know this'. Seems legit.

Автор DoTs1o1 ( назад)
LoL the dude try to sumo with the ninja

Автор hunter 299 ( назад)
IG u guys are going to piss and moan that they are so stupid they why even
watch it so shut the fuck up

Автор tasyrmata ( назад)
true story again!!!

Автор tasyrmata ( назад)
true story!!

Автор DeMichael Reid ( назад)
Everyone has either fallen or will fall, but you shouldn't even get on a
bike if you're not smart enough to wear full gear. But it only takes one
fall on pavement, no matter what speed, for people to put on gear because
road rash is a bitch.

Автор Totalavulsion ( назад)
There's always at least one Russian twat

Автор N1K0124 ( назад)
well i hope they learned from crashing

Автор Marco Stagg ( назад)
Idiots open the door on purpose just let the bikers threw

Автор hurmer ( назад)
No comments

Автор Mrmisterno7 ( назад)

Автор rolyatknarfable ( назад)
A man's GOT to know his limitations. (Clint Eastwood)

Автор mario h ( назад)

Автор Don Fisher ( назад)
Some of them, you have to wonder how much damage to their ego they

Автор Killstream GR ( назад)
dose gazi mori anapiri

Автор iiCR3X ( назад)
no most of them are stupid

Автор thegdoat1 ( назад)
Why? I have my thoughts, but I'll let you say it.

Автор Too Quadly ( назад)
I've never wanted someone to crash as bad as the guy at 2:04

Автор Sean Mathews ( назад)
2:30 that was so unnecessary.

Автор instantramen ( назад)
2:32 that driver just wished he was on a bike with all that traffic...lol

Автор alojzije jozinovic ( назад)

Автор Shockwave0099 ( назад)
Is it something common for biker to go out of home without their brains??

Автор iLLmatic240 ( назад)
Range rover tries too kill bikers on the road watch?v=G2YT9AWT8xI
watch?v=G2YT9AWT8xI watch?v=G2YT9AWT8xI

Автор LOOKITS4SALE ( назад)
Very very funny

Автор 5252dan ( назад)
out at 20 sec. wtf?

Автор Brisinger Tudders ( назад)
Fucking stains on societies underwear

Автор D3ATHB1GRA9ES ( назад)
ehat do we learn from this? wear a helmet and gear dont fuck about with the
machine and respect it ffs

Автор Jason Pells ( назад)
It's not hard. But I guess it just ruins their ego. Yup. Their ego will
matter when their brain dead, or completely dead, all because they were too
"Cool" to wear a helmet. I always wear all my gear, jacket, helmet, gloves,
kevlar jeans, ect. DON'T FORGET YOUR GEAR PEOPLE.

Автор Holly Green ( назад)
how hard is it to wear a fucking helmet!?!?!

Автор Dennis Weninger ( назад)
0:50 Hahahahaha xD

Автор armzngunz ( назад)
But when it comes to a point when it hurts other people/annoys people, they
should stop/don't do it.

Автор GrounDLifteR ( назад)
Don't play with cars, you always lose... ALWAYS!

Автор cody springer ( назад)
May I add as long as they know the consequences.

Автор cody springer ( назад)
Thing is, people have the choices to do what ever they want. If they want
to smoke and drink, they can smoke and drink. It's the same deal with
lane-splitting, if they want to do it, and it's legal, they have full right
to do so.

Автор Mike johnson ( назад)
It's also legal to drink and smoke all you want. Is that a smart idea? I
don't feel bad for anyone who wrecks or gets wrecked while doing it. They
don't have to do it. Why not go swim with sharks? Same principal, looking
for trouble.

Автор cody springer ( назад)
If it's legal, it's legal.

Автор Mike johnson ( назад)
People who split lanes are D-BAGS

Автор Murlock2000 ( назад)

Автор Hellisinme ( назад)
From Wiki: In general, lane splitting by motorcycles is legal in parts of
Europe, Japan, and several other countries. In most US states, lane
splitting is illegal with one notable exception being California. lane
splitting in each US state for motorcycles generally apply to bicycles as
well. However, in some states such as Nebraska and Utah, lane splitting is
prohibited specifically and only for motorcycles and is therefore legal for

Автор macho123kid ( назад)
People keep saying how theyll beat the ass of that guy at 2:32..smh why???
That line is to separate the two lanes of traffic it doesn't act as another

Автор macho123kid ( назад)
Notice how half these idiots are'nt even wearing helmets at least we're a
f****** helmet holy moly..

Автор Slug Slugster ( назад)
Wank advert

Автор arg31ify ( назад)
why oh why do stunting without leathers?

Автор Aaron singh ( назад)
man's got a point!

Автор robert carlile ( назад)
Lol @ 5:55 yeauhhhhhhhhhh

Автор Linkgt ( назад)
If someone does 2:32 to me, I would beat the shit out of the person.

Автор Morgan Freeman ( назад)
dude squid shouldn't even be used anymore, there's no point. wouldn't
matter if the guy has been riding longer than you've been born, if they
even forget to wear gloves people will jump all over them with squid shit.
It's just a stupid word made up by stupid people.

Автор MrPierrepressure ( назад)
how come in all those videos there's always a couple of assholes doing
really lame things on a Hayabusa?

Автор Emir Pekun ( назад)
1.41 stupiest fall

Автор mortenmorre ( назад)
How was that a motorcycle fail at 2:32? That was a moron of a driver,

Автор GTreconGT ( назад)
Can someone tell me the derivation of the term squid?

Автор Chuck Pringle ( назад)
Love seeing cherry bikes getting trashed by idiots.

Автор steven k ( назад)
He definitely did it on purpose. Hope the dude beat his ass.

Автор Ivan Lopez ( назад)
Attention your car insurance doesnt want you to know you can save 100% on
car insurance by not driving.

Автор TicketsToVermont ( назад)
I love watching douche bags eat it.

Автор DaDeviousDingo ( назад)
1:36. Bloody idiot, what a waste of a beautiful ZX-6R bikes like that
deserve proper owners and riders not stupid show offs like that twat

Автор jerin johnson ( назад)

Автор PandaTerrorDaily ( назад)
Majority where idiot squids dude. No helmet, no jacket. no protective gear
= squid.

Автор Badylx12 ( назад)
Moto nie dla idiotów.

Автор PowerToker420 ( назад)
wtf are u talking about? some of them are just ppl having fun and they
happened to crash..... good thing u said "almost" cuz I can tell some of
the people where trying to show off and where just wanting to ride

Автор Cory Wilbanks ( назад)
Lol 3:03 dipshit retard ruins the party

Автор TheTommyAk47 ( назад)
Almost all of them are idiots showing off.

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