UFC 207 Embedded: Vlog Series - Episode 3

On Episode 3 of UFC 207 Embedded, women's bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes happily gets her official fight week duties underway. Bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz packs for his trip to Las Vegas, where challenger Cody Garbrandt visits a chiropractor. Fellow bantamweight TJ Dillashaw -- a former teammate of Garbrandt and former opponent of Cruz -- also arrives in town with that weight division's belt on his mind. UFC 207 Embedded is an all-access, behind-the-scenes video blog leading up to the two bantamweight title fights at UFC 207: Nunes vs. Rousey, taking place Friday, December 30th live on Pay-Per-View.

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Автор Kc Mcclary ( назад)
this was an amazing card but I will be forever sad and disappointed because
Rhonda lost I was expecting a comeback for the ages and immediately after
that bj lost to yair it's tear season folks ... sigh but Cody won and I'm
ecstatic bout that and I can't wait for Holly Holm's next fight

Автор Svend Bent ( назад)
Cruz makes me sleepy......

Автор O Soskic ( назад)
HAHAHA all top comments from over 1 week ago that had 600 likes, like 10-20
of them have been deleted from this and the other embedded videos because
they started with something like "Cruz will destory cody" and they probably
got many replies back so they deleted them again haha noobs. CODY NOLOVE IS

Автор kpac F ( назад)
it's pretty funny listening to cruz in hindsight haha

Автор LONGLIVE PAPPY ( назад)
I love how they mad fun of Danny Castillo imitating Dom but it was deadass
on point how he does those faints/fakes etc. That's why he got murdered
lmao legit got put to shame.

Автор Beautifully Depressed ( назад)
I was impressed with Cruz after his loss he handled it well. Conor also
handled it well when he lost to Diaz! Ronda should take notes!

Автор Random videoUploader ( назад)
anyone know where i can get that cap at 6:07 from?

Автор addaminsane ( назад)
Cody Had A Highlight Night, but Dominick also put on quite the show ...
looked over-trained ... Since When Is It Really A Good Idea To Skip
Christmas? ...

Автор EMPIRE ( назад)
Joao Cardisus Lmfaoooooo this little virgin loser deleted his comment 😂

Автор Jack Johnston ( назад)
they just put a mini condom in his nose lol

Автор Hexkwondo ( назад)
poor rhonda...

Автор Shane Fowler ( назад)
Whats the haters gonna say now?! #ANDNEW Cruz just got fookin smashed!
Bring that belt back too Uhrichsville, Ohio where it belongs!! Way to go
brother!! #922 #NOLOVE

Автор RAFA RAFA ( назад)

Автор Cedric Gant ( назад)
Where's all the Dom dickriders now?

Автор Raivi Hossain ( назад)
So Cody couldnt find any fighter to emulate Dom so they had to an they had
to get a monkey

Автор Adam smithintin ( назад)
I would be shedding weight pretty easy if I was riding that every night

Автор Scott 300 ( назад)
Nunes looks like a female Miguel Torres

Автор Scottish John ( назад)

Автор wrenglish ( назад)
Gambrandt is a McGregor wannabe. Dillashaw could beat Grambrandt, can't
wait to see Dillashaw vs. Cruz 2!!!

Автор closinginonclosure ( назад)
Am I the only one who thinks Cody is going to win this one? If you look at
all of Cruz's past fights, and all of the potential opportunities people
had to catch him. But just weren't fast enough or a strong enough striker.
But Cody is. Cody isn't much of a talker, but I have a feeling he's going
to shock people.

Автор FejkJ ( назад)
Does that plastic bitch not leave the house without a stupid hat on?!

Автор Clive Christian ( назад)
big ups heidi dean

Автор Rodrigo ( назад)
I find it funny how they had that dude try to replicate Dominick no you
ain't gonna do it don't try Cruz is gonna run through this man while this
guy drinks hot coco and buying suits Cruz was putting in work.

