Step-by-Step Guide to Prayer 3/7 (Fajr)

Asalaamu Alaaikum

Beneficial Link: http://www.islamicfinder.org/prayer/index.html

Blueprint productions & IISNA present "Step-by-Step How to Pray". In this part (3)is how to perform the first prayer which is "Fajr".

May Allah reward those who made it. I have permission to upload from IISNA

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Wa'alyakum Asalaam

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Автор Krm Kreem ( назад)
Իսկ Ozzy մտածել եւ խորհում, ով կատարել է տիեզերքը, նա ստեղծել է
մոլորակները, աստղերը եւ արեւը, եւ լուսինը, եւ Aabhar մարդկանց, կենդանիների
եւ թռչունների, ձուկ եւ այլ ճակատ, բայց միայն Աստված, այնպես որ, ես
հրավիրում եմ ձեզ ասել, ոչ աստված բացի Ալլահից, եւ Մուհամեդ այսպես է իր
մարգարե է

Автор John Mcleveish ( назад)
stupid arab

Автор Tyrese Henderson ( назад)
I am learning a lot. Thank you for posting.

Автор MCD ( назад)
Very helpful for new Muslims. --

Автор ilia0036 Mohamud ( назад)
I love qurran

Автор mujtaba sultan ( назад)

Автор NAYEM SCORPION ( назад)
when i read sana pls anybody tell me.isnt it begining.if it then only
begining of magrib fajr prayer and other prayer begining of sunnah?

Автор WALI MUHAMMAD ( назад)

Автор maria do carmo cortez ( назад)

Автор WALI MUHAMMAD ( назад)

Автор Mamoon Al-Douri ( назад)
Subhanak Allah huma wa bi hamdik, wa tabarka Esmuk, wa Ta'ala jiduk, wa la
elaha ghairuk سبحانك اللهم وبحمدك, وتبارك أسمك, وتعالى جدك, ولا اله غيرك..

Автор lemonychild ( назад)
hes only showing the fard. but there are 2 sunnah before the fard and there
should be a small break between them inshaa Allaah

Автор maryjon cadelina ( назад)

Автор Soul Reaver ( назад)
One rakat is from start all the way to when you go down, and then get back
up again. What you saw were 2 rakats. Also, this is for the Fajr prayer. I
suggest buying a book on how to pray, it might help more.

Автор Imperialnight01 ( назад)
By the way, is this one Rakat or 2. So when i pray i follow this and thats
it? Or i have to do this a second time?

Автор Imperialnight01 ( назад)
Rob Degrey - Allah is watching in despair. All of you in despair of you
filthy and graceful action. You shut your mouth. Am i here making fun of
your religon? No so you do the same or when your day of judgement comes.
You will rot.

Автор MrGeodee ( назад)
When the cruise missiles come raining on your parade I will raise a toast
to your demise. It will surely be a kindness...Now shut me up goat boy!

Автор Austin Davis ( назад)
I converted today, I was wondering how the learning process is going please
message me back

Автор MrGeodee ( назад)
Stop flying jets into our skyscapers!

Автор Ryan fj ( назад)
hi my brother no it is not required , you can read any surah that you like
( or some of it ) after al fatiha..but , al fatihah is required. hope the
best for you

Автор TheColombianFlower ( назад)
Also, if you choose to recite another Surah after Al-Fatihah it should only
be done in the 1st & 2nd rakat (unit) of prayer. InshAllah this helps & you
may want to do a little more research to make sure.

Автор TheColombianFlower ( назад)
Here is a hadith for your question: "Abu Hurayrah said: In every prayer
there is recitation. What we heard the Prophet (saws) say, we tell you, and
what he did not tell us about we cannot tell you. Whoever recites Umm
al-Kitaab (i.e., Soorat al-Faatihah) has done enough, and whoever does more
than that, that is better." (Al-Bukhaari, 738; Muslim, 396) So you can
chose Surah Al-Ikhlas or a different one to recite after Surah Al-Fatihah
but it is not required.

