This Smartphone Is All You Need

PS3: 10 Years Later: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vL4ixJwk2-w&index=1&list=PL02HDVnTgIcpnnRo8PRZDJnxILA2IHIpI
Switch to MetroPCS: https://www.metropcs.com/switch.html
Instead of spending $600+ on a smartphone what's the best cheap Android budget phone?

When you switch to MetroPCS you get two free Samsung Galaxy On5 smartphones on the T-Mobile Network. For a limited time when you add a line to select plans you get 8GB of 4G LTE data per line for $30, period.

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Автор BM heros ( назад)
ive been using the on 5 for a month now and it is amazing

Автор Top FIFA ( назад)
where can u buy the on5

Автор Broskibro9492 The Trolling Unites ( назад)
where is the ZTE ZMAX PRO?

Автор Donovan Smith ( назад)
my friend has a the htc and it is so cool!!!!!

Автор Cheyenne Smith ( назад)
I'm watching this on an HTC 530 Desire

Автор steevee1945 ( назад)
Reading the MetroPCS website fine print indicates that they will constantly run advertisements in your phone and you cannot turn them off.
Deal breaker.

Автор Simon Crossey ( назад)
i think i might get the htc desire today after watching this video

Автор Maha Vishnu Madduri ( назад)
how about one plus?

Автор What The F- ( назад)
Do a review of LG Aristo.

Автор Eli Swalley ( назад)
I prefer the Htc

Автор TuCanalFavorito Favorite o ( назад)

Автор Light Jones ( назад)
These €70 phones blow my not even 2 years old €200+ smartphone out of the water in (almost) every aspect no problem. Yes there are some things it does better than these three, but they're nothing compared to what these 3 give you. What the fuck is life.

Also I know this was a sponsored video, but I've been considering making the switch to a cheaper smartphone in 2017 when mine gets too laggy it has to be replaced. The €200 phones are killer by now, and this is only going to improve in a few days, but if I'm a student and a phone half the price already aces my needs - I have other things I'm dying to have, I don't mind the extra money in my wallet.

Автор RIPPER334 ( назад)
Metro PCS... lol. $800 for an iphone... lol. HTC... lol.

Автор Joomun Junaid-The living legend ( назад)
80$ for such a cool phone O.O

Автор Hobo Cheese ( назад)
I have the HTC desire 626

Автор Charlie Newman ( назад)
the only thing i dont like about these phones is that the storage is realy small so you cant have many apps installed or take a lot of pictures even with an sd card you cant transfer all the apps there

Автор iGhOstNinJAS 27 ( назад)
HTC desire 530

Автор Clorox Bleach ( назад)
HORRAY I have the HTC desire 530😃

Автор iron brick 360 ( назад)
Well he's hérisson wells from the flash

Автор MuzketBoy ( назад)
My friend has one of those

Автор Raymond Shades ( назад)
unlocked phones are where its at but do yourselves a favor and skip Metro. depending on the area, the coverage will suck balls

Автор J KM ( назад)
has anyone bought the htc desire 530? could you tell me how bad does the sharpened screen looks? im planning on buying.

Автор Sahil Sah ( назад)

Автор Dance Music ( назад)
omg samsung galaxy one s has more battery than samsung galaxy s6 edge....WTF SAMSUNG

Автор Jack Coe ( назад)
I'll take my Blade V6 any day.

Автор guily6669 ( назад)
No waterproof, NO BUY for me...

Автор ThatGTAFan720 ( назад)
I Paid $180 for my K10. it was $80!? t-mobile!?

Автор Wozi ( назад)

Автор Clout Gang ( назад)
why would you clickbait this hard? These are low budge elderly phones

Автор Max h ( назад)
I think its important to mention that the HTC Desire 530 is the only one that has a gyroscope, for anyone interested in virtual reality

Автор super fun guy88 ( назад)
I had a galaxy on5 and it was amazing but a week after I got it I had to get a different phone because we switched data plans. now I have like the LG k8 or something.

