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Автор 182roadwarrior ( назад)
Glad these guys are back!

Автор roy summers ( назад)
You have to be in a battle with the devil every day, use Gods word againest
him the name of Jesus has power over the devil every thing Jesus name is
spoking the devil and demons tremble use his name Jesus has a child of God
dont give up 777 love you guts every were JESUS LIVES EOR EVERMORE

Автор Tatted Mama ( назад)
I have several tattoos,listen to different music than most. I've had
rainbow colored hair. But my heart I hope is for Christ. Bible says to love
with all your heart. Not to judge someone because of how they look.

Автор Tatted Mama ( назад)
Soon I found myself in a nightmare. With my own demon. It tortmented me day
and night. I was a basket case after a while. I cried out to God to save
me,help me.He was right there,"I hide in the shadow of the Almighty",Psalm
91. Being Fatherless, He has always been there,my Father. Sent help when
only He could.Then Jesus started to work on my heart, my thinking. He made
me a new person.

Автор Tatted Mama ( назад)
I was saved when I was 16. But I didn't know what that meant. I did good
for a while.Then I started looking into wicca,because it was about myself
and nature. I didn't want to answer to anyone,I had "spiritual" experiences
since a child. So I turned away from God,not knowing I had done so.I
started reading books,etc.

Автор ozzman ( назад)
The premier Christian metal band!! 

Автор Curtis Price ( назад)
I used to head butt to this in the 80's. Better than the original. More
polished, better guitar riffs. Michael Sweet hasn't lost his voice. The jam
is tight and there's a better bass groove as well.

Автор Joe De Giglio ( назад)
Michael can't regularly hit those high notes anymore, atleast not for as
long, but that doesn't matter... I like his voice better now than I did
then! these guys were cutting edge musicians and it's great to have them

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