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Автор Shane Smith (1 год)
It's so funny that Mark Slaughter is in this video considering he didn't
even sing for them on the first album, Robert Fleischman did! XD but what
are you gonna do? hahaha

Автор Ronan Alvarez (1 год)
Puro circo al pedo.

Автор Julls Soulger (1 год)
teacher vinnie vincent....Only for connoisseurs

Автор Toni Niemelä (1 год)
Have you EQ'd it by yourself? Sounds better than album version.

Автор Eugene Osko (1 год)
It's the first in a non-series of semi-obscure 80's metal videos that I'll
forget about by tomorrow. But who is that guy fronting the band. "You're
welcome asshole," said Vinnie Vincent.

Автор Magi Nova (1 год)

Автор Matthew R Welich (3 года)
@astrokissify thats all hair metal wooo

Автор pontiac vibe (2 года)
Rock on!!!The teenager?Oh yeah,that was me...

Автор BigBishop1 (1 год)
amazingly awful

Автор cierra98 (3 года)
thats marks voice you people are fucking dumb....

Автор KingOfTheMOuntain C.A (1 год)
vinnie no sabe ni como romper los instrumentos ,mejor no lo hubiesen
hecho,parecen idiotas ,vinnie feo parece travesti,lo unico bueno es la voz
de mark slaughter,grande SLAUGHTER!

Автор Tonyr67 (3 года)
@vonkaunaz OK, maybe you're right about that... But still they where Metal
in my opinion. I still love Tyketto, Firehouse, KISS, van Halen... Did you
ever heard about the swiss band Gotthard?

Автор JJComedyProductions (3 года)
brings back a lot of memories...

Автор breezizzle (4 года)
@tsukashigiro yes i do agree hahahha me beat skins boom boom boom

Автор RickHUNTER (3 года)
wooo, amazing band, excellent guitarrist but, can someone tell me who is
the singer? ...thanks

Автор SouthernPride76 (4 года)
@tsukashigiro That caveman would kick your ass

Автор Patrick Sloan (1 год)
they are coked up!, fuckin miss the 80's

Автор PeanutCrumbs (3 года)
A cool song that really showcases Vinnie’s talents, but one of the
cheesiest 80’s metal videos EVER. Gotta love the smashing of equipment and
the guy on fire at the end.

Автор KingOfTheMOuntain C.A (1 год)
tecleador ya me aburres

Автор seymour pierce (2 года)
Not true,check your facts........This is not Mark Slaughter vox...

Автор SadistiKscreaM (2 года)
3:51 my guitar also loves me

Автор vonkaunaz (3 года)
@Tonyr67 : Oh well, playing with definitions...one correction: Metallica,
Megadeth & Anthrax, that you mentioned there, were not "heavy metal"...they
were different animals, known as Thrash Metal, way heavier, faster and
brutal than all others, and the few ones that, to put in some way, did not
"abuse" the clothing or "fashion" thing. All others Judas, Iron, Dio, even
Ozzy wore clothing that following your logic could be consider as "clowns".
You are talking to an 80s guy here :))

Автор aalton (3 года)
Wasn't he also in Journey just before Perry?

Автор Alex Fair (3 года)
vinnie vincent is one ugly women. and looks like he only learned one basic
scale for this song.

Автор kai223noa (2 года)
The singer is Robert Fleischman, Mark Slaughter joined the band after RF

Автор diegoalce1991 (2 года)
what wrong with all these Slaughter retarted fans? After Robert Fleischman
refuses to sign a contract with Chrysalis Records, they pick up Mark
Slaughter who in fact record a whole vocal session, but the label have no
time for mix again the whole album so they released it with Robert
Flesichman on vocals (in the VVI album he's credited as the singer), for
this promo video Mark Slaughter is lyp synching.

Автор Lenny Fowler (3 года)
The partying I did back then ...lol...Surprised I am still around to call
it a classic

Автор fraroc (3 года)
I actually thought that was Tommy Aldridge playing the drums....no bs. They
do look similar though...similar hair...

