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Автор vincent d'eredita ( назад)
I would not give that food to a dog.

Автор Carl Matthew Dobbs ( назад)
She is not "moose-shell".  She is "Michelle".  You are like a child doing a prank.  You think it's funny?  No. It is hurtful and childish.  Shame on you.  Grow up.

Автор Carl Matthew Dobbs ( назад)
You should REPORT the News, not mock people with the intent to debase and ridicule. You aren't even a gentleman.  How do you treat your wife?  You are a hate spreader.

Автор Anthony Mihalko ( назад)
moo chelle or gorila face

Автор Larry C ( назад)
This is the type of ignorant Bullshit that got the idiot in office! And we have the fattest people on the planet.! Go into a school lunch room and see for yourself. If they won't eat the school food it's because the FAT parents feed them worthless food at home.

Автор Dan J ( назад)
The Obamas did us a service! Yes, they did!!! They showed White America the level of hatred that blacks will un-leash against them, when they feel in power!!! Blacks hate whites....end of story. When blacks have the numbers they are gonna' kill your kids. That is what I honestly feel. It may take 20-50 years, but I honestly believe it's coming.

Автор Amon Ra ( назад)
You mean Michael, not 'Mitchelle' LOL He's a Tranny.

Автор Dennis Lee ( назад)
1st LADY? Give me a break. First Tranny.......barf

Автор Shmuel ben Moshe ( назад)
The most healthy of lunches will do no good if they are not eaten. Healthy and nutritious food can be prepared that doesn't taste like cardboard.

Автор Mark Ericksen ( назад)
Gary should go home and eat his mom's fish taco.

Автор NoLife420 Squad ( назад)
Which ones best conservative news?

Автор NoLife420 Squad ( назад)
Get that tranny outa here

Автор NoLife420 Squad ( назад)

Автор Dale Owen ( назад)
She's twice the Bitch that her stinking Husband is, I hope Trump thouroughly disinfected the white house before he moved in.

Автор ron kathy ( назад)
She looks real mean

Автор JoAnne Barrett ( назад)
the unfortunate fact is: school food has never been appetizing. elementary/middle school-food has for decades been wasted, thrown into the garbage cans. maybe, if it were smothered in enough Ketchup and Velveeta, children would eat it. most popular: French fries, pizza, peanut butter/honey (my personal favorite), ice cream, popsicles, cookies, hamburgers. nothing else comes to mind right now. the rice made me gag. my kinder teacher told me to go back and finish it. so I wretched a while longer until she left for playground duty.  the rare child grooves on green salads, broccoli, green beans. Answer: give the little kids their choices in healthy foods, like most high school already do.

Автор Pearl Railey ( назад)
Add that one to Michelle's organic garden in the back of the White House.

Автор Pearl Railey ( назад)
Yea while the Obama children ate private school food.

Автор vincent d'eredita ( назад)
Her kids didn't have to eat that garbage.

Автор Zeidy Babbi Montreal ( назад)
It is not Michel , it is a man called Mikel .

Автор Mr President ( назад)

Автор wishahpatricia ( назад)
First LADY?? That drag queen IS NO LADY!

Автор USA freedom #1 president Trump ( назад)
I say the school should serve up a big fat juicy big giant BBQ pork sandwich yummy yummy

Автор USA freedom #1 president Trump ( назад)
yeah and I'm sure she goes home and cooks her kids fried chicken and grits and chicken gizzards but screw the white kids. prejudiced

Автор Al Bluesdawg Beck ( назад)
This is a great example of waist. The Obama's suck

Автор Cheryl Taylor ( назад)
That's pretty bad when the children are upset with Michelle Obama and her lunch program because they won't eat the food holy

Автор ZACHARY ORNELAS ( назад)

Автор Karen Snyder ( назад)
yes it's true the kids just throw it away and a lot of them just go without lunch which is worse than what they were eating before

Автор Starali Mistriel ( назад)
The quality of the Free and Reduced Breakfast and Lunch is sadly lacking. As an elementary school teacher, I have witnessed perfectly good food thrown into the trash because of the policy that a child MUST take one of each food item whether or not they want to eat it. School districts would like to route the unused, perfectly good, unopened, not consumed food items that are nonperishable to the needy community pantries, to those in our nation's communities that are food insecure, and the homeless, veterans, seniors, indigent individuals, and even back to children in need to take home to consume. The current program lacks desirable food quality and a way to redistribute in a sustainable manner.

