GTA San Andreas - Back To The Future 2 Delorean

The Delorean from the movie Back To The Future 2


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Длительность: 5:18
Комментарии: 94

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Автор yuri caliwag ( назад)
thats the power of love

Автор David Esteves de Oliveira Oliveira ( назад)
quais sao as teclas para aparecer o carro

Автор John Smith ( назад)
Should have used the ZZtop song too

Автор gabriel LUIZ ( назад)
como fais o carro andar com o controle remoto

Автор Nepažįstamas Žmogus ( назад)
There are no any files in SA noob

Автор Lewisky Tayag (Lyle) ( назад)
how to activate remote control

Автор MrDoktorEl1 ( назад)
how do you get a delorean is it a mod for free or not a mod or a mod not
for free? and I have gta san andreas

Автор mike lariscy ( назад)
how do i get the Delorean san andreas ps2 ?

Автор rapper250 ( назад)

Автор zippy9765 ( назад)
how do you install this on mac?

Автор Tails ( назад)

Автор GamerV11 ( назад)
it appears normally just like a normal car

Автор Christopher Adams ( назад)

Автор ChaseTheCharmander ( назад)
thx so much bro

Автор RedlineProduction100 ( назад)
Thanks man i really want to have a delorean gta sa thanks

Автор Jhon Barragan ( назад)
where are the car?

Автор Jorge Murillo ( назад)
dose this mod work for the mac book please respond and how do u install it

Автор Kelf Gaming ( назад)
Dw i figured it out

Автор Kelf Gaming ( назад)
How can u spawn it

Автор juan avelino ( назад)
where can i fine the car in GTO SA cuz im done with the game

Автор Fraxure Beam ( назад)
Awesome mod, Im planning to remake Back to the Future in San Andreas! I
have the storyline down and everything. Im just now putting the mods so
when i time travel, everything changes based on time.

Автор st3wart69er ( назад)
how do u spawn it i have pressed eevery button i can not get it to spawn

Автор IHateEndermen ( назад)
you must push the number 5 on the NUMPAD. if you play on laptop, well,
youre screwed

Автор IHateEndermen ( назад)
great grammar you got there T_T

Автор muhammad hussain ( назад)
Can someone tell me how to do this plzzz

Автор Punk Anarchiste 13 ( назад)
Didn't you have a virus ?

Автор Lucas Couto ( назад)
Most of the time I drive in the opposite way and travel through time just
when I'm about to hit a car. XD BTW: 88 comment! :D

Автор Digitaldiscdrive ( назад)
This wont crash my computer will it , how do i put this mod in also?

Автор gregorius axel ( назад)
i'm sorry, IT'S WORKED!! THANKS A LOT :)

Автор gregorius axel ( назад)
how i can spawn the delorean?? PLEASE TELL ME !!! i can't spawn delorean, i
push number 5 is not work, please!!

Автор stinkysocksstudios ( назад)
I press num 2 i dosen't work....

Автор GTABTTFMAN ( назад)
you can't get a regular delorean with this mod

Автор twistedyogert ( назад)
Just a question, I don't have the game but I was wondering how do you get
the regular DeLoean? Please answer so everyone else can see the link.

Автор KILL SH0T DEAD ( назад)
When i download the thing when it haft loading the game it closes the

Автор worthlessfools ( назад)
Controls: 2: Spawn DeLorean (for me) +: Turn on/off Time curcits -: Change
to flying DeLorean BackSpace: Enter date 1-9: Date (Ex: Nov 12 1995 10:04
would be this: 110519951004) BackSpace (once more): Confirm Date

Автор Camfilms321 ( назад)
ok how do u change the time my wont and how do u fill up mr fushtion dude?

Автор FireDragon ( назад)
why does everybody like cutscene instaead of insant

Автор 888global ( назад)
how to spwan the delorean??? pls reply

Автор 62squad ( назад)
hey my friend told me you can time travel is it true? I dont think they
would add and update EVERY single year for a 1999 game lol

Автор codgam3pl4y ( назад)
@GTABTTFMAN oh thanks, ill try that, will num5 work for every delorean

Автор omuletulnou ( назад)
sadly nothing changes...

Автор TaintedMustard ( назад)
OK, that's, like, the best mod for anything ever.

Автор Aardvark4lunch ( назад)

Автор Young MaKaVeli ( назад)
@codgam3pl4y what are the controls for the delorean plzz??

Автор GTABTTFMAN ( назад)
@codgam3pl4y did you push num 5 to spawn the delorean

Автор codgam3pl4y ( назад)
i downloaded this mod, did everything it told me to do but its not in the
game? is there a code or somthing? please respond!