Автор andrea timbasal ( назад)
is this also for women?

Автор TheColombianFlower ( назад)
Salam, Subhana Rabbi Al-Atheem ("Glory to my Lord, the Most Great" ) is
better so that we can practice perfecting our prayer....

Автор TheColombianFlower ( назад)
Salam Sister Tabitha, 1. Surah Al Fatiha 2. Surah Al- Ikhlas

Автор Wesam Fallatah ( назад)
Walykum alsalam in first Rakaa he read Surah Al-Asr And in the 2nd Rakaa he
read Surah Al-Ikhlas

Автор Tabitha Miller ( назад)
Asalaamu Alaykum. Alhamdulilah. What's the surah he did after Alfatiha? I'm
still learning but I want to make sure I do it correctly. Can any one tell

Автор rencrow ( назад)

Автор Abdul jabbar Gill ( назад)
that means when u stand up after sujud that is the 2nd rakaat?going to be

Автор LBeautiful1 ( назад)
beautiful video, do do i make dua at the end of the prayer ? thank you

Автор rencrow ( назад)
Yes 2 rakaat for the morning (fajr) prayer.

Автор hlang08 ( назад)
His recitation of Fatihah is really beautiful - it starts at 0:23

Автор Nofrianil rang agam ( назад)
'afwan ya akhi (my apologies to your brother), are you know about
"sutrah"??, you must close up to sutrah in front of you if you shalat

Автор Alex Middelveen ( назад)
I am in the process to converting to Sufi Islam, this video has helped me
learn how to pray properly. Thanks be to God.

Автор Jonathan ( назад)
I admire so much for posting this video, it helps me a lot how to pray
because I'm a converted to Islam.

Автор Maryam Uleee ( назад)
GOD bless u all and Allah is the gratest

Автор LilQuanAJA ( назад)
Dr zs

Автор LilQuanAJA ( назад)

Автор Slit ( назад)

Автор TriniAngel17 ( назад)
was this the full prayer? 2 rakaats?

Автор ABU SARAH ( назад)
ALLAH THE ALMIGHTY SAID : " We will show theme Our signs in the Universe
and inside their selves, untill it will become quit clear to theme that it
is the Truth. Is it not suffisient as regards your Lord that He is a
witness of all things ? ( The Nobel Quran 41:53)

Автор JashinMoNoPoLy ( назад)
Nah. I don't respect deities

Автор Zlatan Ibrahimović ( назад)
stop please

Автор JashinMoNoPoLy ( назад)
Fuck Allah Zeus Akbar

Автор Slit ( назад)
i need to find how to sleep better my alarm does not wake me at the time
for fajr so i do it mostly what ever time i wake up

Автор m402363 ( назад)
i pray Allah gives you guidance and brings you on the straight path Ameen.
i encourage you to read the Quran in your own language and about Islam the
only religion accepted by Allah

Автор m402363 ( назад)
As salaam aliakum, you can pray during prostration when ur head is on
ground but you cant recite the quran during ruku or sajda. hope this helps

Автор BILAL AL-MUMIN7 ( назад)
When do you pray for guidance, family or ask ALLAH(swt) things? Is it
during prostration when the head is on the ground or sitting between
prostration? Isha"allah i will get this correct.

Автор dick head ( назад)
how would u like it if i said that to u

Автор nora del hoyo ( назад)
i really wna know how to prayy :)

Автор ellieborges1 ( назад)
If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. This is
in conclusion of my previous comment that got cut off somehow.

Автор ellieborges1 ( назад)
This video is for people to learn how to pray. For what reason do people
come on here or even bothered to watch this video? If it is for the sole
purpose of attacking the religion let it be said . If you are one of these
you are only showing your ignorance, arrogance, and disrespectfulness. You
show a very ugly part of yourself. In the QUR'AN the non believer is among
that of "The Losers". That is how you are viewed by the people you are
lashing out at on here. So if you don,t have anything nic

Автор IamNasBitch ( назад)
Excuse my name brother, I been born muslim my whole life. As a child til my
teens my mother took me school to learn on the weeknds tp learn quran.
However no one ever really taught me how to pray. I am 21 of age now and I
got in a situation. I will watch you videos and now pray every prayer
right. Thank you and inshallah may allah grant you nothing but happiness.

