1960 Khrushchev's Shoe

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Автор 1995 FSU GRAD ( назад)
WTF are you talking about? WWII had just ended 15 years before. USA showed
it was the nation of power. "Downfall of the once great Soviet Union?" All
he did was throw down the gauntlet, in public, and both countries
Go read more than one history book. You're hearing one side of an argument.
There are always two sides.

Автор Bipion ( назад)
Жалко что ботинка не было на самом деле. Но все равно мы показали им
кузькину мать тогда и продолжаем показывать сейчас. Слава России!!!

Автор Terrible Terrapin ( назад)
At one of these instances of shoe pounding, Kruschev was quoted as saying
-we don't have to fight the United States on the battlefield we will take
them from the inside. I have witnessed communist agitators at work in the
sixties, they really stood out from all the hippies, trying to pick fights,
shoving people around. We thought they were the police so we did nothing,
how naive I was.

Автор HaloModder555 ( назад)
That photo is not legitimate.

Also, American Imperialism? People are obsessed with the word Imperialism
as if it always means something evil, but compare East and West Berlin,
South Korea to North Korea, etc. Gah, people boggle my mind. Too bad the UN
representatives had no Internet back then. The Soviets arguments seem to
lack basis. A simple Google Image search would reveal how screwed up some
of the party's views were.

Автор myfreejoe ( назад)
He said they (soviet union) would never have to fire a shot because the
U.S. would fall 'from within'.

Автор anikonov ( назад)
This image with a shoe is a fake
-- I assume that Marshall Poe is a fake as well.

Автор Romeo Jr. Dacuno ( назад)
God let this things happen because God was calling our attention to the
"feet" that we are in the age where Daniel explain Nebuchadnezzar dreams of
a huge image made of various materials (gold, silver, bronze, iron and
clay). The prophet Daniel tells him God's interpretation, that it stands
for the rise and fall of world powers, starting with Nebuchadnezzar's own
as the golden head. Nebuchadnezzar dream of Dan. 2:33 his feet part of iron
and part of clay. Notice Khrushchev was there representing 5
Nation Eisenhower was there to represent 5 nation (each foot 5
fingers). Khrushchev means clay Eisen means iron in spiritual Catholic and
Protestant this two won't mix. We are already down on this realm.

Автор Clear Adventure ( назад)
My roommate just told me about watching this guy on TV news when she was 9
(she is 64 now) banging is shoe and shouting that gave her nightmares. So
just because there is no recorded footage or picture, does not mean it did
not happen. Others here also said they watched it live. My roommate has
never lied since I have known her, so it did happen. It does not matter
what you believe.

Автор Michal D Roosevelt ( назад)
Thing with shoe never happened

Автор Juju Rellama ( назад)
the victor of WW2 in Europe, liberator of the world from german nazi

Автор Abdalla Gurashi ( назад)
Fucking fake pic

Автор Jan Trzeci Kowalski ( назад)
próbował ukarać krasnoludki za to że mu przeszkadzały w przemówieniu akurat
kolej syberyjska tam nie dochodziła przez co mąż stanu musiał improwizować

Автор fiona hamilton ( назад)
Judge Judy brought me here 

Автор fiona hamilton ( назад)
Judge Judy brought me here lol 

Автор Darrell Stanaford ( назад)
The shoe pic is doctored.

Автор Bliiizheee Banderlogi ( назад)
а где видео с этим, не умело пририсованным, тапком ) ?

Автор Jerry Leveille ( назад)
The pic is fake. There is no proof that the shoe banging incident even

Автор Something_to_appease_Google ( назад)
Khrushchev was a joke. You never saw Stalin banging his shoes against a
desk during meetings. 

Автор Slava Rosic ( назад)

Автор Daniël's Tech & Music Channel ( назад)
+Myles Garcia Haha, pathetic idiot. Sure, delete my posts, shows how
pathetic you are and how you don't have any proper argument against me.

Автор Myles Garcia ( назад)
Except that Khruschev's son, like Stalin's daughter Svetlana, ended up
migrating to the USA and became a professor at Brown University. Except
for one traitor like Edward Snowden, there isn't one child of a US
president who has has migrated to Russia! I wonder why??? 

Автор parteitag cccp sowejert ( назад)
the great man of the wold

Автор 888American ( назад)
Nikita Khrucheve..whos real name was Salomon Perlemutter..had all his
helpers..friends ..who helped him into power...MURDERED....

