Supergirl 2x09 Promo "Supergirl Lives" (HD) Season 2 Episode 9 Promo

Supergirl 2x09 "Supergirl Lives" Season 2 Episode 9 Promo - Check out the promo for Supergirl Season 2 Episode 9 "Supergirl Lives" airing Monday January 23rd on The CW! Subscribe to tvpromosdb on Youtube for more Supergirl season 2 promos in HD!

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Supergirl 2x09 Promo/Preview "Supergirl Lives"
Supergirl Season 2 Episode 9 Promo
Supergirl 2x09 Promo "Supergirl Lives" (HD)

» Watch Supergirl Mondays at 8:00pm/7c on The CW
» Starring: Melissa Benoist, Chyler Leigh, Mechad Brooks, David Harewood

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Автор Tater Tots ( назад)
wait isn't that spaceship shown at the beginning of this trailer the one
that was searching for Mon-el near the end of the last episode?? maybe
we'll get some answers for why they're after him and who they are!! what
are your predictions??

Автор Pretty Little Liars Fifth harmony and Selena Gomez ( назад)

Автор Lord Maul ( назад)
oh good. finally we got a date for its return

Автор Kristers Krūka ( назад)
Now you can't deny that Melissa is soooo adorable, especially when she
talks with enthusiasm :P My hands are literally reaching out to rub her
cheeks :P

Автор GILMOUR KEIRS ( назад)
is this the phantom zone she's in?

Автор super girl ( назад)
Kara and Mon-el only made my day! #KaraMel sweet whooah!Im gonna

Автор Mango Pie ( назад)
I'm missing SuperCorp moments...

Автор phantom115cw ( назад)
I want to see her as a red lantern

Автор FootFetish ( назад)
RED SUN!!!! RED SUN!!!!!!

Автор Lorenzo ( назад)
stupid it should have came back January 2nd

Автор Belubooks :D ( назад)
Everyone is talking about the Red Sun and i can't wait to see some Sanvers
here 😂😂

Автор Keenan menezes ( назад)
is there going to be a supergirl season 3

Автор Shark Bedroom ( назад)
More and more ways to weaken Supergirl and more and more boys to save her.
Yeah... Cheer everyone...

Автор MrKpopSucks ( назад)
Time for Mon El to really show his true colours.

Автор DRsecret secret ( назад)
OK that is so much to wait tall me I mean everybody tall that do come out
in juanuary 23 because if is then is so much to wait in though it come out
in weekends but I guess so not like I sed that to much to wait and with
excitement on you that is not fair

Автор Maurice Robinson ( назад)
red sun, just like in smallville

Автор VasHapening10 ( назад)
I know I'm not the only one that hears Mon-els voice

Автор mcmahonnn escritora ( назад)
Where the hell is my Lena Luthor.

Автор Travis bernardini ( назад)
it's me Travis bernardini big fan Supergirl series season 3

Автор Yazan Shah ( назад)
can somone please explain what was happening in this promo

Автор Saad Khan ( назад)
I'll subscribe but only because Melissa asked me to

Автор Raven's eye ( назад)
I wonder what will happen with Roulette and how can Karl be bleeding?

Автор DimitriYar ( назад)
Melissa don´t break a finger nail !

Автор Florencia Belen ( назад)
who said "you're bleeding" at the end?

Автор Darkeye M ( назад)
this show is the definition of cringe

Автор ZGMFXGN0042 ( назад)
Can someone explain to me where red sun came from?

Not unless they will modified the Yellow Sun?

Krypton already blew up along with Daxam. + red sun(original)

Автор Lubabahh2002 Shaukat 2002 ( назад)
that point when everybody's taking about red sun and I did not even notice
it =D

Автор JessieQuick Quick ( назад)
looking forward to this episode but a bigger enemy must came in Supergirl

Автор Ken Betterley ( назад)
I can't wait:)

Автор Phantom Warrior ( назад)
does this remind anyone of war world , especially the fact that brulet is
in it
also the fact that this world just happened to have a red sun and Kara
can't use her power

Автор JP Gamer ( назад)
you kidding me? january? i'll crazy"""

Автор Mamti RF ( назад)
Free Download The CW App in iTunes Apple to watch FREE EPISODES of your
favorite shows Supergirl, Supernatural, The Flash... in: h t t p s : / /
goo. gl/AOB4Ho

Автор Glosh Pats ( назад)
She bleeding… oh shit???!!!

Автор talissa barcelos ( назад)
but how is she in a planet with a red sun? Something went wrong when she
changed Earths?

Автор JcuevasSDA ( назад)

Автор Kayoss13212 ( назад)
Wow a red sun?! I wonder where she is? Lol. Hopefully she'll be able to
take care of herself under the red sun. Kryptonians totally don't get
enough credit, when it comes to being able to take care of themselves when
they're depowered. But Superman's my favorite hero, so my opinion's biased.

Автор Guilherme Silva ( назад)
curious about the Red Sun

Автор Nathaniel Dunn ( назад)
Red sun

Автор Gabriela Alcala ( назад)

Автор LCNighthawk ( назад)
suit up to winn or mon-el?

Автор LCNighthawk ( назад)
i think she is in the rest of daxar

Автор Wonder Girl ( назад)
that's cute. what about #Sanvers?

Автор h20luli ( назад)
i need this now!!

Автор Nicholas Maddever ( назад)
Is it just me or does CW not really care about the whole Justice League
setup? I mean, Supergirl isn't even apart of the JLA, They've introduced
Clark and ruined Gotham and most of the Arrow storylines from CW are from
The Batman origins. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy Arrow, but there's just so
much to rant about. The only thing CW have gotten right, is The Flash.

