1960 Khrushchev's Shoe

A Mechanical Icon film.

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Добавлено: 4 года
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Автор Myles Garcia (5 дней)
Except that Khruschev's son, like Stalin's daughter Svetlana, ended up
migrating to the USA and became a professor at Brown University. Except
for one traitor like Edward Snowden, there isn't one child of a US
president who has has migrated to Russia! I wonder why??? 

Автор Charlotte Dunlop (3 месяца)
When discussing Vice-premier Dmitry Rogozin's threat: "If attacked, we
will use nuclear weapons to protect our territories and crucial INTERESTS
of our state." with a friend (see Mikael's post below), was reminded of
Khrushchev in 1960 ...

Автор женек александров (10 месяцев)
америкосы вы все гавно!!вы самые тупые люди на земле

Автор Megavoltishe (8 месяцев)
Fuck the USA!!!

Автор 888American (18 дней)
Nikita Khrucheve..whos real name was Salomon Perlemutter..had all his
helpers..friends ..who helped him into power...MURDERED....

They have tried to hide the fact that Khrushchev treated to BURY AMERICA.


Even this video is soft on Khrushchev..

Автор Roman Volnyi (27 дней)
you stupid cunt marshal

Автор Arturs Olekss (1 месяц)
Pray for Serbia(1999).Fuck off USA!

Автор dennis sema (8 месяцев)
Nikita was good though fuck being immature.

Автор Juuso Peltoniemi (5 месяцев)
He was one of the evil men who planned Ukrainian famine (Holodomor) what
killed millions.

Автор Scott Sheeler (5 месяцев)
Further debunking...
John Loengard, former picture editor for Life magazine, wrote me that he
was in a General Assembly booth, along with 10 or so photographers from New
York city dailies and national wire services. Loengard is "certain" that
Khrushchev "did not bang his shoe on the desk," but that "he certainly
meant to do so." According to Loengard, Khrushchev "reached down and took
off a brown loafer from his right foot and put it on the desk. He grinned
to delegates from the United Arab Republic who sat across the aisle and
mimed (with an empty hand) that the next time he'd use the shoe to bang. I
can assure you that every camera in the booth was trained on Khrushchev,
waiting for him to use the shoe. He only put it on again and left. None of
us missed the picture — which would have been a serious professional error.
The event never occurred."

Автор parteitag cccp sowejert (13 дней)
the great man of the wold

Автор stompyrompy (6 месяцев)
Happy to oblige this shitty video with a thumbs down

Автор Joseph Pena (8 месяцев)
Notice it is not a video but a still and it is photoshopped.

Автор Cory McCasland (5 месяцев)
How about you give us the original footage, then make your pointless rant?

Автор Aleksandr Podkopaev (8 месяцев)
Вот так америкосы, и сейчас надо вам ботиком постучать!!!

Автор mbett99 (1 год)
Great leader Nikita.

Автор Joseph Pena (8 месяцев)
Notice it is not a video but a still shot that has been photoshopped.

Автор Targ Us (6 месяцев)
I was hoping to see the video but this is a video about a picture. fail

Автор Joseph Scott (5 месяцев)
He was horrible. This photo is a fake.

Автор Bill Balak (8 месяцев)
This wasn't immature, it was extremely clever. Khrushchev employed what
Herb Cohen called emotional tactics. It was most likely a premeditated ploy
to appear like a barbarian to scare others. Irrationality joined at the hip
by strength makes people feel very nervous. Also, it wasn't even his shoe!
When someone enlarge a photo of him months later he was seen to be wearing
two shoes! So my guess is he asked Commissar Ivanovich to pass down his
shoe. Hahaha

Автор vitoduval (1 год)
And 2 years later Ambassador zorin was embarrassed by stevenson because
someone in their foriegn ministry screwed up big time according to Kevin

Автор ladrie389727 (8 месяцев)
Kruschevs son teaches at Brown univ.

Автор ahmad noormuhammad (1 год)

Автор Garland English (1 год)
been in existence.There is also a battle for freedom in this country that
could make them wish they should not have tried their Fascist ways on
us.There isn't much difference between the three of them.God Bless

Автор chickenwretch (2 года)
Fuck these pro-communist scumbags. They're intolerant and self righteous

Автор mr good noodles (2 года)
the fuck is this?

Автор fizz113 (3 года)
Just so you know, the photo in question is 'shopped.

Автор fjohnson747 (1 год)
That photograph is altered to add the shoe; no genuine photos or video of
the incident exist. That should be worth noting somehow, Marshall - don't
you agree? Considering that the fake is the sole visual element in this
so-called "video"? Is this your personal work or that of a student? If the
latter, why do you think this below-average work even merits publication?
If the former, you really should be embarrassed.