Автор Khabib Nurmagobov The golf ( назад)
Dominic Cruz sounds like Elliot Rogers

Автор Chapelle 696969 ( назад)
Something tells me that shoving a balloon in somebody's nose and inflating
it is not FDA approved

Автор Ahsan Naseem ( назад)
hey cody there could only one conor and devlin so stop trying

Автор boris plotkin ( назад)
Biggest joke in the world is this idiot Danny Castillo trying to fight like
Cruz it looks ridiculous. Garbrant might get FINISHED

Автор Clev Eland ( назад)

Автор Steve Williams ( назад)
the only issue i see for cody is he has no training partners that can
emulate cruz style.. that guy has one weird style of fighting.. the angles
the angles.. his boring to watch but Cruz is like a mathematician the way
hes calculating them angles when he fights.

Автор Technical Irish Christian ( назад)
Dominick is going to make Cody believe he is a Mathematical classroom and
not a Cage. I love you Cruz. God speed.

Автор Jay Asher ( назад)
Why does nate diaz get subtitles but Nunes doesnt when I can understand HIM
but not her ?

Автор Bow Prometheus ( назад)
They nailed Cruz's fighting style lol Hit em hard Monkey hehehe dumb
girlfriend lol

Автор Bow Prometheus ( назад)
Dominick is a fuckin STAR WARS FAN???? FUCK YEAH I cant wait for tonight,
gonna be some mother fuckin brodown throwdown in TEXXXAS!!!

Автор rnc 181403 ( назад)
I kind-of feel bad for TJ.. he's one of the greatest fighters ever and all
he gets is hate

Автор Luke Martindale ( назад)
I love both cody and Dominick 😕

Автор Christopher Clark ( назад)
Lmao Danny Castillo trying to imitate Cruz

Автор T9ZBEATZ ( назад)
Cruz kicks ass like this guy

Автор Trivyum ( назад)
It's like they programmed that cyborg to emulate Cruz's style so perfectly.

Автор vmbrazilianjj ( назад)

Da fuq?

Автор El Jamon ( назад)
Wow Cody gagged on the Cranium Facial Release 2:27. Who knew Cody was such
a gagger.

Автор Bill Bear ( назад)
Amanda Jar Jar Nunes

Автор Joao Pires ( назад)
conor misses one press and is taken out of the card.. wonda says fuck it
all and doenst do anything and its ok .. i hope this ppv bombs hard, i know
i wont be getting it this time .. thankfully there is options i normally
avoid but this time , i dont care , i´ll just see it in a pirate stream ,
fuc k dana and the UFC

Автор Risobtero ( назад)
6:40 I wonder if that's how he really prepared for Cruz or is that just
showmanship. If it's the former Cody is in for a rough night.

Автор Brianna Hudson ( назад)
tf did the doctor even do to him why can't he just get those nasal cleaners

Автор Brianna Hudson ( назад)
Cruz just seems so alone all the time I wanna give him a hug

Автор Michael Tejeda ( назад)

Автор Kanguesso Kang ( назад)
So how long is his nasal passage supposed to be "opened" for so he can
access all the oxygen in the lungs? Are these treatments really legit or is
it just a bunch of mumbo jumbo? LMAO

Автор TheAliLife ( назад)
"I would just eat whatever I brought onto the scale" XD

Автор The Notorious ( назад)
Dominick Cruz will get ko'ed stiff, he will do nuttin

Автор Doingit4Jesus ( назад)
Does the UFC pay for fighter's hotel accommodation?

Автор Ole Okie Watson ( назад)
Dillashaw's wife is a dime piece.

Автор UmB0ng0 ( назад)
6:45 is that guy seriously trying to imitate Doms style?

Автор Wesley Hahn ( назад)

Автор Damien Manuel ( назад)
"a new set of lungs"

Автор Maria Montes ( назад)
Cody might as well have gotten a retarded fucking chimp to spar with him

Автор Frederick0220 ( назад)
TJ got a bunch of tattoos. What a follower.