They have tried to hide the fact that Khrushchev treated to BURY AMERICA.


Even this video is soft on Khrushchev..

Автор Roman Volnyi ( назад)
you stupid cunt marshal

Автор Visvaldis Olekss ( назад)
Pray for Serbia(1999).Fuck off USA!

Автор Charlotte Dunlop ( назад)
When discussing Vice-premier Dmitry Rogozin's threat: "If attacked, we
will use nuclear weapons to protect our territories and crucial INTERESTS
of our state." with a friend (see Mikael's post below), was reminded of
Khrushchev in 1960 ...

Автор Joseph Scott ( назад)
He was horrible. This photo is a fake.

Автор Juuso Peltoniemi ( назад)
He was one of the evil men who planned Ukrainian famine (Holodomor) what
killed millions.

Автор Cory McCasland ( назад)
How about you give us the original footage, then make your pointless rant?

Автор Scott Sheeler ( назад)
Further debunking...
John Loengard, former picture editor for Life magazine, wrote me that he
was in a General Assembly booth, along with 10 or so photographers from New
York city dailies and national wire services. Loengard is "certain" that
Khrushchev "did not bang his shoe on the desk," but that "he certainly
meant to do so." According to Loengard, Khrushchev "reached down and took
off a brown loafer from his right foot and put it on the desk. He grinned
to delegates from the United Arab Republic who sat across the aisle and
mimed (with an empty hand) that the next time he'd use the shoe to bang. I
can assure you that every camera in the booth was trained on Khrushchev,
waiting for him to use the shoe. He only put it on again and left. None of
us missed the picture — which would have been a serious professional error.
The event never occurred."

Автор Targ Us ( назад)
I was hoping to see the video but this is a video about a picture. fail

Автор stompyrompy ( назад)
Happy to oblige this shitty video with a thumbs down

Автор Aleksandr Podkopaev ( назад)
Вот так америкосы, и сейчас надо вам ботиком постучать!!!

Автор dennis sema ( назад)
Nikita was good though fuck being immature.

Автор Bill Balak ( назад)
This wasn't immature, it was extremely clever. Khrushchev employed what
Herb Cohen called emotional tactics. It was most likely a premeditated ploy
to appear like a barbarian to scare others. Irrationality joined at the hip
by strength makes people feel very nervous. Also, it wasn't even his shoe!
When someone enlarge a photo of him months later he was seen to be wearing
two shoes! So my guess is he asked Commissar Ivanovich to pass down his
shoe. Hahaha

Автор Joseph Pena ( назад)
Notice it is not a video but a still and it is photoshopped.

Автор Joseph Pena ( назад)
Notice it is not a video but a still shot that has been photoshopped.

Автор ladrie389727 ( назад)
Kruschevs son teaches at Brown univ.

Автор Megadronishe ( назад)
Fuck the USA!!!

Автор vitoduval ( назад)
And 2 years later Ambassador zorin was embarrassed by stevenson because
someone in their foriegn ministry screwed up big time according to Kevin

Автор ahmad noormuhammad ( назад)
Putin Tak Akan Menyerah pada Tekanan Obama, prinsip presidn rusia lebih
baik mati perang dunia ke tiga , rudal nuklir antar benua .memangnya uni
soviet rusia anak buahnya amerika serikat ????

Автор mbett99 ( назад)
Great leader Nikita.

Автор TheDjKoul ( назад)
His hate to Stalin was irrational, and he did many wrong things just to be
opposite to Stalin after Stalins' death.

Автор TheDjKoul ( назад)
Khrushev was a jew and the first step of USSR crash scenario.

Автор Vilmar Junior ( назад)
It's not fake bro... Says Interpreter Nicolas Spoov in the UN Interpreting
film "Prime Minister Macmillan was making his famous speech of the ‘winds
of change’ sweeping across Africa. Khrushchev listened, courtesy of the
Russian interpreter, and he became progressively more agitated. Then at one
point he started hammering with his hands on the table. No notice was
taken. Khrushchev obviously wanted to make a point of order. He took off
his shoe and banged with it on the table’.

