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Did You Know, Frozen's development can be traced all the way back to the 1930's? The movie's origin comes from Disney's desire to make an adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen's classic tale "The Snow Queen". The main struggle throughout the years has been creating characters an audience can relate to and connect with. Originally, Elsa (like the Snow Queen) was the evil villain in the story. However, as the story unfolded it was clear that Elsa was not a bad person, she just made bad decisions in a stressful situation.

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This episode was voiced by PushingUpRoses:

This episode was edited by Khalid Shahin:

This episode was scripted by Alex Gilyadov.

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Автор Kilila “The Neko” Russianwhitecat ( назад)

Автор Lou B Mac ( назад)
Hans Christian Anderson :Hans Christof Anna Sfen

Автор Phancy Daddyshrek69 ( назад)
Make one of these on Donnie Darko!!

Автор Aaron Penyami ( назад)

Please do Steven universe

Автор raindrizzle14 ( назад)
So basically the entire script was worked on to accommodate let it go?

Автор Lucio76 ( назад)
enough with frozen pls

Автор Anthony LiPira ( назад)
Whenever I see concept sketches for Frozen or Tangled, it makes me wish
they would do a 2D animated film in that style.

Автор Adam Lavigne ( назад)
Why the fuck are you STILL talking about frozen. It's 4 years old! Move on
I'm not a fucking 6 year old

Автор Marcus Yamamoto ( назад)
Holy crap! Frozen is insane!

Автор fcon ( назад)
no pls

Автор 1999Dman1 ( назад)
4:12. They couldn't...you know...make an ice cube?

Автор XxcarolynthunicornxX ( назад)
I remember The Snow Queen! I used to watch it all the time when I was
little. Thank you grandma from Missouri! The Snow Queen is SO much better
than Frozen!

Автор Joel Sweeney ( назад)
animal spies? aw dang that would have been so good XD

Автор KrazeeGiy a.k.a Ye-Sung Baek ( назад)
the idea of two sisters might have come from the school for good and evil
series (read book 1 and 3 to see what im talking about)

Автор Zedgi ( назад)

Автор Slime Wizard ( назад)
... i wish it was pat

Автор BrawlerGamma ( назад)
I recognized the voice, but for some dumbass reason I didn't realize it was
Roses until she frickin' said it.

Автор Nick S ( назад)
You're right about Tarzan being the brother!!!

Автор . Caffinator ( назад)
Ah! I thought I recognized PUR's voice. Awesome!!

Автор Ender ( назад)
Adaptation, not remake, and a loose one at that.

Автор Odiekun ( назад)
This video just confirms how amazing Frozen could have been. Evil Elsa
makes an Ursula-type deal with Anna, and no "Do you want to build a
snowman?". I don't understand why they had such a "hard time" writing an
evil Elsa. Disney SLAYS at making villains, but a misunderstood sister that
needs saving is so god damn boring.

Ugh. They took 80 years to make this damn movie and still managed to fuck
it up anyway.

Автор Jackie89000 ( назад)
Fun fact: Hans Christian Andersen was greatly rumored to be either gay or
bi and said to have had a crush on the son of his mentor. Many of his
stories reflect how society didn't allow homosexual relationships at the
time (Like how the snowman couldn't ever get close to the heater or how The
Little Mermaid had to sacrifice a lot to love a human) and how his mentors
son (around the same age as Hans) seemed to distance himself from Hans. He
proposed to three different girls (each one turned him down) but only did
so to try to move into the upper social class. He died alone in 1875 from
liver cancer.

Автор Brad Bowen ( назад)
so matpat was right hans is a mirror

Автор SimBoter ( назад)
1:00 the problem about hans christian anderson storyis is that he's german.
Not that i am against that. I'm german too. But i can tell you that our
child stories are horrendously brutal and horribly. And of course the
"modern parent" doesn't like that and thus buys the disney edition.

There you got a 0% chance that someone throws sand in your face. Then you
scratch at your face until it bleeds. The guy steals your eyes and hides
behind the moon. End.

Автор OMGIDestroyedMatter ( назад)
When you go from watching Vikings to Frozen and fantasise about Ragnar
Lothbrok raiding Arendelle...

