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Автор Steve Johnson (1 месяц)
Magnetic tank bag for your baby...

Автор Tracey Ge (8 месяцев)
*If I had a baby I'd get one of these*

It'd be the perfect match for my Roadcrafter riding suit.


Автор steveobarnes (7 месяцев)
This is hiliarious!

Автор Meeker Extreme (10 месяцев)
The product was as advertised, and my baby stayed on the tank with no
issues. I did however feel there should be a rain cover for baby. This sure
was an upgrade over putting baby inside of Camel-Bak, now I can look at the
little one while lane splitting. 

Автор William Wen (1 год)
Now that my kids are 9 and 7, I won't need this product.

Автор Aleksey Murzin (1 год)
вот оно как :)

Автор Jessica Baublitz (10 месяцев)
This is the shortened version. What happened to the original, longer,
scarier version?

Автор kathlene m (2 года)
Yeah one for my pet too and strap on for plastic

Автор Stavrosqq (2 года)
April's fool since a Versys cant reach 140mph.... still nice try

Автор trevdd (2 года)
I have twins... does this come in a twins version? Either stacked or
side-by-side would be OK probably...

Автор Fatalityx209 (2 года)
Goo goo gaaa gaaaaa!!

Автор tinezilla (2 года)
Thats awesome

Автор Alex Stamm (2 года)

Автор 88johngo (2 года)
xaxaxaxaxaxxa lol !@@!!! wtf?? are you serious? p.s. do you have baby
helmets?? the sizes are like clothing?? 0-3, 3-6, 6-9 etc . ??? lol again

Автор Look Within (2 года)
Never actually saw him get anywhere near 140 MPH, now did we?

Автор Bill Green (2 года)
Absolutely hilarious...thanx for the giggle!

Автор LightningMAS (2 года)
lol.. fake baby strap to tank..

Автор paonia2005 (2 года)
Thought this was the funniest video I've ever seen! Wish I had these when
my kids were smaller-wouldn't have given up riding for 10 years! I know
what I'll get when I get grand kids!

Автор MysteryViewer (2 года)
Is this CE-approved? ;^)

Автор kyle fowler (2 года)
Fake kid

Автор 88johngo (2 года)
xaxaxaxaxaxxa lol !@@!!! wtf?? are you serious? p.s. do you have baby
helmets?? the sizes are like clothing?? 0-3, 3-6, 6-9 etc . ??? lol again

Автор WirebenderAudio (2 года)
It's a perfect solution all the way around. I included it in my usual rant
location. (geezerwithagrudge.blogspot.com). I think you should add Velcro
strips so the little guy can be attached to the 'Stich's backpad patches.
He can do something useful on the bike, then.

Автор Sikluz562 (2 года)
How safe lets strap a baby on a fuel tank

Автор hansmuellersus (2 года)
Can I get a large one of those for my Mother in Law ? She is about 5' 3 and
about 160 lbs. I could put her on the roof of the car, since my Van is full
with other stuff. Please advise !

Автор longhaulpaul (2 года)
Stitch needs a pass through for feeding.

Автор surfguygrif (2 года)
Ha, when I saw this in your catalog I almost fell off my chair. Brilliant,
but you need a strap down version for us plasti tankers....

Автор steven livingston (2 года)
Knew it an April Fools thing when I saw the title: "140 MPH on a Versys?

Автор Kurt Fossen (2 года)
140mph on a Versys? I call B.S.

Автор Mr.pleasantassailant (2 года)
oh thank god it's an april fools

Автор longhaulpaul (2 года)
Is this available for dogs?

Автор GuyRocket (2 года)
Problem Solved!

Автор SheRidesABeemer (2 года)
Do you have a version for non magnetic tanks?

Автор derty.QWERTY42N (2 года)
"This cannot be serious" I was thinking --- Looks around. Ah, the date.

Автор Green Fish (2 года)
if we implant magnets in the baby we could use magnetic diapers as well.

Автор Roger Tuttlebee (2 года)
I believe I saw these for the first time in China, about 3 years ago. Three
of them, all on the same bike, as I recall..........

Автор royce julian (2 года)
Id buy one. Seems like a sound idea, already there are magnetic tank bags
so why not a tank baby?

Автор BMWLDRider (2 года)
Ohhhhh those crazy guys up in Duluth!

Автор robh1227 (2 года)
Same here!

Автор SultanLGO sami (2 года)
Ya for sure i will not do that :)

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