Best Hands: Pro Bowl Skills Showdown | NFL

Wide receivers compete in the Best Hands challenge in the Pro Bowl Skills Showdown.

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Просмотров: 2147003
Длительность: 10:30
Комментарии: 1500

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Автор Heather Guenther ( назад)
So Julio Jones dnp in the pro bowl

Автор MrIloveTheTitans 101 ( назад)
what is the song when mike evans goes first

Автор Jaeden White ( назад)
Obj he nice day like to one hand like you if only I had you number jaeden Andre whit in queens new yours

Автор Jhoan Infante ( назад)
laundry had a flase start

Автор Tina Preston ( назад)
one handed catches are hard to do

Автор GROWLING CHUNKS ( назад)
Odell was deafeted beacuse of Kirk cousins

Автор Savagesavagesavage McSavageton ( назад)
dude look like that jelly Bean you never eat

Автор Randee Stout ( назад)
you all are crappy

Автор Logan Novak ( назад)

Автор EternalCreator ( назад)
7:55 ref makes him redo one for no reason so he throws the ball at the ref after completing it again XD

Автор Jack Giesenschlag ( назад)

Автор REDPotriats757 ( назад)
Why dont they do the fastest man anymore?

Автор Jared Farr ( назад)
7:51 Wtf? That official is blind

Автор Piggy Longtail ( назад)

Автор randomstreet72 ( назад)
I don't remember kirk cusons making it to the pro ball

Автор Jotdan Dunbar ( назад)
they need wrs vs dbs one on ones

Автор Kandi Kesler ( назад)
You wish

Автор Ir1sh Sp1d3rman ( назад)
Odell dropped it

Автор AlbanianSEXYbeasT ( назад)
Hahaha the guy @1:59 is trying his hardest not to laugh at the bald dudes weird ass alien head 😂

Автор JJD 27 ( назад)
Jarvis was actually trying. Odell wasn't even running lol. Even then he only beat him by 2 tenths of a second.

Автор Caliswag 45 ( назад)

Автор Caliswag 45 ( назад)
Can't bealive Ben had to get hurt and couldn't cime

Автор Caliswag 45 ( назад)
Dat bald head tho

Автор matthew miller ( назад)
Did Kirk throw better to Landry than Beckham

Автор WYATT M SHERRY ( назад)
whats the song playing at the beginning of the video?

Автор Olli3Boy174 Gaming ( назад)
Odell has hands and Dez too

Автор Jose Alvarado ( назад)
Why was cousins in the pro bowl he fucken sucks

Автор TheWesman721 ( назад)
What's the background song when Jarvis Landry was performing?

Автор Star Wars and Tsum Tsums ( назад)
It's awesome to see these guys all
Come to toghether

Автор Eaten Gryphon ( назад)
I don't know if you noticed but right as when Jarvis Landry went they stoped the clock for like four tenths of A second and Jarvis Landry ended up beating Odell by two tents of a second so Odell really should be in first place

Автор Dawson Laramie ( назад)
If kirk cousins threw it better odell would've won...

Автор isaiah wood ( назад)
dam Landry got hands

Автор shadym14365 ( назад)
it is bad

Автор Housten Campbell ( назад)
I went to the pro bowl

Автор Alberto Tominaga ( назад)
no doubt Landry and Beckham got the best hands in the NFL... I rather have Landry as a catching WR... but Beckham as a after the catch playmaker.

Автор Landen Thisse ( назад)

Автор Graveth ( назад)
Did Jarvis Landry try to hit that first sideline ref with the ball? Damn man, chill out

Автор Gamer Gameday ( назад)
QB'S mattered. Cousins blew it for ODB

Автор Logan McNamara ( назад)
Jarvis landry had a early start

Автор HurtsClips ( назад)
what if they played on the same team as julio

Автор Theresa Hogan ( назад)
Wish it was Aaron Rodgers i like the packers

Автор Steve Steele ( назад)
Crabtree should have been the other AFC WR.

