5 million views... all I have to say is I'm super happy I got to make this many people laff :)
*h8r disreguarding intensifies*

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Автор SmellyEggs56 ( назад)
I agree with everyone

Автор Jax The Cereal Killer ( назад)
This was my first ytp 😂 I was 10 when it came out, I didn't know what most
of the words meant. I'm really glad I discovered them, thank you 😂😂😂

Автор Mohamed Mahmoud ( назад)

Автор Bryan Parrish ( назад)
if i were them i would throw the poop at the old lady

Автор FrozenDeath666 ( назад)
YTP's arnt as they used to be

Автор DarkSyne ( назад)
Holy shit I remember this being amazing back in 2012 when I first watched
ytp, But now it has aged quite a bit.

Автор Shawndud3 -.- ( назад)
Oh the nostalgia

Автор josh 903 ( назад)
I don't think a baby would find this funny

Автор Hossein The boss ( назад)
who's waching this in 2016

Автор Kevin Frederick ( назад)
Now instead of this we got Mlg shit

Автор meepmoopbloop woo ( назад)
"every morning a break my face"

Автор Axmix 2- Random videos! ( назад)
Just when YTP's were good. :(.

Автор pretty. odd. stan ( назад)
oh god i remember watching these when i was younger, i didnt understand
what was going on lmao

Автор min 23 ( назад)

Автор Pizza2122 //Official ( назад)
BDM:Before Dank Memes

Автор King Potato ( назад)
i remember this being my first ytp i watched... [sigh] memories... i was
just a kid and i knew the word shit. i remember getting addicted too lmao.

Автор Sanic 1468 ( назад)
Shit guy: did you shit? Shit?! SHIT?! SHIIIIIIIIT! SHIIIIIIIIIT!

Автор Robert Garza ( назад)
3:27 music??

Автор Otis Dogg ( назад)
can i get a complete list of songs

Автор Packie McReary ( назад)
My first ytp that made my childhood, along with CaveManEngi

Автор Trinity Kerr ( назад)
I'm sorry I meant to say but I'm going to subscribe

Автор Trinity Kerr ( назад)
But I'm not going to subscrib

Автор Trinity Kerr ( назад)
That's funny

Автор Podline Videos ( назад)
3:43 to 4:03 was made into a flipnote

Автор Pandaswagger Memes ( назад)
Song at 3:05

Автор Pandaswagger Memes ( назад)
What's the metal song?

Автор Gamer12 YT ( назад)
upload more

Автор JNH1225 ( назад)
"Uhh...what is it?"
"It's a knucklebar bag, ya fag!"

"Wanna buy some pewp?"
"Sorry, poop has SHIT and SHIT turns to bubbling FUCK. Isn't that right,
mah boi?"

Classics. These scenes are classics. I've always kept them close to my
heart, or something like that...

Автор THE REAL MILLY BAYS ( назад)
not really a classic ytp but a great example of the end of the zelda/mario
era and the beginning of the modern style ytps

Автор BrwnWlf ( назад)
When spongebob says, "Hello, lady," the old lady needs to become triggered
b/c he assumed her gender.

Автор Akemi Nakajima ( назад)
I was 8 when i first watched ytp.

Автор Josh. Cecil ( назад)
what kind of name is that for YouTube?

Автор ButSheLooked18 ( назад)
I was 8 years old when I watched this lmao.

Автор VaZqueZ 369 ( назад)
yo i remember watching this back then

Автор therainbowcreeper100 Roblox ( назад)

Автор Super Mad 4000 ( назад)
i love the ACDC Big Balls Version

Автор Sing Strike ( назад)
I FUKKIN LITARALY pissed my pants

Автор Isaac Diaz ( назад)
This is so funny

Автор Quille And Ink ( назад)
Oh my god xD the good ol days for memes

Автор DiamondEye ( назад)
4:37 i died

Автор Berkcan töre ( назад)
Ahhh old days....;(

Автор Illuminarty ( назад)
Vintage memes

Автор Angel Dominguez ( назад)
what S the song at 2:17

Автор jeffrey dang ( назад)
Ah good times

Автор Loser XD ( назад)
rememeber when youtube was just ytps and not cancerous content that is now

Автор Pookie96 ( назад)

Автор iiGrand ( назад)
oh wow I remember this from like 5 years ago. Back in tha time i didnt know
what "fag" meant XD

Автор scottpilgrim! ( назад)
This is the worst video in the history of the world of the universe of

Автор BlueDrew 9000 ( назад)
Shit ? Did you say shit? Shitsss. Shiiits shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiits.
Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiita. Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiits

Автор TheGreenWolfGuy ( назад)
This was my first ytp I've watched and it's one of the best I've seen.

