my homemade bass drum pedal

This is just a pedal i made out of junk to practice hand/foot coordination. Took me about an hour in total to make it and it worked pretty well for me when i was just starting out on drums. I used it mostly with a 5 gallon water jug kick drum that i set up. But I acquired a basic kick pedal pretty soon after i made this pedal. I really just posted it here on youtube to show my Family back in New York.

I am pleasantly surprised that almost 5000 people have watched this little video.

Thanks for watching and if you liked this video please come check me out on instructables.com if you would like to see more projects such as how to make a nice kick drum for cheap or crazy cheap


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Автор emsoflow ( назад)
great job just put a ball on the tip of the pedal

Автор Liz Quilty ( назад)

Автор vehlajatt22 ( назад)
not bad my friend!!!

Автор gavra5000 ( назад)
wow dude

Автор james challfant ( назад)
determination is a good thing huh? good job !

Автор ssteiyne ( назад)
Hell yeah, sweeet!!

Автор josh carr ( назад)
wow, thats mad, all these companies put so much money in to all this
gimmicky engineering when someone like you can just throw togethera pedal
with the fundamentals of potentially a whole new innovative design... lol
good work.

Автор sebbimon ( назад)
Well.. George kollias could do 270bpm on it.

Автор somos999 ( назад)
dude respect for your creativity! people like you are the ones who get by
life the easiest!

Автор nathan420blunt ( назад)
lol dam yoo thats awsome it probleby toke 2.or.3 hours to make that

Автор nathan420blunt ( назад)
wtf wow

Автор nathan420blunt ( назад)

Автор NYtoPDX ( назад)
@paperpro3223 you might want to read the description on videos before
commenting. Thanks for watching tho. Cheers

Автор Cmolnar Productions ( назад)
wow! I hope this is a prototype. This looks like it sucks bro...Sorry but
if I were to play on this it would break with in 2 mins

Автор Fuck1nMetal ( назад)

Автор ShaKs|CSGO Demo Reviews and Guides ( назад)

Автор fireball605 ( назад)

Автор Marcin Bystry ( назад)
nice :) so creative

Автор Váti András ( назад)

Автор Váti András ( назад)

Автор Tobby Gallarde ( назад)
SHIT so nice men! love it

Автор NYtoPDX ( назад)
@sulfurousstench Thanks for the kind words. Thanks for watching

Автор NYtoPDX ( назад)
Thank you, thanks for watching

Автор NYtoPDX ( назад)
Thanks for the kind words. Cheers

Автор Thiago Santos ( назад)
Fantastic! Congratulations man!

Автор HALOGLITCHES43 ( назад)
for home made thats not bad

Автор gabe562 ( назад)
@peniku8 Ya, world's fastest breaking that is

Автор peniku8 ( назад)
worlds fastest pedal;D

Автор mastertune ( назад)
hahaha man... this is really funny.

Автор carlkiller15 ( назад)
- can u make a double bass pedal ???

Автор zdawg02 ( назад)

Автор nuggz503 ( назад)
Good God man!!! buy a used bass pedal off ebay. Got a Perl pedal for like

Автор 23956784 ( назад)
What a piece of junk

Автор NYtoPDX ( назад)
@MrLewiisV2 It actually didn't quite reach back far enough to hit my shin.
Thanks for watching, cheers

Автор MrLewiisV2 ( назад)
Lol that's a nice project and I have read description btw but using that
all day for me would get annoying cause wouldn't the beater crack you in
the shin?

Автор Neekerinpalvoja Lakunen ( назад)
Really Good Job MAn

Автор Caio Madeira ( назад)

Автор filitalian ( назад)
That's a pretty creative concept, it allows for longer beater shaft since
the pedal shaft is shorter. its shafty man

Автор ducktitties ( назад)
thats awesome. how creative!!

Автор K0re0 ( назад)
Can you maybe describe what you used to create this work of art? Maybe in a
video or comment?

Автор Bikerboythousand ( назад)
Did it start off as a mousetrap? haha

Автор NYtoPDX ( назад)
That is why i use an Iron Cobra Jr. Please read the description. This pedal
was not made for use with a real kit. Thanks for watching tho cheers

Автор drumlord420 ( назад)
neat, but very flimsy and impractical...

Автор Necrophagistf ( назад)
hahaha that'S funny, i hope for you it'll not break soon! good job!

Автор muckypops ( назад)
LOL that's funny.

Автор carlos64525 ( назад)
thats so cool :D

Автор roy32096 ( назад)
haha dam thats sick!

Автор JonasTheGabriel ( назад)
Wow :D

Автор BleedingAnxiety ( назад)
it looks like a really big mouse trap, but creative though.

Автор ConnerDrummer ( назад)
haha awesome

Автор Giancarlo Tuccio ( назад)
è una trappola per topi?

Автор frank c ( назад)
One word to say bout this... "Ghetto" but these are hard times. way to save
money by makin your own. how does it hold up tho? looks like it will fall
apart while in use.

Автор NYtoPDX ( назад)
The materials are very random and probably hard to find. I could send you a
diagram that outlines the basic mechanics at work in this design if you
like. Just send me you Email address. Thanks for watching

Автор NYtoPDX ( назад)
Im sure it is possible but i wouldn't know where to begin with that project.

Автор fatutch ( назад)
ohhh!! squeaky pedal!! ^^

Автор zak hudson ( назад)
that, and ive made cymbal stands for my buddy haha out of nothing xD it was

Автор dencall ( назад)
can u make a twin pedal..?

Автор NYtoPDX ( назад)
Very true. heh, Budget can definitely inspire.

Автор jhim767 ( назад)
you must be poor as fuck to be this creative.xD

Автор natechingado ( назад)
thats pretty mean aye check out my homemade one lol its pretty funny

Автор 3razors ( назад)
i like to try heel toe on that :D

Автор FULAS714x20 ( назад)
stright out the hood lol

Автор NYtoPDX (461 год назад)
Thanks for the kind words. And your English is fine. I made a diagram of
how the pedal works. So just send me a personal message with your email
address and i will send you the diagram. cheers

Автор kallemalle1234567890 (574 года назад)
OMG!! This is supergreat, ur really talented.. can u tell me at least how
its made,not the parts thats needed just how its made.. plzz and sorry,my
english sucks!!

Автор NYtoPDX ( назад)
Glad you dig the pedal. I wouldn't know where to begin with making a double
pedal. That would probably be really tough. If you make one send me a
picture or something. cheers

Автор NYtoPDX ( назад)
I was thinking that hard foam would be closer to a felt beater than wood or
plastic. I am using a 5 gallon water jug as a bass drum so i think hard
plastic or wood would sound too clicky hitting against the jug. Anyway I
have recently acquired a bass drum pedal so my homemade pedal is laying
around until i can get a woodblock or cowbell to hook it up to. Thanks for

Автор Moro ( назад)
nice! but...um...wont it work alot better if you use a harder ball than
nerf? will work alot better if you have wood or plastic.

Автор NYtoPDX ( назад)
Im sorry, i would like to help you but the parts i used were very random
and somewhat hard to find. The basic mechanics are pretty simple, i could
probably draw you a diagram of how it works and you could improvise
materials. Send me a personal message and ill see what i can do. Thank you
for the kind words by the way.

Автор NYtoPDX ( назад)
thanks for the kind words, cheers

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