5 million views... all I have to say is I'm super happy I got to make this many people laff :)
*h8r disreguarding intensifies*

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Автор My Bubba Oh Bubbaness ( назад)
Holy shit I remember when I used to watch this video everyday because I
found it so hilarious. Watching in nowadays is just a nostalgia trip for

Автор Cobras7111 ( назад)
My favorite YouTube Poop to date

Автор Noah Tamson ( назад)
Is your mother#%kin mother home?

Автор pandatank4 8 ( назад)
what's the song at 0:33

Автор Nehemiah Valdez ( назад)
what is a pedafile

Автор Nicolas-theman ( назад)
Can't beat the classics

Автор Sanic 1468 ( назад)
Tails: I fucking love you

Sonic: me too

Автор Boozab99 ( назад)
so is this the most popular old ytp?

Автор KAL1B3R4 ( назад)
Ah one of the first YTP's I watched. The first one was a toy story one.

Автор Damien's Arm Strength ( назад)
wtf is this cancer

Автор Damien's Arm Strength ( назад)
wtf is this cancer

Автор ForceLoup ( назад)


Автор SteadyRhythms ( назад)
What happen to quality content like this? I'm ashamed at YouTube creators.

Автор debvath ( назад)
I'm pretty sure that this was one of my first and maybe favourite YTPs..

Автор PATRiCKFBi MetalHead ( назад)
My favorite moment 3:11

Автор LadyRevan7 ( назад)
"travelling shit salesmen!" LOL
2:44 Lmao!
I remember seeing this a long time ago, it's good to watch it again!

Автор electronics for fun ( назад)
classic! l remember when this vid first came out.

Автор Days with Sain Blur ( назад)
What is that song called? 3:47

Автор Poopa Troopa ( назад)
4:11 Got me

Автор Nkb Studios ( назад)
a total classic.

Автор Emily M ( назад)
Time for a trip on the nostalgia train

Автор FreddyTheFazkiller Faz ( назад)
oh my god this is so old i think i watched this as a 6 year old

Автор Howya Doin ( назад)
How has this not been copyrighted yet I will never fuckin know

Автор Zeno Mercer ( назад)

Read More

Автор 8coolguys 85 ( назад)
5:23 what song?

Автор Lori Tucker ( назад)

Автор LastRides456 ( назад)
SH*T SH****T SH***T! Lol the sh*t guy

Автор Michael Lonigro ( назад)
Could we interest you in some shit?
Shit? Did you say shit? Shit! SHIT! SHIIIIIIIIT! SHIIIIIIIIIIT!

Автор EmmYem :3 ( назад)
OMG I remembered when I first watched this with my brother! Oohh the
memories xD

Автор Bouncing Lake105 ( назад)
kind of funny

Автор The Cloud Wolfe ( назад)
touch my body XD

Автор Alexander Krustev ( назад)
aaaaah good old day's of youtube

Автор Haitam54 Gaming ( назад)
I Like Ketchup leave a like if you do too! :D

Автор The-X -Animates ( назад)

Автор Daniel Hernandez ( назад)

Автор Daniel Hernandez ( назад)
selling poop

Автор Angus Langenbaker ( назад)
6 years ago this legend was born

Автор Supermario Chris ( назад)
Best ytp makes me laugh every time I watch it

Автор batson kyote ( назад)
2:55 funny

Автор batson kyote ( назад)
1:23 good

Автор Alex Gomez ( назад)

Автор Alex Gomez ( назад)
ynca ynca ynca ynca ynca

Автор Group114 Productions ( назад)
3:06 what is that song? sounds familiar

Автор Kinq Evanz ( назад)
S-hiiiiiiit LMAOOO

Автор Travell Vincent ( назад)
love it

Автор baylen oxy ( назад)
Not funny

Автор Midnight Sparkle ( назад)
3:19 I f****** love you

Автор NICKFTW13 0 ( назад)

Автор Spongegargoyle The gargoyle ( назад)
So hilarious after 6 years

Автор Hills vs Trumpets ( назад)
First video I ever watched in my whole life.

