5 million views... all I have to say is I'm super happy I got to make this many people laff :)
*h8r disreguarding intensifies*

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Автор Ethan of Astora ( назад)
This is one of the best YTPs on the Internet

Автор ZKv ( назад)

Автор Adam B-R ( назад)
Easily the greatest video on YouTube XXDDD

Автор Migs Bravo ( назад)
I demand you to stop saying sh*t

Автор yeogi buteora ( назад)
my preteen years

Автор . WereWaffle ( назад)
"It's a knucklebar bag you fag"

that line gets me everytime

Автор JoeDan54 ( назад)
Haha, classic! :^)

Автор Mysterious Jade ( назад)
I remember watching this when I was nine. I didn't know what the word
"Pedophile" meant, I thought it was a bad word. So I ended up calling my
friend a pedophile because she pissed me off. Then the teacher looked at me
awkwardly, then made me explain to her what I just said x'D I didn't get in
trouble, thank goodness.

Автор Layton Kelsay ( назад)
you took me back to the 80s with those songs

Автор GlassPottato ( назад)
i remember this ahhhhh good times

Автор RandomCookie Lad ( назад)
Gay fish XD

Автор Kenny Redman ( назад)
What's Spongebob saying at 3:27-3:28? How something?

Автор Jayden ( назад)
i will always come back to this video and laugh

Автор AD03 ( назад)
This YTP will always be a classic!

Автор Kenny Redman ( назад)
What does Patrick say at 3:39-3:40?

Автор Themixelpuffin 83 ( назад)
oh my god I remember this

Автор Madd Filthy ( назад)
That's the second ytp I've heard involving Sponge Bob and Pink Floyd today.

Автор George Toner ( назад)

Автор Thomas Keaveny ( назад)
this guy deserves an oscar

Автор Pixel Mixer ( назад)
Ah yeah! The good old videos of YouTube

Автор Epic Gamer 2000 ( назад)
Holy crap I remember how long ago it was. I showed my entire family this
video before bed, and we all laughed our heads off.

Автор Twenty Øne Phangirls ( назад)
"Every Step You Take"..
It's Every Breath You Take ;-;..

Автор DarkCaster 145 ( назад)

Автор Killerunchie ( назад)
3:28 P-POWER 92

Автор Yogurt ( назад)
Good times

Автор NateDog Is Cool ( назад)
It's a knuckle-bar-bag you fag

Автор NateDog Is Cool ( назад)
It's a knuckle-bar-bag you fag

Автор Mrjohncena33 ( назад)
Rick my name not RICK sell poop from the fagget spinebill

Автор Zak Allen ( назад)
who's commenting in 2016

Автор Phantomkilla 456 ( назад)
Song at 3:35?

Автор LanMan ( назад)
I remembered seeing thus before when I heard canni have yonumba

Автор LanMan ( назад)
what's the name of the first song

Автор Foxy Fan ( назад)
how h how??

Автор Adrian Mt ( назад)
when is raining blood in this? my first ytp ever when I was like 9

Автор pillsburry farms ( назад)
Song at 3:04

Автор Wilthegamer053 ( назад)

Автор Foxy Boy ( назад)

Автор Wendy Lambert ( назад)
that heavy metal song was job for a cowboy

Автор Stephanie Swinton ( назад)
classy as fuck

Автор ShinyHunter789 ( назад)
"It's a knuckle bar bag, you fag!" ...You sir, are legendary.

Автор EliteSmashter ( назад)
I remember discovering this at 7
And then showing my mom
And then getting banned from using youtube for a bit

Автор Grant Reeves ( назад)
"can I have yo numba"

Автор shonny powless ( назад)
Funny shit

Автор Cangus ( назад)
Nostalgia immensely increased

Автор ✧猫Dasha✧ ( назад)
Woww it's been been forever since I watched this.. one of my first YTPs

Автор MawkishGoldfish ( назад)
Pink Floyd in the intro= automatically top tier

Автор maggie isn't home so don't call ( назад)
instant classic

Автор Mizan Ahnaf ( назад)
I laugh at everything in this video

Автор Superior Iron Man ( назад)
Classic poops

Автор Kenny Redman ( назад)
What that song at 3:56 that plays?

