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Did You Know, Frozen's development can be traced all the way back to the 1930's? The movie's origin comes from Disney's desire to make an adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen's classic tale "The Snow Queen". The main struggle throughout the years has been creating characters an audience can relate to and connect with. Originally, Elsa (like the Snow Queen) was the evil villain in the story. However, as the story unfolded it was clear that Elsa was not a bad person, she just made bad decisions in a stressful situation.

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Автор My random life 123 ( назад)
Hans Christian Anderson = Hans christof Anna sfen

Автор Rabbacake ( назад)

Автор Poket Gaming ( назад)
"kristen anderson"
"christian andersen"

Автор Dean Kaski ( назад)
PushingUpRoses is that you ?

Автор Asriel Dreemurr ( назад)
I really wish Shane would do a video about himself at some point. I'd really like to get to know his personality better.

Автор Daniel Ruppert ( назад)
I'm the 1 millionth view!

Автор Lady Unicorn ( назад)
I can't find MATTPAT waaaaaaaaa😂 no afrnce thoe

Автор Youru Hokamaru ( назад)
I prefer evil Ice Queen. It looks more interesting. Why would you make her relatable?? Its never gonna happen because as far as I know theres *not many people who were born with the power* lmao

Автор Hailey Vance ( назад)
"Sent to Wyoming..."
Well, can't get more wintery than here, I guess.

Автор SpiralArc ( назад)
AGH! Frozen clickbait. Got me again.

Автор Najmah Chant ( назад)
hang on



Автор Najmah Chant ( назад)
did you know that basically all disney films are "child-friendly" remakes of "classic" stories

Автор Evans weefee ( назад)
when you say ana wrong youre saying it like anna

Автор Adam Collins ( назад)
70 years for such a boring film.

Автор Jhon Carter ( назад)
do jack frost and Elsa are they brother sisters or dad danger

Автор popme35 sweet ( назад)
Miraculous Ladybug & Chat Nior theory please

Автор Noob SoWhat? ( назад)
How does the frozen anna block a sword?

Автор Jason Brody ( назад)
They just had to fucking mention furries didn't they

Автор HosGamer32 Johar ( назад)

Автор Bleuy's Corner ( назад)

Автор Sekai025 ( назад)
I don't really belive the original ice queen (from Andersen story) was evil, in fact she was senseless, without moral and a little bit selfish, i mean when she kiddnap Kay she kiss him in the forehead just once because a second kiss could kill him, she just doesn't want to be alone (Ironic?), but at te same time she wants to help people with the fields. I really think she takes Kay because he was able to see her in the snow storm in the village, she "connect" with Kay.

psd. <3

Автор Cole Morris ( назад)
It's been 3 years since frozen and I haven't seen the whole movie.

Автор Anne Art ( назад)
was stephanie talking in this one?

Автор james connolly ( назад)
The snow queen reminds me of white diamond from Steven Universe.

Автор first last ( назад)
did you know frozen is really annoying

Автор Poke Aust ( назад)
3:08 BOI

Автор Pretty girl films ( назад)
I like the original one better

Автор Jame Brown ( назад)
dykg much?

Автор Elise Benitez ( назад)
2:11 when they showed the production to Lasseter, he wasnt *satisfied*.

Any Hamilton fans out there?

Автор Elise Benitez ( назад)
2:11 when they showed the production to Lasseter, he wasnt *satisfied*.

Any Hamilton fans out there?

Автор Narra Beckett ( назад)
Did you hear that (6:11)?! The Hans is a mirror theory from Super Carlin Brothers just got confirmed!

Автор Aliyaan Kazi ( назад)
Wait, the Snow Queen was written by Hans *Christian Anderson* and the writers got help from a song writer (and her husband, of course) named *Kristen-Anderson* Lopez? Hmm...

Автор Onika Shiba ( назад)
I think the concept of an unintentional villain would have been interesting,or is that already the case??

Автор Nostalgia Works ( назад)
Disney screwed up The Snow Queen more than they did with Hans Christian Anderson's OTHER work.