Автор Taylor Dutton ( назад)

Автор Adrien Blank ( назад)
odell retarded, he said Jarvis's time went a little faster, boy that means he beat you by a mile

Автор Vicente Ramirez ( назад)
I am to cool i am better than enyone in the world

Автор Caleb Decker ( назад)
Odell needs a better quarterback!#BAD!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Invincible Young Empire ( назад)
Love to see Jarvis and Odell guys are just awesome. And to be real close friends are better.

Автор richardllamas08 ( назад)
2:07 bruhh what's wrong with his head xD

Автор Mcgriff Tredell ( назад)
Odell wit dem hands

Автор Rangers Soccer 36 ( назад)
Curt cousins is the reason that obj didn't win the passes sucked

Автор Master Keezie ( назад)
People... Please stop with all these "GOAT" comments. Do you really have any idea of what your claiming? Some of these dudes y'all crown the greatest, aren't even the best in the league, let alone in HISTORY! smh

Автор jswagger 37 ( назад)
Odell Beckham Jr is amazing I'm gonna be like him one day

Автор Patricia Torres Camargo ( назад)
6:20 song name please

Автор Dante ( назад)
Cousins and Smith didn't exactly help the cause

Автор Jesus Bolanos ( назад)
Why this dudes head look like Spongebob's grandma

Автор Blaine Pinchak ( назад)
No seahawks

Автор J Bell ( назад)
NFL Statistical Facts:

Larry Fitzgerald has played 13 seasons and has dropped 27 passes (211 games, 1182 receptions, including playoffs)
Odell Beckham Jr. has played 3 seasons and has dropped 15 passes (6, 5 and 4 drops)
T. Y. Hilton has played 5 seasons and has dropped 24 passes
Julio Jones has played 6 seasons and has dropped 30 passes
Antonio Brown has played 7 seasons and has dropped 28 passes
Mike Evans has played 2 seasons and has dropped 18 passes (11 drops - 2015; 7 drops - 2016)
Jarvis Landry has played 3 seasons and has dropped 9 passes (48 games; 5, 2 and 2 drops)

Nobody has better hands than Larry Fitzgerald. Nobody. He drops one pass every 7.5 games. He catches 44 passes for every drop. He has had 3 or less drops in 11 different seasons and zero drops twice, including zero drops on 106 targets in 2014. Fitz's drop totals are 2, 1, 5, 0, 2, 2, 4, 2, 3, 2, 0, 1, 3. Fitz has only 19 drops in his last 10 seasons combined, including playoffs. Jarvis Landry would need to have only 17 drops in his next 10 seasons combined to beat Fitz. Beckham has 15 drops in 3 seasons and would need 11 or fewer drops combined in the next 10 years. Hilton needs to have less than 3 drops for the entire rest of his career. Brown and Julio Jones already have more career drops than Fitz. Mike Evans is 9 drops from falling below Fitz on the drop list and Evans is only 2 years into his career. Amari Cooper dropped 11 passes this year alone. Demaryius Thomas has dropped 10 or more passes 3 different years.

Larry Fitz has only missed 6 games in 13 years, has caught 1,182 receptions for 15,331 yards and 114 touchdowns. He has dropped only 27 passes. He has recorded 34 career tackles on offensive turnovers (ints and fumbles). That's right. Larry Fitzgerald, WR, has more tackles on offense than he does career dropped passes. Think about that stat for 27 seconds.

While everyone is caught up in Beckham, Landry, and the careers of Megatron, Moss, Carter and Rice, Larry Fitzgerald has dropped the least passes of any WR in every category (per season - 2 drops; per game - 0.13 drops per game; per reception - 1 drop per 44 receptions; per td - 1 drop per 4.22 tds; for players over 800 receptions - 27 drops; for players over 200 games, over 10,000 yards, and over 75 td catches - 27 drops). And Larry Fitz is only 33 years old. He keeps hinting at retirement, but if he wanted to, he could keep playing and pass Jerry Rice in every category. Jerry Rice, at age 33, only had 942 catches and 15,123 yards. Larry Fitz, at the same age right now, has 240 more receptions and 208 more yards. Jerry Rice played 131 games from age 34 to age 42, which is why Rice has all of the records. And kudos to Jerry Rice for playing that long.

