This Smartphone Is All You Need

PS3: 10 Years Later: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vL4ixJwk2-w&index=1&list=PL02HDVnTgIcpnnRo8PRZDJnxILA2IHIpI
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Instead of spending $600+ on a smartphone what's the best cheap Android budget phone?

When you switch to MetroPCS you get two free Samsung Galaxy On5 smartphones on the T-Mobile Network. For a limited time when you add a line to select plans you get 8GB of 4G LTE data per line for $30, period.

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Автор QuartzTech ( назад)
Since when did Austin become a knock-off Unbox Therapy ?

Автор Atharv Malpekar ( назад)
what do you think of Moto G4 plus then?

Автор Amitabh Mahapatra ( назад)
You are the BEST at this Austin!
Thanks for the review!

Автор Lushab Rughoo ( назад)
make 1 lg x family

Автор Dynetro Podhirny ( назад)
you either have a tiny ass hands or a big ass phone. I can't tell

Автор black venom ( назад)
got to admit,he's right this phone made my day

Автор Proud Feminist Femmy ( назад)
AHHHHHH, why am I just now finding you? Crispy Video, Funny host, and an informational review, really enjoyed the video and definitely staying for more Austin!

Автор Tord [Ap] ( назад)
I'm using This! Like If Your Using!

Автор Vaibhav Pithaya ( назад)
i will take htc

Автор AndyBlackislife 5ever ( назад)
When he mentioned metro 🖓 lmao worst company ever

Автор Oren Semeraro ( назад)

Автор prettygurl ( назад)
That is the phone I'm watching this on 😂😂😂😂😂

Автор Shockwave 2006 ( назад)
K 10 much better I checked

Автор Funko Pop nation ( назад)
I have a phone from them

Автор AlextheGuitarist ( назад)
He looked like he wanted to murder someone at 2;:39

Автор Christopher McKenzie ( назад)
Is this video explicit

Автор Corey Haynes ( назад)
the lg looks like a modified G2

Автор Maggie Galindo ( назад)

Автор Crash Report ( назад)
Hey, thats pretty good. I have the On 5

Автор Random Viewer ( назад)
Well in my country they cost atleast 150 dollars. The fucking IPhone 5s costs 400 dollars

Автор BeefProductions ( назад)
the desire 530 is 10\10 srs

Автор Brynn Bowen ( назад)
My friend has a white htc and this is gonna sound so random but my other friend was beating him up ("as a joke") with a lacrosse stick in the middle of a field and he was on the sprawled on the ground as she continued beating him and it fell out of his pocket and he rolled over it and it literally shattered.

Автор Nicholas Spencer ( назад)
What does uncapped data mean?

Автор Fatal Potatoe ( назад)
HTC. Hands down.

Автор Mornings with christian ( назад)
you should review the zte zmax pro

Автор mara mcminn ( назад)
The htc

Автор mara mcminn ( назад)
Trust me

Автор mara mcminn ( назад)
I the first one

Автор zTehxx ( назад)
I have the K10... its awesome... and it costs 50$ where i bought it

Автор Njabulo Sibisi ( назад)
dude, you have some really good video concepts man, I hope one day we can work together in future. keep up the good work

Автор Swivle _ ( назад)
I like the htc one its pretty cool with the back cover and lanyard

Автор Creepig Commentaries ( назад)
i have an lg k10

Автор thederpy bacongamer ( назад)
Hhhhhey Austin, this is guys

Автор Blazed420 ( назад)
LOOOOLOL he said an iPhone is a good phone. Dank meme bra.

Автор Cloudy Scrap ( назад)
Damn Austin , back at it again with the vascular hands 💪💪💪💪

Автор andy ouk ( назад)
Austin i'm using a desire 530 to watch your videos rn

Автор Drawing with Rex ( назад)
I have the HTC and I love it!

Автор DragonMaster 001 ( назад)
I using the On5 right now :/

Автор Robert Vasquez ( назад)
don't get the HTC

Автор 1234harsh ( назад)
Such a irritating personality ! Yewww

Автор Kill Sscope ( назад)
I would've laughed so hard if the lanyard broke and the phone went flying 😂😂😂😂😂😶

Автор akshay biju ( назад)
I am trying to get the htc

Автор Steff Koo ( назад)
I think we have a situation

Автор RicoGaming- MinecraftPE&More! ( назад)
When the Expensive smartphone comes into the budjet smartphones be like..........

Автор SirTrollsALot _ ( назад)
HTC Desire 530. It looks soo nice.I am buying one later this year maybe.I have $20 AUD

Автор big gamer25 ( назад)
but I got mine for 100$ at Walmart

Автор big gamer25 ( назад)
haha lol I am actually watching on the HTC desire 530

Автор bossgamer 83 ( назад)
can you do a giveaway of thee phones

Автор Joyce Bobe ( назад)
I have the desire530

Автор Alsatia Midori ( назад)
phone charms, anyone?

