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Автор Kevin G ( назад)
Most under rated band of the 80"s....Oz Fox is a guitar God and Michael
Sweet has the voice of an Angel....I cant say how happy I am to have them

Автор Jorge Fuentes ( назад)
I am a son of God and I love this song!!!

Автор Solid|Ranger ( назад)
Don't let labels keep you down man!! :D Love what you do and eff the rest ♥

Автор PrestigiousK ( назад)
Im not really into Christian music but this kinda rules.

Автор Geoff Galt ( назад)
Agnostic as hell, and this song ROCKS!

Автор V4EKKRINH4RT ( назад)
I'm a follower of Christ, but I love this song too

Автор Rettke ( назад)
I'm an atheist, but I FUCKING LOVE THIS SONG

Автор DONCARLOSR72 ( назад)
check the drug youre using asshole.... BRUCE DICKINSON sounding terrible???
please do us a favor and kill yourself son of a bitch

Автор VengeanceAfter ( назад)
They sound better now.

Автор Slimebeast ( назад)
Yes, Dickinson is awful now. But honestly he always sucked live. In the
past he was fantastic on the albums, while nowadays he sounds weak on the
studio albums too.

Автор Richard Beacham ( назад)
The Eagles have been doing it much much longer. I am a definite Stryper
fan, just answering a question.

Автор Clot God ( назад)
come on now, Bruce Dickenson sounds terrible these days. all... whining
those old songs

Автор Clot God ( назад)

Автор The Rock Music Channel ( назад)
Yes Iron Maiden has been doing it longer. Iron Maiden came out with their
first album in 1980 and Stryper came out with theirs in 1984.

Автор The Rock Music Channel ( назад)
I did.

Автор jonas brave ( назад)
Iron Maiden have been doing it longer I think. They can still play 'Where
Eagles Dare", "Evil That Men Do" and "Run To The Hills" without breaking a

Автор Pigeaterdlx ( назад)
Brilliant! I usually hate stuff like this, but the Stryper boys still got
it! Rock on!

Автор Bon Ku ( назад)
oh shit! it rocks

Автор Rutger Eichhorn ( назад)
This sounds great! I love it!!

Автор tijgertje97 ( назад)
thank you putting this very good awsome metal band on youtube!!

Автор Willem-Jan la Roi ( назад)
Thanks for uploading!! Can you also upload the song 'Loud n clear' (second
coming)? Would be great

Автор CoolSummer Breeze ( назад)
This is they way they sound live...much harder!! Great stuff!

Автор Atheist Slayer ( назад)

Автор shane69999 ( назад)
this version is actually better than the original, it has a cooler rock
edge to it

Автор Daryl Trabucco ( назад)
they sound great!!

Автор rootbeerrocker archery ( назад)

Автор gramirez1814 ( назад)
great song i like this version better,surrender,free,first love,and loud n
clear are awsomee!!!!

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