Simpsons Character Impersonations

Here's just a quick minute or so of Simpsons character impersonations. Please feel free to comment on which you like best or least as I'm tryint to put together a collage, and would also like to work on those which need the most practice.

Here's a list of the characters in order:
Fat Tony
Groundskeeper Willy
Dr. Nick Riviera
Reverend Lovejoy
Krusty the clown
Mr. Burns
Principal Skinner

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Автор Doris L ( назад)
Wow! Very good!

Автор kane kathner ( назад)
Y does fat Tony sound Asian

Автор Rgd ( назад)
Dr Nick and Abe were the two best ones. The rest were great except for Fat
Tony and Mr Burns.

Автор Steven Timothy Torres ( назад)
0:35 best Lovejoy impression. 1:00 you sound more like Ren from Ren and
Stimpy. Good video. 

Автор MRAnonymous120 ( назад)
Reverend love joy is good

Автор Mag Magnet ( назад)
Whaaaaat! That was amazing :D
Can't choose the best one, they're all great.

Автор Benjamin Winter ( назад)
his willy is so bad (if you pardon the pun)

Автор Marina Styles. ( назад)
He is the only one I have seen that doesn't do a really really good burns

Автор Kevin Vang ( назад)
Barney was the best one out of all of them! LOL!

Автор Crazy Penguin ( назад)
Is it just me or does he look like a member of Eiffel 65? xD

Автор Olivia Schneider ( назад)
What about the Simpsons?

Автор Marti2689 ( назад)
Great job!

Автор Rachael Daly ( назад)
Love LOVE love 

Автор Chad Joplin ( назад)
Your dr nick was great!! Good job on all the voices

Автор Louie Lou ( назад)
Your "Mr.burns" impression sounds like a retarded Arnold.

Автор Caligae ( назад)
@brentfan19 yes these are phrases from the show, some of the most popular

Автор Caligae ( назад)
Why is he like a robot on Fat Tony

Автор tenacious645 ( назад)
that was the shortest 2 minutes of my life. Good job man.

Автор Sexy Jesus ( назад)
Mother of.

Автор Ben I ( назад)
my impressions watch?v=EZ2kbj79QcY

Автор Willow&theWolfe ( назад)
omg your soo good :) Please check out my Simpsons impressions :)

Автор Connor Nevz ( назад)
fat tony and apu

Автор Mabon Huws ( назад)
Rev Lovejoy was the best

Автор RM Jessie ( назад)
Hi, Dr. Nick! That is soooo realistic!

Автор Chloe Porter ( назад)
Isn't it funny how he can do a lot of the Simpson characters AMAZINGLY --
But he didn't do the simpsons themselves?

Автор Dhouse87 ( назад)
rev lovejoy and moe, holy crap

Автор sevda zeynalli ( назад)

Автор Alexandra Pellett ( назад)
Loved reverent lovejoy and principe

Автор cheeseplant7 ( назад)
I luved otto, mr. skinner and barney. sooo cool (and I neeever say that to
a guy).

Автор Tinh Do ( назад)
Awesome and funny

Автор pavel kozlowski ( назад)
krusty one is the best lol

Автор Matthew Toci ( назад)
Best 1:53 of my life

Автор vakeesan ( назад)
they were all good apart from krust and otto. they need a bit of work

Автор Barbara Lelewski ( назад)

Автор Oliver Joseph ( назад)
This is fucking weak 

Автор ose007 ( назад)
Lovejoy, Dr Nick and Skinner were spot-on, the others not so much.

Автор Andrew Robertson ( назад)

Автор Andrew Robertson ( назад)
@Allie Harris (

Автор Violet Jaystorm ( назад)
Dude! You are AWESOME and funny!

Автор Hope Wood ( назад)
this is really good!

Автор pj blofield ( назад)
How can you call it Simpson impersonation if you don't impersonate anyone
from the Simpson household...???

Автор LPSpiggy ( назад)
The Moe is rubbish man 

Автор Luciano Leon ( назад)
im impressed... and im not easily impressed lol

Автор Alex Harris ( назад)

Автор Thomika Huskey ( назад)
damn your good 

Автор Nicole C ( назад)
Absolutely amazing!!!!!

