Lisa Rizzo Shot at Love 2 tribute!

This was a request i got

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Автор milena rodriguez ( назад)
hussssssssssss k mona pa estar tan ricaaaaaaaa

Автор adrienne rim ( назад)
Where did u find all these photos

Автор Shenruss ( назад)
Comment 99, Baby....The guy in me is stuck between wanting to just knock
back some drinks with this girl, and maybe wanting to knock her from the
back. She has an appeal for real; sass, cool, confidence and casualness. No
wonder girl's like her; she seems like the person you can hang out with
anytime, anywhere. Doesn't hurt that she's sporty, spunky and hot as all
get out. Bravo, Rizzo; you keep doing you, Lady.

Автор nicolebritt100 ( назад)
jeezz shes soo hot

Автор Amanda Comstock ( назад)
OMG! This is the girl who was on Tyra! Damn now I'm gonna have to go back &
watch Shot at Love 2. I'm straight, but she is such a cutie.

Автор fhei lemon ( назад)
so freaking hot.....i love the way..u r lisa rizzo....

Автор Elena Toro ( назад)
she's HOT!!!!

Автор Sanne Vorrink ( назад)
0.56 uh IEUW!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор chrisnygonzo121809 ( назад)
@Kdread123 damn you are so beatiful

Автор sugarychocobot ( назад)
I NEED her clothes >.< Love ya Lisa! 0.o

Автор Ernst gczedu ( назад)

Автор testicle101 ( назад)
shes cute...haha..i like how shes a lesbian and the second thing they
decide to show is a softball team...lol..lesbian stereotype..lol

Автор nicoolilove4ever ( назад)
i love you lisa rizzo

Автор kambaljrj (13 лет назад)

Автор DirtyButterFinger ( назад)

Автор Angellover1984 ( назад)
loved her tila so should have picked her

Автор douxkrosty ( назад)
I love Lisa Rizzo!!!

Автор AlexNuffSaid ( назад)
oh bwoiii that girl is like daaaammmn i would dump everybody for lisa :)

Автор Suci93 ( назад)
i dont know but that was BAD!!!!

Автор javmarie12 ( назад)
Lissssssssssssssa!!! love u!

Автор shamwow00 ( назад)
the girl on the right at 0:47 is hot

Автор Leyla Garcia ( назад)
dude i hated lisa!!! she was the worse one there..even stupid jay was
better than her..this loser lisa was all stuck up and thought she was
better than everybody!! im glad she didnt pick her!!

Автор Kdread123 ( назад)
CONGRATULATIONS! You're the 69th comment. Hahaha

Автор elliotcena ( назад)
dammit, she´s so sexy

Автор blahblahblah1500 ( назад)
She is so sexy ;) Yea i agree she should have picked her :O i would have

Автор loesszz ( назад)
She is beautiful ! dont have words for it ! A girl i know that has a
boyfriend said to me like for her I would run away from my boyfriend .. And
i was like youre tottaly right ! she looks so sweet and I do like the
little bit of tom boy she has ! Hope she will never lose that !

Автор ross mendoza ( назад)
ray j - sexy can i

Автор focusanirak (876 лет назад)
Ciertamente lisa era la mejor... pero sinceramente, era muy bonita y tenia
demasiada personalidad para tila, tila se veía como una cucarachita delante
de lisa....

Автор Tatys2612 ( назад)
ash... Tila nunca sabe elegir lo que es realmente lindo. Lissa esta re
buena. yo noo la dejaria escapar de mi vida. me encantaria que se
atravesara en mi camino.

Автор Juliana Chumacero Espinoza ( назад)
very very very very very very very veryyyyyy sexyyyyy!!

Автор RockJay2NayMe ( назад)
omg are you serious!!

Автор R2riin ( назад)
heeey does anyone knoows the name of the soong?

Автор Jooneboon ( назад)
that woman.. like ow my god!

