Top 10 Long-Distance Shots Regular Season 2012-2013

Check out these LONG range shots from the NBA's best. What is the longest shot you have hit in a game?

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Длительность: 3:6
Комментарии: 1524

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Автор Sandy Pajamas ( назад)
Stephen curry is not on here is that a mistake!!!????

Автор Vandana Singh ( назад)
what a shoot man

Автор Vandana Singh ( назад)
what a shoot man

Автор Oliver Kryger-Nelson ( назад)
I once did a backwards full court to win a high school game

Автор nafel gamutan ( назад)

Автор Henk Bakker ( назад)
Commitment upon district customer aspect alarm even

Автор TergelYT Gamer ( назад)
my name is Санчир i am mongolian basketball player

Автор Mirasol Singin ( назад)
its verry great shoot

Автор legocitypolicefan56 tranfs ( назад)
awesome video

Автор P8N Babyar ( назад)
Dang NBA are ballers

Автор BASEBALL MAN ( назад)
look at the Knicks one. the game clock glitched

Автор dafuqawew ( назад)
when u hit ur toe 1:29

Автор Bacon & Eggs ( назад)
Who's watching this when Kevin Durant joined the Warriors?

Автор two brothers ( назад)
Remember the days when James harden was good

Автор ProseArtist ( назад)
Check out my half court swish on my channel, killin it

Автор XmanSully ( назад)
Pure gold.
Thanks. Good count.

Автор Derrick Morris ( назад)
April 30th is my birthday

Автор Random fantasy1 Anthony ( назад)
Pretty cool

Автор Mason Rote ( назад)
what about Stephen curry dum idiot

Автор Abdullah Shaikh ( назад)
Who is micheal Jordan

Автор Mo Problems ( назад)
What was the ad for black Friday called?

Автор Sekouomar Diakite ( назад)

Автор Nigina Abdul ( назад)
My sister is a fuck

Автор dalton simone e raffo ( назад)
Maynor magari tornassi cosi oggi la 5

Автор Xxdylan PlayzxX-BO3/Black ops-and more ( назад)

Автор tyler thomas ( назад)
I realized all of them weren't game winners

Автор Edwin Panes ( назад)

Автор TheCrepper2_YT YouTube ( назад)
Do a curry plz then I will like

Автор Bryan Lockley ( назад)
Just wow

Автор roll tide ( назад)
id love the big from an nba player more than the money

Автор The Sky ( назад)
Im french j'aime Paris

Автор JJ Curry ( назад)
1:24 was the guy in red stephen curry?

Автор Emre Curry HD ( назад)

Автор kiff Le rap 93 ( назад)

Автор Maureen Barbacena (Beautiful girl) ( назад)
To: NBA Players

nice shots........

From: $u!c!de $qu@d Te@m

Автор Douglas Tutoriais ( назад)
curry 💫💫💫💫💫💫💫

Автор MMMMMilash ( назад)
Search for "Cibona - Partizan 2010" :D

Автор Sara Ahmed ( назад)

Автор nigel mahabir ( назад)
3 Gee network!!!!

Автор AADESH'S GAMING ( назад)
Can u please tell me a skills where I can get lots of goals in

Автор Karl Garlejo ( назад)
pahingi ng sparks

Автор Danny Gibbs ( назад)
that was the best

Автор JurassicJosh 87 ( назад)
I was at number 4

Автор Heather Bourne ( назад)
step curry with the shot boy

Автор Ryan X Martin ( назад)
I dont see yow the maynor shot wasnt at least the top 3.


Автор Addie Diakite ( назад)
1:21 lol

Автор nigel mahabir ( назад)
3 point shots should now be 5 lol

Автор Stannis The Mannis Baratheon ( назад)
Away Team celebrations are awkward

Автор L0op_ButTon ( назад)


Автор alienmahar ( назад)
1:22 good old days when Jack was better player than Green. :D

Автор LOSGUEROS20000 ( назад)
caca CACAA!!!CACA,!!

Автор Dicky Barber ( назад)
how did 1 be godd

Автор aafaq khan ( назад)
Excellent shoots

Автор Diego Laurent ( назад)
contribute Looks for me really gorgeovs crime

Автор Mr. Doge ( назад)
0:21 travel...

Автор Corliss Williamsonjr ( назад)
I think I speak for everyone when I say... Kyrie has the BEST handles in
the league

Автор nasty crossover ( назад)
Super Splasher has the best basketball trick shots you should watch his

Автор nasty crossover ( назад)
Super Splasher has the best basketball trick shots you should watch his

Автор nasty crossover ( назад)
do you know who has the best basketball trick shots! Super Splasher you
should sub And watch his videos😃

Автор Shane Creighton ( назад)
I love james harden 0:43

Автор Maria Lalampona ( назад)

Автор Terry Jobs ( назад)

Автор Chase Gonzalez ( назад)
I feel bad for the dude in the white shirt and hat at 1:51 . He was on his
phone and missed the half court shot

Автор carlos ramirez ( назад)
thunder and kd

Автор iqyan icank ( назад)
good amazing

Автор annie williams ( назад)
big x b

Автор Renna Mante ( назад)
the miami and wade

Автор hawkman 981 ( назад)
quit nba curry

Автор Trap City ( назад)
best shots from 1-10 have been the same shots over

Автор Michel ( назад)
abonnez vous a ma chaine et regarder mes video SVP

Автор josue olivera ( назад)
steve nash

Автор Rigszo_104 _ ( назад)
curr e

Автор Lauren Crumes ( назад)
I'm at work today and tomorrow and other things that will never get a new
one and only one who has been the most important thing

Автор Henry Ng ( назад)
throwback to when the knicks were a legit team

Автор Tangira Mofiz ( назад)
How can I 3 minute video get 26,00 likes

Автор Axcell Gaming ( назад)
LOL jack travels

Автор Harambe Is Bea ( назад)
How ironic Jason Kidd was playing Milwaukee lol

Автор Teo Gi ( назад)
my longest shot that i hit ang made is to the free throw line

Автор Senpai ( назад)
3:06 Wtf was that??

Автор Senpai ( назад)

1 seconds left? bruh do you even English?

Автор Antonio Flores ( назад)
Curry is kind of a show-off
Sorry SC

Автор XXmlgISALIVExx ( назад)
cause i wanna get better at basketball

Автор King of fifa it sam koyalua ( назад)

Автор angel maniti ( назад)

Автор Amelie Jacquet ( назад)
O U T H I N K.3. !!!!!!

Автор arlienna hartono ( назад)

Автор Iceandfire Network ( назад)
😭😭😭😭😭when Jarrett jack was still in gsw

Автор Mr. XXX ( назад)
Hallo spricht hier wer deutsch

Автор SniperSports ( назад)
WHERE'S CURRY?!? He makes everything so add him!

Автор UpwardCracker5 ( назад)
I feel bad for the guy at number 3. They were getting beat so bad that no
one cared about that crazy shot.

Автор Salah al deen 23 ( назад)

Автор Nain Constantine ( назад)
Amazing. That's all I can say

Автор Akbar Fadel ( назад)

Автор Akbar Fadel ( назад)
fuck off

Автор Henry Bacon ( назад)
Nice 3 shots! That was amazing!

Автор Dawn Of Armageddon ( назад)
Watching this feels like it happens all the time in NBA

Автор mark mathews ( назад)
Basketball 4 lyfe

Автор Arro Robloxismygame ( назад)
Wow he shoot like stehen curry!

Автор YoutubeRuler subscribe ( назад)
1. is that the cavs because I love them

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