Anajet: Direct To Garment

This is a simple demonstration of the Anajet Direct To Garment Printer. This demo shows the printing of a white shirt with a full color design. For more information on the Anajet, please contact us.

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465 East Chilton Drive, Suite #5
Chandler AZ 85225
PH 480-831-5791
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Автор SRINIVAS vidyardhi ( назад)
price please

Автор Marek Micak (1407 лет назад)
Hi there.
Do you still have this printer ? I'm deciding to buy used one. What's your experience with this printer? Is output nice ??

Автор thethingswe ( назад)
i went to a nj tradeshow to be sure the output was like the sample they send in the mail. it wasn't. the output was complete junk. do not just buy one, see it demonstrated on a machine that's been kicking them out for an hour. You can't go by a video... i never did buy one of these. the output was horrible when watching it crank out ten shirts in a row..very bad output

Автор Stan .cnet (124 года назад)
You got a thumbs up just for the SOAD intro music!

Автор tyheme h ( назад)
Love it

Автор عماد عبدالقادر ( назад)
hi I in syria I need machin & for ink & praic

Автор james williams ( назад)
..this is supposed to come with a shirt frame, to hold the shirt in place and no wrinkles.. did u lose yours?

Автор Ayimbek Mongol ( назад)
Hi Whats the price?

Автор Angga Pratama ( назад)
njirr.. kebut, ciga ngprint dinu kertas

Автор lexyota ( назад)

Автор tri creation ( назад)
how much is this machine?

Автор fatsotomuscles ( назад)
How much would one of those printers cost? And if financing available? I live in Los Angeles Country by the way.

Автор fatsotomuscles ( назад)
What's the storage life on the ink sir?

Автор fretduster03 ( назад)
how much this direct to garment printer would cost brand new and a decently condition pre owned?

Автор VIPcoach ( назад)
Is AnaJet the same as Melco?

Автор theCrazyReddshow ( назад)
Does it wash good?

Автор ANAJETshawn ( назад)
Great video! AnaJet is truly the Industry leader in Direct to Garment printing technology.

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