Автор trammyy ( назад)
lisa is beautiful and sexy she is hot

Автор johana guerrero ( назад)
Hello like graces(thanks) is called the song of the video,,, hola como se
llama la cancion del video gracias si me lo pueden decir que me gusto

Автор Vicky P. ( назад)
hah holy shit your right it does kinda look like hope...

Автор Maria McMahon ( назад)
what a legend. looks kinda like hope solo imho. 1.41, best part..

Автор Elle Driver ( назад)
in the show she s more fat!!!

Автор Titus51912 ( назад)
Pls whats this song in the background? Damn Lisa is soooooooo hot!

Автор cd46 ( назад)
shes soo damn hot, i love her!!!!

Автор legendpower11 ( назад)
he is so deam sexy and we are frinds:))) he is very frindly go on myspace
an have her as frind

Автор legendpower11 ( назад)
Lisa you are so deam sexy kiss amanda

Автор smet93 ( назад)
you just have to love her!...thanks for making this video...

Автор liveandbeyourdreams ( назад)
plz plz.. me 1st

Автор jbluver4196 ( назад)
I swear on my life hope to die, that is my freinds coach!!I met her and she
is S0o0o0o sweet is is not even funny!!

Автор Stephanie Nicholas ( назад)
Rizzo is damn cute and thanks for making this video

Автор kdog kin ( назад)
God u look hot

Автор phallyvin ( назад)
very beatiful pics. i don't know about the girl kissing another girl part,
thought.. haha

Автор scandalousgurl18 ( назад)
i wanna take off her pants and lick her lol yes i do

Автор ebony ( назад)
1:52, that's where i want to be

Автор crazymariamlr ( назад)
i met her last night

Автор cookies102 ( назад)
I agree, she is waaaay too good for tila!

Автор Nikkinz ( назад)
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh soooooooooooooooooooo hot,the 1st pic is soooo hot

Автор Lintle Motsoasele ( назад)
Stupid, she says she did not want to get any tattoes or piercings because
took a long healing process. LEARN YOUR FACTS!

Автор Courtney Daman ( назад)
haha, ik. i was like, whaaaaat?

Автор mustlovepain ( назад)
i LOVE her so much T.T wooh.....

Автор sammy kaye ( назад)
Lisa should have won but hen again i think shes too good for Tila. She is
hot. Love her.

Автор okinawa911 ( назад)
she is so sexy girl!!

Автор Sarah Aguilar ( назад)
Lisa is the best!!!. Tila missed out~~and once again she messed up

Автор tatgal02 ( назад)
tila missed out cause she is fine

Автор yoli ( назад)
0:58 is freakin weird!

Автор Louise M ( назад)
Omg she's so effing hot. Soooo badly wanted her to win.

Автор SISTERINDIA ( назад)
Lisa ia beautiful. but kristy is my favorite. That lady she was with,with
top off. GROSS, her boobs are nastey and saggy. :( gross!

Автор gekkecrazy ( назад)
+ I mean sofbalcoach that is a cool job!

Автор gekkecrazy ( назад)
I agree with you, she should have a own show! She is real, and she would
make a great show, a hot show! She is cool, a loss for Tila

Автор bgirlforlife95 ( назад)
man everybody knows lisas the best they need to give her, her own show to
find love.

Автор Kdread123 ( назад)
hahah yea i thought so too xD thanks for the comment

Автор AiMSTERZ815 ( назад)
oh how she rocks! so pimp. Sux Tila didnt win...wait that just means shes
still on the market ;D get at that!!! haha

Автор Lisa Rivera ( назад)
x. lol i giivε all yoohsx a thumbsx up tεεhεε sumthiin bowt liisa iisx so
damn sεxii.!

Автор Aleigha89 ( назад)
love ur choice of song!! LOL says it all!!!

Автор shade c ( назад)
lisa is so sexy!! love u girl xoxo ;)

Автор SmoKii3stArSz ( назад)
oh my god!!!! i melt when i see her.

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