This Smartphone Is All You Need

PS3: 10 Years Later: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vL4ixJwk2-w&index=1&list=PL02HDVnTgIcpnnRo8PRZDJnxILA2IHIpI
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Instead of spending $600+ on a smartphone what's the best cheap Android budget phone?

When you switch to MetroPCS you get two free Samsung Galaxy On5 smartphones on the T-Mobile Network. For a limited time when you add a line to select plans you get 8GB of 4G LTE data per line for $30, period.

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Автор Dome Boca ( назад)
with it

Автор free album ( назад)
I think the HTC

Автор Xavier Garcia ( назад)
The htc reminds me of a poptart😆

Автор x40xGaming ( назад)
I'd get the LG K10

Автор BurgerKingsSpicyChickenFries ( назад)
wow so does this mean I don't need food, water, air conditioning, clothes
etc? wow this must be a really good buy

Автор Jin trucker ( назад)
isn't the first one just a galaxy grand prime

Автор Royce Eapen ( назад)
nice background

Автор Ryan Jack ( назад)
Stop flexing there's nothing there

Автор How To Tech ( назад)
Right Choice You got

Samsung Galaxy On5

Автор Justin Greene ( назад)
I'm watching this on a htc desire 530

Автор Animefreak242 ( назад)
These phones have terrible reviews

Автор felpus felpus ( назад)
The resolution of the HTC is horrible, pixels are to big

Автор Ben Klock ( назад)
Just bought the HTC 530 for 49 bucks on Ebay ^^

Автор The Gamer vlogs ( назад)
I like the htc

Автор OutdoorsUnlimited 101 ( назад)
But metro pcs sucks lol.

Автор Some Rapper ( назад)
I remember when this dude had acne and was super skinny. He's been on his
grind lol. Good review 💯

Автор Louis Randolph ( назад)
I payed 124 for my iPhone 7

Автор ICEBLASTER200 HD ( назад)
I have the HTC desire

Автор turboxanderman262 ( назад)
He was definitely paid to say positive things about the phones

Автор Javier Vidal ( назад)
why does he look like logic

Автор Suffering Lion ( назад)
lmao 30dollars for unlimited calls and messages and 1 gig of data. Then im
over here with unlimited everything for 15 bucks.... why is it so expensive
in the US?

Автор rom severin ( назад)
can you please send me a link to the 80$ htc?

Автор M M ( назад)
This dude is sexy for a white dude

Автор MC BOBO ( назад)
You are looking to make publicity....too bad.

Автор Hunter Inferno Griiler ( назад)
1gb for 30 dollars...wow that's shit, come to U.K. Unlimited everything for
20 (£) a month

Автор Felipe C.l ( назад)
Gotta love LG

Автор The Lamborghinitheboss ( назад)
HTC is nice

Автор pro dota ( назад)
This smartphone is ugly.

Автор Luc Verhoeven ( назад)
just for the record, the HTC is €180 here.

Автор Thirteen Love BeyTM ( назад)
I have The on 5 and I got a deal and scored it for 40! Best phone ever!

Автор manish chauhan ( назад)
how much u got paid for this

Автор Crippled Cat ( назад)
Been hearing ALOT of good about HTC, got a vr phone set; but my current
phones too small for it. Perfect excuse to upgrade. Not to mention $80 for
a main product line is a steal.

Автор Minecraft Vids ( назад)
lol i have the desire. its pretty good but it does lagg sometimes

Автор John Mays ( назад)
I actually like the HTC that looked cool

Автор Fierce Deity Lynx ( назад)
I have an LG k7, I spent about $50 for it, though I had to buy a nano Sim
card. (tiny little guy) but Im with T-Mobile.

Автор Lucas Dekker ( назад)
omg sprinkles phone all day

Автор [PuRe]FaZZerTRON2000 ( назад)
I have a desire 530

Автор אברהם בוחניק ( назад)
K 10

Автор Mila Willems ( назад)
fit exclude competitor divine advance rail away can.

Автор EDDYY 77 ( назад)
i have a LGK7

Автор TAYTER JOE ( назад)
I have the on5, and I hate it

Автор kinda lame but kinda fine ( назад)
totally on 5

Автор Henry Sanjurjo ( назад)

I dont know why they would ever make a phone with speakers on the bottom.

Автор Henry Sanjurjo ( назад)
Hey man,

Good video. I bought the Desire 626 for 113$ on ebay about 2 months ago.
Its a pretty good phone, especially for the price and its all i need but I
feel like i need something nice after having an iphone 4 for over 4 years.
Also had a blackberry bold before that. I also like this phone with a
samsung "Note" background and theme. But, I really want a high end htc,
either the m9 or the 10 but its hard to rationalize spending the extra
money for it. I prefer the m9 cause i really like the speakers.

Автор Giosonic96 ( назад)
HTC is my phone

Автор DJ Isco ( назад)
Asus Zenfone 2

Автор explosiveDrummingHD ( назад)
i would go for htc

Автор James Kaprowski ( назад)
Honestly, I hate the paint splattered look of the Honor Desire.

Автор HeyitsAyanna Ali ( назад)
I love the k10. I have been trying to fine a decent review like yours, I
think you did an amazing job! I love the k10 even more now ! perfect budget
phone, with everything you need. 😊😊

Автор Mr.Frogz ( назад)
I have the on5 and my mother has the desire 530

Автор Cairo Williams ( назад)
You should review the galaxy grand prime I've had it before right before
using the Galaxy S4 and it disappointed me so much because the prime was
better. You should also review the Lg Flex 2 which is my current phone and
pretty good besides the battery life but greenify helps.

