Magnum .357 smith & wesson 686 shooting indoors 15 yards

title...firing 7 rounds indoors at a 15 yrd target

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Автор jeremygray76 ( назад)
Nice pistol. 686 rules!!

Автор Jordan Knight ( назад)
You should straighten your arms when you shoot

Автор thebeans380 ( назад)
nice flash , 357mag kick is cool...thank GOD ....thanks for the vid..

Автор imjustwonderful ( назад)
@KillFrenzie sorry i accidentally voted you down. meant to click thumbs up.
my bad

Автор MrGlockJock25 ( назад)
I first shot this gun when I was 10

Автор Aaron Potts (1554 года назад)
is it double action as well?

Автор That one guy ( назад)
i can only shoot 2.5 in groups at 15 yards one handed with my ruger mkIII

Автор bearsfan1294 ( назад)
@Rthomasfan1 put up a video pussy

Автор Ryan Camarata ( назад)
@Rthomasfan1 too bad you can't match those 3rd grade math skills with 3rd
grade spelling/grammar.

Автор Peter Sah ( назад)
@Rthomasfan1 fag little kids annoy the fuck out of me you piece of shit

Автор Wabaanimkii ( назад)
And I don't think the .357 has high recoil. I think people just say that
because their first handgun they shot was a 9 auto. I think people should
train controlling a 357 that way a 9 or a 40 would be a breeze

Автор Wabaanimkii ( назад)
First handgun I ever shot. Only shot it once but I was tagging gallons at a
hundred yards. I'm not an expert but when I shoot I keep my right arm fully
extended. Than I place my left hand over my right and use my left arm to
pull downward. It keeps barrel flip down and allows je to fast and accurte

Автор Panda Theft ( назад)
i get to shoot a .357 on the 9th this will be my second time shotting any

Автор John Goerger ( назад)
You have your right hand to far down on the butt of your wpn. The fleshy
part between your tumb and and forefinger should be level with but not
above the TANG of your wpn. I retired from the Orange County Sheriff's
Department (CA). I had been a wpns instructor and range clerk.

Автор saj12100 ( назад)
@Rthomasfan1 he fired 7 shots so you learn to count to 7.

Автор Sub11 ( назад)
@fuscian Double action: pull the trigger and the hammer goes back with it,
then fires. Single action: pull the hammer back (like in video) then pull
the trigger

Автор saluki ( назад)
@andyffer great thanks for the info fam. how do u put into into double
action and how to put back into single action ?

Автор Sub11 ( назад)
@fuscian no no. Its double action & single action (just like most revolvers
now) Its easier to have better grouping when single action because you dont
have to pull the trigger as far, just barely push it

Автор saluki ( назад)
@swedishmax all .357 s&w you have to cock back before each shot ?

Автор VeggieNinjah ( назад)
You need to take your time more. At one point it looked like your finger
slipped and you shot too early. It's hard enough to hit anything with a
pistol (in my opinion) especially something with that much kick, even if
you can handle it.

Автор KJonhS ( назад)
@RoyalAlba1 The vast majority of revolvers made now are SA/DA. Every S&W
revolver in production is, excluding some specifically made for concealed
carry where the hammer is covered (to avoid snagging) and thus DAO. SAO
would be the old west cowboy style. Those exist for folks who simply like
that unique look & feel. SAO isn't popular since DA revolvers were
perfected at least 120 years ago. And you get SA anyhow with an DA that has
an exposed hammer as almost all do, like the S&W 686 here.

Автор debowh ( назад)
S&W 686 2.5 inch barrel rule

Автор Balisong005 ( назад)
@babbler254 revolvers are the normal pistol, they came first then the

Автор Paco Hernandez ( назад)
It sounds like the perfect revovler. I also think the 617 looks really good.

Автор Mitchell O ( назад)
not really you cant shoot nearly as fast with a revolver no shells a
ejected so that pretty much rules out the need for eye protection

Автор shamp00panda ( назад)
@babbler254 but more dangerous and have a stronger kickback

Автор Cobra Fan ( назад)
i love shooting the .357 mag, its a great round, good accuracy, high power
and low recoil. :)

Автор Daniel Gibbs ( назад)
Elk Castle shooting range! I go there too :D

Автор ohmielabs ( назад)
I show my targets :-)

Автор jonrules91 ( назад)

Автор termometen ( назад)
heja Sverige :D

Автор cantstandfools ( назад)
KEEP THE 66! It's no longer made and it is a great gun. Save up and get the
686 too....

Автор Antarath ( назад)
I totally agree with you. I can understand it if the cameraman is fucking
walking in front of the camera (like in another video I saw here on the
Tube), but he's holding the gun straight forward. I can't see what he's
doing wrong I believe he's shooting 357 mag, because .38 special doesn't
sound like that. But hey, I just count on my ears :P

Автор iplaybongos39 ( назад)
you need a more aggressive stance. also, you need to learn better gun
control. remember, you control the gun, don't let it control you. just a
little constructive criticism.

Автор GUNSFOREVER1 ( назад)
Man i learned how to spell when i was in grade 1.

Автор Marko Djuricic (1871 год назад)
i have 357 ... serbian..

Автор KillFrenzie ( назад)
airsoft doesn't count

Автор koolaidman007 ( назад)
Hey fuck off you little pussy. You have probably never touched a gun in
your life. If you had you would know that a full power .357 even out of a
heavy gun kicks pretty hard. Swedish did a good job handling the weapon.
Lets see a video of you shooting any better you little puss. I bet the
first shot would bounce the gun off your head because of the recoil.

Автор swedishmax (204 года назад)
hey little bitch- i fired 7 shots and i had about a 2 inch shot group.
Learn how to spell before you come on here talking shit. Post a video of
yourself firing a .357 and we'll see if you can handle the kick better.

Автор Rthomasfan1 ( назад)
what a looser i am 13 and i can handle that gun beter(i can also count to
six) and i want to see his target he probaly only hit it 3 times, and by
the way anyone who sais to just pull the triger is kinda dumb if your just
doing target practice why not put the hammer back it increses acurecy and
plust makes the triger pull around 3 lbs instead of 20

Автор 5jump ( назад)
Keep the 66! Save up for the 686 but don't get rid of the 66

Автор Elvishead ( назад)
Y don't you people bring in your target to show your shooting skills.
Anybody can shoot a gun. Big Deal! let see how good you shoot.

Автор bradgibs3 ( назад)
hey spunky, do us all a favor and fire six shots out of this gun then point
it at your head and pull the trigger. alternatively you can learn to count
to 7.

Автор BordeauxBulldog ( назад)
cock the hammer with your left hand ..much easier and you shoot shoot
better as well

Автор rigoletto68 ( назад)
anyone shoot the 4 inch?

Автор pzlehr777 ( назад)
how come these guys never show anyone the target?? If I was doing this ,
I'd be bragging on my targets!!

Автор swedishmax ( назад)
yea you're right. it's something everyone has to work on. however i can
still get a 3in shot group at 15 yards with an unsupported postion.

Автор mitercut ( назад)
Ha ha, that last empty chamber "shot" gave you up! You may be pulling the
trigger instead of squeezing it. On a surprise empty camber shot, there
should be no pistol movement, try practicing with a "dry fire" bullet. Very
nice pistol!

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