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Добавлено: 4 года
Длительность: 6:23
Комментарии: 12235

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Автор RossBossGamingHD (2 дня)
3:15 LOL

Автор Rustpelt Studios (5 дней)

Автор Biscuit Films (6 дней)
I laughed SO HARD. 

Автор Bogatyr Lider (9 дней)
5:08 I was born with glass BALLS and paper PINGAS.

Автор Ben Asack (10 дней)
Song at 2:19?

Автор MrConflicted (12 дней)
I will hunt you dowwn

Автор Josh Lawbarbera (12 дней)
gay Patrick

Автор TheGrimMinecrafter (14 дней)
3:23 i mean

Автор Ja'Mel Winstead (20 дней)
"Sorry, poop has shit and shit turns into bubbling fuck" LOL!

Автор Hee Soo Lee lee (21 день)
lol i fuckin love you XD

Автор Bob Jim (21 день)
Any video which starts with Pink Floyd is good in my book.

Автор Dusty Crophopper (28 дней)

Автор Tom The Robloxian (24 дня)
Shit did you say shit? SHIT!? SHIT!!! SHHHHHIIIIIT!!!!!!!!!

Автор Mr Rogers (1 месяц)
I clicked cause the thumbnail said FAG!

Автор almajurisic16 (1 месяц)
Shit! Shit?! Shiiiiiiiiiiiittttt!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhh!

Автор 20teamplayer (12 часов)
3:39 LMFAO

Автор G Harrison (16 часов)
patrick: no its like this HOW WE WANT FROM MEEEEE!!!!!!!!

Автор DodgyDan4 (2 дня)
"WE GOT HIM NOW!" Hahaahahhaah xD

Автор Dayzsa Clark (2 дня)

Автор The Gameboy (2 дня)
The YouTube I ever wached

Автор Mercedes Stephens (3 дня)
What the fucking shit I laughed at that

Автор Buttercup Devone (3 дня)

Автор Jennifer Kean (4 дня)
Look at 3:10 lol!

Автор Colin McGuire (4 дня)
Does anyone know the sound at 2:41?

Автор Dakota Miller (7 дней)
what's the song at the beginning of the video?

Автор Hawk talon (7 дней)
My brother was sleeping when I watch this and I tried sooo hard not to
laugh X^D

Автор Beats Arnold (13 дней)
Is your mother f***ing mother home!?

Автор Colton whynot (10 дней)
Hello? Touch my body lol

Автор valero zanoni (8 дней)
wtf is this and why does it have so many views.

Автор gogators123100 (8 дней)
5:22 so sad :(

Автор K- man (11 дней)
My names Kyle :)

Автор Tyler Lewis (14 дней)

Автор epicnessforlife64 (16 дней)
the gay fish song is from south park btw

Автор Tristan Stokes (19 дней)
Someone tell me what is I flipping love u is from

Автор aaron pattison (15 дней)
Lol girl opens door you hear a sex noise. " hello where selling a strap on
Dick that could choke a donkey" LOL I want it now NOW NOW

Автор Octavio Gimenez (15 дней)
come in murdering the innocent!! LOL xD

Автор Ryan Zepp (14 дней)
and every afternoon i break my ASS!

Автор ROBLOX (17 дней)

Автор eli lewis (10 дней)
LOL Michael Moore

Автор Limila Lime (20 дней)

Автор Scourgethan Hedgehuman (23 дня)

Автор Tedcraft1 (22 дня)
That moment when you lose our humanity and decide to watch this.

Автор LoneWanderer788 (22 дня)
Every afternoon I break my assss lol

Автор Jerry Holton (16 дней)

Автор Paul Finley (22 дня)
Its a nucklebar bag ya fag

Автор jonah naymik (21 день)

Автор gamerman321 (21 день)
just that lady s mother iz dead XD

Автор Theplatinumninja75 (27 дней)
*lines* not parts

Автор Jeff Capatch (24 дня)
3:17 Patrick is gay

Автор Karina guerrero (26 дней)
Lmfao this is hilarious

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