New Doctor Who Companion REVEALED - Introducing Pearl Mackie

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The new Doctor Who companion is finally revealed - Introducing Pearl Mackie as Bill.

The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) is an alien Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey who travels through all of time and space in his TARDIS with his companion. Instead of dying, the Doctor is able to "regenerate" into a new body, taking on a new personality with each regeneration.

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Автор Paul Charles Morris ( назад)
I hope she shuts up!

Автор Death ( назад)
This is theeee niceist movie i ever see!!! I adviseee everybody to watch it :) https://twitter.com/6a40605545e373b18/status/824452676544974848

Автор Lalagurl ( назад)
I miss Clara and eleven
But this companion looks good too.

Автор maiafay ( назад)
I can't understand half of what she said about sockets, or suckers, or what?

Автор Andrew Fish ( назад)
Breaking News: New Doctor Who companion criticized for doing annoying things that other companions have never done such as: asking questions, not knowing everything about the Doctor and his enemies before meeting him, and making the Doctor think about thing's he's never considered before. The only conclusion is that the new companion will never learn anything and is a massive idiot airhead who will always ask questions and be clueless. Our top scientists conclude that this is sound logical reasoning with no leaps, flaws, or assumptions whatsoever.

Автор Elias Shaw ( назад)
Finally got the new season

Автор Colton Atkins ( назад)
Dalek: ingenious species created to be perfect and still shoot like Stormtroopers.

Автор Brendon Checkley ( назад)
To be honest I see no fault in her. I'll be honest I never quite connected with clara she never stood out to me and was way too under developed to be missed. This companion seems like she's gonna provide us with a good few laughs I mean this trailer made me laugh. So please give her a chance! My faveourite will always be Donna because she provided us with a good laugh and I'm hoping Pearl is up to the job as much as Catherine was.

Автор DOCTORWHO ISGR8 ( назад)
and yet the daleks dont kill anyone....... asBill annoys me

Автор The Boy Of Fandom ( назад)
Oh look; they stop in the face of danger just to crack jokes.

....remember when they'd just run from a dalek? No joke, no quirky music?

Автор nietzscheslover ( назад)
It's hard to believe the doctor would pick a companion that asks so many annoying questions in such an annoying way

Автор Emmie Bear ( назад)
Why is she asking the most stupid questions?? Cant believe she calls him doctor what.... Its the Doctor or Doctor who... Its in the title... Im rethinking starting to watch this again, I loved doctor who from being a kid, last doctor peter capaldi now this idiot, miss the days with smart assistants like Sarah jane, Clara, Amy Pond, Rose tyler. This new assistant is a disgrace.... More disappointment....

Автор Nobody ( назад)
I'm a racist, and I liked Martha Jones a lot - but Steven Moffat failed to pick a companion fitting Peter Capaldi. Why does every supporting character have to be either dumb, annoying and/or whiny? Why not somebody with actually confidence and intellect (of course, without being obnoxious)? Can you imagine how hilarious yet brilliant would a conversation between the Doctor and companion played by - let's say - Jeremy Clarkson or Richard Hammond? No, instead we get to fill PC-culture racial/sexual quota. Steven Moffat should let somebody else do Doctor Who - he's burned out already.

Автор Keziah Young ( назад)
Honestly think Pearl Mackie will make Doctor Who great again. What a lovely human being and great actress

Автор Kenneth Stretton ( назад)

Автор Aglebob ( назад)
you could hear a bit of the tardis before they say pearl mackie as bill. It could be how they escaped

Автор mwgeek1234 ( назад)
clara should of went in series 7 tbh

Автор juu sk ( назад)
that would be me as a companion 😂

Автор Stephen Clementson ( назад)
We've gotta get----BACK TO THE FUTURE!

Автор Drink Me ( назад)
So when is the official date of the return of the doctor who season 10 series

Автор AeroDbladE ( назад)
seems like a tamer version of donna

Автор Amanda Leer-Salvesen ( назад)

Автор Joel Harrison ( назад)

Автор dreamy is my name ( назад)
I like her! Logic and simpel questions, and stubborness bit like Rose, Donna and Martha combined.