Автор ahmad noormuhammad ( назад)

Автор Garland English ( назад)
been in existence.There is also a battle for freedom in this country that
could make them wish they should not have tried their Fascist ways on
us.There isn't much difference between the three of them.God Bless

Автор Garland English ( назад)
I remember this incident and there was nothing phony about it.Video of it
does exist.I remember seeing the whole Soviet delegation pounding their
fists on the table like a drum roll.Then Khrushchev started banging his
shoe on the table.They didn't like the truth about the evil of the USSR and
the horror of communism being expressed. It was so funny.I don't know why
it isn't shown,but I definitely remember seeing it on the news.

Автор fjohnson747 ( назад)
That photograph is altered to add the shoe; no genuine photos or video of
the incident exist. That should be worth noting somehow, Marshall - don't
you agree? Considering that the fake is the sole visual element in this
so-called "video"? Is this your personal work or that of a student? If the
latter, why do you think this below-average work even merits publication?
If the former, you really should be embarrassed.

Автор NickyAmerica ( назад)
"We will spy on you" -KGB, 1964 -NSA, 2013

Автор Татьяна Лех ( назад)
this is REAL! i live in russia and my grandma told me that it was for real
- showed on the soviet tv too

Автор LikeTotallyEMB ( назад)

Автор jad12349 ( назад)
He picked the shoes at Wal mart and did not fit

Автор Holly Shirt ( назад)
the U.S. media's ignorance of the world's many diverse cultures and their
customs is shocking. Shoe customs express everything from respect to
contempt. It is a tribute to their intelligence today's socialist reporters
can get up on their hind legs!

Автор lolmasn69 ( назад)
You're a faggot.

Автор John M ( назад)
Criminal lunatic corrupt leaders = American presidents, UK PM and the
lunatic State of terrorist Israel.

Автор John M ( назад)
Inept voice-over by an American prat taking a swipe at Khrushchev -- how
apt. Just by listening to your feeble presentation; my IQ level has dropped
down significantly. Save your sincere sanctimony for your criminal former
President Bush and criminal President Obama. The double standards and
hypocrisy by the West is striking!

Автор Sri ElechTRIK ( назад)

Автор ex0pos ( назад)
A video = single still image.

Автор theVideoDart ( назад)
Да, но он отдал Крым Украине :(

Автор James Chumsa-Jones ( назад)
Khrushchev is boss! He was a better leader than Brezhnev!

Автор phthisicy ( назад)
The annoying, know-it-all attitude of the narrator is the worst thing about
this so-called "production". Chairman Khruschev made his point in a way
that made both an impression and a page in the history books. He was a
great man, a good leader, and unwilling to risk world destruction on
principles alone. He brought great advancement to the USSR, and it would be
a far better country today if he had stayed longer. His shoe should be the
least of any intelligent person's considerations.

Автор Frank Rizzo ( назад)
So this is what hell sounds like. Just scrolling over these posts it's
obvious that most of you people are downright miserable vile rotten to the
core! Look at the way you miserable people sound. Karl Marx is a diabolical
genius that it takes people like you to make your own overthrow and
destruction of your own miserable kingdom of communism. You guys are truly
class struggle serfs by your own device. Never forget Jesus Christ loves
you and wants to save you! :'(' ' '

Автор bach5861 ( назад)
hot' by Rossiya vernulas'...

Автор ZechsMerquise73 ( назад)
The fact is historical, the picture is fake. His shoe banging happened when
he was sitting down, and it was very impromtu.

Автор ZechsMerquise73 ( назад)
Immaturity is the conspiracy and foolishness that surround politics in
general. The people who screw you over and say "nah, you're just imagining
things". It takes a noble person to stand up to those kind of people,
misguided as his ideas might have been. Nikita's country was being
alienated from the diplomatic scene. Perhaps if he hadn't been such a
loudmouth, the world would be a different place. Hard for me not to admire
him; but he was a tyrant and a former Stalinist conspirator.

Автор Mr.HAB50 ( назад)
nikita fucking scared the shit out of the world

Автор girlie347 ( назад)
the shoe photo was a trick photo, in the original it's just his hand
without a shoe. No photos or movies of the incident exist, most people
believe it's an urban legend, a myth.

Автор Leonid Mironov ( назад)
Надо вообще чтобы Путин пришёл лично на собрание ООН, достал Cplt Python
калибра 44 Магнум и начал бы матом ругаься на США, попутно размахивая этим

Автор senatorsnats ( назад)
All of the facts regarding this incident are accurate except for one minor
thing: Khrushchev did not use a shoe while at the podium; the actual shoe
in the photograph was added later on by western propaganda. There are,
however, several accounts by witnesses at the meeting, but the shoe banging
is one of conjecture.