Автор Hank Hill ( назад)
now I really wana see Cody vs Jeremy lol this coment was meant for episode
4 sorry

Автор Churchill Capo ( назад)
Who came up with that balloon shit lmao wtf. Nigga almost choked to death
on it.

Автор skateboardbeast ( назад)
It's crazy how no one is talking about Dillashaw

Автор Nathan Masters ( назад)
I kinda don't want Ronda to lose because if she does I feel like she
actually WILL kill herself this time.

Автор deadly chap ( назад)
6:50 was that Tim elliot or Dominic cruz

Автор MVPEzekiel ( назад)
is that tj dillashaw's mom

Автор Angel Cortez ( назад)
Does google purposely make their ads super annoying so people get YouTube
red?! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Автор Forbiddenevil_ ( назад)
was that guy supposed to be emulating dc's striking? 😂😂😂. Hopeless. Cruz
by decision. 50-45.

Автор Condit ( назад)
한글 자막좀 어떻게 안되나..?

Автор John Rosa ( назад)
Dominic Cruz's horrible tattoo tho

Автор Brener Walichowski ( назад)
All Cruz talks about is Cody. He's in his head

Автор Rob Tttt ( назад)
we all know cruz just wants to join the team alpha male family :)

Автор Ruben Armendarez ( назад)


Автор The Gonzo ( назад)
6:40 Just going to pretend Danny "Last Call" Castillo wasn't making a fool
of himself by trying to impersonate Dominick Cruz's movement.

Автор ercanaro ( назад)
the Facebook's link of Amanda Nunes's page is wrong! fix it

Автор Wolf Spritzer ( назад)
cranial facial release. Come on.

Автор Richard Cranium ( назад)
Did I really just watch a guy get two blown up condoms shoved up his nose?
I'm no doctor but I feel like there's a better way to do that hahahaha.
Like a nasal spray, or just blowing your nose maybe? Hahaha that doctor was
so excited someone actually let him do that shit lol

Автор YouIndeedSuck ( назад)
Cody's gf sounds like the type o bitch that has no idea what she's watching
and is hanging around him as long as he can be her sugar daddy

Автор Christipher Claus ( назад)
:34 random dude goes ??whaat??

Автор I Got That Feeling Back In Me ( назад)
Danny Castillos Cruz impersonation is on point.

Автор Candace Lin ( назад)
2:30 LOL Cody will need a lot more cranial facial release once Dom is done
picking him apart ✊

Автор Daniel Bakarcic ( назад)
Nunes and her bitch !!!Aaaa what to say about this two bitches. Ronda we
are all with You!!!! Please win this fight!!!! I never ever, ever, ever
again wanna see this lesbian bitch as a champ anymore!!!!

Автор Zakarias Benugo ( назад)
Amanda nunes is a dog!

Автор cockboy12 ( назад)
watching that idiot try and imitate dominick at the end of the video is
fucking hilarious. he looks like a complete retard.

Автор Daily Foodie ( назад)
Fight on

Автор McFlySwatter ( назад)
He's gonna have to change his name to Dominick BRUISE after this fight

Автор Elite 1984 ( назад)
What the fuck is that balloon up the nose shit?!?!?!?!?

Автор Raimundo Gant ( назад)
cody's girl is a hottie though

Автор BoysFromTheBurg ( назад)
I'm just here because it's on the popular page. #Football

Автор ReeseTheComedian ( назад)
That drunk fake Ass Dom Cruz

Автор bob dole ( назад)
magua retaining her title

Автор RIcky Rick ( назад)
Putting balloons up your nostrils cannot be good for you.

Автор Charles Bracewell ( назад)
TJ's wife looks like Cruella De Vil @ 4:06

Автор Adrian Naranjo ( назад)
get him pooky punch him hard

Автор BJJ Fiend ( назад)
@ 4:29 T.J does his best Cobra impression.

Автор Charles Bracewell ( назад)
Cody ( Be careful what I wished for) Garbrandt

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