Natural Bodybuilding - (Secrets of Growth) 1/2

Natural bodybuilder Alan Eltron Barrell discuses some great bodybuilding advice on growing natural muscle, working out but mainly on his bodybuilding diet secrets for the natural bodybuilder. He also covers carb cycling and getting a shredded and ripped body. Very informative muscle diet bodybuilding video. More on Alan Eltron Barrell at youtube.com/Eltronbarrell or our website at http://pumpjunkies.com/exercises

Update - Alan Eltron Barrell has a new book out. If you'd like to check it out, please visit his website at http://www.kitcoperidesthehighcountry.com

Part 1 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZOE6feU6DkI
Part 2 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bnmhIV449Ec

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Автор Colin Lombardoni ( назад)
nothing natural about filling yourself with eggs meat and cheese

Автор Jeremy Rapp ( назад)
High Protein

Автор Mark Lowe ( назад)
His build reminds me of Arnolds. I still think this is the best looking

Автор JasonStriationfilms ( назад)
The kid doesn't look too bad overall, but how do you really know if a guy
is clean, some of my old buddies used to be on all kinds of shit and would
tell people they were natural and everyone believed them.

Автор elpadrino77 ( назад)
Is being on Deca classed as natural now?

Автор 223cdawg ( назад)
do you still lift during zero carb diet?

Автор Itso TT ( назад)
The only real natty that I ever seen on youtube. And the only diet that I
can 100 % tell it is working. I train more than 15 years and this was the
only thing that work for me. 3 months 87 to 78 kg , 41,5 cm to 44 cm
biceps, waist line 100 to 83cm , and body fat % from around 25-27 to 12-13%
probably (never tested, but upper 4 abbs defined)....400-440 grams of
protein every day (23-25 egg whites 5-7 all eggs, 1,2 kg of chicken , 500
grams of fish) 6 days 1 day - rise + potato: 700-800 grams +700-800 grams.
3 months and only supplement I take was 1000 mg tablets of L-carnitine 3-4
times a day for last 25 days. BEST BODY I have ever had. Thanks Alan
P.S. I had blood thest 2,5 to 3 month after I stop the diet. Everything was
in NORMAL. EVEN MY LDL CHOLESTEROL.(aftert almost 3000eggs)

Автор SomeoneWho ActuallyKnowsFitness ( назад)
actually not good lol

Автор Brahn Baldwin ( назад)
this guy has incredible genetics he's a young guy and he has a lot and his
gene pool physics is family have good genes so yeah a guy and his
mid-twenties to mid-thirties with good genetics and a good diet and a good
training program can achieve results close to what somebody on steroids
could achieve however for 95% of the rest of us to achieve his games would
take some illegal substances I don't believe this guy is taking anything
illegal and or did he I believe he was a natural but this is a rare
occasion he unfortunately doesn't realize that most people can't get what
he got naturally I would say that I definitely gain muscle an incredible
amount of strength naturally I won six powerlifting championships over a 10
year period never lost a powerlifting contest but when I got into the body
building I was 32 years old and it was obvious without some supplements I
was not going to be able to put on any more muscle to my 5.7 175lb frame.

Big for a natural fuck. How tall are you. Look like a naturally big built
rugby player. Its funny to see people always find a flaw like legs and
point it out

Автор Jay C ( назад)
right on bro. Natural bodybuilding isnt a rocket science. Lift heavy, get
good rest, eat lots of protein = win. No drugs needed unless you want to
gain some fake muscle which you will lose after the drugs have stopped.

Автор SeveredCityMadman ( назад)
You can spot a natural , this dude would be a genetic freak if he would
jump the gear boat, R.I.P my friend , you motivate me to stay natural ,
and I will stay natural.