Автор Inked Paiges ( назад)
"We came up with a bullshit, cliched explanation for why Elsa has powers, but we dropped it because then we'd actually have to limit ourselves to the boundaries of the world we created in order to suspend our audience's disbelief."
Thats not an excuse, that's bad story telling. I just want to say that I don't WANT to hate frozen, it does have redeeming qualities, and the stuff that doesn't work, I can see what they were trying to do, BUT when you have this sort of lazy attitude toward the stuff that makes the base of the obstacles your character overcomes and the motivation of the people who put her in that position, you are essentially writing a BAD STORY and it makes it tough to truly understand and relate to the character, no matter how quirky and chocolate-loving you make them.

Автор Rubén Gómez Radioboy ( назад)
Frozen is a SUPER BAD movie.

Автор Widgy ( назад)
4:00 "inluding the men"? Isn't that kinda obvious? I mean, why add that? o.o

Автор Benjamin Keslar ( назад)
If anyone wants an explanation, I have this: "every 150 years since the construction of the temple of the gods of ice and fire whose names mustn't ever be spoken, if the evening star aligns with the midnight sun a child will be born with a power which will lead to the downfall of their people." Unidentified Turkish Traveling Shaman, 3 HE or 9997 BC

Автор James Brice ( назад)
Walking through the snow in a dress? Disneys dedication to detail continues to impress.
That said I liked Elsa's punk rock hairstyle better.

Автор Kaleidosaur ( назад)
I liked the original Snow Queen story better than Frozen. A young girl traveling on her own to save her childhood friend from a powerful evil with only kindness and love to guide and protect her. Sure, it doesn't have much of an epic climax, but I don't really think it's necessary for the kind of story it was.

Автор Li-Li Mandragon ( назад)
I actually liked Tangled better

Автор Caleb Stremcha ( назад)
What really happened to their parents

Elsa froze them (ON ACCIDENT) and sent them to be unfrozen because it was too cold in arendel and they got caught in a storm ⛈
#RIPTheirParents #OnlyALittleTrue

Автор Janet Hart ( назад)
Its On-nah not An-nah.

Автор OneLoudNinja ( назад)
Why were the fucking trolls added . . that was teh most stupid shit XD

Автор Creighton Kellis ( назад)
If she says Anna wrong one more time...

Автор Victoria Cordova ( назад)

Автор Victoria Cordova ( назад)

Автор Awesome Puppy ( назад)
Come on......what furcon was that ............awww man

Автор DanDraco ( назад)
Ironic enough, that was my main issue with the whole movie. There was NO worldbuilding. Think about it, the fact they never explain not just Elsa's powers but everything else in the movie just made the movie worse when you think about it.

"What are these trolls? Why is magic powers considered a taboo. Why the hell is controlling ice a bad thing if their main export iS ICE. How the hell did the kingdom stay running as they grew up? Are there other magic users? If so, are they considered monsters too?"

There was literally no fucking worldbuilding to give us context on why Elsa's powers were considered bad or how she got them. This is storytelling 101 and they fucked it all up.

Автор Camden Tausworthe ( назад)
Shelly DuVall successfully adapted the Snow Queen.

Автор Lazar Nedeljkovic ( назад)
Disney has a fetish for Hans christian Andersen

Автор dwarf365 ( назад)
PushingUpRoses is that you?

Автор J-Hig ( назад)
I would love to narrate one of these, especially for a Disney movie. Such fun!

Автор TyronMakeka ( назад)
It's Andersen not Anderson.

Автор firefox64cuty ( назад)
Awwwww yeah bring that fucking music 😝😝😝

Автор TotallyTempest TV ( назад)
i love your channel! you should do science theory channel!

Автор Platypus Productions ( назад)
There was a frozen ad before I watched this.

Автор EveryThingGirl238 ( назад)
Personally I'd like to see Elsa as the bad guy, that idea they said sounded rather good and could work with enough effort.

Автор Gertrude ( назад)
Please explain Miike Snow's songs (in order) Paddling Out, The Wave, Devil's Work, and Pretender. I would really like to know since I have recently found their music!

