Michael Jackson Face Morph

Love or loathe him, there's no denying he had a huge influence on many, many people.

This sequence was put together with Photoshop, MorphX and After Effects.

In Photoshop I separated out the hair, face and body for each photo. I then morphed each element in MorphX , so I had separate movies of morphing hair, face and body. I then combined them all in After Effects.

Although MorphX is for Mac, there are a lot of other free PC software that do a similar job - just google "Free Morph Software" and you should find what you need.

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Автор Orion Mj ( назад)

Автор planetmirth2001 ( назад)
Thanks :-)

Автор rolirMat56 ( назад)
Splendide ! @+R².

Автор planetmirth2001 ( назад)
Thanks. :-)

Автор Graeme Bentley ( назад)
Nice job man

Автор johnp0729 ( назад)
I just kept staring at his nose

Автор Ark Angel ( назад)
The older he got the... Sadder he seemed. <3 Don't be sad, Michael.
Please....? :-(

Автор planetmirth2001 ( назад)
Many thanks. It takes a bit of time, but the process is relatively easy.
You should give it a go. There are some details of how to go about it in
the 'show more' section.

Автор formerbritneyfan ( назад)

Автор Di euey (922 года назад)
0:11 Really freaked me out

Автор gabriel alejandro lores ( назад)

Автор snupers ( назад)
He looked so happy back then

Автор planetmirth2001 ( назад)
@randomvideos9316 Thank you.

Автор randomvideos9316 ( назад)
really nice video i loved it!

Автор The Arabian atheist ( назад)
0:9 what a hair

Автор EternallyHurt ( назад)
The eyes are the windows to the soul.. <3

Автор Angel Maldonado ( назад)
Exactly click up on 0:19! For the Bad Era he still looks the same like
Thriller Era, the only difference is the increase of eyebrows and the skin
is more white.

Автор planetmirth2001 ( назад)
@MegaHarmony101 Thank you. Glad you liked it :-)

Автор Stephanie J ( назад)
great, great job.

Автор Emiria Suteki ( назад)

Автор planetmirth2001 ( назад)
@bornthisway07 Thanks :-)

Автор Dandelion P ( назад)
@planetmirth2001 Anyway... Great video :D

Автор planetmirth2001 ( назад)
@bornthisway07 I suspect that all of the images had some photoshoping done
to them - I sourced them all from the web. For my part, all I did in
photoshop was separate out the hair, face and body on each image I had and
try to blend them together as best I could. I hope you liked the end result.

Автор Dandelion P ( назад)
The last pic. is actually photoshoped..

Автор planetmirth2001 ( назад)
@apf2001 Thank you. I'm glad you liked it.

Автор MsRenjen ( назад)
u don't really see any difference..........u can only see how much he age
over the years!

Автор Peter Parker ( назад)
The afro just gets bigger and bigger

Автор 88acinorev88 ( назад)
wonderfull forever

Автор planetmirth2001 ( назад)
@PittsburghRonin Glad you liked it.

Автор EmoKittySlayer ( назад)
0:17 my favorite

Автор MJafro ( назад)
@DALEK86 what do you mean "oh my god" 0:08"

Автор EmoKittySlayer ( назад)
oh thriller outfit

Автор ShumbundoProductions ( назад)

Автор iKaiDeNz ( назад)

Автор yousurfer2 ( назад)
I think he was looking better in 09 fixed problem in the last pic

Автор lilymichaelfan ( назад)
0:14 is buetiful un it got bad in 0:24 but he isstill sexy

Автор Tamsin Trainor ( назад)
Awwwwwwwwww that poor nose. A little bit of work looked quite good, but it
went too far! Was fine just the way it was dude!

Автор MJJProductionsVideo ( назад)
@planetmirth2001 Its Ok

Автор planetmirth2001 ( назад)
@MJJProductionsVideo Yes, sorry about that. I had to discard a lot of
images I had because they were too low resolution or just the wrong angle
and/or lighting condition. Glad you liked it anyway.

Автор MJJProductionsVideo ( назад)
These Arnt I Order You Skipped 5 Years Then 3 Then 10 But Good Job :D

Автор babydoll1742 ( назад)
CUTEST ever.

Автор h6oib ( назад)

Автор bbyd0ll1 ( назад)
No matter what, he has the same eyes. So gorgeous. <3

Автор planetmirth2001 ( назад)
@goodfeelsitgirloh Many thanks. I made it with Photoshop, MorphX and After
Effects. In Photoshop I separated out the hair, face and body for each
photo. I then morphed each three elements in MorphX , so I had separate
movies of morphing hair, face and body. I then combined them all in After
Effects. Hope that helps.

Автор goodfeelsitgirloh ( назад)
hey man this is the best one yet......how do u make it??

Автор MJafro ( назад)
He's Adam's apple grew at 0:09

Автор planetmirth2001 ( назад)
@mrleafer9 lol Yes, sorry about that - and not just there. I had to discard
a lot of images I had because they were too low resolution or just the
wrong angle and/or lighting condition.

Автор aravindhskumar ( назад)
@planetmirth2001 thanks for ur reply dude...

Автор planetmirth2001 ( назад)
@aravindhskumar Thank you. The sequence was put together with Photoshop,
MorphX and After Effects. :-)

Автор aravindhskumar ( назад)
nice morph..what software u used ?

Автор planetmirth2001 ( назад)
@GM8productions Thanks for letting me know. I tried to get them roughly in
the right order, but I think I ended up doing a couple of head/costume
swaps which messed the sequence up a bit, but lead to a smoother morph.
Glad you liked it despite of the wrong order :-)

Автор elfontherun ( назад)
He was so handsome before he had all of that plastic surgery, but he was
just so confused and didn't want to look like his father after all of those
years of abuse. Poor Michael. Rest in peace my friend.

