Altoids Survival Stove

http://www.tips-for-camping.com Altoid Survival Alcohol stoves are perfect for disaster preparedness, urban survival, backpacking, use in your bug our bag, to have in your camp bag, for outdoor cooking and a general recycling of Altoid mint containers. Alcohol stoves burn inexpensive fuel, are less explosive, and more non-polluting than other types of fuels.Watch the video, Like It and Share it. Add this survival stove to your disaster preparedness bug out bag.

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Автор Jim Atkinson ( назад)
I think you maybe right

Автор Jim Atkinson ( назад)
you can get fiber glass at Lowes

Автор jumparts23 ( назад)
where can i buy a fiber glass

Автор Tom Villarreal ( назад)
I think more people by Altoids for the tin instead of the actual product

Автор Jim Atkinson ( назад)
not really as the heet evaporates fairly rapidly 

Автор DNE BHS ( назад)
Can you pre soak the fiberglass with heet?

Автор CowgirlForEternity ( назад)
Sweet! I am so going to make this!

Автор Jim Atkinson ( назад)
DO NOT use lighter fluid....way to dangerous and very volatile 

Автор TheButterWizardHD ( назад)
could u just use lighter fluid? 

Автор gunguy guy ( назад)
The best alcohol stove i have seen yet! Thanks greatly appreciated.

Автор Jim Atkinson ( назад)
thanks for the comment...yes you can cook an egg or soup etc.,as far as the
fiber glass goes I have used pink and white,I have not seen red or blue

Автор Daniel Costner ( назад)
Sir, i greatly appreciate this video. i often browse survival video's and
this my friend was one of the best stoves i have seen. will it work for
frying eggs etc. also? another question is will any color fiber glass
instillation work? for exp. ( pink, blue, or red)

Автор zane johnson ( назад)
You'll like the way you cook, I guarantee it.

Автор Jim Atkinson ( назад)
your JB weld will work as it is basically a high temp epoxy

Автор Ron Garvin ( назад)
With that voice, I was hoping he would say "your gonna like the way you
cook" lol.

Автор jp ampongan ( назад)
what is the fiber glass for? can it work with out one? 

Автор Jim Atkinson ( назад)
they are called binding screws or binding posts...try ace hardware

Автор Jim Atkinson ( назад)
you let it burn out ...takes about 10 min

Автор Jim Atkinson ( назад)
not radio ,I was an air traffic controller before I became a college prof

Автор rubbersole79 ( назад)
You sound like you work in radio.

Автор Miguel Cuervo ( назад)
What are those screws called again? I went to the home depot website and I
can't seem to find them. 

Автор Alicia Waterhouse ( назад)
How do you put it out after?

Автор Jim Atkinson ( назад)
yes ,you can use vermiculite, found in garden sections,it's a type of rock
used in potting soil,but you will need to use a finer screen

Автор André Geada ( назад)
Can we replace the fiberglass for other stuff? I can't find fiberglass that
easy where i live.

Автор Jim Atkinson ( назад)
Good luck and thanks

Автор Jim Atkinson ( назад)
It's part of an old snow peak kit

Автор Jim Atkinson ( назад)
The screen is rain gutter cover from Lowes 

Автор kmayberry5263 ( назад)
its so the alcohol would burn slower

Автор themattclean (1164 года назад)
What's the mess kit you're using? Looks like the size I'm after.

Автор 19limelight ( назад)
what exactly is the "screen"? great video though

Автор Jim Atkinson ( назад)
you don't have to use Fiberglas it just makes it spill proof 

Автор BornInTzyon ( назад)
Why do you need the fiberglass? I've seen alcohol stoves but never one with
fiberglass. Great vid btw

Автор Darkly Araxinito ( назад)
I will for sure make one of these along side my Rocket Stove and Penny
Stove. Though i do prefer ones that use wood. lol

Автор tommy eversole ( назад)
thats cool! 

Автор KpilotRC ( назад)
are you jeff from nitroplanes?

Автор 2012ANONYMOUSA ( назад)
cool stove:manly tea!

Автор libertyss35 ( назад)
@pahaska53 Thank you for taking the time to share this great idea! I have
two nephews about to enter cub scouts and this will be a great project to
do with them!

Автор Jim Atkinson ( назад)
yes you can reuse it...the one in the video has been used for over a
year..and you can heat up a can of soup.

Автор mick7029 ( назад)
you could also use the lid for frying mini bacon :D

Автор Fanatic of All ( назад)
Is this the Mens Wharehouse guy?

