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Добавлено: 4 года
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Автор PissMyselfLaffing (10 месяцев)
I love you..... I love you all. <333 (ALMOST 4 MILLION VIEWS!!!!! :O)

Автор RobertFisherTV (1 месяц)




Автор riakami17 (3 месяца)
i died at 'glass balls and paper pingas'

Автор StupidMarioBros1Fan (1 месяц)
Taking a trip down memory lane. :)

Автор Blaze Nine thousand (1 месяц)
3:50 Gay boys be like

Автор Micheal Polant (1 месяц)
The Weird Al song is called "A Complicated Song" not "Constipated".

Автор Logan Esclavon (1 месяц)
i laughed my a** off at so long Bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор George Navarro (2 месяца)
what 9+10=

Автор Vance Miller (1 день)
In the state of Ohio, it is illegal to molest an automobile.

Автор deactivated channel | New channel coming soon (3 месяца)
What song is at 2:19

Автор Eileen V (2 месяца)
Youtube Poop: SPONGEBOB AND PATRICK SELL Ilove this video is funny ass hell
haha I piss myself laughing

Автор ppartycrasher93 (17 дней)

Автор MaxXplosion (4 месяца)
best quote of all time: Every morning I break my face, and every afternoon
I break my ass. At night, I lie awake in agony until my FART attacks put me
to sleep...

Автор MrUnknownuser164 (1 месяц)
i love how the lady turns into the tourettes guy at 2:51

Автор The Lerperchaun811ND (1 месяц)
Warning: when you watch YouTube poop you will have all these Sideeffects
never ending laughing and just saying WTF all the time and ruining your
child hood: well that's not bad at all :-) 

Автор KNUP (21 день)
One of the all time greats.

Автор dijcastle (26 дней)
*squeak we'll work as a team*

Автор Clark Justin Castino (17 дней)
NO!!! At 12:29

Автор Isaiah Duncan (1 месяц)
What song was that in 3:57 I really want to know

Автор Official Chica the Chicken (16 дней)

Автор Dylanrules22 (1 месяц)
You see, this is what I don't understand: How are some youtube poops not
deleted because of copyright, and others aren't?

Автор Awesomegamer 2015 (4 месяца)
Plz whats the song at 2:18 ive been searching everywhere for it and i swear
to god if you ay darude-sandstorm i will ripp out your internal organs and
FEED THEM TO MY DOG!!!! but plz whats the song at 2:18

Автор waterblonk (4 дня)
3:03 Preheat Pizza rolls. Preheat almost done

Автор Emil krebs sørensen (25 дней)
01:34 this never gets old

Автор Tanner S. (1 день)
when he said "what do you want something you would die for" patrick should
have said "MY PENIS!"

Автор Snapper (2 дня)
2:45 what did he say?

Автор Aduck Donald (8 дней)
Knuckle bag you fag

Автор Shawna J. (1 месяц)

Автор kip from dr phil needs a haircut (2 месяца)
Song at the beginning? 

Автор Mateusz Wróbel (2 месяца)
Sorry,everyone knows that shit turns shit into bubbling fuck

Автор Happypumpkinboy (1 месяц)
"Shit, Did you say shit? Shit? SHIT? SHIIIITTTTT SHIIIITTT!!!" XD

Автор Jrb Baran (1 месяц)
+PissMyselfLaffing 02:20 pls tell me the song i sub u

Автор Danny V (2 месяца)

Автор Franco Bailon (29 дней)
What the Fuck? Poop is Chocolate, I Mean, You Got to Be Kidding Me,
That's Fucking Disgusting & Also I Ate Poop When I Was a Baby,

Автор Ashely Duchi (4 дня)
First things first where's your shutter I got a turtle head poking out 

Автор Sleazy Erweezy (6 дней)
Youtube poop were like the original mlg videos. 

Автор Nathan NEEDHAM (18 дней)
as soon as Immogen Heap -Hide and seek came on, I lost 700,000 on a
gambling sim.T-T 1 like is one Dorrito, for this sad MLG blackjack player

Автор Frank Lahache (12 дней)
Does anyone know what that death metal song is called ? I like it 

Автор Broly The Bro (25 дней)
2:18 song is Imogen Heap-Hide and Seek

Автор Magicking788 (12 дней)
Whats the name of the song that plays when the video starts? Great job

Автор Jissin Master (15 дней)
Can I have your number? XD

Автор laron williams (8 дней)
Knuckle bag you fag

Автор Jerry Mazzola (1 месяц)
This video is broken!

Автор Liliana Garcia (1 месяц)
Me to I love it

Автор The Creeper (23 дня)
perfect man, its perfect.

Автор James Blake (19 дней)
1:36 your waifu is...

Автор Tadan Shingoose (29 дней)
I cri very time ;-;

Автор Dariela Hernandez (20 дней)
I can't breath 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Автор PandaGirl 53 (2 дня)
her name is star......... DEAL WITH IT!!!!

Автор Wyatt Styer (15 дней)

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