Chinese Police self-defence

Chinese Police self-defense

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Добавлено: 3 года
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Автор ruppertknickerbocker (16 дней)
Cut the crackhead music

Автор iceycokey (3 месяца)
I feel bad for that guy who's being owned by that officer

Автор druxfilms (4 месяца)
Why do so many videos have such shit audio quality?

Автор Daniel de Souza Telles (4 месяца)
Sleeping Dogs

Автор Atlantis Lam (15 дней)
Well, don't forget China is the origin of Kung Fu.

Автор UP4IT (1 месяц)
thay guys who has the pads and gets taken down in the video as the
demonstration must have a headache from all that

Автор Alex Lee (1 месяц)
I like the ending

Автор Lary silverstein (21 день)

Автор dong nguyen (4 месяца)
Dude is dope

Автор Ziad Ebrahim (4 месяца)
Never mind don't f*** with the police. 

Автор Jenna X (5 месяцев)

Автор jean-thomas robert (4 месяца)
2:04 lol.

Автор Hao Frank (1 месяц)
well this is a cop swat. and in China the normal cops are so fucking
weak. but don't mess with the "WUJING", it means armed police. they are
really tough and good at hand to hand battle. usually in China the cops
deal with the normal thief,and the cop swat deal with the robbers or
killers. and the WUJING deal with the armed drug gangsters. and WUJING also
have swat team , they are much more better. they deal with the terrorist.

Автор philsnk (4 месяца)
The truth about the Police is, if you hav someone that will let themselves
get hurt because of the way he gets handled the trick is to have it on
video and to have people believe the police are Chinese.

Автор H RIMaestro (2 месяца)
wing tsun

Автор RomainPlayVideoGames (2 месяца)
music please ?

Автор Terry John Madigan (1 год)
This guy knows his stuff

Автор Simon Wang (10 месяцев)

Автор Kung Pow (3 месяца)
Wow 1:50 cut 2 arterys. 

Автор Peter Smith (4 месяца)
China means sieze control.

Автор Marcos Souza (9 месяцев)
us need police guys like this in brazil

Автор Dimitar Irinkov (9 месяцев)
that is one badass policeman

Автор deadmeh (9 месяцев)
You don't fight back when someone is joint manipulating you otherwise you
will tear a muscle, dislocate a joint or rip a ligament if you don't know
what you are doing. That why he turns into a rag doll because otherwise he
isn't stupid and wants to continue walking or using his arms. Fuck you're
stupid you don't know what trapping or joint manipulation is, go fuck
yourself or go call that cop he will fuck you up good too.

Автор falloutrangerlol (8 месяцев)
that's because human body structure is the same

Автор EpicHotCheese (5 месяцев)
What kind of material art style is this? Or is it some sort of military
combat style?

Автор jacob lane (9 месяцев)
what scares me is that there are people that could take that guy o_O

Автор 10videogamesftw (9 месяцев)
your birth certificate is an apology from the condom factory

Автор Khal (5 месяцев)
He's really old now, no chance of beating that lil dude =)

Автор Hunter (8 месяцев)
you can watch krav maga videos and compare to this, its nothing look like
krav maga at all. trust me! I'm Chinese.

Автор AirsoftShizsAndGigs (6 месяцев)
That guy is in true pain lol.

Автор deadmeh (9 месяцев)
That guy would destroy you so bad you would never walk again, cause you
would be dead.

Автор Juji Roll (9 месяцев)
Yea agree with you here. Sanda mixed in with Róu shù

Автор Bandogge Mastiff (7 месяцев)
THIS IS ALL JAPANESE JU-JITSU! identical to the syllabus beyond any doubt!

Автор FreshDesignsGFX (7 месяцев)
They speed this shit up..

Автор LaFouine916 (9 месяцев)
NY police launch hot dog or Big Mac on thieves!

Автор FATCHUABLE (7 месяцев)
i can only tell u that is FAKE....chinese police are not that good on
self-defence , they only use a rod or gun or shield , just one word
"Rubbish" !

Автор keijiyoko (9 месяцев)
yes self defence most moves are counter attacks

Автор DrHax2012 (9 месяцев)
nice vid, i want know song name plz

Автор Rempel23 (7 месяцев)
OK. first of all, i do not think everything is a joke, you don't know me.
Second, and take note Daniel Tosh is NOT funny, he is a D-bag, do not
compare me to him in any scenario. And i can only hope that when i die
people will be laughing and happy, not sad and mourning the past, it's a
waste of time. i agree death isn't funny but it isn't something to be taken
so seriously, we live, we die, that's life, make the best of it. and
lastly, you should take things less seriously. it was a single joke

Автор Scurd (9 месяцев)
Shut the fuck up you racist fucker fight me in rl motherfucker

Автор raglanheuser (6 месяцев)
who the fuck attacks a police officer by slowly placing their open palm on
the other guy's shirt?

Автор dieselngoungou (9 месяцев)
all the police in China learn anti-capturing. it's not based on sanda or
rou shu but taiqi.

Автор abioux (9 месяцев)
is this aikido ?

Автор Quisek (9 месяцев)
Actually the original meaning of 功夫(kung fu)doesn't necessarily means
martial arts invented by the Chinese. It's used to describe how capable
someone is on the area of fighting and other handy work professions. If
Indian fighting style appeared in early China, it would also be categorized
as one of the 功夫

Автор Li Winstom (6 месяцев)
to be more specific, this is a chinese SWAT

Автор H34D5H0T0WN5 (7 месяцев)
Is a joke meant to make fun of American police. It seems you have missed

Автор Mason Zhong (8 месяцев)
Most probably a style that is designed by police, for police

Автор mkmyles31 (9 месяцев)
Bruce Lee

Автор maurcd (9 месяцев)
what style do they use?

Автор Anthony Atkins (9 месяцев)
go to an aikido dojo, and tell me you can change the angle , trust me i
tried, and got folded up like a pretzel.

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