Автор beanie green ( назад)
Michelle needs to go to Chef School and ACTUALLY work in a restaurant a number of years before she 'teaches' cooking.

Автор Sam The Savage ( назад)
I'm in highschool right now I can tell you the food is fucking disgusting. In fact, I go to what you would call a very high end highschool and the food is STILL shit. The fucking meat is a slice of rubber, the fruit is always gross and very low quality, the main dishes are what you would find in a fucking chinese ghetto, and on top of that they BARELY GIVE YOU ANY FOOD. I fucking come home every day starving my ass off because of this bitch and her stupid ass policy.

Автор ellen polson ( назад)
I think everyone writing these stupid comments need to focus on the nut running our country now. You wish Obama was still in office after Trump rakes us over the coals.

Автор Tony Bennett ( назад)
another attempt​ from the bullshit media to keep the people divided and distracted,frim the real agendas.

Автор Alicia Buchanan ( назад)
Children went hungry who had free or reduced lunch. For some, that was their only meal. My grandchildren had pictures of that slop and all of my grandchildren went to cold lunch. You can bet neither she or her children would eat that slop!

Автор Raymond Ong ( назад)
Trump is good. Wall is good.

Автор Ruth Perez ( назад)
Did anyone see her ass how big it got. one ugly it!!!##

Автор Rosanna Shaun ( назад)
rid the United States from everything Barack and Michelle Obama created. They did nothing for the United States other than tear it apart. Thank God we have a President now that cares and knows what he is doing. GO TRUMP!!!!!

Автор MRCMam5 ( назад)
I'm not an "Obama" fan. I watch your Network daily. I'm asking that you please stop your constant name calling. It plants you right in the pile of those who bully and tend to discredit much of what you say. You make some valid points and then slap them over with your own form of bullying. You are smarter than that.

Автор Blue Pearl Soaps Angela ( назад)
Michelle may have already known that was going to happen to her, she's not surprise

sh   left  with basd taste in  ber  mouth  like  what Clinton  did to monica   he drained al his resovoir of  milk in  her  tummy and she through she will get   preganant  formsucking on the   T  BONE    STEAK OF THE WILLY THE SLIK  POOR  GUY  EVERY  BODY INTHE COUNTRY   TOOK  AS      JAP  AST HIS ASS AND  HIS WIFE ASS AND  HE IS LAUGH IT OFF  THE NATION  THOUGHT THAT  SHE IS DIVRCEHIM      BU THAT  THE   QUICK   SHE IS  DOWN  WITH  DRAINING  HIS   HIASS OUT OF MOINEY AND SHE BUSTE      HIS  FOUNDATIONS     DOWN  TO  BROKE

Автор T Patts ( назад)
its amazing how you knock a healthy lunch program, what is your waist size

Автор John Jacobs ( назад)
You say Michelle Obama is hideous, classless, monkey, a man, ugly and so on but you racist pieces of shit got the nerve to get mad when someone calls you racist. But never mind Michelle you bigots cant even name one thing that was SOOO TERRIBLE about the Obama presidency. Its like Hillary Clinton the so called one eyed banshee that killed a hundred people but when the smoke clears no emails of mass destruction to be found. Even the alt right faggots back pedal when asked questions about their sick ideology. Pure cowards own up to it.

Автор Mckinley Colvin ( назад)
you people are funny

Автор David Bruce Banner ( назад)
Get that ugly monkey's face off the screen!