Автор BladeBoy6000 ( назад)
htc because it fits with the vr

Автор XxSand ManxX ( назад)
the HTC 510 or whatever is what my dad had but it broke in a wreck

Автор The awesome gamer ( назад)
I actually have the HTC 530

Автор Anthony Turner ( назад)
I still feel uncomfortable buying low end android smartphones. The only
phones I brought that were very reliable was Motorola phones, the original
Moto G and Moto E (2015) when they were still giving lots of updates. Most
low end phones will only last you 6 months of your lucky

Автор Olav Amh (olavamh) ( назад)
$30????? IM IN FUCKING NORWAY and pay $10 for 1gb og 4G+, free messages and
calls etc

Автор bruhs fer days ( назад)
amazing video I love HTC forever !!!!!

Автор michale green ( назад)
htc desire 530 or lg g3 or lg k10 ?

Автор Turtle Fastt ( назад)
Did he insult metro pcs

Автор Whitney Nnaemeka ( назад)

Автор Component Geek ( назад)
The HTC desire display sucks and the phone is very laggy, don't get it

Автор Brenden Pragasam ( назад)
or you buy an s5 for $50....

Автор Kyan2005 ( назад)
Oh my god Austin mistook storage for memory guys we need to teach him!

Автор Asim Qaisar ( назад)
infinix note 2 or 3

Автор LFX Gaming ( назад)
i would recommend the elephone p9000 for only £150!!

Автор LFX Gaming ( назад)
in my opinion iphones are overpriced shit

Автор jd mattinson ( назад)
I'd get the HTC but I don't mind paying more for my iPhone.

Автор Chris Mellenthin ( назад)
If I had to choose witch phone l wanted between the htc desire 530 1.
thesamsung galaxy on5 2. lastly samsung galaxy S4-zoom 3. I would
picknumber 3.

Автор RapidFire ( назад)
who thinks he copies Unbox therapy

Автор GaNgStAlBeRt ( назад)
no thx, i rather get a chinese phone for same buck but twice as good specs

Автор Open Skyy (Immortal Blackbird) ( назад)
apple is trash

Автор Freddy Maslow ( назад)
The HTC Desire 530 is 80 bucks? Huh. It's £129 over here in the UK straight
from HTC.

Автор garretderon rymbai ( назад)
I would go for htc

Автор garretderon rymbai ( назад)
I would go for htc

Автор Makshogun YT ( назад)
lol I got the Zuk z2 for 200$ with the 4gb RAM SNAPDRAGON 820 and 64Gb of
build in memory.

Автор Star Dust ( назад)
$80 smartphone specs is still better than a $800 iphone specs

Автор xXsavageminecraftkidXx ( назад)
0:13 😂😂

Автор Onyourknees1000 ( назад)
Mclovin lookin boy

Автор Gavin Depew ( назад)
I got the 530 at Walmart for $59.99

Автор ThatOneArtsyFox Official ( назад)
I watching on a galaxy On5 lol

Автор Mathis Goossens ( назад)
purpose fact priority program palm phase complaint.

Автор KepMC2 Annoyingly Great ( назад)
well budget phones are getting better but a snap 210 are kidding me HTC I'd
get the k10 especially considering the k10 2017 has 3 thirds of RAM LOL

Автор Ron P. ( назад)
the HTC desire 530 sells at 199 USD in my country... oh dear

Автор Charlie Schutte (mega minecraft) ( назад)
They all say I give up when the iPhone 7 steps in

Автор Dezray Gaming! ( назад)

Автор I love WALL.E ( назад)
who's watching this on a Samsung on5? I am it's on tmobile

Автор Daniel Betancourt ( назад)
I'm pretty sure he probably stuck with that iPhone 7 he had in the
beginning and didn't turn one of these into his daily driver

Автор Randy W Horton ( назад)
I am not buying it! We use our phones hours per day for everything and the
last thing I want in my life is a crap phone combined with a crap service.
Huawei Mate 9 is the best all around phone and costs about $600, sure you
can spend less but why?

Автор ShadowXSAP ( назад)
I own the on5 and htc desire from metro XD the HTC desire is definitely the
one to get, 20 more bucks for 16 gb of internal memory apposed to 8. The
Desires screen is also very soft and sleek feeling ,it feels good to the
touch and its alot brighter naturally. The only downfall to the HTC is the
fact that the volume button and the power button are hard buttons, and on
the same side, so its very easy to power off your phone when attempting to
turn down the volume, another problem is the android OS buttons are on
screen instead of physical, so theres a lack of tactile feedback.

Автор Kuuda ( назад)
Remember when the iPhone 4s was like 299$ ?

The iPhone 7 is now 1000$

Автор Roderick Uchiha gaming ( назад)
I'm going to get the HTC 530 white

Автор UberFrenchToast “Dan” UFT ( назад)
I have the K 10 and the only thing I don't like about it is it doesn't
have. a built in gyroscope. can't Watch 360 video without swiveling with my

Автор axelquezada76 ( назад)
Dam they didn't include the best metro pcs phone the Zte Zmax Pro

Автор SwiftySteezo ( назад)
I used to have a on5

Автор TTR88 Intros ( назад)
So... I sent this on my Samsung On5, and I gotta say, it's pretty good.
coming from a person who used a LG Leon (budget phone) for a year (got
laggy, now it's practically broken) it's WAY better. now, with 1.5 gigs of
ram (not alot, and since it's a budget phone, Ik it's gonna get laggy
sooner or later) and 8 gigs of storage, not alot but still better than some
super laggy LG that bricked on me once. But one thing, $60??? I checked
amazon and this phone is like $134 or something ;-; (plz tell me if I'm

Автор SuperModerate ( назад)
Literally everyone at my school has one of those phones

Автор Matthew Abbott ( назад)
Well this was obviously sponsored.

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