5 million views... all I have to say is I'm super happy I got to make this many people laff :)
*h8r disreguarding intensifies*

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Автор WaffleGaming ( назад)


Автор Nicholas Larke ( назад)
My childhood

Автор Zavian Mills ( назад)

Автор Etal Petal ( назад)
Oh my god I remember watching this sooo long ago, dude you are a legend

Автор Ridleh ( назад)
The part where Patrick keeps knocking always gets me

Автор fnafrocks AJ ( назад)
this is my second favorite ytp, my first is ytp: spingibill travels half
the golobe for a hat by cartoonlver98

Автор Sam Fenton ( назад)
The internet became cancerous when FNAF came out, so seeing an old YTP
makes me laugh so many times

Автор Windows/Microsoft Lover ( назад)
I want it now

Автор Gta5 Pro ( назад)
shit did u say shit shhhhiiiitttt sshhhhhhhiiiiiiitttt lol

Автор Alptraum ( назад)
It's a knuckle bar bag ya fag

Автор Kitty ( назад)
the first ytp I've ever watched xD

Автор Stupidmonkey55 ( назад)
thats the first poop I watched

Автор Olley Strong ( назад)
yes it's funny

Автор Endermen1k ( назад)
Still watching 2016, best childhood evar watched 2011 is my first watch

Автор Stack Up ( назад)
Holy shit I watched this 6 years ago

Автор Sylvia The Dog ( назад)
true classic. was 5 when I watched this with my brother :P

Автор Aids ( назад)
3:12 Allahu Akbar!

Автор cute cat video maker cute ( назад)
so funny

Автор Thecoolgamingkid z ( назад)
U hell SOO funny 👾😝

Автор HyperAnims ( назад)
could be a bit more random

Автор HyperAnims ( назад)

Автор lol zavala ( назад)
good days

Автор Gemmydude598 ( назад)
Song at 0:33

Автор Antonio Debono ( назад)
every night i lay in agony until my fartattacks put me to sleep

Автор Where did the party go ( назад)
That first pedophile didn't count

Автор Zooey Kilby (LeafyIsHere Supporter) ( назад)

Автор PROmising Slayer ( назад)
This is the real OG!

Автор ShakingGaming FTW ( назад)

Автор Dltvlogs ( назад)

Автор Julia The Shiny Dratini ( назад)
1:40 Name of the Song?

Автор Braidan Miners ( назад)
bruh i remember whatching this shit when i was like 11. good times

Автор Ajax Crew ( назад)
At 3:39 that is funny

Автор coralthesquirrel ( назад)
classic YouTube Poop in a nutshell:

"I was born with glass BALLS and paper PINGAS. Every morning I break my
FACE, and every afternoon I break my "AAaaaasss".

Автор AbuzzGrain 124 ( назад)
My sis-es favorite part is when he says ITS A NUCKEL BAR BAG YOU FAG

Автор Bella Spink ( назад)
am I the only one who doesn't think these are funny?

Автор TemmiePlz ( назад)

Автор Jack McArdle ( назад)
via come put a ban on some of his vids in my country

Автор Brandon Bellinger ( назад)
I am going to report you

Автор Jack B ( назад)
3:33 LOL

Автор Craig Smith ( назад)
This is litter ally my childhood

Автор LoganCFGamingHD ( назад)
make way for a cupl of pooers!

Автор LoganCFGamingHD ( назад)
i will hunt you down

Автор LoganCFGamingHD ( назад)

Автор THEGAMEGOD7777 ( назад)
That fuck attacks line is still funny after 6 years.

Автор A silly kid Looms ( назад)
The good old days of ytp

Автор Foxx Gaming500 ( назад)
George lopez...

Автор Static Shock 2000 ( назад)
Patrick freaked me out abit lol

Автор Pug Lords ( назад)
this was my shit back in the day

Автор Mark ! ( назад)
I was 10 when I watched this xD

Автор Static Shock 2000 ( назад)
Still a classix

Автор Taylor Howard ( назад)
This suck

Автор Josh Sanchez ( назад)
Call of duty ruined everything. Like if you agree.