Автор Free Man ( назад)
Good job Gary and Team! Love the way you guys update so quickly and 3 vids a day! We need more of this REAL news! Very well said and done! Don't change for mainstream media or assimilate towards other networks like yours.
You are unique. Stay unique. we love it.

Автор Michela Vasquez ( назад)
A man that is identified himself as a women and can't even be honest about it. He has no business telling children how to eat. It's very pathetic that us Who no the truth are not screaming from the hilltop about this trader.

Автор Joe TWD ( назад)
these school lunches are terrible for everything including grades, im a student

Автор Terry Buckalew ( назад)
Pray for Gods will in our country and we can't go wrong Love you God and the
Christian president we now have. Let's give Satan a shove out of our country.

Автор mike james ( назад)

Автор Delphine Kenney ( назад)
Our school foods are full of pesticides/herbicides and are dangerous to children. Michelle did not utilize the No GMO and her choice of foods did not alleviate nor solve the problem.

Автор Denise Williams ( назад)
the food is bad

Автор J M ( назад)
Glad to hear this news. Obviously she has not followed her own plan. Total shame all that the schools have thrown out.

Автор Inge Morten Olafsen ( назад)
News for fucking retards!

Автор Qui Luloki ( назад)
Thank God!! I'm for sure know my children make home lunches for their children for their children too hated to slop the school were feeding to our children while She's and her/His wife or husband filling her/he behind became fatter!! This Michele or Michael has big thighs and or behind and stomach!! ÈT Williams showed pics even he'd been shocked to see how much fact she he has on her!! Watch for yourself!

Автор Rene Fletcher ( назад)
There are some low income parents who would never pack a lunch.

Автор Sandy Harris ( назад)
I have a family member who works at our local school system and find it true (I have seen it myself when I visited them) that kids are throwing food away after being told they have to take it all in order to ge a lunch. We all pay when this happens, yes it must be good but if they refuse to eat it what coood is it if it goes in the trash.

Автор Michael Angelo ( назад)
Dreadful critter ! By by !

Автор charlene mitchell ( назад)
Mooo chelle can eat all those school lunches herself:   Good rid dins

Автор Ray Ho ( назад)

Автор Ray Ho ( назад)

Автор howard smith ( назад)
We have our first lady president, its Trump. He real sensitive like woman. Trump blows up like a spoil bitch when someone talks about him or make fun of him. But Hillary took alot of bad mouth from the country and not once she complained bout it an she a female. I don't like Hillary but she more of a man than Trump is.

Автор Lydia Claudio ( назад)
I Thought the news was
that trannies can't run for office 😆 😆 😆 GOD Bless president Donald J Trump!

Автор Katherine Stahl ( назад)
defiantly...first it was unbalanced

Автор alexa rodriguez ( назад)
All that waste of money of food could've gone to Africa and OR could've gone to better shit for America. Smh

Автор IRISH SAM ( назад)
How the Fuck can someone with absolutely NO political right to make these Bills even have them passed ?

Is it cos Michael Obama sits on the board of the company that supplies these meals....


Автор coni ( назад)
Google school lunches and then look what her kids ate! disgusting.

Автор Dennis kong ( назад)
Weak and incompetent.so that the Chinese takebig

Автор Kael7777 ( назад)
too asshole libtards. Michellee is the missing link between humans and apes! now go fuck yourselves!!!

Автор Lyn R ( назад)
It is going to being interesting when all the truths about the Obamas, become public. The biggest con-artist story, ever done, to the American people.

Автор About Time ( назад)
Gee it sounds like Congress doesn't LOVE Michael Obama ! Do those kids really want good food at lunch in school instead of the food that Michael wants them to eat !

Автор Art Lady ( назад)
The lunch ladies have turn food police , they actually throw out bagged lunches they feel are not healthy from home , then make the child buy lunch then charge the parents or the second lunch after they already sent a lunch that didn't pass the mustard. ( pun intended )

Автор Helen Wilkins ( назад)
trump has know clue,this isn't the apprentice,this is the white house where you run the whole Country.Peoples lives are on the line,this isn't your real estate business mr. trump,that was your personal business,but the country needs a leader with the right attitude and experience. ...