Автор The Tardis ( назад)
every comapanion of new who has met the damn daleks... i kinda feel bad for the daleks.. cant they have a break 😅

Автор ThunderDrummer ( назад)
I feel like I'm actually going to like this companion. I feel like she's going to ask a lot of questions about stuff that never really made any sense and get us a good laugh. At the same time, is any one else disappointed that we aren't getting a guy companion? The only one we've had so far is Rory (besides half-companion Jack Harkness). I was really hoping for a change of pace.

Автор Stone Debbie ( назад)

Автор Henry in NorCal ( назад)
I didn't like all the Companions when they first boarded the Tardis; Amy comes to mind. But I grew to like her, and Rory, and really all the others as well. Bill will be fine.

Автор K.M. None ( назад)
I'm giving bill a chance instead of judging her off the bat. I see potential with her character and I appreciate a flawed individual other than someone like "perfect" clara. gives more depth to a person.

Автор BlueSwede92 ( назад)
In the classic series Susan, Romana, Adric, Nyssa and Turlough were aliens and Vicki, Steven, Katarina, Victoria, Zoe, Leela and Ace were from other time periods (Ace was tranported to the far future before she met the Doctor). In the new series all companions except Captain Jack have been present-day humans.

Автор BlueSwede92 ( назад)
2013: "Clara isn't working"
2017: "I can't believe Clara died for this"

Автор JCstock ( назад)
I personally would like a different type of companion thanks. So far it's been english human female from modern day. I know the doctor takes humans with him because he likes humans quite a lot so why don't we do something like a german dude from the 18th century. I dunno, im not a good character writer, i'd just like a new companion, not a recycled one. Hope she'll bring something new character wise, and not just plot wise.

Автор ApexTeeV ( назад)
Wow that fqing trailer I don't even like whatever that is that girl just going to annoy the poop out of me

Автор Linkjoy123 ( назад)
We have to get back... to the future!

Автор shipwreckedable ( назад)
I just want Clara back!!

Автор Shikari Fox ( назад)
Glad that this is actually used in series 10, a full scene rather than a tiny preview for once.

Автор Big Boss Aidan ( назад)
i miss jack harkness and rose Tyler i do like peter capaldi and for those who say hes to old to play the doctor two words William Hartnell

Автор Morganism ( назад)
I quite like her as a companion! She's a little like Amy in the sense that she's going to be another questionable character. She'll be the first actual companion too to actually ask the questions any other companion never thought to ask. "Where's the toilet?" "Is there a kitchen?" "What's a Dalek?" You know that type of thing. A companion who FINALLY isnt like all "Lovey Dovey" "Charmed" and "Enchanced" into to easily believing and trusting the Doctor. In that sense, I have a feeling she may bring a more 11th Doctor approach out of 12 and might trigger a few things if she asks the wrong question. Or more, she might actually bring up the other companions for once o3o

Автор Steinal ( назад)
Too much sass not enough heart, that's exactly what I feared when they said they would be trying to bring back a donna-like companion: completely missing the point on what made her so special.

Автор I Love yeyo ( назад)
Is there were no options but force political correctness in to this show ? so BBC found random black woman , instead of searching for nicer or better actors ?

Автор MrRin213 ( назад)
donna didnt ask a tenth of the questions this annoying chick does! and i just saw the trailer after the christmas special and i can't even get excited. god this year has SUCKED. and it's only going to get WORSE.

Автор OfficialFreya ( назад)
She seems goofy I like that! Reminds me of Donna

Автор Connor MacNair ( назад)
Imagine the doctor having a Dalek companion would that be hilarious

Автор The Doctor ( назад)
I would tell you guys what we do in season 10 but that would be a spoiler

Автор Shayna Javaherian ( назад)
this isnt the cristmas special because they said 2017 needs us and its 2016 when the special airs

Автор max alburg ( назад)
ho hum ... boring daleks again.

