Chinese Police self-defence

Chinese Police self-defense

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Автор Social Sketch (28 дней)
Lol, with a training partner. When I lived in China they tried to use their
ChinNa on me and failed miserably. Police are a joke there, except not
because they are the mafia in China.

Автор Aš esu Dj Meška (3 часа)
Rip that kid :D

Автор PrimeLime (1 месяц)
The guy in the red just never learns...

Автор SuicideFixated (5 месяцев)
i guess that's why you have to be fast with a knife. 

Автор Yogaclub.cz (6 дней)
HapkidoKHF + Sanda

Автор nmex (4 месяца)
Song:Remember the name by Fort Minor
(for people who didn't know)

Автор Richard Harrow (9 месяцев)
Chin Na.

Автор A certain Ghork (5 дней)
Looks awesome in the training videos, but can they actually effectively
apply it in a needy situation? If so, than they aren't to be fucked with

Автор Juninho Molhant (1 месяц)
its japan jiujitsu

Автор Elvis Pan Jun Yang (2 месяца)
Sure China they like to show how good they all

Автор Hao Frank (11 месяцев)
well this is a cop swat. and in China the normal cops are so fucking
weak. but don't mess with the "WUJING", it means armed police. they are
really tough and good at hand to hand battle. usually in China the cops
deal with the normal thief,and the cop swat deal with the robbers or
killers. and the WUJING deal with the armed drug gangsters. and WUJING also
have swat team , they are much more better. they deal with the terrorist.

Автор iceycokey (1 год)
I feel bad for that guy who's being owned by that officer

Автор Kristopher Chan (4 месяца)
Good! Better than the police in my country, Do break aunties quarrels &
fights -_- LOL right?

Автор Des para (4 месяца)
Gay song.

Автор Senthuren Sivarupan (6 месяцев)
0:39 guy with the red hoodies "Wait,whaa-" lol

Автор Connor Moore (4 месяца)
Dat bad assery do

Автор billie morris (5 месяцев)
what fighting style is he using? does anyone know?

Автор Nelson rodriguez (8 месяцев)

Why do need to use self defence for protection, just call the police
they'll save you Lol.

Автор Christopher Adrian Chi (2 месяца)

Автор Alex Lee (10 месяцев)
I like the ending

Автор Ziad Ebrahim (1 год)
Never mind don't f*** with the police. 

Автор Kiki Wong (2 месяца)
Poor guy. LOL

Автор ruppertknickerbocker (10 месяцев)
Cut the crackhead music

Автор KingofKings (7 месяцев)
what type of martial arts is the officer using

Автор Atlantis Lam (10 месяцев)
Well, don't forget China is the origin of Kung Fu.

Автор ahmed zréouil (7 месяцев)

Автор Lary silverstein (10 месяцев)

Автор UP4IT (10 месяцев)
thay guys who has the pads and gets taken down in the video as the
demonstration must have a headache from all that

Автор noah Kull (5 месяцев)

Автор druxfilms (1 год)
Why do so many videos have such shit audio quality?

Автор Danyllo Rosa (9 месяцев)
this is KRAV MAGA

Автор BlackVirtue (8 месяцев)
bullshit, it's obvious he's bigger and stronger than his opponents. He
should show it being effective on bigger and stronger foes, otherwise it's
just strength win, not technique.

Автор H RIMaestro (1 год)
wing tsun

Автор dong nguyen (1 год)
Dude is dope

Автор Kung Pow (1 год)
Wow 1:50 cut 2 arterys. 

Автор jean-thomas robert (1 год)
2:04 lol.

Автор philsnk (1 год)
The truth about the Police is, if you hav someone that will let themselves
get hurt because of the way he gets handled the trick is to have it on
video and to have people believe the police are Chinese.

Автор Jenna X (1 год)

Автор alphablight (11 месяцев)
that guys just there taking all his shit

Автор RomainPlayVideoGames (1 год)
music please ?

Автор Kait Sith (1 год)
China means sieze control.

Автор Jeff Wilde (1 год)

Автор kotskie lavidez (1 год)

Автор Ahmed Firas Baccouche (1 год)

Автор Simon Wang (1 год)
Chinese Police self-defence

Автор Terry John Madigan (2 года)
This guy knows his stuff

Автор Marcos Souza (1 год)
us need police guys like this in brazil

Автор Dimitar Irinkov (1 год)
that is one badass policeman

Автор deadmeh (1 год)
You don't fight back when someone is joint manipulating you otherwise you
will tear a muscle, dislocate a joint or rip a ligament if you don't know
what you are doing. That why he turns into a rag doll because otherwise he
isn't stupid and wants to continue walking or using his arms. Fuck you're
stupid you don't know what trapping or joint manipulation is, go fuck
yourself or go call that cop he will fuck you up good too.

Автор falloutrangerlol (1 год)
that's because human body structure is the same

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