Автор Ҭᴇʀᴀᴍᴀx Hᴅ ( назад)
Actually...I still haven't watched the Zootopia movie ಠ﹏ಠ

Автор Animal lover162 ( назад)
Why is this lady talking?? I want MatPat!! ;(

Автор sofia konstadudaki ( назад)
666 dislikes... Wow

Автор Katie TheNInja ( назад)

Автор Kornel Abramczyk ( назад)
@The Film Theorist
Can you do video about Westworld (serial)?

Автор Katester Greatster ( назад)
Where is the video MatPat it's been a week

Автор samar qand ( назад)
Mat, Inception would be really great!

Автор Florian Van Ophoven ( назад)
What do you think about making a theory about the 1st season of "the OA"? I
just finished it and my brain is totally overheated...I think there's a lot
of room for theory and interpretation in this series!

Автор Ddx Xie ( назад)
Hey, can you do a film theory on how one punch man got his powers please?

Автор Karate Sheep ( назад)
Hey i have a theory for you why did EVA unit 01 protect shingi from the
falling bolders and why did it revive it self? In Evangelion neon genisis

Автор Elizabeth McDonald ( назад)
Can The Film Theorists predict what Dumbledore actually sees in the mirror
of Erised?

Автор Amalie Kajsa ( назад)
Make a theory on Bee and Puppycat please!

Автор Jett TheDoctor ( назад)
I'm still waiting for a Lazy Town theory.

Автор Polaris 95 ( назад)
What is the song at the beginning?

Автор Im Lazer “alex44636” Cow ( назад)
would you do pirates of the Caribbean 5 please

Автор Esha Fulzele ( назад)
Where's that third episode of doctor who theory you were going to do two
years ago??

Автор FrostyGaming ( назад)
Doctor who Part 3

Автор Adam Jr Bennett ( назад)
mat you should do paranormal Activity 1\3 4 doesn't correspond with each
other plz

Автор Rex the cringe ( назад)
I know you've mentioned it several times but da Dr who at least tell us
what's taking so long

Автор Morgan Cook ( назад)
Mat Pat if you could what the hell is the meaning behind Swiss Army Man?

Автор NoirRaven ( назад)
Ugh, these changes are so sad and pathetic. You didn't *need* a big
confrontational ending. That's the beauty of the damn story. That all that
cold, icy hatred is defeated by the act of love, and not romantic love
either but platonic love between good friends.

Автор headphonedtankooi trejo ( назад)
make a film theory of storks

Автор Test Account ( назад)
the film theorists. this is a stupid question but im asking because why
not. is it possible to go super saiyan or close with only a ton more
strength, speed, and stamina

Автор The hey guys Channel ( назад)

Автор Angelina ( назад)
Do a theory on the lorax is thneedvile possible ? Like can a town like that
be real

Автор The comedy people and other stuff ( назад)
film theroist,do you know the movie the Lomax?

Автор kidd nitrom ( назад)
mat pat i wanted to ask your thoughts on nibiru its something i worry about
i just want to know id its true i know it not a flim but it seems worrisome

Автор NJMasterPlayer ( назад)
I think that Elsa is adopted

Автор maddie fulford ( назад)
please do a theory of the new movie Sing

Автор Benji Benjo ( назад)

Автор FURIOUSZILLA 19 ( назад)
Matpat can you teenage mutant ninja turtles for your next thoery like the
story behind it plz do it

Автор farmer john ( назад)
I think we need to take frozen on this channel and 🎵LET IT GO, LET IT

Автор farmer john ( назад)
do the theory on how homer might be dead and the simpsons might be in his
head because in one of the episodes homer is talking to god and asks what
happens when he dies and god says wait 6 months and 6 months later homer
goes into a coma after a vending machine falls on him, most people think he
didn't wake up and the rest of the series is in his head, or his personal
heaven, this would explain the way the characters don't age and how homer
has kept his job and wife and how he is able to drink as much as he does,
and how all the conflicts get resolved

Автор Wolf girl ( назад)
do a theory on sherlock!

Автор eliane melo ( назад)
Plz do the mental state of willie wonka (based on the new version):P.

Автор Brenow64 ( назад)
Matpat can you please do the remember hour

Автор Wesley Elliott ( назад)

Автор Veronica Silva ( назад)
do thatpoppy

Автор Meme Mabon ( назад)
Matt could you do a theory explaining the meaning behind the series "3%",
which is a new Brazilian series on Netflix which I think you will find
interesting. Thanks!