Автор nai19ham ( назад)
for very long time i was performing wudu incorrectly - May Allah give you
jaizai khair

Автор AJSwissgirl ( назад)
You're a loser..period!

Автор Sufi Naqshbandi ( назад)
If its false why you so bothered with it? I know santa claus is imaginary,
but you dont see me leaving comments on christmas vids about santa being
fake. Such silly, senile people

Автор selim996 ( назад)
bcs that is intention , u say it in ur heart

Автор Fakhrizal Nashr ( назад)
@1Sabinaaaa Thats good sist, just continue what you ve been doing, its in
accordance within the 4 mazahib. Maassalamah

Автор mikail Syamsir ( назад)
Why the trouser is below the ankle? It is not sunnah

Автор ymagrl AZ ( назад)
What are all the sura's used?

Автор SasquatchFoot ( назад)
This is so beautiful. Thank you so much for uploading this so that I am be
able to learn to pray and give thanks to almighty god Allah.

Автор click2112 ( назад)
This is the best thing you can help people with. God bless.

Автор Malik13ist ( назад)
thank you so much brother, now i know what to say during salat :)

Автор roadkiller595 ( назад)
@singerlisa12 i get what u meant. U must recite dua iftitah after allahu
akhbar then al fatihah. Hope this is what u looking for. :)

Автор Rebeca Sanchez Ortiz ( назад)
LOVE THIS PRAYER!!!! It's my fave of the day. Allahu Akbar!

Автор whatthe ( назад)
Brother i thought there will be references from the hadiths?

Автор SomecallmeJack ( назад)
@venomman01 Since I posted this comment I've been told its kind of a harsh
glottal stop on a soft 'a'. So, like a guttural 'ahhh'

Автор venomman01 ( назад)
@SomecallmeJack Thats a tough one to explain over the internet. You can't
really spell it out in these letters we're using now, hence the number 3.
If you haven't grown up speaking Arabic or a similar language, I imagine
the sound would quite difficult for you to make. "

Автор Usman Ash (1908 лет назад)
Mulavi Cant Afford Caps For Namaz Sharam Karoo

Автор farhad ahmad ranyiai nasraw ba sharam Sharam ( назад)
@FabulaDeum how do u know the world is 4.5 blinon year who siad that those
ppl who said taht evry day they said deffrent this about world been exist
and how human been creat and the just saying aworld like this for a ppl
liek u who is beliving them od gave u brain to think about urslef evrything
is obvisly u can see cleary ,i am just saying that to u just sit and think
about it very well.if they think this i snot true why they not able to
prevent of death

Автор SomecallmeJack ( назад)
Could any arabic speaker please tell me how to pronounce '3aDHiim'?

Автор tbphillips1 ( назад)
Although I do not understand or practice your religion, I totally respect
and admire your faithfulness and the beautiful Fajr prayer.

Автор tharaniannapoorni (1036 лет назад)
Thank you . .

Автор Ruqyah -islamicdua ( назад)
jzak allah alef khyr brothr

Автор ConvertAid ( назад)

Автор Tarik tranquility ( назад)
@ceodomains1 I completely agree with you my Muslim Brother.

Автор Adrian ( назад)
What kind of prayer would be pleasing to God ? Namaz 5 times in a day , the
problem that it is always repetitive, over and over again it becomes
mechanical, automatic,.How many times have you prayed the same verse and
letter over and over. then it is without sincerity. Such prayers and
worships are valueless because that person's heart is not freely given.
don't you think that God is tired of hearing same and same prayers, those
are not spontaneous.

Автор mytunafish ( назад)
thank you for the post bro. god bless you

Автор musyoka julius ( назад)
can i convert without changin my name julius musyoka?