Автор Ethan Ethan ( назад)
Please let Lena be in it.

Автор Dant398 Outo ( назад)

Автор Topanga Rogers-Pomeroy ( назад)
does anybody know who talked at the end saying "your bleeding" it sounded
like mon-el

Автор mexitalian1926 ( назад)
is everyone going to ignore that at 0:21 she has that sexy moan like she's
getting it nice n rough.

Автор Hari Govind ( назад)
this episode is directed by Kevin Smith right

Автор Cameron McEwen ( назад)

Автор Moonlight At Midnight ( назад)
No Lena? Come on.

Автор Jimmy Harry ( назад)
This show is so cringy

Автор PIPER SULLIVAN ( назад)
Team Sanvers anyone??

Автор kirito hiraga ( назад)
stop nerfing supergirl, she's invincible period

Автор The Undertaker ( назад)
1 month ??? We have to wait 1 month? Why

Автор Winston Wolder ( назад)
0:09 MY QUEEN!!!!!

Автор Earnestine Davis ( назад)
Y do we have to wait this long for these shows?

Автор Orlando Zagueer ( назад)
The Red SUn

Автор Messy Room Studios ( назад)
When will season 2 come out on Netflix????

Автор Mriya Nadir ( назад)
Everything is nice, but where is mon El?

Автор abdulqudz89 ( назад)
can't wait for this!

Автор Andrew Williams ( назад)
after they failed with her episode of the crossover, I only want to see
they episode because Kevin Smith is directing it. I'm still a fan tho.

Автор Stefany Gv ( назад)
ok this gave me Smallville feelings (the phantom zone) D:

Автор Yoshiko Akiyama ( назад)
Daxam is 2000 light years away so how is Kara going to leave the solar
system and travel 2000 light years in one episode? In this episodes preview
photo's, it shows her going through a portal and this portal leads to
Daxam. Obviously the portal comes from Daxam. Her fist was bleeding so she
must have punched something. Why would she do that if she knew she was
powerless? because she didn't. Something tells me that she had no
intentions of traveling to Daxam. Best guess is that Kara went in the
portal not knowing that it leads to Daxam and gets stuck there. Bet Mon El
noticed it.

Автор Mbuyi masengo ( назад)

Автор MoRiellyMoProblems ( назад)
Oh shit, the red sun is finally in the show.

Автор Taylor Zeck ( назад)
OMG So Exicted !!!! I Just Hope Nothing To Bad Happens To Supergirl !!

Автор Yoshiko Akiyama ( назад)
Daxam is at least 27.1 light years away since Kara said "When Krypton was
destroyed, the debris showered onto Daxam." So how is Kara going to leave
the solar system and travel 27.1 light years in one episode? She won't.
This could be the dominators. I heard they were returning.

Автор Mohammed Ali ( назад)
miss her

Автор goldie's Galaxy ( назад)
OMG!..Can't wait.

Автор Zach Hochrein ( назад)
did anyone else catch roulette chatting with Lex Luthor

Автор Earthling ( назад)
So annoying to have to wait another whole month for the next episode.

Автор Stephen LaMar ( назад)

Автор masterjedi324 ( назад)
yay supergirl returns on my birthday.

Автор Doulas greek ( назад)
kevin smith is directing this.This is why it is so good

Автор cb2198 ( назад)
They already did "Supergirl gets depowered" in Season 1.

Автор Shraddha_angels ••• ( назад)
January 23rd😭😭😭😭 I'm supposed to wait that long to see Winn suit up,
the crazy roulette lady to return, a red sun and mon el 😭NO

Автор dyla moon ( назад)
I love that this girl played Anya in The 100 :P she's such a great actor!

Автор DCF ( назад)
who else thinks The CW should change its name to "The DC Network"?

Автор Callum-Lee McAuley ( назад)
why have they pushed the supergirl episode 9 date up i thought it came back
on january 16

Автор diovi rae tumampos ( назад)
Winn suits up and roulette is back and the red sun omgeeeh my excitemeeeent

Автор bifa ( назад)
0:13 This happens when Quake's mother met Supergirl. :P

Автор Monica Mfopou ( назад)
Omg i can' t wait for watch this !!!!

Автор TheGunmode3 ( назад)
Directed by Kevin smith.

Автор Hasan Ahmed ( назад)
Roulette is Back! I hope Kara kicks her ass! And I get she had connections
that let her go free, but how come Alex and Maggie didn't arrest Roulette's
audience at the fights?

Автор Shakeema Edwards ( назад)
Roulette! Oh. Yes. Please.

Автор Flashfanatic19 ( назад)
Omg. It's the Kevin smith episode

Автор Hope Girl08 ( назад)
"Supergirl Lives" isn't the musical crossover Episode with The Flash?????

Автор Jordan Hensley ( назад)
I don't think I can wait that long. I just don't really do mid-season
finales. Supergirl should have came back on the 2nd of January. That would
make my day so much better. What's with all these long hiatus breaks. Every
show should return in January. Once Upon A Time keeps on returning in

Автор KSIGlobalXD ( назад)
Man this show makes me miss smallville so much with the red sun and

Автор RoseBookFan#7 ( назад)

Автор Diana Prince (Wonderwoman) ( назад)

Автор Sus cribete ( назад)

Автор Lego Ghost Rider ( назад)
0:23 RED SUN!!! She won't be able to fly...

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