Автор Joshua Martinez ( назад)
FYI i have metro and if you want to save yourself from wanting to throw your phone across a room then stay away from all of these phones, its metros free phone deal, they just give these phones away but with a catch. THEY ALL SUCK!!! juat look at the specs of the phones and youll know what i mean

Автор Solomon Lam ( назад)
S5 4 the win

Автор Pearlxx Msp ( назад)
I'll buy it when my iPhone6+ breaks and im not lazy to buy another BIG ONE LOL

Автор LOLME 6 CSGO & more ( назад)
Narhh i'm just going to keep my Nokia 3310

Автор 元哥 ( назад)
how about make a comment on HTC u ultra?

Автор Christian Begg ( назад)
I have the HTC desire 530

Автор dj rayner ( назад)
do you think you could do a new video about MetroPCS

Автор adan rios ( назад)
I have the onj5 and it sucks

Автор GoldenAlphaLord SkyLord ( назад)
If I had to buy one, witch one should I buy?

Автор Jane Kim ( назад)
the prices for these phones have increased

Автор SimplyDylan859 ( назад)
I have a galaxy on5

Автор Coolmarkusruiz ( назад)
I have the k10

Автор Jack Axefist ( назад)
no it's not, I had Moto G 2, also had a snapdragon 400 and 720p screen, so much happier with nexus 5x now

Автор Skinny penis ( назад)
when you have the on5 😭😭

Автор TyRod859 Online ( назад)
I have the LG K7 so LG K10 FTW

Автор GoldenAlphaLord SkyLord ( назад)
I wish I knew about these phones before I bought my 700 dollar with iPhone 7 ._,

Автор HomeSliceJames ( назад)
I has k10. Is goood m8

Автор Ireland lowe ( назад)
So let's be honest your really making fun of the budget phones not all folks can afford the iPhone 7 plus or a galaxy S7 8 9 or even a 10 lmao your reviews are friggin childish and let's just say rotted as hell

Автор KuilowKey ( назад)
ZTE ZMAX Pro... you need to review it.

Автор Zak Mo ( назад)
I'm watching this on a HTC desire 530

Автор Unregistered Hypercam 2 ( назад)
What is the rope thing called again?

Автор MT DZ ( назад)
you are copying unboxtherapy's style

Автор Michael Acosta ( назад)
These phones are cheap because they get slow ass hell fast.

Автор GodHarambe69 Isidro ( назад)
The LG Aristo is the best from MetroPCS

Автор DannyBoyMeow ( назад)
lol my dad had a removable back on his phone, but I didn't know, so one day I dropped his phone, and when the back came off, I was like "damn, am I screwed!" until my dad told me it had a removable back. Thank, God!!

Автор Nikola Jovanovski ( назад)
htc 4 life

Автор Ulices Pacheco ( назад)
I'm with metro and I pay 60

Автор albab sami ( назад)
can u make a video of the "turing phone cadenza"

Автор PumpkinMincraft ( назад)
Idk why I even watch this when im not gonna but it anyway...

Автор Ariel Rojas ( назад)

Автор Linux 96 TV ( назад)
*Hello I subscribe to you if you return to me.*

Автор Crazy60 ( назад)
in my country those phones aren't cheap they cost half salary they are super overpriced

Автор Malkhut hinds-bernard ( назад)
i have the htc desire 530 and its great

Автор Hridey Sahgal ( назад)
why is this guy such a tryhard

Автор Green Floyd ( назад)
Heard the 530 isn't complete shit.

Автор AdNAN CrAZY ( назад)
someone kill me

im in love with the HTC but guess what
it aint available in India. AND I LIVE IN THIS HELL HOLE
being a tech lover i FUDGE-ing HATE INDIA

Автор Chinito like Infinito ( назад)
im gonna go hands down with the HTC Desire

Автор Chinito like Infinito ( назад)
I am gonna have to say handsdown the HTC On5

Автор Emma Skok ( назад)
Can anyone let me know how well Messenger and Messenger video works on the HTC Desire?

Автор Following the Map ( назад)
Sprint is WAY better.

