This Smartphone Is All You Need

PS3: 10 Years Later: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vL4ixJwk2-w&index=1&list=PL02HDVnTgIcpnnRo8PRZDJnxILA2IHIpI
Switch to MetroPCS: https://www.metropcs.com/switch.html
Instead of spending $600+ on a smartphone what's the best cheap Android budget phone?

When you switch to MetroPCS you get two free Samsung Galaxy On5 smartphones on the T-Mobile Network. For a limited time when you add a line to select plans you get 8GB of 4G LTE data per line for $30, period.

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Автор iEySe ( назад)
china has the best phones fam

Автор tf4ever11 ( назад)
Or you can be that guy with an iPhone 7 Plus on but on metroPCS (me)

Автор Razor M ( назад)
80 $ still 1 gb ram.

Автор jarell florvil ( назад)
htc dughhhhhh

Автор Killer Memestar ( назад)
Austin... I thought you were smart enough to know that all apple products are garbage

Автор RAY DOG GAMING ( назад)
Iv had a htc desire 626. For like 200$. Now I have an iPhone 7+

Автор Gaurav Ben ( назад)
I bought the lg k10 at 150$ at a local lg shop! Its 100 percent lg! supplier with branded logo are not good as the original phones

Автор SergeantSpectre ( назад)
I'm using the HTC desire 626

Автор TheBlueHairedPear ( назад)
Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait. These aren't cheap Chinese knock-offs?

Автор Chanel Smith ( назад)
watching this on the k10

Автор scotty bouton ( назад)
it's cool watching this video on a HTC desire 530

Автор aukustihalonenn ( назад)
I payed my phone for 130€ And it has 640p screen. AND THE $80 LG HAS FRICKIN' 720p!!!!!

Автор Oscat A. ( назад)
I'm going to purchase an LG X Style on TracFone. This has a 5 MP camera (rear and front) and runs Android 6. Not too sure about LTE coverage. This is only $80. Pretty impressed with the phone, and will have to see if it's better than my officially deceased Alcatel One touch Pixi Eclipse I got for only $30.

But if the HTC was on TracFone, I would definitely buy it. It's like a Kyocera Phantom, just in a smartphone form factor.

Автор Kavin Ganesan ( назад)

Автор Emily Roberts ( назад)
the Samsung on5 really sucked for me because it restarted a lot and it didnt have enough storage

Автор Neikoo ( назад)
Jesus Christ, his face dosent fit on that body.

Автор saras raman ( назад)
Sup dawg

Автор CoreyTruscott ( назад)
I'm watching on a desire530

Автор fish eyes ( назад)
where did you buy those phones

Автор Haden Halladay ( назад)
"Some of these phones today are to big" owns a iPhone 7+

Автор Arturo Grijalva ( назад)
"I paid over $800 for my iPhone 7plus".

more Austin for me.

Автор Jonathan Miller ( назад)
I have the iPhone se and I love it so much the color is rose gold

Автор lolPaperclip ( назад)
just buy used, an older generation phone.. don't be dumb

Автор syed elhem ( назад)
i would go with the one which has better gpu
gpu is all that matters to me!😁

Автор Spexor ( назад)
too bad metropcs is shit

Автор Youglemyvideos1 ( назад)
Trash get cricket

Автор Potro ( назад)
He changed the name incorrectly

Автор Lalanee Jarreau ( назад)
HONEST REVIEW I been with metro for like 6 yrs now maybe more I had the HTC 626 and the one after they were cheap and better than any one of the other phones listed besides lg stylo /plus I phone and Galaxy s 7 or whatever phone we on now since I had a kid I haven't been interested in wasting money but yeah that HTC spent over 12 hrs in a dog bowl of water...drunk night lol woke up the next day it was working and still works !!! no visible damage I was like this is black magic.

Автор xXFuriousFoxXx ( назад)
Omg lol I swear I have all these phones except the on5 but I have a galaxy core that looks exactly like it and I'm watching on an htc desire rn.

Автор Vales Valet ( назад)
holy shit Austin has been working out a lot lately. I would become gay for him.

Автор Tylenol ( назад)
what do you mean "1 gig of uncapped data"? That's like saying "free balloons for the price of ¢99"

Автор Angel ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔ ( назад)
I had an HTC 626 and I really liked it and I have an iPhone 5s now but I kinda wanna go back to the HTC

Автор MasterCosmic ( назад)
No! iPhone or Samsung. I am an iPhone love but Nothing other than these 2

Автор Frisk Undertale ( назад)
at 0:53 no fair! When HE puts his phone in airplane mode it actually works! :(

Автор Tyson Best ( назад)
I have the HTC desire 530. it's only 25 dollars in Ohio but in other places it's over 50 dollars I find it insane

Автор John Petrovik ( назад)
I just bought the HTC Desire 530 and it's such an amazing phone! Everything about it is awesome and compact and I can't wait to do more with it!

Автор William 04467 ( назад)
I have the Galaxy on5 it's a great phone.

Автор Anon ( назад)
you are not a photography channel pls just stay in your house like every other neckbeard

Автор Doinker McDoinks ( назад)
I got an Alcatel One Touch Evolve 2 for $50. It is nothing compared to those phones. My phone is so much slower then these I bet. I don't know why I got it. It crashes all to much and it is super slow and frustrating, or maybe I got it because when parents shop for you they want to get in and get out.

Автор charlie johnson ( назад)
sorry your to painful to watch. dont be putt off stupid people will follow you 😉

Автор charmili john ( назад)
buy a xiaomi not this shit

Автор charmili john ( назад)
these phones are crap

Автор Blue Sky ( назад)

Автор Tután Kagon ( назад)
The On5 looks exactly like the J7...