Автор Rasputin ( назад)
RIP great bodybuilder. You really achieved greatness, the kind we natural
bodybuilders aspire to. Bodybuilding is a dangerous sport because the
demands on the heart are tremendous. That's why I would never do carb
cycling, because those nutrients from fruits and vegetables provide some
protection against heart damage. The heart takes a real beating from so
much stress placed upon it. This is one of the main reasons bodybuilders
are dying in their 40's or even younger. The heart becomes enlarged and
damaged. I always try to get plenty of sleep in order to give my heart the
rest it requires, and everyday I eat a carrot and an apple for tissue
repair and overall health. But the most important thing I do to heal and
protect my heart is to do energy healing on my heart, by placing two hands
or one over or near my heart letting my heart absorb the healing energy
from my hands.

That can easily be achieved naturally, not sure why people are claiming

Автор arsenalmanic ( назад)
wtf this man passed away at the tender age of 29 few years ago. Shocked !

Автор arsenalmanic ( назад)
IMO he looks natural. You can tell easily if you've been around for a

Автор Ray Khan ( назад)
What a poser, beginner physique

Автор Joshua Leilona ( назад)
solid bro💪

Автор Gfunk truth ( назад)
Natural is the best!

Автор kunal soni ( назад)
hahahahahah i like when he said (loosing fat) a big lol chicken legs

Автор theonetheycall Paul ( назад)
your so full of shit if your saying your natty

Автор powerliftrening1 ( назад)
Those fucking lats m8....

Автор assexpert1990 ( назад)
i don't take advice from one dead man

Автор Jason Genova ( назад)
Guys srsly he has a point... Don't know about 0 carbs but low carb is good 

Автор Rogier Allan ( назад)
natural is the way...

Автор Parvez Hosenbux ( назад)
Thanks :)

Автор YoutubSUCKZ ( назад)
lmao @ his flamingo legs. serves him right for calling himself "natural"

Автор booby b ( назад)
if you take hella d bol you would look like fucking arnold

Автор adonna manzo ( назад)
Natural my ass!

Автор Mar kate (488 лет назад)
HGH, or can you tell me why his jawline grew with his muscles? If you can
answer that question, then I'm sorry, but obviously chins get thinner with
losing weight, so don't BS us and get out of here!

Автор omar nkl ( назад)
Small legs man

Автор Jenny Macaluso ( назад)

Автор Shams Al iqabi ( назад)
what a fking bullshit, without carbs u''ll feel dizzy and fall while
training, carbs are the energy ur body needs, imagine a car without gas,
how the fk is it gunna work???? rip tho

Автор Sarkku ( назад)
looks natural arnold, but maybe lot of protein not make good to heart.

Автор Gianluca Strong ( назад)
Rip big man

Автор jorel4477 ( назад)
Natural? Haha

Автор Anton Kitov ( назад)
Tiny legs lol

Автор Cal Anderson ( назад)
Skipped leg day

Автор The Decider ( назад)
Sir may I ask? I am a newbie bodybuilder i started lifting 2 years. What
are your routines , diet plan. Most of my friends use gear but i dont and I
looked like i dont even lift?

Автор minus minoas ( назад)
no roid with a neck like that???? come on.... nothing natural about this
dude. when i hear about british nattys i lmao. natty on fish &chips?

Автор fliptthescript ( назад)
didn't know he died. rip. I don't think going low carb diet where its 0
carbs is smart or you could end up like him down the line. Platz did not do
0 carb diet from what I have read.

Автор Fabian Hidalgo Torres ( назад)
La mejor dieta para endomorfos pierdes grasa sin perder musculo 5 dias high
fats y high protein zero carbs luego un reload de carbohidratos al
principio tomara esfuerzo pero luego en el gym te sientes superman la

Автор SXS66 ( назад)
Genetics. I agree 100 percent fuck protein powders and supplements. It's
all about whole natural foods

Автор Rhys Jenkins ( назад)
Hey guys, i just a little over a year into my natural body building! Im
learning along the way! it would be great to have some of you guys take a
look at my videos and let me know if im doing things wrong and if theres
anything i should try. I would love to have some natural body building
friends to help me out, thank you

Автор Acoustic Man ( назад)
Rest in Peace, Alan.