Автор ladihawk101163 (3 года)
Mark n Dana~~ Thank goodness they met!!! Peace~~~

Автор ezautoloanhunterms (2 года)
Well. U all have fun arguing this point. Great performance by vvi
regardless. But what do I know? I'm a "retarded" slaughter fan according to

Автор termsofusepolice (2 года)
When it came to playing random, meaningless notes in a solo as fast as he
could, no one topped Vinnie. With the possible exception of Vernon Reid.

Автор JESLTN (1 год)
se más sobre música que tu, puedo apostarlo, alguien que realmente sepa de
música no va por ahí ofendiendo a personas que aportaron a la industria
musical, y créeme que no soy un metalero de juguete, que al parecer tu si
lo eres... si supieras mucho sobre esto, sabrías que Mark Slaughter solo
aparece en el vídeo moviendo los labios fingiendo cantar, y no cantando
realmente como tu lo afirmas

Автор JonHawaii2003 (2 года)
Fun fact: Dana introduced Randy to Ozzy

Автор soadcam (1 год)
Pues aunque tengas razón en que la voz de mark es increible, no se que
tenga que ver... Debido a que esta canción (así como el resto del album de
VVI) la cantó el vocalista de Journey, robert fleischman. El album que
cantó mark es all system go -.-

Автор diegoalce1991 (3 года)
@diegoalce1991 i correct myself, the singer is mark slaughter at this video

Автор MrKnowItAllShow (3 года)
I can easily tell the difference between the 2, they don't sound that
close. I guess is because i'm a big fan of this band, i can tell the
difference right away between the 2.

Автор lui5itoguitar (3 года)
este video es un puto orgasmo, esto es 80s hair glam metal 100% puro y
autentico, no mamadas como one direction, jonas brother y tanta mierda mas
, rock puro....

Автор ecaravello (2 года)
Great job remastering this dude, although watching it I felt like I wanted
to join the dude who self-immolated himself on top of the lighting rig...

Автор Glazzman (5 лет)
I'm pretty sure that's Mark Slaughter, lipsyncing to Fleischman's voice...
Göran Edman did audition for Invasion, but he was never included on any
official release. I could be wrong, but I don't think that I am.... :)

Автор vonkaunaz (3 года)
@Tonyr67 : Well, where on earth were you when this happened? It´s called
the 80s hard/heavy metal scene...see Ratt, Dokken, Motley Crue, Poison,
Kiss and the whole catalog of bands the dominated the scene back then and
you will see what the trend was...

Автор diegoalce1991 (3 года)
@girardman69 the first album was fully recorded by Robert Fleischman, he
left the band after the recording

Автор dt7089 (3 года)
EASILY one of the WORST videos I've ever seen, and trust me, there were a
LOT of bad ones from that era. Lol. But hey, It was Vinnie, so why would
anyone expect any less??

Автор diegoalce1991 (5 лет)
Edman appear on the video and was the VVI singer on the tour but he never
record an album with VVI

Автор Dark Christian (3 года)
wicked band all together.

Автор diegoalce1991 (2 года)
Bobby Rock

Автор astrokissfy (3 года)
vinnie vincent seemed gay but I like this song

Автор cierra98 (3 года)
thats marks voice he may of on the original recording(robert)but what u
hear here is mark.i looked into it you can urself..they dont sound a

Автор Smashing Saxon (2 года)
Guitar only had one pick up, no wonder why Vinnie smashed it.

Автор vonkaunaz (3 года)
@Tonyr67 : hey...to be honest i am much more into the early/mid 80s metal
bands...most bands that emerged in the scene by the late 80s never really
attracted me -with only a few exceptions-. Take Van Halen...the Roth era is
one my all time favorites! And your question: never heard of
Gotthard..what´s their sound?

Автор sammoth1995 (2 года)
one of the best endings to an 80s metal music video! \m/

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