Автор Unknown Unkno ( назад)
you got 5 mil views because of 02:40

Автор TurboFilmsy ( назад)
This is one of the first YTP I have ever watched. Wow.

Автор Logan Bush ( назад)

Автор NinjaNate122 ( назад)
Can someone tell me where that "NO" is from (0:21)

Автор Queen Julianna ( назад)
2:17 what's the name of the song?!

Автор Queen Julianna ( назад)
2:17 what's the name of the song?!

Автор Love & Music Saved My Life ( назад)
Whip nae nae

Автор Zachary Harlan ( назад)
we got him now!

Автор Zachary Harlan ( назад)
it's a knuckle bar bag you fag

Автор Michael Starbuck Trucks, Weather, and Mo Stuff ( назад)
3:21 Spongebob sounded like the one person that voices at the beginning of
some of Spongebob episodes. LMAO

Автор kid does all gaming ( назад)

Автор Xstar 99 ( назад)
All the music and poop references

Автор TheWiseNoodle ( назад)
Tee-hee! It BURNS!

Автор Golden Opportunity ( назад)

Автор mariocat500 ( назад)
this was honestly your best video you made in your life

Автор InfernoLegend 84 ( назад)
who's watching in 2016?

Автор GabrieLulz ( назад)
Nostalgia boner.

Автор Wilthegamer053 ( назад)

Автор Give me meh ruffles ( назад)
Yes more Tourette's guy cut ins

Автор AnimationHut 323 ( назад)
BEEP BEEP turn to bubbling BEEP

Автор Israel Downs ( назад)

Автор Joseph Coe ( назад)
i was borned with glass BALLZ and paper pengas every morning i break my
face and every after noon i break my aaaaass at night i wake up in agoney
untill my FUCK attack "or fart ;)" puts me to sleep my reaction to the
glass balls o_o

Автор RCROX (tHê KíD) ( назад)
1:40 Spongebob had pubes on his head!!... Lmao!!!....

Автор DEAD BOY ( назад)
f*ckin amatures

Автор Ryanna Jones ( назад)
this is not good

Автор Alexander White ( назад)
I will hunt you down is the best part

Автор it's just a prank bro ( назад)
Fucking christ, I was 12 when this was uploaded. Loved watching this.

Автор Edscratch23469 ( назад)
aw the days when ytp where funny and not all about being as trippy and
shit...those were the good days...I miss my middle school days...

Автор Eastus ( назад)
This shit use to make me burst out laughing.

Автор the epic assassint ( назад)

Автор the epic assassint ( назад)

Автор Felix Gutierrez ( назад)

Автор Mason Maurer ( назад)
4:47 made me piss myself. This is a 9-10 Ytp. It uses stalk voices but he
uses it in so many amazing ways its dumb to even acknowledge

Автор EZE "The Game Hunter" ( назад)
It's a Knuckle Bar Bag

Автор TheDogesChannel ( назад)
I remember watching this when I was 6 or 5. This is the first ever poop I
watched and this is the poop that started it all

Автор James Petersen ( назад)
ahhh watching spongebob poops like I'm 9 all over again

Автор Killerbeast 2508 ( назад)
This is my favorite sponge bob ytp lol

Автор Christian Warrior ( назад)
It's a knucklebar bag ya fag!

Автор francisco villalon ( назад)
1:53 - 1:54 pimp the human engine from the video that foxy putt a gem in
the dead pimp what is bimp is from

Автор Edgar Jimenez ( назад)
😁😀 😀😀😀

Автор steve minecraft ( назад)

Автор Dolanisanimated ( назад)

Автор Fernando Ortiz ( назад)

Автор Assassinboy 808 ( назад)
Anyone feel nostalgic

Автор panther5896 ( назад)
I was in 9th grade when this was uploaded. I was only 15 at that time, now
I'm 21. I remember when the littlest things on YTP kept our attention.
Those were the days. YTP was the only reason why I kept logging in for the
last 8 years.

Автор Colin Kurtz ( назад)
This is the best YTP to this day.

Автор Colin Kurtz ( назад)
This is the best YTP to this day.

Автор Munchy Stuff ( назад)
Loads of nostalgia INBOUND.

Автор Andrew Harvey (SWAT RIOT CNTRL) ( назад)
3:11-3:23 Best part

Автор Krome ( назад)

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