Автор NatchRules ( назад)
Real natty s are passionate about their gains, they do not commend steroids
or fat burners and they always rant about natural lifting.. The fakers say
"I dont mind if people use roids" etc etc, if you were a real raw natty you
would be totally devoted to this shit!! fuck you pretenders claiming

Автор DrAL00isin ( назад)
Hmmmm, I'm a healthcare professional and used to getting info I need fast,
not a narrative, just straight data please. The more extraneous stuff
inserted, or the longer an explanation is, the less understanding someone
usually actually has. No one has ever really been able to explain the no
carb idea physiologically other than to invoke the "theory" that's how our
caveman ancestors ate. Which I assert is absurd. NO carbs leads to
ketoacidosis, ketones are the back up molecules used for energy when
preferred glucose from our diets is not available, mainly derived from
carbs. Its an inefficient, unsustainable, and TOXIC, situation. Your energy
levels, mental health, and ability to train and recover suffer. I submit
the key is to get your carbs from whole food sources like whole wheat,
yams, oatmeal, fruits etc. not processed foods. Depriving carbs can lead to
carb insensitivity, so when it comes time to carb load like precontest
prep, now your body is not able to process them efficiently, and you stay
flat and can't get a pump. Happens all the time, and a very common mistake.
The best diet I have used for training is called the anabolic burst diet,
that alters the calories you eat every other week to keep your metabolism
running on high. Space doesn't allow to detail it here, but google it or
look it up on here. Low carbs and sustained periods of low calories just
results in a slower metabolism, a defense mechanism your body uses in times
of "famine", to give priority to your most needed body functions. Building
more muscle mass that is very energy expensive to build and maintain is not
a survival need by the way, like brain function. I have tried the low carb
approach and it was a miserable experience. 

Автор Blast and Cruise Protocol from Hell ( назад)
your using insulin.
that's your secret.

Автор Alessio Debal ( назад)
DAY's workout gym !!!

Автор CrimecraftTPSMMO ( назад)
Beauty of bodybuilding is that there are many techniques and many beliefs
and no physique is the same.

BB is needs very individualistic approach. Everyone should get help
starting BB and then just follow their own journey. That includes dieting

Problem is there are people who will always look to make fun of you or
accuse you of using steroids because they are the kind of people who are
afraid of challenge and they should not be training at all. They just dont
belong in the gym because they have negative influence on others who are
passionate about bb..

Автор 90sgrunge1 ( назад)
Make it easier just lift weights and eat healthy foods like eggs lean meats
chicken fish veggies & fruits - also if you want to get bigger don't worry
so much about bread , whole wheat pasta & oatmeal drink lot of water take a
pre workout with some damn caffeine it's find heck I drinks lots of
caffeine either coffee of my pre workout mix - also just have fun and main
thing is stay away from the sweets stuff that has zero nutrion all value &
will just make you tired 20 minutes after u eat it. Bodybuilding does not
have to be so damn hard eat food drink water drink some caffeine lift
weight sleep watch tv have fun with the family & drive a car to places. My
body isn't perfect but It looks better at age 40 than it did at age 25 & I
really loved the first two months when I was 20 years old & really started
getting into weight trainin on reg basis. BUT again my carb loading was I
are a whole pizza last night & works up with puffiness and felt shitty
although I got a massive massive pump thanks to all the water . I think the
people who really want to trim slim down are the ones who need to watch the
carbs but again we all need veggies & fruit & some oatmeal things like that
won't hurt you 

Автор MrDraxz ( назад)
Helps that he's 6'2 300lbs as a Frame too LoL.

Автор cy corba ( назад)
So many fake nattys

Автор TheBeard Beard ( назад)
R.I.P bro. Thanks for the advise before you passed away.

Автор Luigi Battista ( назад)
The juice is strong wth this one

Автор ArronPeaceXI ( назад)
skipping leg day bro?