People don't realize it or simply don't talk about it, but Larry Fitzgerald is by far the best receiver currently in the NFL and one of the greatest all-time, but he may also be the greatest player ever through age 33, even better than Rice. Rice had 30 career fumbles. Larry Fitzgerald has 12. Most people forget or never knew that Rice started out with a dropping problem in the NFL. There was no official "drop" stat, but a newspaper article from his rookie year stated that he had 26 receptions and 10 dropped passes, along with a fumble. After that, Rice switched his gloves and has since admitted to using illegal "substances" to help him get the right feel for the football. Rice had at least 10 drops his rookie season, just like Mike Evans did. Then, when he switched from Montana to Steve Young, Rice had a rash of drops then as well. He had 3, 2 and 3 drops in his first three GAMES with Steve Young. Rice had at least 18 drops in 19 games between his first season with Montana and his first with Young. Add to that all of the drops he had from the other 18 years of his career and he probably had (estimated) 70-100 career drops.

At age 33, Larry Fitzgerald has 240 more catches than Rice did, 208 more yards than Rice did, 32 fewer tds than Rice, fewer fumbles and a lot fewer drops. Other than the tds (Rice had 146 by age 33), Fitzgerald has outplayed Rice in every other category, and with worse QBs and much worse overall teams. Leinart and Palmer and Drew Stanton are not exactly Montana and Steve Young.

Hilton, Julio, Brown, Landry, Beckham, Evans and others could get around 1000 catches, 14,000 yards and 100 touchdowns, which would put them in the company of Fitzgerald, but none of them will do it with fewer mistakes. None of them will have less drops or less fumbles. Not even Jerry Rice is close when it comes to that. The best hands in the NFL are absolutely attached to the wrists of Larry Fitzgerald. He doesn't let go of the ball when he touches it. He has 39 total mistakes (drops + turnovers) in his 211 game career. 39 mistakes in a Hall-of-Fame lifetime. Julio, Hilton and Antonio Brown already have more mistakes in half the number of years. Evans, Beckham, Landry, Dez and many others are going to pass Fitz's mistake total in the next 1-3 years. Nobody who has played more than 20 games is anywhere near on pace to challenge Fitz for least drops or drops+fumbles for a career, while still putting up Hall-of-Fame stats. Nobody with over 100 targets has put up zero drops and zero fumbles for an entire season other than Larry Fitzgerald. A few one-handed catches doesn't make a career.

Best Hands in the NFL? Not even close - Larry Fitzgerald. Period.

an Eagles fan.

p.s. The year Larry Fitzgerald was drafted (2004), Oakland had the 2nd pick and passed on Fitzgerald to take Robert Gallery. Fitzgerald went 3rd overall. If Oakland had drafted Fitzgerald, then Jerry Rice and Larry Fitzgerald would have been on the same team that year (at different ends of their careers). That's an interesting little tidbit right there. But Robert Gallery totally sucked, so I'm sure Raiders' fans aren't mad that they passed on Fitzgerald ... and Ben Roethlisberger.

Автор AYANDA VILAKAZI ( назад)
I thought One handed catches were standard at NFL level, i even expected TE's to be just as good. Why do one handed catches surprise people?!. Smh.

Автор George Otai ( назад)
Maybe if Beckham sprinted to each station he would've won.

Автор Mohammed Belbaisi ( назад)
Brooooooo. How Sick Would it be if Landry Comes To Dallas? 😱

Автор Tye C ( назад)
guess obj left his hands at home against GB

Автор Sarah Hall ( назад)
Landry scared the heck out of me

Автор Sub 10-Zin ( назад)
y doesn't track get much love like football does?

