V-Sag - I Totally Miss You (feat. Alexandra McKay) [HQ Stereo]

Cover of the Bad Boys Blue's "I Totally Miss You".
From V-Sag's new album "Feather" (2008).

I did you wrong,
My foolish heart went out to play.
And then I lost you,
Oh what a price for me to pay.

Where have you gone,
Baby where you've gone.
Oh I totally miss you,
My heart is painted blue.
I totally miss you,
I can't stop loving you.
So please come back,
You'll be making me blue,
Please come back,
Why you have promised me the world,
But you have made on through.
I totally miss you.

I keep on waiting,
And in my dreams I see a face.
You're still in my life,
No one else can take your place.

Where have you gone,
Baby where you've gone.
Oh I totally miss you,
My heart is painted blue.
I totally miss you,
I can't stop loving you.
So please come back,
You'll be making me blue,
Please come back,
Why you have promised me the world,
But you have made on through.
I totally miss you... I totally miss you.
Oh I totally miss you.

Where have you gone,
Baby where you've gone.
Oh I totally miss you,
My heart is painted blue.
I totally miss you,
I can't stop loving you.
So please come back,
You'll be making me blue,
Please come back,
Why you have promised me the world,
But you have made on through.
Oh I totally miss you... I totally miss you.

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Автор Amyristos (3 года)
Ρε παιδιά μήπως έχει κανένας το κόμματι του v-sag που υπάρχει στο cd του
g-pal : g-pal contra anna maria x back to back sessions vol.1 και λέγεται a
morning after . ;;; Έχω φάει τον τόπο να το βρω !

Автор polinanou (5 лет)
thnx! :)

Автор polinanou (5 лет)
aaaa! Einai Teleio!!! Pou mporw na vrw to tragoudi paidia?? Psaxbw psaxnw
alla tipota! :)

Автор mina3043 (5 лет)
dikio exeis...opos kai o christos fourkis pou apla einai apsogos alla ligoi
ton xeroun!!!alla opoious thelon proothoun ti perimeneis???

Автор mpourmpoulithra (3 года)

Автор Foto (4 года)
kommatara ... milame tetoia kommatara oyte oi kataramenoi

Автор christinarodos (5 лет)
apla...to kommati einai teleio.....

Автор lefaki (4 года)
I can't stop loving you so please come back <3

Автор fraoulitsa23 (5 лет)
poly wraio!!!

Автор nikolasfever (2 года)
υπέροχη διασκευή!!

Автор Andreas Agouridis (5 лет)
pl pl pl kalo kommati. poios einai o v-sag?

Автор drsakis22 (4 года)
totally awesome...gr8 vocals!

Автор kostakisGR93 (2 года)
magkes mhpws 3erei kaneis apo poio meros exei katagwgh o vasilis sagwnas??

Автор Nandia Mcblossom (4 года)
Apisteyto Kommati,Apisteyti Foni..

Автор SoundOfGoodbye1 (4 года)
exw olo to cd... :DDD

Автор pantzakos (5 лет)
etsi bravo...

Автор FreeSoulonthedecks (3 года)

Автор katmikeS (4 года)

Автор Vasile Buboiu (2 года)
verry good voice i like it!!!!! another song with here voice

Автор green paradise... (2 года)
δεν ξέρω, απλά σε άλλα τραγούδια του λένε πω τι βγάζει η Λάρισα! οπότε

Автор mara1981emes (3 года)
KOMMATARA !!!!!!! moysika kai stixourgika ......skalizei kai bgazei stin
epifaneia bathia aisthimata.......gia poli pono kai poli klamaaa ......
totaly miss you......totally in LOVE.....LOVE with NO happy end !!!!!

Автор mar pap (3 года)
erwteumeni me to kommati! <3

Автор lefteris scordos (4 года)
eipame gamei kai dernei f*cks and beats the sh*t out of...

Автор grooveya (5 лет)
epos to kommati..mpravo ston ellina...

Автор oxy gen (4 года)
geia sou mwrh elladara me tis paragwges sou!!! pame gmt!!!!

Автор Psaros23 (4 года)
File mou apo oti to akou einai kalh piotita... apla katevase to kane to
convert se mp3..

Автор kostaspap21 (5 лет)
larissaios einai?are 8essalia ta kalytera pragmata vgazeis!!exeis ypopsh an
paizei se kapoio magazi sth larissa?

Автор vaggos7kats (2 года)
κ..γαμω τα καντηλια μου ειναι το κομματι,να πουμε!πολυ ωραιο...

Автор Nioran (5 лет)
epitelous to valate k to psaxna..

Автор vepalski (2 года)

Автор FreeSoulonthedecks (3 года)
εντάξει φίλος μη το ακούς τα παιδιά δε το φτιάξανε για σένα μόνο...και οι
διασκευές έχουν παίξει σοβαρό ρόλο κι έχουν ξαναζωντανέψει κομμάτια που
κάποιοι ίσως δεν τα ακούγανε ποτέ τους

Автор TeodoroYaki (5 лет)
zita tin apo auton pou anevase to video.

Автор iRRegul4r (3 года)
@nikoshawk Music has no right way... t oti exei vgei 1kommati de simainei
oti an iparxei kapoia alli idea i empneusi dn mporei n diaskeuastei... K de
xreiazetai n ta sigkrineis ola... einai alli idea.. alli ektelesi... allo

Автор ekaragiorgi (2 года)
Please come back, Why you have promised me the world, But you have made on
through. I totally miss you......PLEASE!

Автор Θανασης Μαχαιριτσας (5 лет)
Poly wraio to komati afto k poly kalo remix!!!Pws mporw na vrw afthn thn

Автор Aberref Ifusoy (2 года)

Автор kleo koukia (2 года)

Автор dimitriosxtx (5 лет)

Автор Amyristos (3 года)
@RunLalalaRun Αδερφέ θα το εκτιμούσα πολύ αν μπορούσες να μου το στείλεις
... Σου στέλνω email !

Автор MrOrestios (2 года)
@Inazum4 Δεν είναι των Bad Boys Blue?

Автор babylon24b (4 года)

Автор Kul Beens (5 лет)
Bad boys blue remake

Автор ivana (2 года)
obožavam ovu pjesmu...love this song :)

Автор lenaxago1 (3 года)

Автор emy s (5 лет)

Автор raditu (4 года)
i just love it!

Автор giorgosadis1990 (3 года)
tromero kommati atmosfairiko.....tzaki k krasaki mousiki gia na

Автор AJLSAJLS (3 года)
Excelentes transiciones

Автор thanosdj17 (5 лет)
to club mix pistevw oti einai kalytero..oxi oti ayth h version paei pisw:)
polu kalos o vasilis

Автор korkolukos (5 лет)
o v-sag einai o vasilis sagonas sto steno tou kuklo,apo ti larisa kai to
paidi apla ta spaei...

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