Автор sparkle lover ( назад)

Автор Lily Addams ( назад)
Kinda hard to get into the back story of a movie whose protagonists name is consistently mispronounced. Like. Really? Would that have been that hard?

Автор louie danby ( назад)
am I the only one who is surprised their isnt a 'did you know movies' on the alien franchise?

Автор Emily Random ( назад)
The ladys voice was oddly calming

Автор someone YouKnow ( назад)
POT ROAST wow i was late

Автор Poppy is Nerd Proud ( назад)
Wow.. The Supercarlinbrothers totally made a theory that Hans is a mirror...

Автор Circus Baby05 ( назад)
I'm related to Hans Christian Andersen try to guess my last name

Автор k01dsv ( назад)
When they put SOOO much work into this movie, you should think that SOMEONE would notice how that boat just appears out of nowhere when the kingdom gets thawed, and they move from the middle of the sea to some boat :D

Автор Louisa Albrecht ( назад)
Import tremendous strip ogiwlpi she surprisingly tissue brief telescope.

Автор 09yulstube ( назад)

Автор Dwayne Jones ( назад)
why couldn't I help just belting out"Let it Go"?

Автор 리버 ( назад)
Where the hell is Matpat?

Автор ImDemonAlchemist ( назад)
For the love of god, why can't people pronounce Anna's name? Have you seen the movie? Here's a hint: IT'S NOT "ANNE-UH".

Автор Micky Bokins ( назад)
the ugly duckin. they didn't love him till he was beautiful. lesson is in that story make your self beautiful

Автор Sagar Mishra ( назад)
informative but Matt Patt humor is missing.

Автор Fort ( назад)
How the actual fuck did I get to this video?

Автор Haley Pancakes ( назад)
What's with Disney and killing parents

Автор Cupcake Lover ( назад)
Yes. Yes I did know

Автор The Cloaked Knight ( назад)
i remember seeing a trailer for frozen, the one with the scene that never actually showed up in the movie, the one where anna was like "thats not a blizzard, thats my sister". a deleted scene in a trailer. wow...

Автор FunnyAshley playzs everything ( назад)

Автор Marco: minecraft and more ( назад)
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Автор I LOVE SHOUJO! ( назад)
where's the original guy that voice cast this channel?;-; he makes it more funnier and the op...

Автор moo ( назад)
God Damnit, I was gone for less then a month and I come back to see these videos......what about da theories? isn't that what this channel is about? (no hate)

Автор Lou B Mac ( назад)
Hans Christian Anderson :Hans Christof Anna Sfen

Автор Volcanohotsauce79 ( назад)
Make one of these on Donnie Darko!!

Автор Aaron Penyami ( назад)

Please do Steven universe

Автор raindrizzle14 ( назад)
So basically the entire script was worked on to accommodate let it go? Fascinating.

Автор Lucio76 ( назад)
enough with frozen pls

Автор Anthony LiPira ( назад)
Whenever I see concept sketches for Frozen or Tangled, it makes me wish they would do a 2D animated film in that style.

Автор Adam Lavigne ( назад)
Why the fuck are you STILL talking about frozen. It's 4 years old! Move on I'm not a fucking 6 year old

Автор Marcus Yamamoto ( назад)
Holy crap! Frozen is insane!

Автор fcon ( назад)
no pls

Автор 1999Dman1 ( назад)
4:12. They couldn't...you know...make an ice cube?

Автор XxcarolynthunicornxX ( назад)
I remember The Snow Queen! I used to watch it all the time when I was little. Thank you grandma from Missouri! The Snow Queen is SO much better than Frozen!

Автор Joel Sweeney ( назад)
animal spies? aw dang that would have been so good XD

Автор KrazeeGiy a.k.a Ye-Sung Baek ( назад)
the idea of two sisters might have come from the school for good and evil series (read book 1 and 3 to see what im talking about)

Автор Zedgi ( назад)

Автор Slime Wizard ( назад)
... i wish it was pat

Автор BrawlerGamma ( назад)
I recognized the voice, but for some dumbass reason I didn't realize it was Roses until she frickin' said it.

Автор Nick S ( назад)
You're right about Tarzan being the brother!!!

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