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Автор otnomnoraa (7 дней)
My left ear enjoyed this

Автор Joe Alvin Palmer (3 месяца)
On Deck, It Just Got Real

Автор MeZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZ (1 месяц)
rip sir

Автор aaron england (2 месяца)

Автор El lai (1 месяц)
You look like thor lol

Автор tusambolo (3 месяца)
I just found out that he died that's very sad.

Автор Psychedelia (1 месяц)

Possible kidney damage
High-protein diets place a lot of stress on the kidneys. The initial weight
loss on high-protein diets is from water loss. When carb intake is
restricted, the body uses muscle and liver glycogen for energy. For each
gram of glycogen, two grams of water are used or “lost.” The minute you
give into your carb craving, that weight will come back. The diuretic
effect of eliminating carbohydrates from your diet stresses the kidneys
while they remove urea, a by-product of protein synthesis, from the body.
Compounding that problem, when the body is in a state of ketosis, increased
levels of calcium are excreted — that can lead to kidney stones; a build-up
of calcium in the urine. Think about the experiment when you put a nail in
a cup of Coke: After a few days the acid in the soda starts to dissolve the
nail. The same breakdown happens to your bones. Calcium (along with other
minerals) is leached from bones and teeth because of the increased acidity
of the body. Literally pissing away calcium is a major con of high-protein
diets because that will have a negative effect on your workouts. Calcium is
a necessary mineral for muscle contraction and nerve impulse. Calcium loss
can also lead to stress fracture. Plus many more damage. Source ask men.

Автор Kevin Morrison (1 месяц)
I heard that the guy who made video died . Heart failure due to lack of
carbs I heard

Автор Erik Nielsen (3 месяца)
nothing impressive about this guy. Just tall and fat.

Автор Christopher Taylor (1 месяц)
Bullshit this guy took anabolic steroids at some point.

Автор PhysiquesOfNaturalness (16 дней)
wait, wait lol, i might of heard it wrong... U confused me... u said - 'u
can still develop muscle while losing weight, u just cant build mass ...'
and in the context u were talking about losing fat of course and building
mass.... It depends on what u mean by mass... i assume u meant Muscle
Mass....but Im here to tell u , u are wrong if that is what u meant- as i
explained in the comment below this one in a physiological sense... 'U CAN
definitely build muscle mass and lose fat!' Muscles melt away at fat the
bigger and stronger they get and also need fat as fuel to maintain their
nice large/strong state... Maybe it was just a slip-up on ur part in the
video; i've done that in some of my videos as well..

Автор Jon Dog (2 месяца)
this is just rambling...we came here for natural body building advice, just
tell us the basics not your whole life story. I don't understand anything
your talking about.

Автор Sykophantic (3 месяца)
is 0 carb cycling like eating greens or noting for 3 days and after work
out too am new to this so dont hate pls help

Автор Rasheik Simmons (3 месяца)
I've been doing that for years yes it does work. 

Автор smulansimrishamn (20 дней)
natural ..... please...

Автор Val Vasilef (4 месяца)
We have something in common, we're both natural bodybuilders and authors!
Good for you, we need more genuine guys in the field. Check out my book,
Russian Bear Journey To Mr. America available on amazon!

Автор hippo potamus (2 месяца)
Man your monotone and slow speech tempo made me lose interest. Next time
just get to the point.

Автор quatie (4 месяца)
who the fuck are you kidding?

Автор Kyle Page (5 месяцев)
you should show some footage where youre below 14% BF to let people know
this works. if not then stop posting pics of you looking smooth and husky. 

Автор BodyBuilding BYCodyWade (6 месяцев)
PUMP'N ...

Автор Mahdi Hosseinali (2 месяца)
First 5 minutes are just advertisements which show this guys has no idea
about the concepts of mass, weight and volume

Автор billsyd2004 (22 дня)
You need to learn to get to the point.

Автор xlxlx321 (1 месяц)
lol u cant really be bodybuilder without steroids this is only fitness body

Автор dipak rana (25 дней)
Everyone has the valuable gift to build muscle--but not many actually use
it. Copy and paste into Google Ready Set Ripped and discover how to
utilize your gift.

Автор snicolle76 (25 дней)
If I ate like that the wind would blow me away.....ectomorph training and
eating is totally different......everyone's body is as unique as your
thumbprint.......bottom line do what works for you.....look at the mirror
not the scale.....and REMEMBER that natural hard grainy muscle comes from
years of training and eating right!

Автор Jonas liu (3 месяца)
yeah, I was using the same diet, it really works, and im still using it, it
is called KETO diet, 5-6days 60%fat and 35%protein and 5% carbs, then one
or two days cheatmeal days, you can eat whatever you like pizza and etc. it
really works.

Автор Melc Land (4 месяца)
after 5 minutes you finally started talking. How tall are you?

Автор pleser777 (3 месяца)
Thanks so much for the vid! Truth is hard to come by in this world, so your
advice is even more appreciated!

Автор YESTWENTY WINS (3 месяца)
Great video. Yes I believe that this fellow is natural.

Автор Erik Nielsen (3 месяца)
thats a kenogenic diet....

Автор Jose Rodriguez (4 дня)
How many carbs did you eat when you eat carbs every 5-6 days.

Автор big poppa (5 месяцев)
alright nigga we get it you trynna be Arnold.

Автор 23461paul (10 месяцев)
I'm getting that book. RIP big Al

Автор Jack Gains (8 месяцев)

Автор Pump Junkies (1 год)
He is sorely missed here. He wrote us a few times and was the nicest guy on

Автор John Smith (5 месяцев)
Keto is not low carb, Low carb is low carb. Keto is zero carbs.

Автор TonyMon16 (9 месяцев)
died? wtf did he die from?? I thought only drug taking bodybuilders died
"unexpectedly" . Was he juicing then? Or was it a a car accident?

Автор PULGACOYOTE (1 год)
Respect Allen. Rest man.

Автор unlockthepower (1 год)
What???! Is this a joke? Alan died? What happened?

Автор Kenjibraw (1 год)
thanks a lot bro !! very helpful

Автор Kelly Norris (1 год)
Great information... I'm sorry to hear about your brother he seemed like a
really great guy!

Автор henry kaminarides (5 месяцев)
How is it? Short periods of fasting, if properly controlled, could achieve
a number of health benefits.

Автор heyitsablackguy (6 месяцев)
He was 6'6''.

Автор KILLAHNWO (1 год)
your body does resemble arnolds physic

Автор Proteinhead92 (9 месяцев)
Hey bro instead of doing what u used to do 4-5 days no carbs, would I be
able to do like 2-3 days 0 carbs then carb up?

Автор thebackrow678 (5 месяцев)
worse, a carb that sugars.

Автор frank lucas (5 месяцев)
no steroids just great genetics

Автор Travel & Banking (10 месяцев)
Awesome way to shred weight, but I'm wondering have you heard of Sweet
Weight Shredder? I lost 2 stone quickly using it.

Автор Peter Halat (9 месяцев)
Not everyone lies!

Автор MrRaigami (9 месяцев)
wait what?? so do you have any other good resources on natural body

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