The Vicar of Dibley with Johnny Depp | Comic Relief

Special edition of The Vicar of Dibley for Comic Relief, starring Dawn French and featuring an appearance by Johnny Depp!

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Длительность: 13:51
Комментарии: 111

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Автор normalil normalil ( назад)
Good on Fergie! To me is a million times better than Di. Great laugh the whole thing.

Автор goodstorylover ( назад)
It is almost painful nowadays to see what has become of this extraordinary, handsome and talented actor. He does not look happy nor healthy now, and his movies are on the steady decline. I do hope he will manage to pull himself together again.

Автор TheVargevass ( назад)
did you like the show? no no no no no no no yes....

Автор Rose Ecilo ( назад)
Where's Johnny Depp from? I always thought America but his accent is a mixture of American and English 🤔

Автор Urban Wolf ( назад)
'Knickerage'! haha

Автор Emily Jackson ( назад)
my heart catches fire when I see johnny because I know I can never have him :'( ♥

Автор Emily Jackson ( назад)
my heart catches fire when I see kohnny because I know I can never have him :'( ♥

Автор mizzygirl6473 ( назад)
Is that blonde girl on some type of medicine? she has to be on something

Автор ahenmaxtae ( назад)
mehehehehe the knickerage fer SURE

Автор Katie MacDonald ( назад)
isnt Geraldine supposed be married ?

Автор 24hoursayear ( назад)
Wow a Garry Glitter joke.

Автор Jordan Kyle ( назад)
LOL! The love bite changed sides on her neck :) x

Автор Krystelitis ( назад)
Barty Crouch and the Fat lady together!? awesome :|

Автор EM2E ( назад)

Автор massie1985 ( назад)
Totally darkness and his voice is just enough to get how sexy he is <3 Me him and a dark room... Need I say more ;oP

Автор Gemma Allan ( назад)

Автор MithunOnThe.Net ( назад)
Johnny Depp looks like John Mayer in this.

Автор Tara Mather ( назад)
i knew i shoulda watched it rather than work... grrrrrr

Автор cashdown1000 ( назад)
Dear god he's pretty

Автор Fiona ( назад)
give me harry any day :)

Автор kahuna3901 ( назад)
hahahahahaha love dawn french so much

Автор Megan Scott ( назад)
johnny is my favourite

Автор DrShrinkus ( назад)
I love Johnny Depp but what happened to Geraldine's hot husband?

Автор cat ross ( назад)
i really do worry about alice sometimes

Автор jean prouvaire ( назад)
Wow :) His smile is intoxicating

Автор orlaith mcgonnell ( назад)
Awww johnny ...:) just amazing.
Love this, watched it a couple of times now and it always makes me laugh...just brilliant :)

Автор bornaangel ( назад)
very funnt\y. Johnny is a hottie

Автор McGix ( назад)
The one with Sting is awesome but this one is awesomer :D

Автор Ash M ( назад)
oh god, amazing, i actually felt like the vicar, kept pausing it when she said something cringey and hiding behind my hands! So good to see johnny depp not in a hat, he is looking well!!!!

Автор HeatherReviews ( назад)
Nomnomnomnomnom ;D

Автор XxXrubygloomXxX ( назад)

Автор emilycjoneslikesyou ( назад)
if only he came to my village..

Автор JessicaaCapstick ( назад)
Johnny Depp.... bow chicka wow wow

Автор bellamuerte057 ( назад)
Johnny Depp, hubba hubba!

Автор Ana Vieira ( назад)
i love this song

Автор Ashley Cope ( назад)

Автор NickyLess ( назад)
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I'm sorry was there a show? I only saw the Depp :)

Автор muriel Harding ( назад)
@GlamBella6126 yeah who could resist that?

Автор muriel Harding ( назад)
@AppleHead1310 you & me both.

Автор Diana Liviapoma ( назад)
hola si pudieran transcribir lo que hablan por favor para poder traducirlo

Автор Lilyyloubelle Hailwood ( назад)
this actually made me laugh way too much.
oh my god.

Автор Tom Norton ( назад)
@cajoz IM guessing you find gervais funny, then you have the nerve to call this not funny? Gervais <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Автор xShaperShifterx ( назад)


Автор flyoverangel ( назад)
This show is below Dawn French's talent

Автор Matt ( назад)
Since when did it become necessary to only post positive posts? I'm simply registering my disappointment at the simple and cheap-laugh content of this show. I know the Brits are smarter than that when it comes to humour. I'm genuinely shocked this show is still on air, that's all. What's "DUHH" about that?
Kudos for them though for comic relief, and Johnny Depp's a legend.

Автор Aaron Gillie ( назад)
it was good of him to do this...

Автор Matt ( назад)
I like British comedy, but is The Vicar of Dibley actually watched and considered funny? i mean, c'mon, seriously! Lame. Now i know why Ricky Gervais always rips the shit out of it.

Автор Alexandra D ( назад)
i keep finding myself rewinding to part 5:26
and when he says 'thank you very much honey'.
im sorry. but looking at every inch of his face...well...its pretty much similar to an orgasmic feeling. pardon my vivid images.

Автор Sam Leigh-Brown ( назад)
@youngelvisnightowls ;-) It´s scissor-hands btw hee-hee..