Автор Zoodoochild ( назад)
@FabulaDeum You are clearly very passionate about fighting religion. You
must have your reasons. Just know, from any perspective your hatred does
nothing for the world except cause more hatred. I will not retort to the
points you made as I dont see us coming to any conclusions or acceptance of
each others beliefs. But, try. You have your beliefs and You have the
right. Respect the beliefs of others... perhaps then, people might listen
to you. rather than dismiss you as an extremist.

Автор Zoodoochild ( назад)
@FabulaDeum Thank you for wasting your time and effort. I feel like it is
my duty to inform you that you are speaking to passionate and conscious
individuals who prefer not to substitute their religion for yours. Your
beliefs in what Richard Dawkins claims and what evolution is still trying
to prove, will surely keep you waiting on answers for some time. It is
after all, only a theory. Not a fact. Not a law. Not an absolute. Pick your
faith and learn some respect.

Автор Vurban Guevara ( назад)
The 'atheists' I see commenting on videos like this make me ashamed. These
are no atheists. They are ANTI-theists. Please do not judge actual atheists
by the words of these clowns. Most atheists despise these guys as well,
lumping them together with other religious fundamentalists.

Автор insan2303 ( назад)
@virusisback if the purpose is for learning then yes it's allright, but if
not then I don't know, our prophet Shalallahu alaihi wa salam (PBUH) never
taught it that way, praying in masjid is way better, and please also see:
watch?v=SutaW6RUknQ&feature=related it's more complete version of how to

Автор Charise Winstead Collins ( назад)
That's what I do, I use him as kind of a "Virtual Imam."

Автор 504age ( назад)
@ virus is back at certain times I do makes me feel like I'm at the masjid

Автор SKY-911☆CS:GO☆ ( назад)
@virusisback yes

Автор moneeb23returns ( назад)
@AQWorldsTenneen ALLAH AKBAR!!! May Allah help you!

Автор nelab999 ( назад)
Thank you for the video it has help me a lot. I stoped and paused it so
many times until i got it down to paper.

Автор Giorgi Vekua ( назад)
It is sunni namaz and wrong, for example, hands must be down.

Автор Adam Ibrahim ( назад)
@davidminas1 by the way i knew you were going for something with your
question , you asked the same question in many videos ,, you want the real
story? our beloved prophet (pbuh) didnt die poisoned , he knew the food was
poisoned , want the proof? (5777-284/10) Al-Bukhari , as long as you
believe in bukhari and proved your words from him :) check it ^_^

Автор Adam Ibrahim ( назад)
@davidminas1 to make the long story short , he killed them for treason (you
know better) mmm .. is there any women in the world who will invite a man
who raped her to food !? :S in a matter of fact will that man accept her
invite ? you can find this information if you ask any child older then 6
year old

Автор bluetube147 ( назад)
how are we suppose to say all this? im trying to learn but its so
complicated i have no idea what to say

Автор Adam Ibrahim ( назад)
@davidminas1 you look like a good person , i say that because you have good
manners , In speech, the Prophet (SAWS) said:" Nothing is weightier on the
scales of the day of judgement than his good behaviour. Allah (god) treats
a person who is given to loose and vulgar talk with displeasure". so god
sure like's you for your good attitude, you won't lose anything if you
spent some time reading about islam and prophet mohammed, use your logic
and reason .. god bless you...

Автор Adam Ibrahim ( назад)
@davidminas1 he died after a while from being poisoned from a jewish lady
who invited him and his companions for food (poisen was in the food) , this
is the briefed story .

Автор rencrow ( назад)
@Lovelybeautyluver Its the same for both men and women.

Автор FrozenSmoke88 ( назад)
@AQWorldsTenneen i am learning this now, I converted right before Ramadan

Автор king78802 ( назад)
Alhumdulilah for this video it help me out alot

Автор alaa al ( назад)
@AQWorldsTenneen ماشاء الله god bless you

Автор Lovelybeautyluver ( назад)
is this hoew women should pray too or is it different?

Автор MsCuriousCat (1794 года назад)
I getting in the habbit of this and YES Im fasting in the month of August.

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