Natural Bodybuilding - (Secrets of Growth) 1/2

Natural bodybuilder Alan Eltron Barrell discuses some great bodybuilding advice on growing natural muscle, working out but mainly on his bodybuilding diet secrets for the natural bodybuilder. He also covers carb cycling and getting a shredded and ripped body. Very informative muscle diet bodybuilding video. More on Alan Eltron Barrell at youtube.com/Eltronbarrell or our website at http://pumpjunkies.com/exercises

Update - Alan Eltron Barrell has a new book out. If you'd like to check it out, please visit his website at http://www.kitcoperidesthehighcountry.com

Part 1 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZOE6feU6DkI
Part 2 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bnmhIV449Ec

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Автор TheBeard Beard (1 день)
R.I.P bro. Thanks for the advise before you passed away.

Автор Ashley Mann (19 дней)
Saying you ate "zero carbs" comes dangerously close to undermining
everything else you said. So you ate no fruit or vegetables?

Автор Luigi Battista (3 дня)
The juice is strong wth this one

Автор Betty J. Finley (24 дня)
Everybody can develop at least 10 pounds muscle in 8 weeks and get ripped

Автор Kevin Kiesel (4 месяца)
he looks pretty average, not very big

Автор Justin Thomas (4 месяца)
How is "developing muscle" and "gaining [muscle] mass" different from
eachother? Sounds like broscience to me. I'm currently losing fat AND
gaining mass and strength just fine.

Автор Robert Jeffery (5 месяцев)
Secrets of growth? Steroids and growth hormone. 

Автор t law (2 месяца)
sorrry but if you get that big natural you have to straight choww down 

Автор DeQuan McKaney (2 месяца)
Was successful with my very 1st carb cycling attempt. Muscles were FULL! 

Автор corba x (2 часа)
So many fake nattys

Автор ArronPeaceXI (10 дней)
skipping leg day bro?

Автор saystart (16 дней)
great video sir

Автор MrSpartan92 (13 дней)
Seriously at first i was like hey yeah nice finally somebody who trains the
way i train even though im not as big as you are but then its just acrappy
video where u are trying to sell your shit. Go fuck yourself u talk about
the perfect nutrition over and over again but then you dont come to the
point where u actually say anything valueable about your big " secrect".
People dont waste your time with this,

Автор mandrake smith (1 месяц)
What did this guy die from ? at 30 ??
Then some fat loser will live to 70...not fair

Автор Zannyzaitzev (1 месяц)
also, salad is carbs

Автор trwtrw3 (1 месяц)
Why couldn't he be both a bodybuilder & a writer?

Автор Justin Harris (1 месяц)
Sadly he died fairly young and his death imo looks like it maybe was caused
by ketosis, maybe he pushed the boundaries of carb cycling a lil too far,
shame as he was an nice honest athlete....

Автор Jacob Avellis (2 месяца)
Shutup n tell us

Автор Solomon Nathan Tor-Kilsen (2 месяца)
Awesome video man! Cheers for the tips!

Автор Zannyzaitzev (1 месяц)
according to this video there is no natural way to build calves

Автор Bradley Soles-moore (2 месяца)
Haha. You think Mike katz and arnold were natural? ! Hell no. But back then
the test doses were far less, and the anabolics and growth hormones were
far more limited. So nutrition and training were far more important. Look
at bostin loyd. In one year he went from a fat kid, with a fair amount of
muscle, to looking like arnold. He admitted all his drug usage, and tells
you what he took, and when. He also admits his nutrition didn't change at
all during his transformation. Just more drugs.

Автор TheRidiculously (2 месяца)
-Secrets of Growth
Doesn´t look like it worked so well on his legs, someone skiped leg dag..
when the arms are bigger then your legs..

Автор hivis blade (2 месяца)
he is not natural at all onve u take steroids u know exactly whos on it an
whos not

Автор deadboy600 (2 месяца)
This guy looks like he is a true natty but a good way to live is, "trust no
one but your mother". You can use the quote but credit me. lol

Автор Spitfirelol (4 месяца)
This man looks like anyone who works out 6 times a week and eats alot. why
should this be impressive ? give me some1 who looks like kai greene with no
roids and i shall be impressed with his performence

Автор true rasta (3 месяца)
posing like arnold lol

Автор Phaidon Toruan (3 месяца)
It seems Alan know many things about carbs and protein and fat, but know
nothing about free radicals. hard training, whether it is bodybuilding,
football, basketball, make the body produces free radicals. free radicals
when meet cholesterol in our bodym even if it is in normal range, can
clogged out artery, and can lead to atherosclerotic. we need antioxidants
that available from organic fruit and vegetables. once we cook the fruit or
vegetables, many of it's antioxidant properties are lost, and we live in a
vulnerable situation especially when we train hard. Anyway, RIP Alan, you
still inspiring me. 

