Soccer Trickshots! (Dear Ryan)

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Просмотров: 7972302
Длительность: 8:13
Комментарии: 66784

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Автор antoneo van deursen ( назад)
Do the ice bucket change

Автор Adis Sabancevic ( назад)
nihahiga do parkors

Автор Susman ( назад)
Dear Ryan Can You Do Dangal?

Автор mathew kanichay ( назад)
Dear how to get girls

Автор Xtrator ( назад)
Did anyone else notice oreo was named "Orio"?

Автор Iraruke kangtari ( назад)
The noise I think Sean made at 1:38 😂😂😂

Автор Fish Sauce ( назад)
Anyone notice the Oreo box/container is spelt "Orio"

Автор Junior Sports ( назад)
Dear Ryan can you do a ppap pen pineapple Apple pen challenge?

Автор Manahari Dahal ( назад)
Dear Ryan, can you say "Brisk brave brigadiers brandished broad bright
blades, blunderbusses, and bludgeons "

Автор Angel Paws Lps ( назад)
If Ryan and his friends are Dude decent then I'm probably Dude Worst That
the terriblest dude in the world

Автор Dinomiter 101 ( назад)
you say you don't play soccer and a guy knows the rainbow

Автор Jeevan Lizardi ( назад)
ryan...... your puns are


Автор aaay aaay ( назад)

Автор Donkey Corn ( назад)
You will die reading this

Автор Zebra Does It ! ( назад)
Pusheen trick shots??????

Автор MajesticDuckz ( назад)
Dear ryan do ping pong trick shots pleas please please!!!!!!

Автор Syed Hamzah ( назад)
Dear Ryan can you do golf trickshot

Автор Diandra Ho ( назад)
Dear Ryan, can you please memorise as many elements from the periodic table
you know?


Автор DeZpICabLe ( назад)
HOLY SHIT ARE YOU VANOSS'S BROTHER you have around the same subs

Автор DeZpICabLe ( назад)
that sponge-bob laugh was perfect

Автор LeeLo Lee ( назад)
I just knew that he's got the same chair as ksi's but green.

Автор MysticMushroom ( назад)
Dude Decent is vat19's thing

Автор Ethan Canfarini ( назад)
Can you do a triple back flip doing a trick shot 😄

Автор Empress' World. ( назад)
I got dat machine gun laugh

Автор Kaan Karataş ( назад)
Dear Ryan, how many different fart sounds can you do while riding a

Автор Adamgamerafc o keeffe ( назад)
#DearRyan can u break any world records

Автор TurboPiggy ( назад)
How does do the spongebob one?

Автор Pineapple_ Playz ( назад)
I dare you to glue your hands together

Автор Pineapple_ Playz ( назад)

Автор Faisal Anhar ( назад)
dear ryan how many types of cry do you know do them

Автор da cool galz ( назад)
hey Ryan,can your fart sing the ABC song...

Автор Ox 4batman ( назад)
"dear ryan" can you do back pack challenge

Автор Ox 4batman ( назад)
17 oreos to be exact

Автор Alex Duarte ( назад)
Can u do football trick shots

Автор BluntestCone16 Awesomeness ( назад)
They copied vat19

Автор Clorox Bleach ( назад)
I want not just want, I need pacos shirt

Автор Mahir Ahmed ( назад)
Dear Ryan can you please do a nerf war

Автор Marc Gray ( назад)
dear Ryan can you do water bottle flip without your hands

Автор Blake Thompson ( назад)
from how high can you bellyflop from

Автор Sweet Maria ( назад)
#DearRyan can you take a selfie with your dog? But try to make him smile

Автор Aria CAMPBELL ( назад)
Dear Ryan, how good are you at parkour?

Автор Jhkawaiigirl 17 ( назад)
Ryan is just as good as dude perfect

Автор Mason Chen ( назад)
Dear Ryan eat cheese

Автор Hydrogen Peroxide ( назад)
You copied vat19's name

Автор ijnek 7 ( назад)
Dear Ryan
Make a video about Dragon ball

Автор MayhemMood ( назад)
I think we found the ledgend27...

