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Автор James G. Wilson ( назад)
So Sorry. Love.

Автор ImaMonaKnight ( назад)
Love 💋💘🍒🍌💎❄🌷

Автор 63SweetP ( назад)
Another sad day for the world of music. RIP George

Автор Ti Martin ( назад)
Did you cover your eyes when they told you...that He can't come back, cause
He has NO children to come back for.....

Автор Buzzmoogy ( назад)
I love this song and sadly it is prophetic. The refugees and ISIS
spreading worldwide and what happened in Paris today reminds me of the
lyrics "...what was over there is over here..."

Автор Daniel Burns ( назад)
this song went to #1 on the pop charts in 1990!!!

Автор Sandcaster2009 ( назад)
Great song. I just noticed something.. George Michael looks like Juan Mata
Garcia, #8 for Manchester United.

Автор B Tullu ( назад)
awesome lyrics...so true... relate completely to it...story of my life
lately....so less to love...too much to hate...hanging onto hope..when
theres no hope left to speak of...fantastic..way to go georgyboy...still
rocks 24 yrs on since the first time i heard it

Автор Clam Nelsson ( назад)
Its FAN & AND TASTIC !! - It makes me cry a bit every time...... - The
lyrics is about my life ... :(

Автор Kc Bhawani ( назад)
very nice song.he is the best singer.luv u always george.

Автор micah brew ( назад)
I forgot how much I miss having this album. 

Автор grobba hantz ( назад)
if he was just starting and did this song on american idol he would win by
a landslide hands down thumbs up any time and all the time 

Автор agostino perrone (990 лет назад)
I love Him forever ...

Автор Penny Wilson ( назад)
An artist with some depth and emotion. George is in a class by himself. He
is his music. There is really no separation of the two. A voice I could
listen to time and time again. Let's hope there's many more years of music
from G. Michael.

Автор grobba hantz ( назад)
thanks for this beautiful song glad its on here it really gets to you when
you listen too the words wow we need more music like this on the charts

Автор StanBennet ( назад)

Автор jorge vasquez ( назад)
very deep song with true lyrics

Автор rouguy1972 ( назад)
Best male singer ever, beautiful music and lyrics 

Автор IndianaJones Jones ( назад)
Most beautiful male voice of all time.

Автор ETIENE SENA ( назад)
Absolutly beautiful song!!!! 

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