Music sync LED's (lights)

This is a little project I threw together for a visual arts class, it employs simple concepts from undergraduate electrical engineering coursework such as op-amp circuits, bi-polar junction transistor drivers, and analog filters (there is no digital processing of the audio, it's all real-time power detection of the different frequency components in the sound signal). The components come together to create a very unique effect of visualizing the audio which works very well!

Enjoy, and thanks for watching!

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Автор tyler badgett ( назад)
can someone please tell me what the song is?

Автор aikie lagahit ( назад)
schematic diagram please :(

Автор bestamerica ( назад)
what liquid in the 3 bottles

Автор Yoram Stein ( назад)

Автор Bharat Sharma ( назад)
he didn't done any brilliant work which he can'r share like i see people
asking the circuit but he is not replying. let me tell you how it works you
don't need anything except 3 led bulb and wire just connect one led on left
speaker + - and another led on right speaker + - and then open woofer and
connect open on woofer + - that's it

Автор Gary A. James (Ninja_Unmatched) (744 года назад)
I like..... any chance you could assist me with setting up something like
this in a PC case... using LED lighting. Just red lighting????

Автор ThinkTekOnline ( назад)
Check out our channel for our video showing "Nova I", the world's first
plug and play LED light show device that syncs perfectly to your music. It
makes LED lights pulse and flash to your music without any software. It
offers simple setup, and tons of customization.

Автор Gilmar F Silva ( назад)
passes the circuit for me, by email

Автор Quoc Duong Giang Hoang ( назад)
Music name of this please :3

Автор Sebastian Vallejo ( назад)
Hola mi nombre es sebastian vivo en colombia y me gustaria saber como lo
hicieron que materiales requiere es decir todo... ojala en español por
favor es urgente

Автор Roy Lees ( назад)
wow amazing

Автор Grinning Duck ( назад)
that was AWESOME....

Автор itube612 ( назад)
can some tell me what to search for if i want to listen to a music like
this ? Btw, wicked project, i love it. 

Автор eurenton99 ( назад)
Is each each light programmed to be tripped by a certain voltage or beat or
is it computer programmed?

Автор thegreatangle ( назад)
Whats called this song??

Автор Halie Loye ( назад)
the shcematics are put the positive and the negative to the speaker's
positive negative and enjoy

Автор Pablo P ( назад)
+mike6789k Hello! I know this video is very old, but I'm also doing a
similar project. What are the cutoff frequencies you used for the bass and
treble? Also, did you use any special techniques to eliminate sound in the
circuit? Why did you use amplification with a BJT rather than the op amp
itself? Thanks!

Автор luiz teixeira ( назад)
you can provide me the circuit map?

Автор Unknown Artist Sounds ( назад)
How you made this? :)

Автор juan carrasco ( назад)
what is the price friend, regards Ecuador 

Автор sparkydj101 ( назад)
Song name plZ!!! 

Автор Norwin J ( назад)
I study Renewable Energy Engineering and I am having the analogue
electronics class and this seems like a cool stuff to do in class.
How can I make the circuit?
Can I know? :)

Автор Jari Räisänen ( назад)
This is soooo cool I want to make something similar! :DD

Автор rambie lagas ( назад)
did you connect it in the dividing network? 3way?

Автор isaiah smith ( назад)
how did you make that that was cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

Автор Saif Ali ( назад)
can you add the circuit please

Автор Veli Blog ( назад)
I've done it. :D v=ho4E9LwzZFU

Автор Mohammad Afwanul Hakim ( назад)
would you please give us tutorial how to make this awesome Music Sync LED?

Автор Dini Audi ( назад)

would you explain me the holly madarfacar goood shit here master of lights
and music??? =) THANK YOU FOR YOUR ANSWER!!

Автор Dyno Scopez (1659 лет назад)
That wud be cool for unerglow and interior in a custom car :)

Автор ecuoghi88 ( назад)
Woow i love it!! 

Автор CraftyMaelyss (692 года назад)
Powerpuff girls theme? XD

Автор Edgar Nolasco Santiago ( назад)
genial amigo esta genial

Автор mike6789k ( назад)
Everyone please check out my new project --
-- thank you so much!!!

Автор Δημήτρης Βερλής ( назад)

Автор PatRice Mundo ( назад)
were can we find the schematic diagram????

Автор mirko alonzi ( назад)
Amazing .. send me the circuit? my email is alonzi mirko@live.it. thank you

Автор GBG Glenn ( назад)
How many LED's in every bottle?

Автор Joseph Stalin ( назад)
Can you make some Christmas lights like this using corona bottles? 

Автор Justin StingRay ( назад)
Put it together as a compact controller, I'd l0ve to buy one!!!

Автор Arivu Azhagan (1330 лет назад)
Hi this is very cool will you please send the circuit diagram for this
................to arivuazhagan001@gmail.com

Автор Games2Hobbies ( назад)
can i get the code for that its a relay cool concept. thx

Автор justifay isla villegas ( назад)
podrias compartir tu esquema seria de mucha ayuda para mi proyecto gracias

Автор Joseph Cyr ( назад)
is there a place I can get a circuit diagram for this?

Автор Gilmar F Silva ( назад)
hello I found her a maximum, could you pass me the circuit

Автор A1i3n37 ( назад)
If you like this, make sure to check out Audectra (audectra.com), the DIY
Audio controlled RGB-Light Solution! You will love it!

Audectra comes with five different modes:
.) Static Mode
.) Music Controlled Mode
.) Beat Controlled Mode
.) Combined Mode
.) Rainbow Sweep Mode

And, Audectra is completely free for everyone! Visit audectra.com for more

Автор Shin Kaizen ( назад)
can you make a video how to made this please !!!