Автор DarkMedievalTimes1 ( назад)
I was alleged that he took off his shoe and banged it on the table. It was
just typical western propaganda of the time.

Автор DarkMedievalTimes1 ( назад)
It looks completely historically FAKE!!

Автор verezh ( назад)
this is historic fact!

Автор DarkMedievalTimes1 ( назад)
That shoe looks fake

Автор Artyom2012 ( назад)
This comical episode with Khrushchov and his shoe is one of the very few
moments our decendants will rememeber the UN for. Otherwise this assembage
is completely worthless.

Автор aaen ( назад)
Didn't happen. Khrushchev was awesome. Im not a communist, just think
Khrushchev was an OG.

Автор eti leväniemi ( назад)

Автор Zach ( назад)
@Arabkirtsi you're right. I'm sorry

Автор Zach ( назад)
@Arabkirtsi this happened. You should probably research this shit before
posting comments.

Автор Arabkirtsi ( назад)
F A K E ! ! ! The shoe wa added later.

Автор ana mzia ( назад)
@MrMrGERMES Don't even dream about it. Past never comes back.

Автор nuttex (304 года назад)
@sorokaize А с какого хуя оно должно быть на русском?

Автор acb1511 ( назад)
@SteinbrecherBack ZOMG! And now imagine, how does it osund from the point
of view of a soviet citizen.

Автор MegaVladimirB ( назад)
Soviet leder Nikita Hryshev... - Туфля светлая, мягкая, летняя... Это чё
настоящий кадр чё ли? Или монтаж, - непонятно? Это Никита так кузькину мать
им показывает! А кузькина мать, водородная бомба в 50 мегатонн, как сейчас
выяснилось фуфло полное было! Бомба весила 28 тонн, её не мог поднять ни
один бомбардировщик и ни одна ракета. Было предложение погрузить её, на
фиг, сука, на подлодку и взорвать у берегов Америки... Вот за такие, на
фиг, сука, зверские планы Бог и наказал совок развалом.

Автор 0Russia0 ( назад)
@MrMrGERMES вот и валите в КНДР, правда там с голодомором и репрессиями
похуже как то, там менее свободолюбивый народ.

Автор Николай Николаев ( назад)
American shit!!

Автор Fuyons9999 ( назад)
@Cobe1976 What, you mean our future allies and reasons for half of the
technology you're using to communicate your message? Besides...They had
nukes too...Your action would have been fun...

Автор Jacob Pansing ( назад)
The Soviet Union should've been nuked just like Japan.

Автор chickenwretch ( назад)
Fuck these pro-communist scumbags. They're intolerant and self righteous

Автор ollenhauerr breschenyev ( назад)

Автор chickenwretch ( назад)
Better had the U.S. made little Nikita eat that damn shoe. Lord knows he
made millions of peasants do worse, and he's pissed?!

Автор arhivus ( назад)
@sorokaize так и ты сам не по русски тут вякаешь!

Автор Infidel ( назад)
@ComradeMr Besides,this is not actual footage of the shoe incident...There
was no caneras present so the episode was "re-lived" for the cameras
later----which must mean the Soviets did not feel uncomfortable about it..

Автор Victoria Mccracken ( назад)
Colorful,passionate,very Slavic!Just a person!!!!!!!

Автор SovietUnion100 ( назад)
@elarrebat thats better than to sit like a coward.

Автор SovietUnion100 ( назад)
what the fuck? khrushchev was mad because the UN was speak anti communist
propaganda right in his face

Автор mr good noodles ( назад)
the fuck is this?

Автор jamesway81 ( назад)
i wish he hit you in the face with that shoe

Автор GlamorousTurd ( назад)
Nikita Khrushchev was a leader indeed. One who rose from a poor peasant
background to become the leader of a superpower. You are a douchebag who
makes shit videos on youtube composed of unedited still images with
simplistic commentary-- get some fuckin perspective, kid.

Автор alphaleone1 ( назад)
@MrMrGERMES Сексуальные меньшинства в СССР?! Когда?.. При Союзе-то как
было: с психическим расстройством люди сидели где положено - в
психиатрических лечебницах, а не плясали перед народом по телевизору.

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