Step-by-Step Guide to Prayer 3/7 (Fajr)

Asalaamu Alaaikum

Beneficial Link: http://www.islamicfinder.org/prayer/index.html

Blueprint productions & IISNA present "Step-by-Step How to Pray". In this part (3)is how to perform the first prayer which is "Fajr".

May Allah reward those who made it. I have permission to upload from IISNA

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Wa'alyakum Asalaam

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Автор ilia0036 Mohamud (2 дня)
I love qurran

Автор mujtaba sultan (1 месяц)

Автор NAYEM SCORPION (3 месяца)
when i read sana pls anybody tell me.isnt it begining.if it then only
begining of magrib fajr prayer and other prayer begining of sunnah?

Автор sstoicc (5 месяцев)
hlang08 True! Very, very beautiful recitation of Al-Fatiha, my, it brought
tears to my eyes, subhanAllah!

Автор maria do carmo cortez (1 год)

Автор WALI MUHAMMAD (1 год)

Автор TheColombianFlower (1 год)
Salam Sister Tabitha, 1. Surah Al Fatiha 2. Surah Al- Ikhlas

Автор SasquatchFoot (2 года)
This is so beautiful. Thank you so much for uploading this so that I am be
able to learn to pray and give thanks to almighty god Allah.

Автор Alex Middelveen (2 года)
I am in the process to converting to Sufi Islam, this video has helped me
learn how to pray properly. Thanks be to God.

Автор draake4 (3 года)
brothers and sisters ignore the ignorant who come to only slander and
spread hate, they're fire will dwindle unless we fuel it. salaam!

Автор adyshady1983 (3 года)
y is everytime i look at muslim prayers on utube wat they r saying is
diffrent evrytime,, i thought it had to b similar always??????

Автор khalida92 (3 года)
What mazhab is this? Because I'm Mazhab Shafie. We have doa qunut after
subhanrabbial'azim before sujud

Автор king78802 (3 года)
Alhumdulilah for this video it help me out alot

Автор ThePlace4Grace (3 года)
A few things I found helpful as a new revert: 1) I would break down a surah
into small parts and repeat the same line over and over again adding more
with each recitation. Example...Al Fatiah..."Alhamdullilah" "Alhamdullilah"
"Alhamdulillah" "Alhamdulillah ribal alameen" "Alhamdulillah rabil
alameen:...etc. 2) I would write the Arabic pronunciation phonetically at
first, for ease. Then I go back and learn proper spelling...which still
varies greatly. 3) I would "sing" my prayers...

Автор Charise Winstead Collins (3 года)
That's what I do, I use him as kind of a "Virtual Imam."

Автор AdmireButDontTouch (3 года)
Oh God, it's much harder to perform than I expected...

Автор ABU SARAH (2 года)
ALLAH THE ALMIGHTY SAID : " We will show theme Our signs in the Universe
and inside their selves, untill it will become quit clear to theme that it
is the Truth. Is it not suffisient as regards your Lord that He is a
witness of all things ? ( The Nobel Quran 41:53)

Автор GuerrillaWarfare09 (3 года)
JazakhAllahu khayran for the video. The translation of surat al Asr was
missing the last verse. Here is the full translation insha Allah: 1 By Time
2 Verily Man is in loss 3 Except those who believe and do good, and enjoin
on each other truth, and enjoin on each other patience

Автор Tarik tranquility (3 года)
@ceodomains1 I completely agree with you my Muslim Brother.

Автор SKY-911 (3 года)
@virusisback yes

Автор Roose Bolton (2 года)

Автор Usman Sheikh (3 года)
Mulavi Cant Afford Caps For Namaz Sharam Karoo

Автор hlang08 (2 года)
His recitation of Fatihah is really beautiful - it starts at 0:23

Автор ExileKhaan (1 год)
Isn't Fajr 2 sunnats and then 2 fard rakaats???

Автор 504age (3 года)
@ virus is back at certain times I do makes me feel like I'm at the masjid

Автор AQWorldsTenneen (3 года)
Alhamdulillah Brother.Thank you for the Videos.I can now perform salat
myself :) Because im new.I just Converted to Islam last may 5,2011.
Takbir!Allahu Akbar!Takbir Allahu Akbar!