Автор Pauli Diebold ( назад)
i would go whit the lg k10. i have a lg g5

Автор R gmg ( назад)
HTC Desire 530

Автор SuperFunGamer 88 ( назад)
The HTC desire530 is only $80,00 because it turns off when ever it wants gets to hot to hold when charging and the camera never takes the pics

Автор BlueNpurpleGurl Msp ( назад)
I have a Blue Life x2,It's about $179,it is the best phone I have ever had,it can do anything that The iPhone can.

Автор _Thunderbolt_ ( назад)
I was already going to say I would go with the LG before even looking at the pictures and listening to your comments

Автор Patricia Green ( назад)
LG k10

Автор Josh Salvation ( назад)
the real use I find for a lanyard, is to be able to pull stuff out of my pocket without putting my whole hand or fingers into my pocket. It's just easier and honestly kind of fun

Автор MASEterCHIEF ( назад)
All of those are better than the iPhone. 😂😂

Автор Jamal Edwards ( назад)
this guy is really cringe

Автор Robin Flores ( назад)
I hope you know your not funny

Автор Rajat Sharma ( назад)
Is Ken wearing a Love Live T-Shirt at 4:23 ?!

Автор cole alvey ( назад)
I have the HTC cause I'm a cheap person

Автор gnixxy ( назад)
i cant believe it. austins losing his shit over a fucking modern day wii remote

Автор ganesh nagpure ( назад)
worst video bad dogs saale

Автор the super diamond ( назад)
HTC I even bought it

Автор Mental x Savage ( назад)
Metro piece of shit

Автор OmgguyyoutubeRBLX ( назад)

Автор ali ali ( назад)
Hi. where do I get htc desire 630..with the price you mentioned

Автор foxy24k gold dantdm fan ( назад)
i have a on5

Автор Evin Ellingson ( назад)
I'm watching on a galaxy on 5

Автор 25 seconds is all you have ( назад)
HTC 530 is the best

Автор DittiKkat ' ( назад)
on ebay the HTC desire 530 is like $109.83

Автор XTheEnderGamerX ( назад)
dem phones fell in aww of da iphone

Автор Badamaa Bade ( назад)
my mom has one and my sister has one

Автор Badamaa Bade ( назад)
my brother has one

Автор digital trendnow ( назад)
camera feature is great.

Автор Little J ( назад)
lol the camera man had a love live t shirt xD

Автор ragewolf12 ( назад)
mine cost 75

Автор Common_ Moss ( назад)

Автор Nasirah Jones ( назад)

Автор Cristo uriostegui ( назад)
fuck i should pf got the htc but i chose the LG Aristo

Автор fan boy ( назад)

Автор SpicyTdot ( назад)
Doesn't Austin look suspiciously look similar to mattshea

Автор HairyHog ( назад)
your fake laughs are the cringiest

Автор csgo gg ( назад)
the lg k10 has horrible lag

Автор Ricky Fleir ( назад)
i hate rich braggin kid

Автор Emptyglassofwhiskey ( назад)
stop being so fake and do your "job"

Автор Gibs Trent ( назад)

Автор Bill Helmkay ( назад)
ZTE pro max

Автор Daniel Zendejas ( назад)
I already have the htc, so thats kewl... hurray for being cheap!

Автор Finn SaffordCameron ( назад)
This helped me with my first phone

Автор Kiana Martinez ( назад)
i have the on 5 and it works really good

Автор Douglas Layau ( назад)
fuk ip7 is only $700 there its fukin 3.5K in my country fuk malaysian currency

Автор Mornings with christian ( назад)
why did you not include the ZTE Zmax Pro? it's only $99 even at the time of recording.

Автор jakub richnavsky ( назад)
am i only one who thinks that smaler phone is better? i would pay 3 times more for 4" phone with flagship specs (from guy who wears 2xl motorcycle glovess)

Автор The World's Most Dangerous ( назад)
htc is nice

Автор Carlos Perez ( назад)
I use the HTC phone and it's not too bad

Автор Ryan's Bus Channel ( назад)
Just ordered a HTC Desire 626s on cricket for 99 cents, I did have to pay for one month's of service when I checked out, but still worth it, it's refurb'd and perfect to use as a phone until back to school 2017, My note 3 died so I had to order a cheap budget phone.

Автор tyreke kassim ( назад)
5:33 When your friend gets a new iphone 7.

Автор The Q eads ( назад)
htc thats the phone i would go with

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