Автор Carmen Winstead ( назад)
I miss these /:

Автор Nakattack ( назад)
Job for a cowboy was a good choice in music for this

Автор Wendy Iddy ( назад)

Автор InsanityOverdrive ( назад)
I watched this when I was 8...

Автор Uncle Phil ( назад)
i totally forgot about bree bree pizza rolls bree bree apple sauce

Автор PrizmaizedLynx ( назад)
If your selling shit, why bother wrapping it?

Автор kyle iscrupe ( назад)
can i have number

Автор Gaming master With phill ( назад)
shit...shit shit shit ..ymca

Автор Jorge TheGamer ( назад)
this is the most viewed ytp vid? or am i wrong?

Автор ace kid ( назад)
This videos classic

Автор Nicholas Johnson ( назад)
Song at 3:36 please. ;3;

Автор Redden Molina ( назад)
Ah, my first meme-y video. Good ole days.

Автор Yami Dokusei (forkmuffin) ( назад)
3:44 -- I'm not the only one who remembers/first heard this part from
Flipnote Hatena o.o I have the flip on my DSi actually-

Автор Bucketheae ( назад)

Автор Liam Phillips ( назад)
What's the song at 0:34

Автор Francisco Ceja ( назад)
This episode was on today! Haha!

Автор Gabriel Ortiz ( назад)
Yo PissMyselfLaffing I don't know if you'll see this, but is there any
chance you still have the original file for "Flatts the Rapist"? Vaginacom
blocked it, so, maybe upload it on dailymotion or something? just wanted to
know. gotta relive those prepubescent memories again amirite? Also, this is
like the 3rd most viewed ytp ever i think lol (and the best)

Автор Kale Rodkey ( назад)
they should change regular spongebob for this shit

Автор Dr DillyDally ( назад)
What is the 1st song called

Автор Awesome Dude ( назад)

Автор ROBLOXian 9099 ( назад)
It's A Nukkle Bar Bag You Fag I Almost Died At That Part😂

Автор Swag Gamer ( назад)
Fuck this

Автор Chase Hill ( назад)
can I have your number !

Автор Chase Hill ( назад)
no is like this how many words must a man whats that song called

Автор channel of Damian ( назад)

Автор Doctor Nexus (Tim) ( назад)
5 years later and it's still hilarious. XD

Автор NekoAsh ( назад)
This was my shit

Автор Sean Hanly ( назад)
The most popular spongebob/spadinner poop EVER. and it's still one of the
only spadinner esque things I like

Автор VTH Universe Nightskyline 2016 ( назад)

Автор Aidan 44 ( назад)
lol this was funny

Автор M.r Sombrero ( назад)
3:34 what is that song?

Автор LOLC2k ( назад)
No it's like this: "HOW MANY ROADS MUST A ....."

Автор Josiah McClendon ( назад)

Автор Jacksooni ( назад)
I remember hearing audio from this video on Flipnote Studio...

Автор Juuzou Suzuya The Gamer ( назад)
I remember the day THIS kind of shit was funny, now its just *Dank Memes,
or MLG bullshit.*

Автор The Marvel & DC Report ( назад)
3:18 LMFAO!

Автор baby thrown off balcony ( назад)
Ah, a classic.

Автор mars mars ( назад)
ahh memories

Автор YOLOFREAK109 ( назад)
Brooo I remember this! I was going into 4th grade last time I saw this! Now
I'm a fucking freshman. Take me back please!

Автор Beep beep lettuce ( назад)
ah the old youtube

Автор Some Madman ( назад)
this me and my brother used to watch this secretly and literally laff so
hard we pissed bring back memories...till this day i still laff my ass
off...heh such a shame my brother doesent like to spend time with me
anymore...but thank you so much for making me laff been a while...

Автор Some Madman ( назад)
yeah i miss them...

Автор HowAboutMe ( назад)
its been 6 years? Wow

Автор Gabriel Hendrickson ( назад)
That was not SLAYER raining blood

Автор RegeneratorAJ ( назад)
I remember asking my what the word fag was XD

Автор mr.gokys ( назад)
I remember I used to watch these for hours they're so funny

Автор Ike Fishman ( назад)
Nice opening with Run like Hell by Pink Floyd!

Автор Angelika Owens ( назад)
Funny. Oh wait did i say funny? I meant to say deadly and hilarious.

Автор The HumanTrashbag ( назад)
At 3:03 is my JAM!!!!!! YEAH!!

Автор scorpionking 7892 ( назад)
I'm so triggered half of your other ytps are blocked by Viacom

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