Автор I'm Iqbal ( назад)
what the name of phone again?

Автор zevin83 ( назад)
DO NOT BUY THE HTC DESIRE 530! Such a piece of shit, within one month of use I had to do a factory reset after the physical buttons ceased to work... On top of that it doesn't multitask very well. I kept having to close all my apps to prevent very slow switching between apps or choppiness.

Автор Doctor Boot ( назад)
you need to put sponsored video in the description as well according to the FCC

Автор Brenda Navarrete ( назад)
I don't like or video

Автор Brenden Price ( назад)
htc desire 530

Автор User 833 ( назад)
The htc

Автор The Football Culture ( назад)
$40 AUD for only 1GB of data, In Australia we get 6GB of data and unlimited calls and text (To Australian Numbers) Prepaid for the same price. 'Murica, FUCK YEEAAAHHH

Автор Chzguy 9000 ( назад)
This video is an ad for metro pcs

Автор F Dayani ( назад)
What a sold out troll....people like this shouldn't give their useless biased opinions....

Автор erik daddo ( назад)
HTC 11 plz

Автор HotBrownGuy XD ( назад)
HTC is not 80 dollars , its 160 dollars

Автор HotBrownGuy XD ( назад)
fuck u

Автор The Subaru Gamer ( назад)
watching on my HTC desire 530

Автор RockIt FTW Matkovich ( назад)
austin i've got the HTC 530

Автор ipadestroyer ( назад)
good vid but ill stay with my iPhone

Автор Ian Brain ( назад)
is he a midget?

Автор Matthew Bragg ( назад)
The on5 is not good I have one I have to get a new phone in 13 days because this phone has a lot wrong with it the storage sucks too

Автор Games 4 Days ( назад)
lol Austin I haven't seen a vid in a while get swoll much?! lol He's all grown up! 😂😂

Автор 1k subs No content challenge ( назад)
okay I clicked the thumbnail cuz I saw my phone I have the HTC 530 and I got is for 24 us dollars at a family Dollar store sooo 80 is a bit much

Автор Born Boy ( назад)

Автор Dylan Bernier ( назад)
Desire 530 ftw!

Автор CRAFTYMANIAK ( назад)
One of the reasons why android is better than apple, they have cheaper phones

Автор Cattoo Pew ( назад)

Автор Kobie Venn ( назад)
Who came her from unbox therapy

Автор Lex Monroe ( назад)
I love You! you kept me laughing throughout this video! info & entertainment! ❤❤💋💋

Автор Happy Joy37 ( назад)
I have that htc

Автор subha charles ( назад)
I have only blackberry8520

Автор subha charles ( назад)

Автор subha charles ( назад)
I need smart phone

Автор James boi _deez nuts ( назад)
htc desire 530

Автор MrMagamarc ( назад)
all bad phones for ~150$

Автор MIDI音楽男 ( назад)
4:23 oh god someone save this man from hell

Автор bryan figueroa ( назад)
The fact that you'd truly say and or believe that these phones are even relatively close to being anywhere near a flagship in comparison is utter mularky. It truly told me all I need to know to make a decision to continually watch your channel.

Автор dancer ( назад)
I spent $150 on my samsung galaxy on5

Автор Alejandro Vasquez ( назад)
Dude u r not funny 🤔👎🏼

Автор 8 Sergio Benitez PEPPER ( назад)

Автор Linda Tonkin ( назад)
I have been looking for a phtablet. I don't have a PC or a tablet. I just use my phone. that is why I need a bigger phone. have any ideas.?

Автор Egob ( назад)
Gsmarena says the galaxyon5 is 8megapixel, which is which?

Автор John Dearing ( назад)
I have the lg stylo 2 4gb ram 16gb internal storage 13mp camera back and 8mp front I paid $65 for it on sale. Awesome phone.

Автор Ginsic ( назад)
Samsung galaxy J7 is only $100 and the stylo 2 is $129 much much better phones.

Автор Ralph Matthew Caparas ( назад)
Nicholas Hoult?

Автор WICKED GAM3R ( назад)
my mom has the lg k10

Автор Agumon5 ( назад)
Does Austin live in Northern New Mexico ??

Автор Declen Davis ( назад)
LG styles 2 ?
Samsung galaxy j7
Those 3 are the best

Автор Arber Esati ( назад)
After having spent my life with shitty budget phones like the Galaxy Ace2 or Galaxy Star or Cubot Zorro (lol) i can confidently say the 700 bucks for my S7 are TOTALLY worth it, period.

Автор BM heros ( назад)
ive been using the on 5 for a month now and it is amazing

Автор Top FIFA ( назад)
where can u buy the on5

Автор Broskibro9492 The Trolling Unites ( назад)
where is the ZTE ZMAX PRO?

Автор Donovan Smith ( назад)
my friend has a the htc and it is so cool!!!!!

Автор Cheyenne Smith ( назад)
I'm watching this on an HTC 530 Desire

Автор steevee1945 ( назад)
Reading the MetroPCS website fine print indicates that they will constantly run advertisements in your phone and you cannot turn them off.
Deal breaker.

Автор Simon crossey ( назад)
i think i might get the htc desire today after watching this video

Автор Maha Vishnu Madduri ( назад)
how about one plus?

Автор What The F- ( назад)
Do a review of LG Aristo.

Автор Eli Swalley ( назад)
I prefer the Htc

Автор TuCanalFavorito Favorite o ( назад)

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