Автор Belle Needham ( назад)
Dear Ryan can you do a head stand for 5 minutes whilst drinking a litre of

Автор LeoQueen303 Msp ( назад)
My grandpa has the "wheezer laugh" 😂👴🏼

Автор FTjack AoE7AoT ( назад)
Dear Ryan, please do a movie trailer parody for "Split" with Skitzo

Автор Dani Claire ( назад)
at 6:46, That dude laying on the edge of the slide did nothing.
so relatable

Автор Kang Wang ( назад)
so who said that asians can't shoot?

Автор #Mlp Rainbooms Swagness ( назад)
U forgot the sound like you are crying laugh

Автор Rax & Jack ( назад)
Wait actually do ping pong trickshots

Автор Rax & Jack ( назад)
TENNIS TRICK SHOTS plsssssssssssssssssd

Автор Tmoney Swag ( назад)
Zombie apocalypes

Автор Emilee Playz ( назад)
Dear Ryan, can You, Greg, Sean, Derrick, and Will do 10 front flips each?

Автор xKalixia ( назад)
Dear Ryan can you play Roblox

Автор Scott Waller ( назад)
Dear Ryan can your dog do a trick shot and shrug?

Автор Kawaii Factor ( назад)

Автор Kawaii Factor ( назад)
human trick shot

Автор JJ boss ( назад)
dear Ryan I dare u to ask out the first 5 girls u see

Автор Doreen Barbarona ( назад)
hey ryan do a backflip of the stairs

Автор han dinh ( назад)
Ryan I think it's offensive to say that rich people laugh like that because
not all rich people laugh like that

Автор Maison Rogers ( назад)
Dear Ryan do you know what A.F.L. is

Автор elli jenson ( назад)
Dude decent vs dude perfect who wud win

Автор Dual Gaming ( назад)
I love watching trickshots video

Автор Dual Gaming ( назад)
Do a hat Trickshots

Автор Gabriel Phua ( назад)
They forgot the Seth Rollins laugh

Автор Luca Gasperini ( назад)
Its My B-Day
Please SUB

Автор Random Stuff ( назад)

Автор yuttana lenkhum ( назад)
You are do perfect

Автор Brendamania ( назад)
For the old man laugh...


Автор Phuong Duc ( назад)
Can u kill your self ?

Автор Nina D. ( назад)
#dearryan Can you have a nerf war w/your friends? If you could that would
be great! XD

Автор DragonPlayz123 DragonPlayz123 ( назад)
there is no soccer

Автор Freddie. Pace ( назад)
Like if it's not just me who shrugs with them

Автор SubCharizardXGBE ( назад)
Your wall sitting was a flip-tical illusion. Another dude perfect reference

Автор Neptune13 ( назад)
Dear Ryan, the truth behind dreams!!

Автор Vlogging With Tj ( назад)
Your vid made me stop crying

Автор Vlogging With Tj ( назад)
I,m crying rite now

Автор Corny ( назад)
Why won't you have a intro

Автор Joshua Elkins ( назад)
do you see his eyes!

Автор MelloWolf ( назад)
The oreos are called orio

Автор CaptainEpic 34 ( назад)
I have a machine gun laugh I am not lying

Автор Shadow King ( назад)
NigaHiga is awesome I like the way he says well Ryan can I meet you? XD

Автор FLAMING BLAZER ( назад)
dude decent is vat 19

Автор Har ambe ( назад)
0:00 jezz your fucking eyes

Автор Beast Gamer ( назад)
try be in an fridg

Автор gabriel ong ( назад)
I've always wanted to be a soccer ball

Автор Hey It's Tristen ( назад)
Dear Ryan, plz give me a shoutout. It will mean the world to me😁

Автор Gabrielle Chapin ( назад)
Write the deepest poem ever and/or give it to a random stranger in public
who you feel deserves it!!!

Автор Orfeas Gian ( назад)
So many cutted scenes on editing!

Автор ControlPointGaming ( назад)
you can do it dude decent!

Автор President Dpooly ( назад)
Man that's a lot of laughs H. A

Автор Marty Gee ( назад)
Dear Ryan do a what not to do in a horror movie parody😂😂😂

Автор Matt Langdon ( назад)
Do American football trickshots

Автор HayItsIsaac! ( назад)
Dear Ryan: can you do a hockey trick shot vid?

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