Vinnie Vincent Invasion - Boyz Are Gonna Rock (Remastered - HQ)

Remastered video with excellent video and audio quality taken from VH1, the quality is better than any other version uploaded to YouTube.

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Длительность: 4:53
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Автор Ronan “Tiglatfalazar” Alvaroff ( назад)
Puro circo al pedo.

Автор Shane Smith ( назад)
It's so funny that Mark Slaughter is in this video considering he didn't
even sing for them on the first album, Robert Fleischman did! XD but what
are you gonna do? hahaha

Автор Julio gongora ( назад)
teacher vinnie vincent....Only for connoisseurs

Автор Toni Niemelä ( назад)
Have you EQ'd it by yourself? Sounds better than album version.

Автор Opoponax Freetoshus ( назад)
It's the first in a non-series of semi-obscure 80's metal videos that I'll
forget about by tomorrow. But who is that guy fronting the band. "You're
welcome asshole," said Vinnie Vincent.

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