Автор Murat BAYRAKTAR (3 месяца)

Автор Steven Curnow (3 месяца)
Surely this is down to genetics, other people talk about carb cycling and
they aren't even that big. Other people know of this and aren't half his

Автор Psychedelia (7 месяцев)

Possible kidney damage
High-protein diets place a lot of stress on the kidneys. The initial weight
loss on high-protein diets is from water loss. When carb intake is
restricted, the body uses muscle and liver glycogen for energy. For each
gram of glycogen, two grams of water are used or “lost.” The minute you
give into your carb craving, that weight will come back. The diuretic
effect of eliminating carbohydrates from your diet stresses the kidneys
while they remove urea, a by-product of protein synthesis, from the body.
Compounding that problem, when the body is in a state of ketosis, increased
levels of calcium are excreted — that can lead to kidney stones; a build-up
of calcium in the urine. Think about the experiment when you put a nail in
a cup of Coke: After a few days the acid in the soda starts to dissolve the
nail. The same breakdown happens to your bones. Calcium (along with other
minerals) is leached from bones and teeth because of the increased acidity
of the body. Literally pissing away calcium is a major con of high-protein
diets because that will have a negative effect on your workouts. Calcium is
a necessary mineral for muscle contraction and nerve impulse. Calcium loss
can also lead to stress fracture. Plus many more damage. Source ask men.

Автор Murat BAYRAKTAR (3 месяца)
one more death...

Автор bulky spud (4 месяца)
Anyone who trains naturally knows this is impressive. It's so hard to
maintain a good natty physique. There's a peak and then maintenance. I'm
sure the guy peaked and conditioned when needed. Anyone who doesn't think
naturally this is a great physique just doesn't get how it works

Автор Christopher Taylor (7 месяцев)
Bullshit this guy took anabolic steroids at some point.

Автор James Brown (4 месяца)
Being a natural bodybuilder is a catch 22, because if you somehow manage to
get huge you'll be accused of being on steroids

Автор samocand (4 месяца)
Carbohydrate spares the use of protein as an energy source. When
carbohydrate consumption is inadequate, protein is broken down to make
glucose to maintain a constant blood glucose level. However, when proteins
are broken down they lose their primary role as building blocks for
muscles. In addition, protein breakdown may result in an increased stress
on the kidneys, where protein byproducts are excreted into the urine.

Автор ante2012 (12 дней)
my arms start to grow faster after switch to low carb,high fat,high

Автор MeZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZ (7 месяцев)
rip sir

Автор CRITICallADVICE (5 месяцев)
Most unhealthy bodybuilder on youtube 100% natural!

Автор the espada sama (5 месяцев)
he is Natural

Автор MightyCid (5 месяцев)
viking genetics lol naturally huge 

Автор N0r420Cal (5 месяцев)
everyone on here is fukin ignorant dont even comment if ur gunna talk shit 

Автор tusambolo (9 месяцев)
I just found out that he died that's very sad.

Автор Jayarea5 (6 месяцев)
Just discovered this guy today RIP big dogg.

Автор Erik Nielsen (9 месяцев)
nothing impressive about this guy. Just tall and fat.

Автор N0r420Cal (5 месяцев)
hey just wanna say thanks for being real:)

Автор PhysiquesOfNaturalness (6 месяцев)
wait, wait lol, i might of heard it wrong... U confused me... u said - 'u
can still develop muscle while losing weight, u just cant build mass ...'
and in the context u were talking about losing fat of course and building
mass.... It depends on what u mean by mass... i assume u meant Muscle
Mass....but Im here to tell u , u are wrong if that is what u meant- as i
explained in the comment below this one in a physiological sense... 'U CAN
definitely build muscle mass and lose fat!' Muscles melt away at fat the
bigger and stronger they get and also need fat as fuel to maintain their
nice large/strong state... Maybe it was just a slip-up on ur part in the
video; i've done that in some of my videos as well..

Автор Joe Alvin Palmer (9 месяцев)
On Deck, It Just Got Real

Автор smulansimrishamn (7 месяцев)
natural ..... please...

Автор billsyd2004 (7 месяцев)
You need to learn to get to the point.

Автор dipak rana (7 месяцев)
Everyone has the valuable gift to build muscle--but not many actually use
it. Copy and paste into Google Ready Set Ripped and discover how to
utilize your gift.

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