Joe Rogan comperes a bear technique to Khabib Nurmagomedov

Joe Rogan comperes a bear technique to Khabib Nurmagomedov

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Joe Rogan comperes a bear technique to Khabib Nurmagomedov

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Автор K. ToTi ( назад)

Автор Iqbal Wani ( назад)
this is insanely amusing , rogan should do it more often , bear figHT,dog
fights , cock fights

Автор Albert “DeadTrigger” Miccichè ( назад)
i expect the rematch between the dog and the puppy bear for UFC 210

Автор PhantomO01 ( назад)
They should name a strain of pot after Joe Rogan. I mean that with absolute

Автор DoNNa DoNNa ( назад)
Khabib is the best

Автор aam voor ( назад)
Joe you talk Like a child

Автор Isl Gg ( назад)
Conor R.I.P

Автор Nediler ( назад)
funny listening to Joe Rogan talk about rural areas... #CityDweller

Автор Joe Rock ( назад)
you idiot.

Автор Hashirama Senju ( назад)
Khabib Nurmagomedov has been reported to have fought and wrestled with
chuck norris as well.

Автор Matthew Reagan ( назад)
Stop stealing content and learn how to spell. Cock sucker.

Автор Heron Myer ( назад)
the thing with bear is that I know how to use a gun but a bear doesn't so
this gives me a HUGE advantage

Автор Monscent ( назад)

Автор kuku muku ( назад)

Автор Artur Naumov ( назад)
OH FCKN BEAR on the movie!!!
What a fight!!! Its a natural born wrestler!!

Автор Carl John ( назад)
The ending line got me 😂

Автор Brian Lee ( назад)
This was obviously recorded after Rogan took a couple bong hits.

Автор haitianxu ( назад)
Without weapons, how many prime Alexandr Karelins would it take to kill a
1500 lbs adult grizzly in its prime? 20? 30? 50? Pretty sure it will be
under 50, but the question is how many Karelins would die in the process.

Автор Steve Carmen ( назад)
It's spelled Compares. and all you're doing is stealing people's content
and posting it on your channel. get a fucking life dude. go find some
actual MMA news and report it yourself. Smfh.

Автор Rapportus Rich ( назад)
Lol side control!

Автор Jørg 1 ( назад)
Can't stand this fake Hollywood clown, just started hunting Joe?

Автор Jay215pa ( назад)
They need Joe commentating animal fights on national geographic, he would
make it alot more interesting.

Автор Mark Duguay ( назад)

Автор Raythetree001 ( назад)
joe should get into climbing...ive been in the outdoors all my liffe and
yes your body tunes itself in to its roots.

Автор Danny Torres ( назад)
the dude is out of it xD hes so stoned

Автор PaulFeldner ( назад)
It's compares

Автор Marcel Müller ( назад)
I love what Joe said after 2:16

Автор mexicola 5000 ( назад)
lol side control

Автор Peter Sedesse ( назад)
seriously, he should start a new channel, and have Jamie find a random
animal v animal fight, and have Joe comment on it like it was a live fight.

Автор Erick Rodriguez ( назад)
hahahaha fuck joe rogan commenting a dog vs bear war

Автор Daug wahlker ( назад)
Love Joe Rogan but he's very hypocritical when he sais how much he loves
nature and its beauty but shoots and kills needlessly for fun when he
doesn't even need the meat. And could live cleaner on other foods..

Автор Richard Alpert ( назад)

Автор Marcus W.Right ( назад)
All this and the 'hype' will soon diminish about Khabib when he fights
either McGregor or Ferguson.

Автор Isaiah Boulware ( назад)
"Boom bitch boom, side control" lol

Автор brennen1116 ( назад)
I could watch this shit all day. Great talk, hilarious, and FUCKING truth
and reality. Keep it real Joe

Автор PC BEAST Nvidia ( назад)
"bears are real you know,they are real , not a myth" wtf joe rogan is
talking about

Автор dan da lion ( назад)
I laughed my ass off throughout this whole section

Автор Robert Van Helden ( назад)
That's why khabib is one of the baddest men EVER.. he was fucking up bears
as a baby.... word

Автор Mrigank ( назад)
side control.?lmfao

Автор Abdus Samad ( назад)
Boom Bitch.... Download it now from Google Play

Автор Alpine Junkie ( назад)
Thers only one thing scarier than running into a 500 pound bear.
Running into bear cub first.Even scarier, at that exact moment about an
hour into my hike, realising I left the bear spray in the tent. Oh and I
was alone with my wife.Ya come camping in B.C.

Автор Risyad Ramadhan ( назад)
Joe should narate or do commentaty a wildlife show

Автор Valerya Starkshield ( назад)
"Hey, be careful, I'm gonna smash your grandma!" - Habib Normagobav-da-golf

Автор stewy2583 Stewart ( назад)
But people that live in the country feel that way about the city you are
way more likely to get attacked by a human then a wild animal

Автор DontNeedToKnow84 ( назад)
"That's some Karo Parisyan shit" lmfao

Автор TJ McGregor ( назад)
Yeah nature maaaaan, you can understand nature better understand life
better yeahhhhh

Автор Rasairi ( назад)
I lost my shit when the bear got side control hahaha

Автор LeafyIsQueerIsHere ( назад)
baby bear Poppin the hips like Kurt angle doing an over the head belly to

Автор Drew Tipp ( назад)
how much pot do you smoke?? lol

Автор I got dropped 3 time by a featherweight ( назад)
When you combine cocaine with marijuana, you get these effects

Автор Eduardo Flores ( назад)
7 years old Khabib was not ragdolled when he wrestled with a bear Khabib is
a badass

Автор Leg3ndKilla687 ( назад)
"Its like Khabib Nurmagomedov wrestling your grandmother " lol

Автор Adrian Smith ( назад)
Lmao!! Come to Australia and go camping ⛺️

Автор sadat arraafe ( назад)

Автор john wall ( назад)
joe u should check out Timothy threadwll

Автор detroit ghetto ( назад)
Khabib Nurmagomedov has been reported to have fought and wrestled with a
lion as well.

Автор kenneth ayika ( назад)
Joe"Sniff ass bear" Rogan

Автор michael bergeron ( назад)
this dude is hiiiighh

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