Автор anzo RS ( назад)
my arms start to grow faster after switch to low carb,high fat,high

Автор MrSpartan92 ( назад)
Seriously at first i was like hey yeah nice finally somebody who trains the
way i train even though im not as big as you are but then its just acrappy
video where u are trying to sell your shit. Go fuck yourself u talk about
the perfect nutrition over and over again but then you dont come to the
point where u actually say anything valueable about your big " secrect".
People dont waste your time with this,

Автор saystart ( назад)
great video sir

Автор Ashley Mann ( назад)
Saying you ate "zero carbs" comes dangerously close to undermining
everything else you said. So you ate no fruit or vegetables?

Автор Betty J. Finley ( назад)
Everybody can develop at least 10 pounds muscle in 8 weeks and get ripped

Автор mandrake smith ( назад)
What did this guy die from ? at 30 ??
Then some fat loser will live to 70...not fair

Автор trwtrw3 ( назад)
Why couldn't he be both a bodybuilder & a writer?

Автор Zannyzaitzev ( назад)
also, salad is carbs

Автор Zannyzaitzev ( назад)
according to this video there is no natural way to build calves

Автор Justin Harris ( назад)
Sadly he died fairly young and his death imo looks like it maybe was caused
by ketosis, maybe he pushed the boundaries of carb cycling a lil too far,
shame as he was an nice honest athlete....

Автор DeQuan McKaney ( назад)
Was successful with my very 1st carb cycling attempt. Muscles were FULL! 

Автор Jacob Avellis ( назад)
Shutup n tell us

Автор Solomon Nathan Tor-Kilsen (According to Solomon) ( назад)
Awesome video man! Cheers for the tips!

Автор deadboy600 ( назад)
This guy looks like he is a true natty but a good way to live is, "trust no
one but your mother". You can use the quote but credit me. lol

Автор TheRidiculously ( назад)
-Secrets of Growth
Doesn´t look like it worked so well on his legs, someone skiped leg dag..
when the arms are bigger then your legs..

Автор Bradley Soles-moore (432 года назад)
Haha. You think Mike katz and arnold were natural? ! Hell no. But back then
the test doses were far less, and the anabolics and growth hormones were
far more limited. So nutrition and training were far more important. Look
at bostin loyd. In one year he went from a fat kid, with a fair amount of
muscle, to looking like arnold. He admitted all his drug usage, and tells
you what he took, and when. He also admits his nutrition didn't change at
all during his transformation. Just more drugs.

Автор hivis blade ( назад)
he is not natural at all onve u take steroids u know exactly whos on it an
whos not

Автор Phaidon Toruan ( назад)
It seems Alan know many things about carbs and protein and fat, but know
nothing about free radicals. hard training, whether it is bodybuilding,
football, basketball, make the body produces free radicals. free radicals
when meet cholesterol in our bodym even if it is in normal range, can
clogged out artery, and can lead to atherosclerotic. we need antioxidants
that available from organic fruit and vegetables. once we cook the fruit or
vegetables, many of it's antioxidant properties are lost, and we live in a
vulnerable situation especially when we train hard. Anyway, RIP Alan, you
still inspiring me. 

Автор Murat BAYRAKTAR ( назад)

Автор Murat BAYRAKTAR ( назад)
one more death...

Автор true “anonymoustokers” rasta ( назад)
posing like arnold lol

Автор Steven Curnow ( назад)
Surely this is down to genetics, other people talk about carb cycling and
they aren't even that big. Other people know of this and aren't half his

Автор Justin Ceneviva ( назад)
How is "developing muscle" and "gaining [muscle] mass" different from
eachother? Sounds like broscience to me. I'm currently losing fat AND
gaining mass and strength just fine.