Автор Trevor Fischer ( назад)
@poeppolitie lol R.I.P link jk XD

Автор BOLLEFREDDY ( назад)
how do you install the time circuits?

Автор James Hill ( назад)
bif disliked this

Автор GTABTTFMAN ( назад)
@Cornwiggle its fixed

Автор poeppolitie ( назад)
Link is dead :(

Автор poeppolitie ( назад)

Автор Jack Brilla ( назад)
@bovb902 no

Автор XgXaXmXeXrX ( назад)
when i press the download link it doesn't appear

Автор bovb902 (1386 лет назад)
@GTABTTFMAN i got V2.0 of GTA is that good?

Автор GTABTTFMAN ( назад)
@judethegreat111 you might have to download a patch for the mod or try
reinstalling the game altogether

Автор judethegreat111 ( назад)
why is that? every time i press the 0 or the backspace or the - buttons for
the controls and for time settings the game crashes

Автор judethegreat111 ( назад)
how to turn on time circuits

Автор darknos99 ( назад)

Автор darknos99 ( назад)
It doesn't work for me! Plase help!

Автор ChannelDaVinci ( назад)
Does this work on mac

Автор Satoshi Takuya ( назад)
@iraqupmax1997 press 1 for mark 1 delorean press 2 for mark 2 delorean
press 3 for mark 3 delorean

Автор Satoshi Takuya ( назад)
@GTABTTFMAN well? how do you spawn it

Автор GTABTTFMAN ( назад)
@liek40ninjas yea it is

Автор liek40ninjas ( назад)
holy crap, greatest mod ever

Автор greekdrwho ( назад)
@GTABTTFMAN ok you've already helped me a lot and i appreciate it but i
need one more help: how can i spawn it. PLEASE ANSWER

Автор GTABTTFMAN ( назад)
@greekdrwho you dont find it in the city you spawn it

Автор greekdrwho ( назад)
@GTABTTFMAN i found the instructions file but it doesn't say where (in the
city) to find the DeLorean

Автор GTABTTFMAN ( назад)
@greekdrwho there should be a file in the file where the game is located
called instructions

Автор greekdrwho ( назад)
ok i installed this mod, but i don't know how to play it or where can i
find the DeLorean. can you please help me????

Автор Kluesner ( назад)
Like other i got the mod i just need to know where the delorean is.

Автор gotsnowboards ( назад)
@daniskicker It's 88, trust me I know, favorite movie, lol

Автор Denver Fernandes ( назад)
whats the mod??????

Автор ThePlaystationLord ( назад)
eh . i bet my grand mom will like this

Автор Autismo ( назад)
@daniskicker 88 actually.

Автор FlyingAce1016 ( назад)
what car does it replace/or do you type something to get it?

Автор KoolThing14 ( назад)
Would be kool if someone used that shit to rob a bank. Time. The one place
the cops cant trace you back to.

Автор The2Coolest2 ( назад)
@meatballguy1 what fucking code its a mod

Автор meatballguy1 ( назад)
what is the actual code to get the delorean? Can someone please tell me?

Автор GTABTTFMAN ( назад)
@coll912 Sorry but it only works on the PC.

Автор coll912 ( назад)
@sonic0909ful its a mod for the PC. im trying to get it on my 360

Автор jimmy101112000 ( назад)
@sonic0909ful There is a torrents with it already modded made but its for
PC only. Not for PS2. The 0.2E tends to crash alot.

Автор LiebermannRamone3 ( назад)
I've seen on YouTube A lot of videos about this Mod, but in some of them
(like this) it looks like in the film, I mean with the blue light ,With the
Red Digital Speedometer and the end and then the fire burning the road...
Is it posible ??? If is it possible like I can see in your video, Would you
like to send me the link where you got that DeLorean Please? Because with I
have a DeLorean Mod and it doesn't work like that. thanks

Автор boxsaspen ( назад)
ps2 version please...

Автор carlos hernandez ( назад)
only if they had the train time machine

Автор Doomgamer3 ( назад)

Автор elmasgrandederiver ( назад)

Автор Matze1381 ( назад)
wüsste jemand wie man ein delorean fernsteuert weil hab schon videos von
sowas gesehen

Автор Matze1381 ( назад)
also ich finds geil weil ich jetzt weiß wie das geht xD

Автор GTABTTFMAN ( назад)
Ich verstehe nicht, was Sie mich fragen

Автор craog123 ( назад)

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