YouTube ReRyan! (2016)

Thank you all so much for a terrific year! We're all going to be going home for the holidays till early Jan, so we'll see you next year! Have a happy New Year, looking forward to seeing you all soon!

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Просмотров: 6292710
Длительность: 7:46
Комментарии: 31930

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Автор meow chi ( назад)
Pokemon go, PPAP

Автор squal lemme ( назад)

Автор Lynx ( назад)
I understand the election part, but SERIOUSLY how did youtube forget to mention the Olympics?

Автор Lynx ( назад)
I think the majority of where those 10,000 dislikes came from:
- people who like the warriors
- people who doesn't like mentioning politics
- people who are upset about no bee movie memes
- Edit: people who are sad about Glenn's death

Автор OfficialDarkGamer52 Entertainment Videos ( назад)
Derik is a jerk to Ryan.

Автор Lazy TB ( назад)
They forgot Olympics

Автор The one And only RR gaming ( назад)
OMG pause the video and go to 1:23 xD thank me laterXDDDD

Автор ItsChelsea 101 ( назад)
Better than the actual rewind

Автор Jacksepticeye Lover ( назад)
that moment when Youtube Reryan is better than the actual Youtube rewind

Автор Robert Sefa ( назад)
How are you warriors fans felling after this video?

Автор Ben I. ( назад)
i mean iam a warrior fan but the 10k people who disliked this probably are fans of the warriorrs

Автор boi Gaming ( назад)
I agree it's getting old I am sick of it officially unsubscribe

Автор Armia Mina ( назад)
they never said it was Christmas

Автор TheDabbin Lover ( назад)
Why did u have to add Glenn from TWD in ;-;

Автор Anwar Khan ( назад)
those 10k dislikes have no life

Автор TexasNate11 ( назад)

Автор Da Burnt Woffle ( назад)
The dab was the best trend of 2016.👍🤙⚽️💋😄👍🏻😉😎❤️👎🏻👌🏿💪👍🏻💪😁

Автор udlock9 ( назад)
fucking Dereke is an ugly motha fucka!

Автор whatthecharles232 ( назад)
They made the ending because they actually couldn't find the biggest trend

Автор Emilyissocool ( назад)
what's the warriors, I'm British help

Автор OK ( назад)

Автор gamergenius75 ( назад)

Автор Shagunnn ( назад)
You can't trust an edited comment ...

Автор Cecilia Wong ( назад)
this is literally genius. I have to be high to think of things like this lol

Автор Eva Torbakova ( назад)
The trolls are getting old:((

Автор The GreasyBacon ( назад)
Spongebob didn't die they're still making it.

Автор The GreasyBacon ( назад)
That negan joke was overkill

Автор Ur Laif ( назад)

Автор Rico ( назад)
that samsung

Автор Faizan khan ( назад)
Poor guy

Автор 100,000 subs with no videos ( назад)
Poor Derek he gets trolled every year

Автор Eric Leonard ( назад)
This was an amazing video like all of his but gotta feel bad for Derek tho

Автор Vuong nguyen quoc ( назад)
Where are you From ???

Автор DAKINUVPEPR ( назад)
I saw "Samsong" instead of "Samsung"

Автор Ragu Pathy ( назад)

Автор Harrison Summer-Singh ( назад)
but spongebob didn't end tho.

Автор Kayravicky ( назад)
3:54 Who else just saw it as a guy punching a kangaroo the first time, but then realized it was about that video of a guy punching a kangaroo irl because it was attacking his dog?

Автор KittyKattyGamer 2.0 ( назад)
I like the name

Автор SR Cuber ( назад)

Автор Hack Master ver 1 ( назад)
can you do a 2017 ReRayan

Автор MegaPacKid ( назад)
It may be better than youtube rewind, but there's still no We Are Number One.

Автор Lorena Flores ( назад)
There was The Walking Dead scene when Glenn died

Автор Naa Rinn ( назад)
i think this is soo cool i dont get peeps who would unlike this

Автор ZenWolf 05 ( назад)
Derrick was right about the ppap man it was pretty funny

Автор Natalia Flores ( назад)
I want to love this as much I love all of your videos but that little offensive bit was crap, you could have included the actual social justice aspect of this year but no that's too controversial for you Ryan

Автор Rayyan Mahmood ( назад)
why wasn't ryan in the actual rewind this year

Автор Kristian Ege ( назад)
no is not aaa but it is OJ ok

Автор [ I N S E R T N A M E H E R E ] ( назад)
I didn't even know about the 3-1 lead until now

Автор Thục Quyên Lê Phan ( назад)

Автор Thục Quyên Lê Phan ( назад)

Автор Kian Bolo ( назад)
derik is a bad actor lile for real.