Автор 12depp ( назад)
This fucking cracked me up! XD XD

Автор Bethany Howe ( назад)
'If you're ever in need of spiritual counselling or anything else, sugar, milk or casual sex' :'P

Автор Ashley ( назад)
@bluebabyangel1 He isnt, it was just for comic relief :)

Автор Elizabeth Dowdy ( назад)
Love this show .. had no idea John Depp was on this show..

Автор Justin Kalman ( назад)
Phil Cornwell!!! John Sessions!!! Heard the voices, knew it.

Автор Justin Kalman ( назад)
Phil Cornwell!!! John Sessions!!!

Автор Justin Kalman ( назад)
Phil Cornwell!!!

Автор Lizzy ( назад)

Автор Josie Trott ( назад)
@cocaslocas I know - totallty sh*te!

Автор saidahgilbert ( назад)
did alice get taller?

Автор Tin A ( назад)
Dawn French is soooo charming! :)

Автор banpaiaperson ( назад)
look up sex in the dictionary. theres a photo of johnny depp :P

Автор Dani Taylor ( назад)
Oh ye of tiny, tiny faith.

Автор b.c. ( назад)
I love the little gasp he does at 5:10

Автор onionsmarilyn ( назад)
this makes me lol

Автор KristyLouiseDepp ( назад)

Автор onionsmarilyn ( назад)
im so shocked he was in it but also awwww he was so young and adorable!!!

Автор Anna Speedman ( назад)
@seksiebexie nah, the definition of hot is "about three thousand miles beneath Johnny Depp" ;P

Автор Sabina Rana ( назад)
Look for 'Hot Damn!' in the dictionary, and you'll see a picture of Johnny Depp right there...

Автор Sneaker ( назад)
@pirates120 thank u so much ! my mother loves this arrangement :)

Автор Alynnra ( назад)
At the Knickerage...
At the Knockerage...

Автор doobidoo123 ( назад)
johnnyjohnnyjohnnyjohnnyjohnnyjohnnyjohnnyjohnnyjohnnyjohnnyjohnnyjohnnyjohnnyjohnnyjohnnyjohnnyjohnnyjohnnyjohnnyjohnnyjohnnyjohnnyjohnnyjohnnyjohnnyjohnnyjohnnyjohnnyjohnnyjohnnyjohnnyjohnnyjohnnyjohnnyEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE XD
nom nom nom nom nom

Автор Polly Glynn ( назад)
love ♥ LOVE

Автор DaveAKATheNewRexHunt ( назад)
@CoolCausImIrish u didn't look very hard then!

Автор Joshua Barrett ( назад)
OMG, he's so hot.

Автор ratbum ( назад)
How did they play music with a power cut?

Автор ratbum ( назад)

Автор Tk011982 ( назад)
he is sooooooooooo hot!!!!!!!!! total dreamboat!

Автор XOXMJJXOX ( назад)
can someone please tell me what the guy withn the weird voice says after she says somthin abwt feeling something short and prickly is it a present a cactus? man johnnys sexy and this is hillarious!

Автор Renee Jarvis ( назад)
*drool* JOHNNY!

Автор DoctorGlass ( назад)
How old are you, twelve?

Автор BethGoth15 ( назад)
Lol the fuss women make over him. It's fucking ridiculous! *Sees Michael Palin walking pass and screams hysterically* :P

Автор lollipopcheesepuffs ( назад)
her face at 6.39 speaks on behalf of all girls!

Автор MegaAzby ( назад)
nah, i've once seen a vid that was like 17 minutes. still don't know how they do that

Автор Cass Herbert ( назад)
:O omg Johnny looks sooo hot in this vid, his accent :P

Автор meko ( назад)
if you watch youtube live its over 2 hours

Автор vboz9271979 ( назад)
OMG! When you think of Johnny Depp you think of ultimate HOTNESS!!!

Автор Maria Hammarström ( назад)
Johnny had the cutest smile at 5.29!!!

Автор Spider From Mars ( назад)
phwoar omg johnny depp is a sex god sure he way older than me but who cares

Автор indie_annika ( назад)
"And buttocks like peaches in plastic film..."

Автор GUAlliance ( назад)
The duchess is a big gal eh? Quite tall

Автор Katie Belsey ( назад)
HA! that is the perfect way to describe him!

Автор nre0 ( назад)
Omg Johnny Depp is sooo goreous!

Автор nre0 ( назад)
There is something unreal about Johnny depp, I am just watching this and I am smiling from the moment he is on the screen, luv his slight smile at 5:29, he is soooo charismatic :D :D

Автор Laura Halliwell ( назад)
I love Johnny Depp <3 :)

Автор Eter Puralis ( назад)
*gasp* Well well... messy curls... No ugly sunglasses... Hot.

Автор Eter Puralis ( назад)
Don't talk bad about chocolate, he was in it ;)

Автор Magnus Martin ( назад)
really have you looked in the movie section there are 2 hour long ones in there.

Автор Toni Louise ( назад)
Johnny Depp + The Vicar of Dibley = AWESOMENESS!!!

Автор Chris ( назад)
love vicar of dibley, my nan got me into it lol and i love the joke and the end XD!

Автор malibu4me ( назад)
Johnny "please use your scissorhands to snip my pants off immediately" Depp!!!!
Brilliant!!! Major images going on now......................and I like itt!!!!!

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