Luca Marenzio - Solo e pensoso i piú deserti campi

Luca Marenzio (c.1553-1599) madrigal "Solo et pensoso i piú deserti campi". I've uploaded it in 720p HD to make the score easier to read in full screen.

You can download the complete L'Arte Musicale in Italia, Volume 2 for free from the International Music Score Library Project (IMSLP.org) http://imslp.org/wiki/4_Madrigali_(Marenzio,_Luca)

Thanks to Alex Ross http://www.therestisnoise.com for introducing me to this wonderful piece.

Francesco Petrarca sonnett.

Solo et pensoso i piú deserti campi
vo mesurando a passi tardi et lenti,
et gli occhi porto per fuggire intenti
ove vestigio human l'arena stampi.

Altro schermo non trovo che mi scampi
dal manifesto accorger de le genti,
perché negli atti d'alegrezza spenti
di fuor si legge com'io dentro avampi:

sì ch'io mi credo omai che monti et piagge
et fiumi et selve sappian di che tempre
sia la mia vita, ch'è celata altrui.

Ma pur sí aspre vie né sí selvagge
cercar non so ch'Amor non venga sempre
ragionando con meco, et io co'llui.

From the album "Marenzio: Nono Libro de Madrigali" recorded by La Venexiana

© COPYRIGHT INFORMATION If you are the copyright OWNER of this recording and you do not want this audio recording to be used then please contact me directly so that I am able to "audio swap" your recording. Otherwise YOUTUBE will put a "strike" against this account - WiredForMusic - when all I am doing is uploading beautiful music that is rarely heard. I have added an Amazon link to help promote this piece of "harmonic daring".

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Автор Lena Keller (2 года)
Good night...

Автор WIGANDSW0RD (4 месяца)
Ah! The upper voice is so seductive. Like the perfect visage of a milkmaid
yet in tones says I! Aye! ;-)

Автор Jay Preis (6 месяцев)
+Campbell Daniel Surely you don't actually believe they tuned to A440. A440
didn't become an std. until the 1950s, and then only after decades of
lobbying by American wind instrument makers. The tuning in the 16th c. was
based on the tuning of Renaissance winds, which were pitched about a m3
higher than A440.

Автор labarbarossa (6 месяцев)
Yes. The pitch at the time in Italy was between 460 and 490 as we know from
surviving organs and wind instruments. @Sarah Barham, the tuning you hear
here is not equal temperament, rather an unequal tuning system used for
this repertoire called Meantone, where among other characteristics, the F
is high and F# low...

Автор Baroque In Rome (1 год)
♪ Baroque Almanac ♫
Aug 22, 1599, Roma,
The composer Luca Marenzio died.

Автор labarbarossa (8 месяцев)
In reply to Campbell Daniel, - the clefs used here denote that the piece
should be performed a fourth lower as was common practice at the time.

Автор Vincenzo Romano (5 месяцев)
Sorry, I don't get all about your musical comments....first time for
But I'm more concentrated on poetry.
You know about the author of it, Francesco Petrarca?
This sonet is coming from "Il canzoniere": more than 300 beautiful
sonets written around year 1350.

Автор Sarah Barham (7 месяцев)
Something strange happens when the soprano sings E-F-F#. I think her F is
to high, and then when she sings the F#, it sounds like it was only a
quarter tone up from the F, rather than a semitone. Overall, a beautiful
recording, though, and I absolutely love this piece. That one place just
always sticks out to me. 

Автор Campbell Daniel (1 год)
why are the singers not singing the written pitch in the score? it's a 4th
lower. can anyone explain this?

Автор simone qa (1 год)
It is a low Mib !! They sing one tone lower..

Автор esed899 (2 года)

Автор bogtheforest (1 год)
I like the bass note at around 0:22.

Автор Gianluca Tagliazucchi (1 год)
Grande virtuosismo di scrittura: nelle prime 16 misure al canto c'è
un'intera scala cromatica che si estende per più di un'ottava.

Автор Fabio Mengucci (2 года)
che dolcezza...

Автор patr zakr (2 года)

Автор mincomposer (2 года)
the best one of Marenzio.

Автор Bronson Buskett (1 год)
Thank you for uploading this! love the smooth/faded page turns

Автор Monteverdiforever (1 год)
Uno dei madrigali più belli della storia della musica, interpretato
magistralmente da "La Venexiana".

Автор tatti salles (4 месяца)
Palestrina, Gesualdo, Marenzio, Monteverdi...a polifonia italiana foi
realmente soberba!

Автор pidekaar (2 месяца)
No word can describe the beauty and power of this music.

Автор Hollywood Official channel (3 месяца)
é orribile questo pezzo fa cagare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Baroque In Rome (1 год)
♪ Baroque Almanac ♫
Aug 22, 1599, Roma,
The composer Luca Marenzio died.

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