Автор GM8productions ( назад)
some of the pictures are in the wrong order, for example, the bad front
cover album pic should come after the one after that. but other than that,
nice morph

Автор emmaradsmith ( назад)
Ya know, you really shouldnt judge from kid of michael because he was still
changing. i'll love this man no matter how much he changed on the outside.
he never changed on the inside

Автор Leonarddbz ( назад)
@gARageSK8ers I think something is wrong with your eyes.

Автор planetmirth2001 ( назад)
@phoenixhunters Thank you so much :-)

Автор phoenixhunters ( назад)
great job (:

Автор phoenixhunters ( назад)
best morph on youtube

Автор .q ( назад)
the ending pic was cute

Автор Nintendogs122 ( назад)
he looks ever sexy and NEVER ugly

Автор Norristown11 ( назад)
He looked like Jermaine with a afro RIP King Of pop

Автор Caden Daley ( назад)
0:20 was the scariest

Автор planetmirth2001 ( назад)
@hamsters56789 Yes I agree - I would have loved to use one of his hits -
but for copyright reasons I avoided it.

Автор leokimvideo ( назад)
interesting how the hair changed after the pepsi pyro accident

Автор tohogodzillaman ( назад)
he looked the coolest at 0:20 he should have stayed like that

Автор planetmirth2001 ( назад)
@sasukeyyonathan This sequence was put together with Photoshop, MorphX and
After Effects.

Автор prettyboy0909 ( назад)
i was just watchin his hair grow n shrink.

Автор The805skater ( назад)

Автор planetmirth2001 ( назад)
@GallifreyanLovers Thank you. Always good to get feedback - especially when
it's positive :-)

Автор GallifreyanLovers ( назад)
Excellent job!

Автор Siddhant Shades ( назад)
thanks dog... lokking forward for more stuff... lady Ga Ga next?lol rumours
go she/he is shemale..hmm...work on dat!

Автор planetmirth2001 ( назад)
@sidisbored Thanks. It was MorphX - a free application for the Mac.

Автор Siddhant Shades ( назад)
lovely work dude..which software?

Автор TheAnimaldude55 ( назад)
holy crap huge afro at 0:09 good job

Автор Sam Brickman ( назад)
i think he looks good in the bad album cover

Автор planetmirth2001 (1212 года назад)
Hi DLT2inDark, I gave goodfeelsitgirloh the basic method in a earlier
comment which might help you. The software I used (MorphX) is very
intuitive - just takes a bit of time to do a proper job. If you're using a
PC, then I'm sure there's something similar. Hope that helps.

Автор DHLT2inDark (1651 год назад)
do you have a tutorial to this effect?

Автор planetmirth2001 ( назад)
Glad you're still enjoying it goodfeelsitgirloh :-)

Автор goodfeelsitgirloh ( назад)
this is still cool man

Автор planetmirth2001 ( назад)
Yes, I found it difficult to track down high resolution pictures from a
consistent camera angle and lighting conditions that covered all the eras.
Still I hope you liked what was there.

Автор Leonarddbz ( назад)
Wth you go from the bad era to the invincible era you didn't show any
pictures from the Dangerous and HIStory era

Автор planetmirth2001 ( назад)
Many thanks alicia7777777

Автор Alicia7777777 ( назад)
Wonderful morphing! 5*

Автор planetmirth2001 ( назад)
I look forward to seeing it.

Автор goodfeelsitgirloh ( назад)
i'm making a neww video on mj today soon

Автор goodfeelsitgirloh ( назад)
cool i can't wait to see

Автор planetmirth2001 ( назад)
Thanks. A good place to start would be videocopilot - they over a lot of
great free tutorials for After Effects. If you like my videos, be sure to
subscribe because I'll be uploading a lot more soon. Thanks again for the

Автор planetmirth2001 ( назад)
Will do.

Автор goodfeelsitgirloh ( назад)
i like some of your other videos, i wonder how you make graphics like that.

Автор goodfeelsitgirloh ( назад)
thank you, but don't foreget to watch my videos on mj

Автор planetmirth2001 ( назад)
so will continue in another... Using MorphX I morphed each separate element
into the preceding one, so I eventually ended up with 3 movies - i.e.
shoulders, face and hair. I then combined these in After Effects and used a
plugin called Shine to create the background. Hope that helps.

Автор planetmirth2001 ( назад)
Hi Goodfeelsitgirloh, I'm on a Mac and used a free application called
MorphX though I'm sure there's something similar for those on PCs. I spent
quite a lot of time selecting images that were from a similar perspective,
lighting and also representative of the different MJ looks. In Photoshop, I
split each image into 3 separate layers - one containing just the
shoulders, one containing just the face and the final one containing the
hair. I''' be over the character limit in this reply...

Автор goodfeelsitgirloh ( назад)
please tell me how to do this

Автор planetmirth2001 ( назад)
Thank you.

Автор ethanfilms190 ( назад)
awsome he alredy looked pretty at age 25 in the thriller he was the exact
he woold had of bin but he wunted for surgery :(

Автор MeWuvvYouForever ( назад)
0:21 HOTT AS, he ortta make me jizz in my pants. i do drem about him,it
sounds bad but they have been the best dreams ever in my life i love you
michael joseph jackson ! xoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxox.

Автор planetmirth2001 ( назад)
Glad you liked it :-)

Автор planetmirth2001 ( назад)
Thank you.

Автор jptthreedee ( назад)
Nice morphing !

Автор ThisIsWEB ( назад)
His skin would still change from vitiligo and aging.

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