Автор konsvet (3 года)
Фото с тапком - известный фейк, как нынче говорят - "фотошоп". Никогда
Хрущев на трибуне не стучал ботинком. А был лишь один случай, когда в ООН
он сидел на месте и положил тапок на стол, и все :)

Автор alois294 (2 года)
@MrMrGERMES А вы хотели бы СССР штатский или военный?Что же касается
предателей,то их нейтрализация связана с хозяевами извне,а хозяева
извне-иностранцы,к которым советская идеология неоднозначно относится,не
разрешает убивать всех без разбора.Однако,пока есть Запад,спокойно СССР
жить не дадут.Если СССР вернётся-из гимнастёрок не вылезать придётся
оч.долго и многих-многих в мире сделать неспособными пререкаться с Россией
в принципе.***

Автор RA9U1 (3 года)
@Smorgasbord341 Yes, slowly with every public school generation being
brainwashed, my fellow people are becoming Reds. All because of
condescending college proffesors who are psychologically the same thinking
as the great munipulator Goebbels. :(

Автор chickenwretch (2 года)
@Avatar9n Shut up kid I didn't ask for your opinion. When I want it I'll
demand it from you and you'll damn well give it up then. You're a
brainwashed little commie fuck and don't know what you're talking about.
Nikita was with Stalin at the start and had a hand in every murder in
Ukraine and then all of SU after he took power. You're braindead stupid,
where do you get your information, old drunk uncles?

Автор GeopoliticsRussia (2 года)
И без таких долбоебов типа тебя - я за

Автор TheNoob978 (3 года)
@RA9U1 Ты жил там, тварь буржуйская? говоришь только то что сказал дядя
Сэм, не зная реальных фактов.

Автор sla165 (3 года)
Это щас выпендриваются а тогда опасались реально получить достаточное
количество ядерных взрывов на собственной территории.Правда это путь в
никуда но зато дает понять либо по нормальному мирно жить либо вообще никто
не будет жить.

Автор Frank Rizzo (2 года)
So this is what hell sounds like. Just scrolling over these posts it's
obvious that most of you people are downright miserable vile rotten to the
core! Look at the way you miserable people sound. Karl Marx is a diabolical
genius that it takes people like you to make your own overthrow and
destruction of your own miserable kingdom of communism. You guys are truly
class struggle serfs by your own device. Never forget Jesus Christ loves
you and wants to save you! :'(' ' '

Автор Vilmar Junior (1 год)
It's not fake bro... Says Interpreter Nicolas Spoov in the UN Interpreting
film "Prime Minister Macmillan was making his famous speech of the ‘winds
of change’ sweeping across Africa. Khrushchev listened, courtesy of the
Russian interpreter, and he became progressively more agitated. Then at one
point he started hammering with his hands on the table. No notice was
taken. Khrushchev obviously wanted to make a point of order. He took off
his shoe and banged with it on the table’.

Автор acb1511 (2 года)
@SteinbrecherBack ZOMG! And now imagine, how does it osund from the point
of view of a soviet citizen.

Автор sisofphil (3 года)
is this photo real? i am skeptical , looks photoshopped, and badly. look at
the hands, you wouldn't have a fist in that shape if you were holding a
shoe. other video w/ Kruschev's son, the guy claims the shoe thing has
never been filmed or documented. have spent the last 1/2 hour trying to
find real footage of the shoe thing. I am starting to believe it was

Автор greroo (3 года)
@konsvet а ничего, что он сам вспоминал, как махал ботинком?

Автор R. Weeke (3 года)
Хлеб России был самым вкусным во времена Хрущёва . Всё остальное
продавалось за копейки за границу .

Автор canuckleful (3 года)
@TheGrailBird Do not feel shame, what is he supposed to do when someone is
making such arrogant disrespecful comments?

Автор tchmik (3 года)
@raissaweeke да это потому-что больше жрать нечего было!

Автор mistressofaminer (3 года)
AK-47,Mig,Arktika Icebreaker,space modules and numerous deep-sea
exploration vessels that the U.S. would lease on occasion. The result of
WW2 and the Cold War pushed this country to the forefront of global
competition and Eisenhower's IGY, international geophysical year 1957, the
sleeping bear was finally awaken.

Автор verezh (2 года)
this is historic fact!

Автор senatorsnats (2 года)
All of the facts regarding this incident are accurate except for one minor
thing: Khrushchev did not use a shoe while at the podium; the actual shoe
in the photograph was added later on by western propaganda. There are,
however, several accounts by witnesses at the meeting, but the shoe banging
is one of conjecture.

Автор chickenwretch (2 года)
@Avatar9n I quote you,"and I don' get any information from anyone" followed
by an insult you can proudly apply to yourself. Sounds like your
information comes from no where, which is what it I figured; you make it
all up as you go. And also remember, he that is self-taught has a fool as
an instructor. You just can't win can you kid. Oh well, maybe when you grow
up and learn to wipe your shit off your shoe you just stepped in, will
empower you to tackle weightier matters. Like wiping your ass.

Автор Marshal Daiamp (1 год)
Fuck you I came here to see a shoe bang on the fucking table, fuck your vid
and its inaccuracy!

Автор chickenwretch (2 года)
@Avatar9n Your comments are incomprehensible and reflect the babblings of
an undiscerning oaf. If you're unable to make a distinction between
historical fact and imaginary preconceptions there's nothing anyone, aside
from your drunk uncles, can say to persuade or otherwise teach, a genetic
loss. The Soviet legacy is criminal, all the achievements Stalin attained
through purges,gulags,ecocide,and murder, were duplicated in the US without
brutish ploys. I'm free and you're still a slave to lies.

Автор Marshal Daiamp (1 год)
What the hell? This is fucking stupid and inaccurate! Khrushchev actions
weren't the beginning of the downfall it was Brezhnev's actions. Next off
he wasn't scared, just pissed that he couldn't get a word out, after all he
was the leader of what was the most powerful country in the world then.

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