Автор 908puppydog ( назад)

Автор Unknownymous92 ( назад)
That's real, ur probably the fake...!

Автор brucenlittlepictures ( назад)
Principal Skinner and the Reverend were spot on. That was awesome. Haha

Автор CPbartsshow ( назад)
moes like shaggy outta scooby doo...

Автор Daniel Parkes ( назад)
didn't even do one actual character from the family. 

Автор Katt Cole ( назад)
7 out of 10

Автор Helene Hoff ( назад)
you are amazing i love your the simpsons impersonations AMAZING 

Автор Despond ( назад)
Burns and below were just horrible, but all above were really good.

Автор Amila Begic ( назад)
the apu one hilariouse and by the way dont listen to the hate comments
their just jelieous! ( haters gonna hate lovers gonna love)

Автор hdlitt101 ( назад)
Poop shit cock!

Автор 908puppydog ( назад)
That's so fricken fake

Автор Zach Smith ( назад)
Not bad

Автор mrwalnuthero ( назад)
This guy would make BANK if he can work for the simpsons tv show all by

Автор Bethany Pollard ( назад)
youre so talented.

Автор Chib Rajput ( назад)

Автор ChildsPlay ( назад)

Автор Laura Østerud (1327 лет назад)
principal skinner OMG! AMAZING!

Автор Mikkel Dahl ( назад)
This shit is fucking amazing

Автор bob deane (1514 года назад)
that was awesome...follow your dream dude

Автор mmoimmoi12345 ( назад)
You're awesome! :o

Автор xwinglover ( назад)
Wow man

Автор eugenemr ( назад)
Freekin' awesome dud!!!

Автор Astrid James ( назад)
Please be my friend.

Автор Sydney Wells ( назад)
The Fat Tony one was awesome!

Автор Jason Brody ( назад)
Heh. Im from sweden, English isnt my main language xD

Автор Lucy Burton ( назад)
I like them its just the Krusty need a bit more practice, but the Reverend
L was amazing!!!!

Автор Vicc Kinsella ( назад)

Автор Austin Leonard ( назад)
Lovejoy XD

Автор DOW SODA ( назад)
Don't listen to these potatoes , dude ! You're awesome ! 

Автор Jason Brody ( назад)
@TomMorran Your awful, yes!

Автор TomMorran (621 год назад)

Автор CHVRCHESFan 777 ( назад)
good job mate! liked them all!

Автор SideshowJazz1 ( назад)
@jiyefuuu What? Fat Tony was excellent!

Автор lucy byrne ( назад)
The Impersonations make me feel awkwardly attracted to this guy..

Автор Anonymous4815 ( назад)
Most were awful but well done for doing this in public

Автор livinthedream89 ( назад)

Автор Copurnakis ( назад)
@Zebz456 Well it's not fake so suck a fatty jive turkey :)

Автор Elite Voidz ( назад)
Burns sucked.

Автор Elite Voidz ( назад)
Krusty sucked.

Автор Elite Voidz ( назад)
Groundskeeper willy sucked.

Автор Elliseh Black ( назад)
I think half of that is fake

Автор xPsYko_MANTiiS ( назад)
is he actually doing the voices? or just miming? 

Автор garethkemp84 ( назад)
Brilliant impressions well done mate!!! 

Автор somedaysdreamers13 ( назад)
*you would nail it :)

Автор somedaysdreamers13 ( назад)
For Krusty, if you deepen your voice a bit.

Автор usurper70 ( назад)
barney was great! nice work 

Автор babymilk ( назад)
Otto was really good. you kinda look like dan castellaneta

Автор WasteOfAmmunition ( назад)
Nothing like a good impression!

Автор Kyle Bryant ( назад)
The barney one was crap, it sounded like cleveland from family guy, but
before you ask i cannot do better so don't ask!

Автор tangycheezexists ( назад)
@ViperRob42 Oh my god. Like the sideburns and the spiked up hair.

Автор Tim Tams ( назад)
the krusty laugh was SOO GOOOD

Автор KoeHalifax ( назад)

Автор nick00580 (1180 лет назад)
MEN u suck and krusty sounded more lik mr krab from spongebob.Nice try.

Автор Kait Smith ( назад)
dr nicks the best&krusty&apu&skinner:) barney failed tho:|

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