Автор Tribal Ant ( назад)
also george micheal died

Автор Messi The King Of Football ( назад)
I wonder if all asians are good at puns? I'm going to my neighbors house...

Автор Messi The King Of Football ( назад)
Does Ryan ever pin comments?

Автор marinobaeky 19 ( назад)
spongebob died ?

Автор ITZ DM ( назад)
What about the DAB.🤔🤔😱😱😂

Автор Wim Slimbrouck ( назад)
LED don't get hot

Автор 余序琼 ( назад)
what about prince and muhammad ali

Автор TheDarkGamerHd X3 ( назад)
Why the description is french?

Автор aela baldric ( назад)
I still laughed at the end.

Автор Vivillion5664 ( назад)
You play overwatch?!

Автор TheBroCouch ( назад)
Wait what, Spongebob didn't end...they still make new episodes

Автор sarah haffner ( назад)
THANK YOU for adding the cubs it should have been in the actual rewind

Автор nino avaliani ( назад)

Автор xXEndy_PlayzXx BRUH ( назад)
Its not funny Ryan to be HONEST cuz u should've let him finish and srry for hurting ur feelings

Автор CRYPSENN ( назад)
▶ 🔘------------------------------- 0:30

Автор Lucía Camacho ( назад)
4:32 of the video... was that a walking dead reference or am I crazy?

Автор abby ( назад)
where is beyoncé, illuminati, cash me ousside

Автор rider motion26 ( назад)
better than the original

Автор Jacob Frank ( назад)
This is a million times better than the original Rewind for 2016 lol

Автор JACK1IS1BOSS ( назад)
Dear Ryan, can you do a rap battle between Elsa and Anna?

Автор ظبية المنصوري ( назад)
راين كيف يمكنك الكتابة بالعربية ؟

Автор Nathy_ 24_ ( назад)
my god Ryan you never fail us do you !? ilysm :)😂😂😂😂😂

Автор Diamond _Pearl ( назад)
You deserve a billion subscriber

Автор Bros . inc ( назад)
what about the hot knife challenge

Автор Angie Mondragon ( назад)
TWD part got me😭

Автор MajorChief 5 ( назад)
They should add Carrie Fisher to the gravestones

Автор Vi Le ( назад)
i feel bad for Derek a little though.. .

Автор Vi Le ( назад)
Watched this a million times

Автор Alex Villegas ( назад)
Love the new voice message ▶️-------------------------------------------0.27

Автор rock tanker ( назад)
Dear ryan can you do magic tricks

Автор Larkpark ( назад)
dude! at the end of the video I felt so bad for derek

Автор Cherry Venal ( назад)
This one is so much better than the official 2016 youtube rewind

Автор Grassy Seeds ( назад)
Are Vines not trending any more ? Someone please answer my question

Автор Bacon1738 ( назад)

Автор Flama Charona ( назад)
derek was so triggered in this

Автор Nathan Fujikawa ( назад)

Автор Brian Lee ( назад)
This is iPhone7

Автор Avaria 찬 ( назад)
Who's watching this in 2017?

Автор Questioner & Imaginations ( назад)
This is Better than the Original

Автор 1885xyz ( назад)
golden state!!

Автор Alex Brewster ( назад)
Legit, this was better than the actual YouTube rewind.

Автор BOBA FETT ( назад)
I was laughing so hard

Автор Drexel Gregory ( назад)
How did SpongeBob die?!

Автор marshmallows sweets ( назад)
this is memo🐣
memo lost his other half of his shell and he is still a baby who needs it back
if this gets 20 likes, a little bit of his shell will come back
if this gets 50 likes, more bits of the shell will come back
if this gets 70 likes, half of the missing shell will come back
if this gets 100 or over likes, good luck for the rest of the year and the memo will finally have his full shell again
P. S haters back off

Автор Zavier Iqbal ( назад)
Omg I just found out who the ppap guy is after watching this video 2 months after😂😂😂

Автор William17 BR LoL ( назад)
In the 3,2,1 it has the song off Matt stonie and it looks like his brother doing the countdown lol

Автор Sawma Royte ( назад)
dear can you play gta 5?

Автор EpicVincent-Minecraft ( назад)
YouTube ReRyan 2017's trend is catch me outside, how bout that

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