Автор Jim Atkinson ( назад)
this stove will work with about any type of alcohol even rubbing
alcohol............however rubbing alcohol will slowly rust the screen and
is harder to light because of it low content of pure alcohol

Автор swissmiss67rbd ( назад)
Love it! My 9-year old and I will definitely build one of those... Just a
hint: Water boils quicker if you put a lid on the pot : )

Автор Cleevus ( назад)
what a cool Idea, great job. Can you use any other thing besides "heat"?

Автор Manawyddan Ivomagus ( назад)
Good to know. Thanks!

Автор Jim Atkinson ( назад)
no the fiberglass is fine all that burns is the fuel....fiberglass has way
to high of a kindling temp. 

Автор Manawyddan Ivomagus ( назад)
The fiberglass doesn't burn away?

Автор Jim Atkinson ( назад)
thanks for the advice

Автор dreamfaeiry ( назад)
Hi, great video, thank you for sharing! You dont have to approve/post this
comment, I just wanted to tell you something about youtube comment/reply,
since I did the same thing. When you reply to someones comment, in order
for them to recieve it directly, mouse over their comment, and click on
reply (to the right of their comment) to open reply/comment box. You can
also like/dislike comments. Hope you are having a nice day =) Peace

Автор Cindy Smith (1380 лет назад)
Job well done. Clever idea for a b.o.b. This is a must have good job.

Автор PennyQuest ( назад)
Can you make a vid showing your stove with the felt? Thanks in advance!

Автор Jim Atkinson ( назад)
The one in the video has been used for 2 years and is working fine after
about 15 times

Автор Matt Blair ( назад)
About how many times will the stove last?

Автор Jim Atkinson ( назад)
What you need to do is make sure you have sanded the inside of the tin with
fairly coarse sand paper. The JB weld needs a rough surface to adhere to

Автор Jim Atkinson (407 лет назад)
you can use rubbing alcohol...but it is slower to light and will rust the

Автор cutie Clide ( назад)
How long does it take to boil water 

Автор BirdOfParadise777 ( назад)
Cool!!! What do you think about using "carbon fiber felt" in it? What
section in the store are those screw combinations in? Does the tin discolor
from the burning? How do you know when it is safe to put back in whatever
you carry it in? What do you "transport" it in? Would a gel (if possible)
form of a fuel burn longer? A side Q... what is that wood item on the floor
at the ending of the video? Is it something you made? What's it for? Do
each of the 3 pieces rotate independantly? Thanks:)

Автор nick lunder ( назад)
That is so cool

Автор Jim Atkinson ( назад)
It will burn about 10-12 min....enough to cook a fairly good soup ....for
those who have asked...the fiberglass does not burn the HEET does ...it
vaporizes...it would take a lot more heat than even a propane touch can
provide to burn the fiberglass

Автор Jim Atkinson ( назад)
the yellow heet is for 4 cycle engines and the red heet is for all
engines...I have never used the red so I don't know the difference in the
performance in the stove

Автор Rusty Nails ( назад)
Cool little stove.. is there a difference between the red HEET and the
yellow HEET? good video

Автор ixoye36 ( назад)
great vid!

Автор donkeykong250 ( назад)
Can u use vodka ?

Автор Mark Roberson ( назад)
Nice video, I made one of these using your post idea after watching,
instead of fiberglass though I used carbon fiber felt I got from Lowe's
plumbing dept., its wall protector for when using a torch, two layers fills
up altoids can and theres no need for screen, also taller screws allow for
a better burn. I used 1 1/4in. works great, boils 2 cups in 7min.

Автор prowlin4reds ( назад)
The bolts you are using for the pot holder are called binding posts. Nice
job on the video.

Автор gladtidings4all ( назад)
Real nice and lightweight and storable! Can you make me one to ship to NJ,
USA! Will pay! I'm a woman.

Автор TheDavinesewell ( назад)

Автор Jim Atkinson ( назад)
the wire that I used on that stove was gutter screen from Lowes...you can
also use heavy screen wire........anything will work well...good luck and
thanks for your comment

Автор Zbee167 ( назад)
Nice!! We are gonna make two for our bug out bags. Thanks for the tutorial.
What type of wire is that?

Автор ShoeManShoe68 ( назад)
Nice! Thank you for the video and the idea. I will make one and visit your
web site.

Автор Jim Atkinson ( назад)
@cougarbahia Here is my email address. Email me and we will talk about it.
I have some ideas. drjim@dratkinson.ws

Автор Braxton Walton ( назад)
Wow great video man!

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