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Автор FlamRoyalBaer (2 месяца)
I love the interference you recognize when this one sound gets louder and
louder, I guess it is from the leds that goes with the frequency and it
changes slightly with it, Or, well, fascinating.^^

Hey, could you put some links to the circuits into your description?

Автор ZapoteC Sharp (5 месяцев)
arduino was used for this project

Автор Carla Tironi Farinati (4 месяца)
I don't know anything about arduino but i'm willing to try jsut to have
can you post a tutorial?

Автор Omar Garcia (5 месяцев)
excuse me.... can you say what material did you use for this project? 

Автор Manuel Alejandro Gonzales (5 месяцев)
Awesome!!!, could you send me the circuit?? my e-mail is
UP100734@alumnos.upa.edu.mx I'm an electronic engineer student.

Автор Shin Kaizen (2 месяца)
can you make a video how to made this please !!!

Автор Gilmar F Silva (1 месяц)
hello I found her a maximum, could you pass me the circuit

Автор Alpine[molave] (4 месяца)
can you give me the title of the music background?

Автор Rogelio Moreno (3 месяца)
can you show me how to do that

Автор Peter Harms (5 месяцев)
Can you link the code and items needed?

Автор lapitolkokam kokam (7 месяцев)
wait for the party boy to come

Автор Sidney Medrano (1 год)
that's o2jam

Автор Hrvatska u srcu (6 месяцев)
how did u make this???? *__________*

Автор Gabriel Blinoff (11 месяцев)
names's song?

Автор Felipe (11 месяцев)
I think he used low-pass filter and high-pass filter with op-amp IC, like
the LM324. Google it and you will see the schematics. Correct me if i'am

Автор Filip SRL (1 год)
This is so great and fun! Please send me the schematics mrstefan89@yahoo.com

Автор ANDRES LOPEZ KAC (1 год)
y el esquematico

Автор cristian rivera (8 месяцев)
me podrías decir como hacerlo y el nombre de la canción ?¿ plis

Автор Toni Jose (8 месяцев)
how do you do it?

Автор Mircea Soimu (1 год)
sal vreau si eu un asemenea circuit sau zi cum ai facut +40721561522

Автор me46664 (1 год)
Can we see how is it made???

Автор MIA MORE (7 месяцев)
Puedes pasarme como hacerlo..?...nanai_@hotmail.com...mu xulo...buscare tu
página...gracias illo..

Автор DJ TOM MAGALHÃES DJ TOM (9 месяцев)
como fazer ? me manda o video de como fazer , obrigado How do ? Send me the
video of how to do , thank you

Автор arnoldasgr (1 год)
maby there was other one, but he only connected leds directly to speaker
output, and this one is with filters maby you confused kipkay with Colins

Автор Lasha Getsadze (1 год)
how is it made? can i si the plan ? :) PLZ

Автор MichiganThunder (1 год)
what frequency Low and High pass filters did you use for this project.
Model Numbers?

Автор xXORAnG3Xx (1 год)
@Seok J. Min you need a individual op amp for each led with some x-over
points on each led

Автор Pocket Check (1 год)
Song: Les Petit Pilous - Wake Up

Автор Jimmy O'Connor (1 год)
Hey! Could you send me a picture of your bread board?

Автор John Christian (1 год)
Did Snapple put you up to this?

Автор conner jonson (11 месяцев)
That's sweet you. Must teach me

Автор Darwin MoS (10 месяцев)

Автор Inuk Viraj (8 месяцев)
just a few bottles with lights , dancing for a song!!! nt badd

Автор SK (1 год)
diagram? please :D

Автор jonathan santiago (1 год)
Me pasas el diagrama de favor mira que tengo que hacer un proyecto y este
esta muy bueno saludos desde México

Автор EyevisionProductions (1 год)
Check my on beat audio controlled leds! I have scematics and the codes! ;-)
its cooler than this one...

Автор Darwin MoS (7 месяцев)
watch?v=tr4VHYjn2ow tutorial

Автор arnoldasgr (1 год)
by the looks he used 3 low pass filters (maby low pass with high pass) and
that chip is used to amplify signal.

Автор Bruno Licietis (1 год)
will be more effective if you put led's bottom and up

Автор exoticg9 (1 год)
fckn cool !

Автор DJCryse (10 месяцев)

Автор Darwin MoS (1 год)
busquen en mi canal en cometarios ai esta el esquema para aquellos k lo
kieran :D

Автор Darwin MoS (6 месяцев)

Автор roberts ansulis (1 год)
what song name?

Автор Jeffrey Ytac (7 месяцев)
tell me it will work if I put battery slot onto the Solderless Breadboard??

Автор bigfonn99 (8 месяцев)
I can spend the pcb to my email edermar_12@hotmail.com thank you very much
in advance

Автор Rafael Ku (1 год)
necesitas un transistor de tipo tip310, una fuente de corriente, y LEDs si
sabes como un transistor funciona es facil. si no. buscalo en youtube o
google. ^_^

Автор Jeff Clack (1 год)
I'd like to see the schematic. Can you email it to me?

Автор Darwin MoS (1 год)
Muy jajajajajajaja aquel k kiera el diagrama pídame yo lo hice no es
pesario el tip31 para darles una idea solo funciona con salidas de altas
media bajas con filtros rc de baja calidad claro esta pero como podrían ver
keda así

Автор bboygoofy714 (1 год)
Can you send me the circuit to my email as well please.
Goofyeddie88@gmail.com Thank you

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