Автор Jason Voorhees ( назад)
I actually really like her. Plus second companion who is from another race 🌟

Автор Joe Gonzalez ( назад)
I like doctor who but i don't like the 12th doctor he just doesn't work in the show that I love

Автор Der Nesor ( назад)
Rose + 9th = 4/10
Rose + 10th = 6/10
Martha + 10th = Say "it can't be" one more time , I dare you, I doubledare you
Donna +10th = 10/10
Amy +11th = 9/10
Clara +11th = 7/10
Clara +12th = 8/10
bill, please be less annoying than your hair

Автор BluenoseX1 ( назад)
Really hope someone else buys the rights to doctor who because even though it's been going more than 50 years it still has potential - the BBC are just so unambitious: case in point with this trailer where the Unoriginality is making me sick!

Автор coco ( назад)
I loved Clara and she did not die but we dont see her agian but i love this companion only i want a new docter i really liked matt smith and advid tennant but pter capaldi im sorry i dont like him

Автор Kim Jong Trump ( назад)

Автор smadeintheshade ( назад)
IMO, his companion should be the age appropriate Alex Kingston, at least for one season.

Автор Shanjidah Shahadat ( назад)
I thought I would like her because I liked all the other partners but really now hate her

Автор teigh. ( назад)
Yassss I'm living for Bill's brows tho...and a chatter box like my beloved Donna, I'm ready for this 😍😍😍

Автор (Squall Leonhart) Donnie ( назад)
2017 REALLY needs you Doctor... and when you come here, take me with you.

Автор Moyo Time ( назад)
I'm excited!!! This has been a lonnnnng year!

Автор TheJusticeHobbit ( назад)
miss big eye brows....

Автор Damian Wayne ( назад)
She's already annoying

Автор The Great Mizuti ( назад)
Only two minutes and Bill is already annoying me. Surely you have higher priorities than asking why it has a sucker! It's trying to kill you, that's usually grounds to just shut up and run.

Автор Jolijn B ( назад)
I like her, I do. But I was hoping for a more original companion... maybe she is... Just have to wait and see

Автор JrMissy ( назад)
i like new companion

Автор STLWBK ( назад)
Meh, first they tried to be edgy with an old doctor, which I didn't like at first, and still don't to a degree, even though I do like him now. Now they are trying to be edgy with an un-attractive (imo, and from what I can tell others agree) companion.

Автор LordSpringtrap50 ( назад)
I just hope the intro changes ;-;

Автор A11 ( назад)
i like the new dalek laser sound effect

Автор A11 ( назад)
bill is so ugly

Автор DamnMyNickIsTaken ( назад)
Great, another Donna Noble.

Автор Richard Verwer ( назад)
oh look, Daleks again...

Автор Ertan Saygi ( назад)
quite frankly, i did not like her.

Автор Ashly Rose ( назад)
bill bill bill!
you see where I'm going with this?

Автор Margaret Bushman ( назад)
So excited for Bill. Love the concept and love what I see here! Welcome, Pearl!!!! <3

Автор White Fang ( назад)
She has a nice face but seems incredibly annoying. Good thing she supposedly only signed a one year contract and most likely just be in one season. Something about her voice just irritates the living hell out of me.

Автор canis lupus ( назад)
kill bill does sound better than exterminate bill. it might be a sequel. "Exterminate Bill in your nearest cinema 2017. off the streets and up in space."

Автор krab 2 ( назад)
Am i the only one who feels like since season 7 started the show has only gotten more boring and less fun to watch
hope it changes

Автор Tronical ( назад)
just bill

Автор Red Croco ( назад)
'Member when people didn't like Donna Noble at first? I 'member! 'Member when she ended up being the literal best companion in the new series? Yeah, I 'member!

Автор Maycon Barreto ( назад)
Amo essa série não tem melhor nem mesmo The Walkign Dead

Автор galaxyedits ( назад)
Why Bill and not Billie? Anyways she seems pretty cool, hard to tell from this clip. Definitely doesn't deserve all the dislikes

Автор vigilante bird ( назад)
the cycle

old companion leaves= crying sad best companion ever

new companion revealed: boo terrible awful

when this companion leaves: crying sad best companion ever

literally every damn time. she's going to be fine guys

Автор Uilliam Coorinna ( назад)
Will asBill be the Next Donna, complete with "NO YOU ARE NOT INFATUATED WITH THE DOCTOR! MIND WIPE FOR YOU!" or will she be infatuated but play 2nd/3rd/4th fiddle like Martha?

