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Добавлено: 4 года
Длительность: 7:36
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No longer spreading anything. Go to http://GraphicBooting.com to learn how to get bots fast! SUBSCRIBE
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Works with... Halo 1,2,3 Gears of War 1,2 Call of Duty 3,4,5 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
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No-IP: https://www.no-ip.com/ MeTuS_Delphi_2.8: http://GetMyHostBooter.no-ip.info/ For Help On Port Forwarding: http://www.portforward.com/...


Автор FaztForward (3 года)
If you need help help seting up your ddoser/Host booter add me on
aim:VeNoMisDeath. I Also Sell bots for 0.10$ Each [I Have Proof]

Автор Rasta4x00x1 (4 года)
@spinellieric This is a host booter for host booting and yes you do need to
diable your antivirus bbecause it could come up as a virus because its
connects to dns server

Автор Qusai Zaqzouq (3 года)

Автор Rasta4x00x1 (4 года)

Автор OpTiMuZSkiLL (4 года)
help plzzz

Автор Eric Spinelli (4 года)
lol do not disable ur antivirus...doesn't really matter once ur bot is
crypted...good try bro

Автор swat007jp (4 года)
@Rasta4x00x1 can me on AIM plz :swat007j

Автор Rasta4x00x1 (4 года)
I have teem viewer if anyone needs help

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