Автор FlamRoyalBaer ( назад)
I love the interference you recognize when this one sound gets louder and
louder, I guess it is from the leds that goes with the frequency and it
changes slightly with it, Or, well, fascinating.^^

Hey, could you put some links to the circuits into your description?

Автор Queen Bee ( назад)
Check this video out if you like what you see :) http://youtu.be/Iu65zXs3YZs
It's awesome,

Автор WaltR83 ( назад)
Hi! Nice project. Could you send me the circuit? my email:
kiscowboy@freemail.hu THX!

Автор HirschCustoms ( назад)
Check out or version of this Ultimate LED Music Box Beat Box Rave Box
Multicolored VERSION 2

Автор Super B0YY ( назад)
can you show me how to do that

Автор Ricardo Andre Pillco Yabar ( назад)
Que chevere seria bueno que hagas un tutorial y los materiales espero tu
repsuesta quiero para mi cuarto

Автор Carla Tironi Farinati ( назад)
I don't know anything about arduino but i'm willing to try jsut to have
can you post a tutorial?

Автор Norberto Alejandro Madridista ( назад)
Les Petit Pilous - Wake Up

Автор SEI Alfie Mark ShogunEmpireInternationalSEI ( назад)
can you give me the title of the music background?

Автор Peter Harms ( назад)
Can you link the code and items needed?

Автор silents dark ( назад)
EXCELENTE, se te agradeceria si pudieras poner el diagrama

Автор Manuel Alejandro Gonzales ( назад)
Awesome!!!, could you send me the circuit?? my e-mail is
UP100734@alumnos.upa.edu.mx I'm an electronic engineer student.

Автор ZapoteC Sharp ( назад)
arduino was used for this project

Автор Omar Garcia ( назад)
excuse me.... can you say what material did you use for this project? 

Автор Matej Ribič ( назад)
pls totorial on how to built it the chepest way pls i want this sooo

Автор Thailand Tom ( назад)
These things are cool as hell, you could have hours of fun making music and
art with them I am sure. TUTORIAL

Автор Peter Harms ( назад)
Did you use an Arduino? Either way can you please tell me how you did this?
I want to do this.

Автор Funny Central ( назад)
give it a little profesional look, and you could sell it easy. I would buy
one xD

Автор llOrbitzzll ( назад)
Tutorial please!!!

Автор jonathon wilson ( назад)
make a tutorial please!

Автор Vũ Tùng Lâm ( назад)
Please send me the schematic ( lammobile94@gmail.com ) or write the link.
Thank you :)

Автор Toni Cárcamo ( назад)
Such a great work! Could you please explain me or give the details/steps
(and materials) of how did you make that. THIS IS my mail
ronald-the-blaze1@hotmail.com please, thanks!

Автор Robertas T. ( назад)
Please send me the schematic ( mt2846@gmail.com ) or write the link. Thank
you :)

Автор Sergio Guerrero ( назад)
I would like so much you show me how did you make them? a tutorial? please.
I love it.

Автор Darwin Mo S ( назад)

Автор ANDRES AXL31 ( назад)
Hey man! Such a great work! Could you please explain me or give the
details/steps (and materials) of how did you make that. THIS IS my mail
andresaxl31@yahoo.com thanks

Автор Hrvatska u srcu ( назад)
how did u make this???? *__________*

Автор Shamsh Carter ( назад)
'Shut UP and Take My Money'

Автор Jeffrey Ytac ( назад)
tell me it will work if I put battery slot onto the Solderless Breadboard??

Автор Thaayyeb Salim ( назад)
that is genius how did you make it sir pls mail me how you made it

Автор theuncanspan ( назад)

Автор Jean Vera ( назад)
Hey man! Such a great work! Could you please explain me or give the
details/steps (and materials) of how did you make that. THIS IS my mail
jevb28@gmail.com thanks

Автор ADL Supply ( назад)
LED's are the future, they might be a lil more expensive but they save you
a lot of money in your light bills. Get them at a low price in our website

Автор Berke Ballı ( назад)
music ?...

Автор lapitolkokam kokam ( назад)
wait for the party boy to come

Автор Kevin Zaat ( назад)
this is a esetian in de electronic study's , conect 1 led in the terminals
for de speaker, and the lamp is a combination for H2O + Cl caseiro :)

Автор Darwin Mo S ( назад)
watch?v=tr4VHYjn2ow tutorial

Автор Darwin Mo S ( назад)
ya logre el tutorial ver en watch?v=tr4VHYjn2ow

Автор Darwin Mo S ( назад)

Автор kevin bartolazo ( назад)
sir please show us how to do this its so fcking awesome!!!!! please

Автор Karlos Marcony ( назад)
hi, friend. report please the artist and the name of the music. thanks for
this very interesting circuit.

Автор theycallmedrlove11 ( назад)

Автор JALEO JALEA ( назад)
Puedes pasarme como hacerlo..?...nanai_@hotmail.com...mu xulo...buscare tu
página...gracias illo..

Автор Arjan Oost ( назад)
Very cool

Автор muh1h1 ( назад)
reall eas, just requires a transisor (one for each channel/LED... i believe
KipKa once showed how to make this, he also showed the schematics! :)

Автор Tùng Beng ( назад)
You're rocks xD

Автор cristian rivera ( назад)
me podrías decir como hacerlo y el nombre de la canción ?¿ plis

Автор Anna Weber ( назад)
How did you make those?!!

Автор victor vasquez ( назад)
buen invento

Автор D4L33tz0r ( назад)
Yea... Read a book about electronics and find it out yourself. You'll be
much more satisfied

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