Автор porpus99 ( назад)
I tend to take these commercials with a grain of salt. I remember before Peter Cappaldi officially started thee was a Doctor Who commercial going around with some dude who was supposed to be the Master. However, he never appeared in Doctor Who and the Master turned out to be Missy.

Автор Fox Reign ( назад)
Anyone but her... how about a Mexican dude who attempts to sell fruit to daleks.

Автор c Tori ( назад)
She reminds of Donna from her sassy questions and face expressions. interesting☺

Автор Graysonator #1 ( назад)
She'll be a good companion, I can tell🙂

Автор NinjaRAWLegend ( назад)
I made a 3D printed Dr. Who Corgi! http://shpws.me/LRf5

Автор Tony Noneya ( назад)
I know this will be blasphemy to some, but I'm ready for another regeneration cycle...

Автор Nata Dzadzamia ( назад)
As the Dr. who my favorite was #DavidTennant. But anyway , i would like to see for ex. regenerating as a female Dr. but than very important issue would be to find very matching male character , to be awesome and also not to be more likable than female doctor. Or may be alien companion would be better choice in the case. so than there would not be worries on choosing human male companion.

Also, I think Dr. who is mostly about the topics than new villain characters , #Moffat was really very nice so was #Davies. The difference for me - Russel's Dr. script was a bit more positive, funny and somehow visible while in a Moffat's script you need to read btw lines and is kinda more philosophical in some ways.

actually i hope they will change the cast asap and other social topics will be in the way, #Gatiss can play very important role in this.

#Gaiman's script wouldl be favorable for me <3

Автор E-Crafter ( назад)
Why BBC America???? normally it's Wales !!!

Автор Ruby Bartle ( назад)
But he has to go and find Clara!! Also this Bill is clueless! They need someone that is actually helpful like Rose, Amy and Clara. Put her back on earth!

Автор Prometheus Complexus ( назад)
I just realized Bill is a character-vehicle for how fans can appear to series creators, cast and crew.
Needy, obsessive and rude.
I can't wait to see this story arch.

Автор susan odom ( назад)
These are the important dalek questions.

Автор Adrian Corey ( назад)
I hate her already... extremely annoying.

Автор aslius ( назад)
Lovin the Daleks :)

Автор Shadow Swan ( назад)
They would never find a better companion than Clara. I've got a funny feeling she's gonna annoy everyone to death. Oh boy

Автор Aaron Brown ( назад)
clara forever

Автор Lydia Sensei ( назад)
I did not like Clara at first and I sorta kinda liked her as the season went by. So with this new companion,I am hoping that her story-line will be well done, so that i grow to love her.

Автор CosmicNava ( назад)
I take it doctor who doesn't care for male companions. The only time Doctor who has ever allowed a male to travel with him is only when that male is excess baggage to the companion. I always got the the feeling, doctor who, never cared for males traveling with him.

Автор Drumlinegypsy247 ( назад)
lol i love her already. almost reminds me of me <3 xD never ending talking

Автор James Bennett ( назад)
I get the feeling that everything about this companion is going to annoy me. And for one thing, why does the companion always have to be a young female? Doesn't the Doctor get along with guys very well? I'd love to have a companion from the future, because then they could actually believably hold their own on adventures, like Captain Jack, rather than be a total liability until they save the day by being human or showing compassion or some rubbish like that. In fact, let's just get back Captain Jack.
But this companion? I find her voice grating, her personality in the trailer annoys me, and she is likely to be as well written as the last few companions, so not very well at all.
I'd say I can't wait for her to be killed off, but companions are immune to death on this show. The writers seem to think they can have the emotiomal impact of a character death AND keep the character alive. They can't. Because we all know the companion is going to be trapped in a parallel earth or have their memory wiped or live in the past or live their whole life while frozen in time, they won't actually be dead.
Just like in the Marvel universe, death doesn't mean anything in Dr Who. No-one cares anymore when Loki dies, because we know he's going to be back by the end-credits scene. No-one is going to care when this character gets killed off either.
Except me. I'll be happy, because it'll probably mean she goes away.

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