Автор sidney karreman ( назад)
I want a unfriended theory like if you agree!!!!

Автор Pepe ( назад)
I HAVE A VERY GOOD THEORY PLEASE READ. Ok so you know the lorax? well
technically everyone should die at the end because if O hair is out of a
buisness which means theres no oxygen. theres only 1 tree there and thats
not going to make up for a whole citys oxygen supply is it? and also i dont
think they could plant more trees because it looks like seeds dont grow on
those tress; just a thought :)

Автор Lps Paws ( назад)
Do A Film Theory About Caroline And If She is seeing weird stuff
because.... well please do it!

Автор Doggy ( назад)
Do suicide squad!

Автор Jones0214 ( назад)
Hey Mat Pat i have an idea on a video you could do, who would win in a
fight (if the two alternate universes of dc and marvel collide) bat man or
iron man. please consider this as a video idea, considering they are both
billionaire superheroes with no super powers but almost an unlimited supply
of tech, like this if you agree

Автор Zuzanna zakk17 ( назад)
Hey if you're doing anime theories too, could you look into the nerv gear
from SAO?
Shouldn't monitoring the temperature in the headsets indicate that a
character has died and before he gear fries their brain the RL med stuff
can pull it off. I mean it's not like Matrix, it does not have a direct
access to their actual brain tissue. It would take at least a few seconds
to get their brains fried, right?

Автор celina moukarzel ( назад)
whats that voice?

Автор BanditBadger ( назад)
Can you possibly create a theory on where the iron giant came from?

Автор emmz marlz ( назад)
MATPAT!!! READ THIS AGAIN!! Plz.. just watched Blair witch 2 and I'm so
fucking confused. HELP US!!

Автор David Bramslev ( назад)
can you make a theory of what you think "The hunt" (2012) ended
with..PLEASE 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Автор Turtlebro Hello ( назад)

Автор COD BRO ( назад)
hey i have a theory you guys can look at maybe jack jack is a reincarnation
of the super known as "Meta Man"

movie:The Incredibles

Автор Hannah _ ( назад)
I saw the furry suit men picture before

Автор Yolo McSwagnz ( назад)
could you do Steven universe

Автор Jazzy Phandome17 ( назад)
you should do a video on the wings trilogy from BTS because holy crap

Автор Otah Dat gud ( назад)
Do a film theory or a theory about POPPY She's very weird and kinda relates
too don't hug me I'm scared!

Автор SushiSocks ( назад)
Hey, is there going to be a film theory on lion king? cuz I wanna see it.

Автор Kurtys Neal ( назад)
Hey MatPat, there is a scene in Monsters Inc. where Rex from toy Story is
trying out for the role of Ted, the godzilla-like monster walking to work.
this suggest a few things but primarily that the Pixar time line might be
messed up because the toys in toy Story exist at the same time as the
monsters. that and they are giant.

Автор Jackeline Serrato ( назад)
film theory on sml ples

Автор Nikot Fic ( назад)
Pls do fast 8

Автор ICY Metro ( назад)
Do a theory on shelter

Автор John Kang ( назад)
Do a theory about the movie passengers
If 2 people could end the supliments of the crew + passengers before they
got to homestead II, in their life in the ship

Автор The reminding One ( назад)
So is this hole Chanel dead or

Автор Berrybomb 13 ( назад)
will u ever do TV shows? like Steven universe

Автор Violette Killer ( назад)
Can you explain poppy

Автор shaun T ( назад)
can you do a theory on a movie name bedazzled. it was released in 2000

Автор Sorairo Yuki ( назад)
Do a theory about Poppy (ThatPoppy)

Автор Flemming Matías Vermeulen ( назад)
plz do a theory on scream the netflix serie, they mention netflix in the
serie, do they know they're in a TV series?

Автор yah yah ( назад)
do a theory of the thing from fantastical four

Автор TheUltimateGamer ( назад)
do a film theory on the cringy anime: The Future Diary. Also Known as:
Miirrai Nikki.

Автор Mr.Coolaid 100 ( назад)
Dear mat pat i would love if you could explain or try at least to on the
shorts called baman and piderman

Автор Elinor Mc Namara ( назад)
film theory gremlins ?

Автор Sniperabcxyz ( назад)
Let it go song based on me when my family forced me to watch frozen 5 times
and Film theory made 2 episodes on it -_-

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