Автор Rainbow Star crystal ( назад)
I never die laughing in my life XD

Автор PokemonGuy748 ( назад)
the song at the beginning is Run Like Hell by Pink Floyd

Автор BR4NDON B3NTLEY ( назад)
most of my favorite ytp's are being deleted :(

Автор dakota hastreiter ( назад)
I think this was mine to
Oh i wish they would still make
Ytps. Like these

Автор Ilovemewtwo360 MLG ( назад)
We gotta go!!!

Автор Goku Games ( назад)
what's the song at 5:27

Автор Raihan Hakim98 ( назад)
The first YTP that I've ever watched all those years ago.

Автор ThePepeNoobs TPN ( назад)
I watched this when I was like 5 now I'm. 11

Автор Fell Sans ( назад)
So fucking funnyy

Автор Ilovemewtwo360 MLG ( назад)
That Patrick part made me and my cousin laugh

Автор Muneeb Ahmad ( назад)

Автор The Dank Lord ( назад)
Damn the memories this brings back..... I remember being in high school and
watching this, and nobody understood why I thought it was so funny, so I
didn't need friends when I had stuff like this to make me laugh. I hate to
admit it, but I miss being young like that, and not having so much to worry
about, I wish I knew then how easy it was being young like that. Good
memories though. :') First I've felt in years. Thanks man, you've helped
more than you know.

Автор cod de tv ( назад)
shit, shit,Shiiit!

Автор supermikipop333 ( назад)
2:42 LOL

Автор Diamond Gaming ( назад)
I only laughed at 3:54 to 3:55

Автор 3lite r3bel ( назад)
at 1:46 when he says pedofile what's that from?

Автор John Dorion ( назад)

Автор BaconBall37 ( назад)
good times...

Автор Slog Oman ( назад)
I love that song at 1:16

Автор Superbad Films ( назад)
I remember watching this when I was 10

Автор JerkyPlays ( назад)
OMG I remember this

Автор Poke hunter 38459 ( назад)
Patrick: we gotta go!

Автор Adgerman24 ( назад)
this was my first YTP and to this day is still my favorite.

Автор Ruby the amazing ( назад)
This was the 1st ytp i ever watched. Thank you for making this, i needed to
know about funny stuff

Автор Spotted Hyena ( назад)
Can I ya number

Автор Frank Taijeron ( назад)
can I have yo number?

Автор VinceEnder Gaming ( назад)
this is crazy guys wiwi

Автор Max Evans ( назад)
what is that from?

Автор Foxy “*Original Foxy*” The Evil Pirate Fox ( назад)
4:41 I Take 20...........PAIRS OF UNDERWEAR!

Автор will fraser ( назад)
This is nostalgic for me. Werent a few scenes turned into dsi flipnotes?

Автор Christian Krais ( назад)
The title song is called run like hell

Автор SmellyEggs56 ( назад)
I agree with everyone

Автор Mohamed Mahmoud ( назад)

Автор Bryan Parrish ( назад)
if i were them i would throw the poop at the old lady

Автор FrozenDeath666 ( назад)
YTP's arnt as they used to be

Автор DarkSyne ( назад)
Holy shit I remember this being amazing back in 2012 when I first watched
ytp, But now it has aged quite a bit.

Автор Shawndud3 -.- ( назад)
Oh the nostalgia

Автор josh 903 ( назад)
I don't think a baby would find this funny

Автор Hossein The boss ( назад)
who's waching this in 2016

Автор Kevin Frederick ( назад)
Now instead of this we got Mlg shit

Автор meepmoopbloop woo ( назад)
"every morning a break my face"

Автор Axmix 2- Random videos! ( назад)
Just when YTP's were good. :(.

Автор pretty. odd. stan ( назад)
oh god i remember watching these when i was younger, i didnt understand
what was going on lmao

Автор min 23 ( назад)

Автор official pizza roll ( назад)
BDM:Before Dank Memes

Автор Chick Hickeys ( назад)
i remember this being my first ytp i watched... [sigh] memories... i was
just a kid and i knew the word shit. i remember getting addicted too lmao.

Автор Sanic 1468 ( назад)
Shit guy: did you shit? Shit?! SHIT?! SHIIIIIIIIT! SHIIIIIIIIIT!

Автор Robert Garza ( назад)
3:27 music??

Автор Otis Dogg ( назад)
can i get a complete list of songs

Автор Packie McReary ( назад)
My first ytp that made my childhood, along with CaveManEngi

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