Автор Josh Sanchez ( назад)
Call of duty ruined everything. Like if you agree

Автор Xxcrazy girlxX ( назад)
It was good times. First YTP I ever watched. I want to go back were the old
YTPs used to exist. Like in the 2009 or whatever xD

Автор 4breakfastbros ( назад)

Автор Brennen Copeland ( назад)
Song at 3:04?

Автор RaiderZPK2 ( назад)
song at 5:23?

Автор jaylawolf 9 ( назад)

Автор TMwatcher ( назад)
1:30 I was dying

Автор NerfKidStudios ( назад)
Honestly I'm sad
This was 6 YEARS AGO and it feels like it was uploaded like yesterday

Автор Daren Sanchez ( назад)
3:18 Where is that from?

Автор Toby Rogers ( назад)
Hello I will I hunt you down

Автор Toby Rogers ( назад)
Can I have ever your nuber

Автор Toby Rogers ( назад)
YMCA ymca ymca

Автор Toby Rogers ( назад)
This is gr8

Автор LOLsphinx ( назад)
whos watching in 2016?

Автор TheGreenWolfGuy ( назад)
This was the first youtube poop I ever watched. I was only like 9...

Автор Drew Peterson ( назад)
What is that NO! Noise from?

Автор Serperior the Regal pokemon ( назад)
0:21 what's the song called

Автор Logan Reigel ( назад)
very funny dude

Автор Wrinkle The Dog ( назад)
Gay Fish Song Is From South Park

Автор Brodie Millbank ( назад)
my first YouTube poop

Автор dymond ortello ( назад)

Автор Nick Carbone ( назад)
Classic this is

Автор Ali Hashmi ( назад)

Автор KittyScout8910 ( назад)
I'm so glad this is still here.

Автор Max Rodriguez ( назад)
Song at 2:04?

Автор Toby Rogers ( назад)
The first 18 seconds I was cracking up

Автор Ethan Stedronsky ( назад)
This is one of the best YTPs on the Internet

Автор ZKv ( назад)

Автор Adam B-R ( назад)
Easily the greatest video on YouTube XXDDD

Автор Migs Bravo ( назад)
I demand you to stop saying sh*t

Автор yeogi buteora ( назад)
my preteen years

Автор . WereWaffle ( назад)
"It's a knucklebar bag you fag"

that line gets me everytime

Автор JoeDan54 ( назад)
Haha, classic! :^)

Автор Mysterious Jade ( назад)
I remember watching this when I was nine. I didn't know what the word
"Pedophile" meant, I thought it was a bad word. So I ended up calling my
friend a pedophile because she pissed me off. Then the teacher looked at me
awkwardly, then made me explain to her what I just said x'D I didn't get in
trouble, thank goodness.

Автор Layton Kelsay ( назад)
you took me back to the 80s with those songs

Автор GlassPottatoTM. ( назад)
i remember this ahhhhh good times

Автор RandomCookie Lad ( назад)
Gay fish XD

Автор Kenny Redman ( назад)
What's Spongebob saying at 3:27-3:28? How something?

Автор Jayden ( назад)
i will always come back to this video and laugh

Автор AD03 ( назад)
This YTP will always be a classic!

Автор Kenny Redman ( назад)
What does Patrick say at 3:39-3:40?

Автор Themixelpuffin 83 ( назад)
oh my god I remember this

Автор G! Asriel ( назад)
That's the second ytp I've heard involving Sponge Bob and Pink Floyd today.

Автор George Toner ( назад)

Автор Thomas Keaveny ( назад)
this guy deserves an oscar

Автор Pixel Mixer ( назад)
Ah yeah! The good old videos of YouTube

Автор Killjoy 343 ( назад)
Holy crap I remember how long ago it was. I showed my entire family this
video before bed, and we all laughed our heads off.

Автор Twenty Øne Phangirls ( назад)
"Every Step You Take"..
It's Every Breath You Take ;-;..

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