Автор nilab2711 (3 года)
@Byers333 Allah is the Arabic word for God There are also Arab Christians
inscribedable the god as allah allah is not a mystical man it is a
designation for the highest and most mercyfull . Inform yourself first
before you say such stupid things. and your love for your own religion is
so weak, that you wish other ppl to die.. you should watch out stupid
little boy. wa salam aleykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh!

Автор Sufi Naqshbandi (2 года)
If its false why you so bothered with it? I know santa claus is imaginary,
but you dont see me leaving comments on christmas vids about santa being
fake. Such silly, senile people

Автор moneeb23returns (3 года)
@AQWorldsTenneen ALLAH AKBAR!!! May Allah help you!

Автор uk2491043 (2 года)
whey do u put ur hands on your ears before going in to ruku

Автор Zlatan Ibrahimović (2 года)
stop please

Автор MrSamgum (2 года)
love love thank you.for the video. muslim from thailand

Автор ThePlace4Grace (3 года)
@jagwar902 A few things I found helpful as a new revert: 1) I would break
down a surah into small parts and repeat the same line over and over again
adding more with each recitation. Example...Al Fatiah..."Alhamdullilah"
"Alhamdullilah" "Alhamdulillah" "Alhamdulillah ribal alameen"
"Alhamdulillah rabil alameen:...etc. 2) I would write the Arabic
pronunciation phonetically at first, for ease. Then I go back and learn
proper spelling...which still varies greatly. 3) I would "sing" my

Автор Ibrahim Abdulla (1 год)
shut up!

Автор saif316 (3 года)
Thank you so much for posting these informative videos shaykha, may Allah
reward you with jannah

Автор BILAL AL-MUMIN7 (2 года)
When do you pray for guidance, family or ask ALLAH(swt) things? Is it
during prostration when the head is on the ground or sitting between
prostration? Isha"allah i will get this correct.

Автор MrGeodee (1 год)
Stop flying jets into our skyscapers!

Автор Zoodoochild (3 года)
@FabulaDeum You are clearly very passionate about fighting religion. You
must have your reasons. Just know, from any perspective your hatred does
nothing for the world except cause more hatred. I will not retort to the
points you made as I dont see us coming to any conclusions or acceptance of
each others beliefs. But, try. You have your beliefs and You have the
right. Respect the beliefs of others... perhaps then, people might listen
to you. rather than dismiss you as an extremist.

Автор andrea timbasal (1 год)
is this also for women?

Автор click2112 (2 года)
This is the best thing you can help people with. God bless.

Автор nai19ham (2 года)
for very long time i was performing wudu incorrectly - May Allah give you
jaizai khair

Автор blackegyptian281 (3 года)
@Byers and yet you're the catholic making comments about blowing up
religious sites such as Mecca. How bout you read a book. You're garbage kid.

Автор ymagrl AZ (2 года)
What are all the sura's used?

Автор ellieborges1 (2 года)
If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. This is
in conclusion of my previous comment that got cut off somehow.

Автор cumar885 (3 года)
@GHTRVSA so your saying no god then who gave u life

Автор Abdul jabbar Gill (1 год)
that means when u stand up after sujud that is the 2nd rakaat?going to be

Автор rencrow (3 года)
@arwynjorowynn Another factor is unity. If everyone is using exactly the
same text, no matter who you are, then divisions among people become less
likely. Also Quranic translations into other languages are not as solid as
you may think. Some words or concepts can be somewhat challenging to
accurately express in english for example. However while the formal "salat"
prayers (like the one in the video) are performed in arabic, personal
informal supplications can be done in any language.

Автор LBeautiful1 (1 год)
beautiful video, do do i make dua at the end of the prayer ? thank you

Автор rencrow (3 года)
@arwynjorowynn The prayers are always performed in arabic, as this was
language the Quran was revealed in. Since muslims believe that the Quran is
the literal word of God, they do not consider themselves having the right
to change it any way. The arabic used in the prayers and the Quran are a
classical form of arabic which is no longer spoken today. So even if you
have an english transliteration the original arabic text will also be with

Автор Austin Davis (1 год)
I converted today, I was wondering how the learning process is going please
message me back

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