Автор bulky spud ( назад)
Anyone who trains naturally knows this is impressive. It's so hard to
maintain a good natty physique. There's a peak and then maintenance. I'm
sure the guy peaked and conditioned when needed. Anyone who doesn't think
naturally this is a great physique just doesn't get how it works

Автор Kevin Kiesel ( назад)
he looks pretty average, not very big

Автор Spitfirelol ( назад)
This man looks like anyone who works out 6 times a week and eats alot. why
should this be impressive ? give me some1 who looks like kai greene with no
roids and i shall be impressed with his performence

Автор James Brown (2041 год назад)
Being a natural bodybuilder is a catch 22, because if you somehow manage to
get huge you'll be accused of being on steroids

Автор samocand ( назад)
Carbohydrate spares the use of protein as an energy source. When
carbohydrate consumption is inadequate, protein is broken down to make
glucose to maintain a constant blood glucose level. However, when proteins
are broken down they lose their primary role as building blocks for
muscles. In addition, protein breakdown may result in an increased stress
on the kidneys, where protein byproducts are excreted into the urine.

Автор Captain Mantastic ( назад)
Secrets of growth? Steroids and growth hormone. 

Автор NatchRules ( назад)
Most unhealthy bodybuilder on youtube 100% natural!

Автор the espada sama ( назад)
he is Natural

Автор parkourdude100 ( назад)
Admiring that deadlift at 6:27

Автор MightyCid ( назад)
viking genetics lol naturally huge 

Автор N0r420Cal ( назад)
everyone on here is fukin ignorant dont even comment if ur gunna talk shit 

Автор Jayarea5 ( назад)
Just discovered this guy today RIP big dogg.

Автор Jose Rodriguez ( назад)
How many carbs did you eat when you eat carbs every 5-6 days.

Автор PhysiquesOfNaturalness ( назад)
wait, wait lol, i might of heard it wrong... U confused me... u said - 'u
can still develop muscle while losing weight, u just cant build mass ...'
and in the context u were talking about losing fat of course and building
mass.... It depends on what u mean by mass... i assume u meant Muscle
Mass....but Im here to tell u , u are wrong if that is what u meant- as i
explained in the comment below this one in a physiological sense... 'U CAN
definitely build muscle mass and lose fat!' Muscles melt away at fat the
bigger and stronger they get and also need fat as fuel to maintain their
nice large/strong state... Maybe it was just a slip-up on ur part in the
video; i've done that in some of my videos as well..

Автор smulansimrishamn ( назад)
natural ..... please...

Автор billsyd2004 ( назад)
You need to learn to get to the point.

Автор dipak rana ( назад)
Everyone has the valuable gift to build muscle--but not many actually use
it. Copy and paste into Google Ready Set Ripped and discover how to
utilize your gift.

Автор snicolle76 ( назад)
If I ate like that the wind would blow me away.....ectomorph training and
eating is totally different......everyone's body is as unique as your
thumbprint.......bottom line do what works for you.....look at the mirror
not the scale.....and REMEMBER that natural hard grainy muscle comes from
years of training and eating right!

Автор Psychedelia ( назад)

Possible kidney damage
High-protein diets place a lot of stress on the kidneys. The initial weight
loss on high-protein diets is from water loss. When carb intake is
restricted, the body uses muscle and liver glycogen for energy. For each
gram of glycogen, two grams of water are used or “lost.” The minute you
give into your carb craving, that weight will come back. The diuretic
effect of eliminating carbohydrates from your diet stresses the kidneys
while they remove urea, a by-product of protein synthesis, from the body.
Compounding that problem, when the body is in a state of ketosis, increased
levels of calcium are excreted — that can lead to kidney stones; a build-up
of calcium in the urine. Think about the experiment when you put a nail in
a cup of Coke: After a few days the acid in the soda starts to dissolve the
nail. The same breakdown happens to your bones. Calcium (along with other
minerals) is leached from bones and teeth because of the increased acidity
of the body. Literally pissing away calcium is a major con of high-protein
diets because that will have a negative effect on your workouts. Calcium is
a necessary mineral for muscle contraction and nerve impulse. Calcium loss
can also lead to stress fracture. Plus many more damage. Source ask men.

Автор MeZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZ ( назад)
rip sir

Автор Christopher Taylor ( назад)
Bullshit this guy took anabolic steroids at some point.

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