Tin Bird FAR103 Ultralight

This is my fathers homebuilt 6061 alloy ultralight. It does not require a license to operate. My Father is a Private pilot with airframe and powerplant certifications with 35 year experience. Do not fly ultralight aircraft without proper flight training first. Thanks for watching

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Автор Jack Frost ( назад)
You were lucky he had run out of bullets!

Now you just need a 10g pilot 10g internals

Wasn't much of a fan of the Hummel bird before but your dad sold me on
them... lol

Автор captainpegs07 ( назад)
Damn nice bird.

Автор MsDannyrevs (1432 года назад)
wow almost 11,000 views thanks everyone!

Автор Timothy Key ( назад)
Great looking little bird

Автор Hiflier35thCAG ( назад)
That plane is the Hummel UltraCruiser ultralight aircraft. You can build
one yourself or the guys at Hummel in Bryan Ohio USA can build it for you.
It's all aluminum and has a 37hp 1/2 VW engine in it normally, burning 2.2
gal/hr at cruise. Nice job on the plane!

Автор Bob Furr ( назад)
On gal per hour burn? Awesome... that is about half of a Rotax 377 at close
to the same power. I am impressed!

Автор Schpankme Verimuch ( назад)
I'd be interested to know how your dad's number two build is going. Thx.

Автор Timothy Key (132 года назад)
beautiful airplane

Автор BrushlessNitroSlayer ( назад)
@Newrise1 $10,000 with engine.

Автор Daniel Parker Smith ( назад)
What's the approximate cost of one of these? I've got a JDT Minimax 1100
and a Weedhopper and I'm looking for another ultralight to add to the
fleet. Great looking plane! Thanks for sharing this!

Автор BrushlessNitroSlayer ( назад)
@callmemister thanks!

Автор callmemister ( назад)
beautiful aircraft

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