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Добавлено: 4 года
Длительность: 6:23
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100K VIEWS? IT'S OVER...RATED! Seriously though, thanks for 100,000 views and 1000+ likes. And for all of you who disliked this, I HAVE 100K VIEWS...


Автор PissMyselfLaffing (7 месяцев)
I love you..... I love you all. <333 (ALMOST 4 MILLION VIEWS!!!!! :O)

Автор riakami17 (12 дней)
i died at 'glass balls and paper pingas'

Автор Sayo The Wolfkid (6 месяцев)
Can I have your number

Автор Payton Dah Panda (12 дней)
I fuckin love you

Where's your shitter? I got a turtle head pokin out!

Cab I have yo numba?

Every step you take, I'll be watchin you

I will hunt you down

Touch mah body

*knock knock*

*Clears throat* NO!


Автор Lee (3 месяца)

Автор TheAngryVideoGamer66 (3 месяца)
I'm sorry but I don't find this funny and a majority of Youtube Poop's
aren't funny the only one that made me cried so hard that I literally fell
out of my chair of laughter was the "Gaston Youtube Poop" that shit got it

Автор Steven V. Kinney (7 дней)
omg 'Gayfish'

Автор SethCandyMax (1 месяц)
best quote of all time: Every morning I break my face, and every afternoon
I break my ass. At night, I lie awake in agony until my FART attacks put me
to sleep...

Автор MateoMc (3 дня)
nuckle bar ya fag XD

Автор Brittany Horror (4 дня)
What's the song and artist at 3:56? :)

Автор Axonn5 (3 месяца)
What's the song called at 2:34? You never did put that in the info. : (

Автор NoodleMatt (14 дней)
What song is at 2:19

Автор Jacob4083 (13 часов)
Ah, a real classic!

Автор cookiecraver321 (1 месяц)
I cant watch this episode without thinking of this ytp! XD great work
+PissMyselfLaffing, keep it up! This is one of the best ytp out there

Автор sean lye (1 месяц)
poor editing this wasn't funny at all, Wow 4.3 million views! fuck me I've
seen funnier youtoob poops then this with only 2000 views and they were
uploaded in 2010 like this one 

Автор Shishwami Bullseye (1 день)
who wants to kill chris brown?

Автор Rusty Shackleford (9 дней)
Have to say I'm rather disappointed in this one. However, it's for from
the worst one 

Автор Kasra Kolyaei (7 дней)
I remember watching these when they came out. They are like the MLG videos
of today, but way more original.

Автор Awesomegamer 2015 (1 месяц)
Plz whats the song at 2:18 ive been searching everywhere for it and i swear
to god if you ay darude-sandstorm i will ripp out your internal organs and
FEED THEM TO MY DOG!!!! but plz whats the song at 2:18

Автор monster stinky bunghole (1 месяц)
but again 2010 ytps and under sucked for the most part

Автор liam baccus (3 дня)
Can someone please tell me the song name at 3:04

Автор KevinFromInFamous14k (1 месяц)
I pissed myself at 4:12

Автор Ben Smellmyfart (2 месяца)
Shit? Did u say shit? SHIT? SHIT?! SHIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!!

Автор Zygarde Glory (1 месяц)
Leave me alone! You basterdz!
Ehem. NO!
Epic haw haw right there

Автор boomxheadshot88 (1 месяц)
It's a knuckle bar bag you fag got me laughing as I was dieing XD

Автор Michael Carpenter (24 дня)
Patrick without thinking if you could have anything in the world right now
what would it be my boyfriend oh no he knows

Автор Nathan Walls (2 часа)

Автор Caroline Baker (14 дней)

Автор Alwaro Kacica (12 дней)
I love ytp there so funny p.s how change

Автор adevens6 (1 месяц)
I remember when my friends and I would love YTPs like this, and if we saw
one without voiceovers, we would call it a "corny" one. And now in 2014, we
look back at poops like this and call them "stupid" and "lazy." I guess
this was good for its time, 2010, but now it just seems dated.

Автор Naligure (1 месяц)
this (was) my favorite ytp, exept for the uncredibles, the noncredibles,
and the krusty krustacean's kantankerous kommercial.

Автор TheGamerCreeper399 (1 месяц)
You do not know how much YTP does not make sense!
Title: Spongbob goes to the Gay saloon
About: Edited spongebob episodes that has no plot

Автор Marco The Gamer (8 дней)
Boots with the fur the fur

Автор LightingShinx (26 дней)
The whole Patrick saying those things to the guy is so in lip sync! 

Автор nuke miner (16 дней)
It's a knucklebar bag you fag XD

Автор jellocakes (24 дня)
The "Gay Fish" song is from South Park. 

Автор Aaron Lasarte (8 дней)
lol this is great

Автор Ryan R. (1 месяц)
Zelda CD-I. Zelda CD-I everywhere.

Автор Dusty Crophopper (1 месяц)
I want to sell shit too

Автор Jowanda Roy (23 дня)
3:57 was funny I will hunt you down

Автор Super Shafs (1 месяц)
my favorite part was the ending song at 5:49.I liked it so much, i watched
it 16 times

Автор Martha Balderas (22 дня)
Hello can I have your number? 😆

Автор Ian Meraz (2 месяца)
Song at the end plz pllllzzzzzzz

Автор Swamp Monster Plays (23 дня)
I fuckin love you!!!

Автор Josh Parsons (1 месяц)
Pause it when the guy (who says hello) when he shuts the door THE FACE

Автор DarkClaw Ugaski (4 дня)
omfg this vid is hella funny X3

Автор Gabriel Morris (1 месяц)
It was all funny.. Then he slapped 1D in there

Автор Isaiah Martinez (1 месяц)
What's the song on 4:31?

Автор Shanscott Burgess (13 дней)
Touch my body

Автор Sean Hanly (2 месяца)
Funniest shit ever

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