Автор Helen Wilkins ( назад)
best 1st Lady

Автор v foder ( назад)
Fucking pedophile shemale !!!!

Автор Ashly McCall ( назад)
the only half ass productive thing they did was try to think America up.

Автор Devina Danado ( назад)
So my children will be able to eat actual lunch again!!!

Автор Bethany Blue ( назад)
You are celebrating healthy eating which saves lives?  Well done America

Автор captainjerk ( назад)
I stopped eating school lunch from 1986-1993. UGH!

Автор Kalendas Graecas ( назад)
Did you know that some brain dead morons have suggested that big hore-butted parasite Michelle should run for president? If that isn't a bwaaaahahaha!, nothing is. She's big, but she ain't presidential! r o t mf f l m mf a o!

Автор Trish Mac ( назад)
The media would not be game to print the truth. This is from the millions of intrepid investigators out there doing their own research.

Автор PJ Flyers ( назад)
Words are like angels, they can either heal or Kill. Time to take some self inventory.

Blessings crown the head of the righteous, but violence overwhelms the mouth of the wicked.
Proverbs 10:6

Автор greasegun49 ( назад)
Okay. It's done. If we truly want to make America great again, we can start by stifling the "Ha Ha's" and vindictive name calling and innuendos. If it's going to happen, we have to step up to the high ground in the things we do and say. End the quasi humorous twisting of people's names and the ragging of "Snowflakes". It's time to be serious. Let's get it done the right way.

Автор Ambreen Yousafi ( назад)

Автор Robert Richardson ( назад)
big deal Michelle Michael whoever the hell she is or he let her go hunger

Автор William Matthews ( назад)
No child in this country wanted to eat monkey food. Manchelle O'Buttfuck is a dude in a dress and should have left school lunches alone. Kids shouldn't have to eat crap they don't want, not even if the lunch is free. Goodbye Moochelle.

Автор Will Wiles ( назад)
Hwy Kathleen go fuck your self you white trash bitch, you have no idea what you are talking about ,it's people like you that I wonder why I fight for my country

Автор Nacha Castel ( назад)
actually my kids said it taste like garbage, none of my children like the school food so I give them lunchbox's , and why is President Trump is still building the pip lines I Thoth hiden technology that was gonna come out so we don't need A.K.A fossil fuel

Автор careful observer ( назад)
Reagan and Bush White House had young male prostitutes in White House during early morning hours. You haters are ridiculous. And this fat pig should stop eating completely.

Автор MultiGG2 ( назад)
And while America's children were having to deal with that lunch program, Michelle's kids were eating gourmet food for lunch.

Автор Alexi Budiacov ( назад)
Moo MOO Moo

Автор Rhonda Felice ( назад)
Moochelle Obama what a waste of air. What little she and her demented husband did do turn out to be utter and complete failure . Thank God the undercover Muslims are out of OUR White House.

Автор nobeetroot ( назад)
hang the lot of them

Автор Emily Hernandez ( назад)
yes now the kids can eat real food

Автор Arky Bald Knobber ( назад)
A beast like Moochelle makes me want to bring back slavery.

Автор LATVERIAN1 ( назад)
Michael Obama is pathetic.

Автор Bigeasy Livin1 ( назад)
Please follow the free and reduce money. It is all a scam.

Автор Bigeasy Livin1 ( назад)
She saw billions of dollars used to feed kids. That money had not been touched in 30 yrs. in order to get to that money she went down in quantity and took the left over money.

Автор Debra Hanes ( назад)
School kids everywhere will be happy... they won't have to eat the junk she thinks they should!

Автор Linda Marshall ( назад)
My kid won't eat school lunches. They are nasty. Look in the garbage cans.

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