Автор Bagel Burger ( назад)
I bought the HTC Desire 530 for my boyfriend and he absolutely loves it! It's over $250 here in Canada though. :(

Автор Secure Steve ( назад)
LG K10

Автор Aaman Ahmed ( назад)
I'm watching this on my htc desire 530 isn't that ironic

Автор Stan Ford ( назад)
1GB of uncapped data.

What is uncapped data? Isn't it capped at 1GB???

Автор FluffyBunnyCat ( назад)
The phones are pretty cool lookin but MetroPCS is just a Metro PieCe of Shit

Автор Apostolis Kennedy ( назад)
if you want budget you go with chinese not lg htc and samsung :P you go with xiaomi, elephone, meizu etc etc... and you can get very good specs!

Автор Cristofer Carrasco ( назад)

Автор Raj Seelam ( назад)
Wow irritating AF

Автор Jack Sparrow ( назад)
The Alcatel Onetouch Idol 3, 5.5" beats all these phones. I paid $250 for mine back in 2015 but now you can find them close to $100. Cricket offers a deal where you can get one for $100.

Автор brad matthew ( назад)

Автор CX ( назад)
Wow crap phones.

Автор JohnK12 ( назад)
Why are his veins so big?

Автор Omar Mora ( назад)
I lole so more the Apple iPhones

Автор Marvin pruett ( назад)
I just bought the HTC Desire 530. The ear piece is great!

Автор dreamergirl05 ( назад)
what about battery life??

Автор nineties Baby ( назад)
cut the over dramatic reactions 🙄

Автор Christian Gardner ( назад)
ZTE Zmax pro! bargain of the decade! 124 dollars after tax, 6' inch 1080 screen, 2 gb of ram, 13 MP (phase detection and manual control options, slow mo) 5 MP front, solid speaker with Dolby Atmos digital built in, 3400mah battery, freaking finger print sensor that always works, plastic frame but with metal flakes paint that makes it feel like metal and solid feeling all around, gorilla glass 3 on front! Oh yeah and last but not least a 1.5 GHz octacore Snapdragon 617! Very snappy and great screen! It's not just great for the price ,it's a very capable and pretty powerful and easily competes with devices costing 4 times as much. It's a premium mid ranger or even slightly below only because of having 2 gb of ram but if manged properly that doesn't take away from the overall experience! I'm saying all this because it's went from my Note 5 that stopped working to this as my back up phone and i do the feel the need to fix and use the Samsung at all. In fact it doesn't really feel any different as far as speed and performance goes into real world usage and this has a much bigger screen but doesn't feel too big for me! It doesn't have NFC but u really never used it anyways. It even has a gyroscope and uses USB type C! I think that's about it but it really think this is the best option out there all things considered! There isn't another device out there at this price range that offers everything this does. There you go....

Автор Omar A. ( назад)
Austin b lik
*takes out HIS iPhone 7 plus
"I feel like smartphones are too big nowadays"

Автор THE THUG SPONGE ( назад)
Dam danial

Автор Nuggets 2.0 ( назад)
My friend has the "K 10" and that quality is atrocious sorry bout it 😂😂

Автор Ninja JapJap ( назад)
You have the
mentality of a child you worry as it looks, but not what the cell phone
offers, all those phones are bad and cheap none have anything special,
iphone has the best brenchmark so far

But they pay you to advertise to those ordinary cell phones

Автор Just Gonna Comment ( назад)
if i had to choose any of these, i'd pick the HTC Desire 530

Автор shama nasir ( назад)
htc looks amazing

Автор Syed Mohd Adnan ( назад)
There is Another One Motorola Moto G 4th Gen
1. HTC Desire 630 Dual Sim 4G LTE 16GB with 2GB Ram - Sprinkle White https://www.amazon.in/dp/B01HGMM732/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_fkSLyb841YVWX
2. Moto G, 4th Gen (White, 16GB) - Android 7.0 Nougat Update Available Now https://www.amazon.in/dp/B01DDP7GR8/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_YkSLybA5HPF3D

Автор DANIEL FIGUEROA ( назад)
sellout u know those phones are fukin shit

Автор Pablo Romero ( назад)
just buy some phones online for $150 :P also do your research

Автор silver. fingerboards ( назад)
My friend got the htc

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