Автор msrf_ ( назад)
Landry had more help from smith than Odell had from kirk

Автор Aditya Diwan ( назад)
is it just me or does that guy looks like he needs some lotion

Автор OrangeJuice ( назад)
After the first guys finished all I saw was ODB Jr in the back doing karate moves 😂

Автор GhillieGun ( назад)
Landry a dolphin forever!

Автор Aaron Fathi ( назад)
I love Landry even more he is boss he is on my favorite team

Автор Aaron Fathi ( назад)
Odell rocks

Автор billy castaldo ( назад)
Landry just had a better hustle then Odell, odell would been in the low 40s if u hustled the way Landry did

Автор George Torres ( назад)
O'Dell would of won but cousins sucks

Автор Escute ( назад)

Автор oXJPXo ( назад)
I love that they're pals but also are so competitive.

Автор that kid mick ( назад)
#LSU tigers !! draft us we had Odell Beckham Jarvis Landry Jeremy hill tyrann Matthew Patrick Patterson jc Copeland Dewayne bowe and about to be Lollard fournette #tigernation

Автор Samuel Putter ( назад)
Iᖴ ᒪᗩᑌᑎᗪᖇY ᗯEᑎT TO TᕼE GIᗩᑎTᔕ TᕼEY ᗯOᑌᒪᗪ ᗷE ᑌᑎᔕTOᑭᑭᗩᗷᒪE

Автор adrianna garcia ( назад)
Probably the Browns

Автор Olsch RIff ( назад)
I´m with the NFC, but i think the AFC wins the Super Bowl!

Автор ismael aguilera salais ( назад)
landry 51.8 .!! no 52.6

Автор Miguel cabrera ( назад)
its so easy to make one handed catches it's unreal I can do it with my eyes closed just like Landry and beckham

Автор THE BOSS ( назад)
LMAO Agholor & JMatt should have been out there. I'm kidding, my Eagles have stone hands, FML...

Автор Crixzly Commentates ( назад)
Where TF is AB

Автор Drogba's Ponytail ( назад)
Nice to see Darkskin and Lightskin relations getting along

Автор Michael ( назад)
SMH why isn't Brady on the Pro Bowl roster???

Автор Bennett Johnson ( назад)
the real question is how did lsu not win a national title given the talent the rest of the team had when these two played together and zach mettenburger was pretty decent college qb too

Автор 362chop ( назад)
Beckham can catch from a drone but drops 10 yarders in his bread basket, overrated.

Автор jps4 ( назад)
ab 1

Автор lineman_life 6274 ( назад)
ik im going to get hate for being a pats fan but we all know that either julian edelman or chris hogan would win this

Автор classicjag76 ( назад)
OBJ should try that in the only place it matters...which is a game.

Автор Ru St ( назад)
Odell is pro

Автор Cyborg Gaming ( назад)
Me: okay, those men look normal. Idk what these people in the comments are talking about.

*turns head*

Me: oh god.

Автор Dan Ansome Handsome ( назад)
Yet another reason why Landry is insanely underrated.

Автор Amon Brown ( назад)
I love odell

Автор black mamba ( назад)
odeeeeelll u is a beast and jarvis landryyyy

Автор Curly Hair Messiah ( назад)
odell is catch gawd... dude is the greatest

Автор baseballwarrior17 ( назад)
Jarvis won because the clock was confused at the beginning of his run

Автор David Mcknight ( назад)
wheres amari or crabtree?

Автор Michael Percy ( назад)
Jarvis had a false start would have lost by a few tenths of a second

Автор Oscar Ozuna ( назад)
if you're here just for odell 5:40

Автор Evzoni ( назад)
As long as you don't have little Chinese girl hands it's not hard to catch a ball one handed especially with those super glue gloves

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