mulassier poitevin en utilisation

petite epreuve sympas lors du concours de la courneuve en 2007

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Автор Magdalena M (5 лет)
on jest prześliczny!!!!!!!!!!!;)

Автор sebastien niel (3 года)
it's an heavy horse from poitou in france. This type of horses is crossed
with a donkey from poitou to give a big mule.

Автор captainmarga (2 года)
Ah, Mirabeau, c'est bon. This horse is lovely. There are three Mulassier
horses in the USA. No more, and not easy to import more.

Автор jerome jerome (3 года)

Автор ecsescilla (5 лет)
Gorgeous!!! Reminds me of a Gypsy Cob crossed with a Belgian. I was reading
that this is the breed used to create the Poitou Donkey. Is saw this type
of donkey at Continental Acres Equine Resort in Florida and he was amazing!

Автор Bridget B (5 лет)
He's beautiful. Do they have any in Canada or the US?

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