Anajet: Direct To Garment

This is a simple demonstration of the Anajet Direct To Garment Printer. This demo shows the printing of a white shirt with a full color design. For more information on the Anajet, please contact us.

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Автор Marek Micak (1406 лет назад)
Hi there.
Do you still have this printer ? I'm deciding to buy used one. What's your
experience with this printer? Is output nice ??

Автор thethingswe ( назад)
i went to a nj tradeshow to be sure the output was like the sample they
send in the mail. it wasn't. the output was complete junk. do not just buy
one, see it demonstrated on a machine that's been kicking them out for an
hour. You can't go by a video... i never did buy one of these. the output
was horrible when watching it crank out ten shirts in a row..very bad

Автор Stan .cnet (123 года назад)
You got a thumbs up just for the SOAD intro music!

Автор tyheme h ( назад)
Love it

Автор ‫عماد عبدالقادر‬‎ ( назад)
hi I in syria I need machin & for ink & praic

Автор james williams ( назад)
..this is supposed to come with a shirt frame, to hold the shirt in place
and no wrinkles.. did u lose yours?

Автор Ayimbek Mongol ( назад)
Hi Whats the price?

Автор Ron Mellinger ( назад)
@DrallimerProductions You would need a heat press to set the ink into the

Автор DrallimerProductions ( назад)
Do you need a heat press, or can u wait and let it dry?

Автор TheButterflyAutopsy ( назад)
what's the biggest resolution you can print in a t-shirt ?

Автор Angga Pratama ( назад)
njirr.. kebut, ciga ngprint dinu kertas

Автор TTEOTD88 ( назад)
@IntegrityPrintSupply inks expire 2-3 years, and according to anajet user
manual, it is important to shake the ink catridges gently, at least once a
week to prevent the ink from solidifying

Автор diZZybomb6789 ( назад)
I swear he said he was gonna print it and inch below the collar.

Автор hadany1 ( назад)
wow nice.hello im from colombia and i like know if anajet have stores here
in colombia or importers thanks. whats its the cost too thank you

Автор lexyota ( назад)

Автор Ron Mellinger ( назад)
@tricreation I am selling the M&R now because it is built with a larger
available platen and it has better components. It costs $20,500. Check out
the video in my favorites.

Автор tri creation ( назад)
how much is this machine?

Автор Ron Mellinger ( назад)
@fatsotomuscles I am selling the M&R now because it is built with a larger
available platen and it has better components. It costs $20,500. I will
have a video on soon.

Автор fatsotomuscles ( назад)
How much would one of those printers cost? And if financing available? I
live in Los Angeles Country by the way.

Автор Ron Mellinger ( назад)
16 washes for the black shirts and up to 50 for the light colored shirts
and only if they are cured correctly.

Автор Ron Mellinger ( назад)
I believe the inks can last up to a year but I will need to find out from
the manufacturer

Автор fatsotomuscles ( назад)
What's the storage life on the ink sir?

Автор flyaway777 ( назад)
wt is the price of these machines ??

Автор Blutsbruder ( назад)
In Germany the Anajet costs at the moment about 9.000.- Eur (no white ink!)
about 12.500.- Eur (with white ink!) These are the prices for new printers,
hope it helped you out :-)

Автор fretduster03 ( назад)
how much this direct to garment printer would cost brand new and a decently
condition pre owned?

Автор Ron Mellinger ( назад)
Made by the same company, so yes it is basically the same with a different

Автор Ron Mellinger ( назад)
Yes, the Melco is made by Anajet for Melco. I have a floor model Anajet for
sale if you are interested.

Автор Ron Mellinger ( назад)
It washes fine as long as the cure is done correctly on the heat press

Автор VIPcoach ( назад)
Is AnaJet the same as Melco?

Автор theCrazyReddshow ( назад)
Does it wash good?

Автор ANAJETshawn ( назад)
Great video! AnaJet is truly the Industry leader in Direct to Garment
printing technology.

Автор writemist ( назад)
this is an awesome printer gets the job done and the blacks look amazing i
would recommend this printer to anyone who is looking to start a t shirt
printing business is so easy to use and fast too!!!!!!!

Автор Ron Mellinger ( назад)
Yes, there is a youth size pallet made for the Anajet. If you require more
information on that, contact your local dealer or feel free to give us a

Автор Ron Mellinger ( назад)
I see what you are saying now. If you are planning on doing a lot of these
type of shirts, then a smaller custom pallet may be fitted to the unit so
that the shirt sleeves and collar will still fall under the pallet and be
out of the way just like the larger shirts. The pallet has a fitting which
makes it removable. Custom pallets are often a solution for many types of
screen printing.

Автор Ron Mellinger ( назад)
I am not sure what you are asking. The Anajets pallet will take all size
shirts. If you go into youth sizes, you might have to just lay the shirt on
the pallet without inserting it inside the shirt. As long as the garment
stays put, the Anajet can print on it. The artwork would have to be resized
of course. If you need to secure the shirt to the pallet with tape, that
will work too.

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