Safest Way to Kill Wasps and Hornets

I see all these videos of people trying to kill wasps and getting stung. This is the easiest way to kill wasps. It can spray virtually any aerosol, as well as, a powder duster. It can angle to spray under decks.

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We removed this because my daughter had gotten stung by bees (you can see her reaction in my other video) Please do not try this at home!!!
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Wasp Hotel Salt Spring Island how to set up wasp traps Scott Simmons Salt Spring Island BC FYI update; I went to the The Beaty Biodiversity Museum...
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I show how I made a spray arm extender to kill a nest of yellow jackets from a greater distance that most aerosol insecticides can reach. It was...
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A Yellow-Jacket wasp nest was found after disturbing the young nest by accident resulting in stings. Revenge! Note to all of you haters out there -...
Natural Weed Killer
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Natural Weed Killer

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