Super Double Dragon 4 Final Boss

Final boss in the Super Famicom version of Double Dragon 4 (Also known as The Return of Double Dragon). The final boss sequence has you fight all the bosses in the game before facing the final boss.

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Автор ZeroKoolX ( назад)
I get my ass kicked with Billy every time I play this game, Jimmy on the other hand is god!

Автор Todd Jacobs ( назад)

Автор 8bitmusics ( назад)
It is funny that Double Dragon 4 will have worse graphics than this one. but who cares about graphics? It is DD!

Автор ZeMegaManEnt ( назад)
I was hoping that Shadow Boss appears after all of that.

Автор loung tran ( назад)
u can time counter hit 
why do u make this game look so hard

Автор Hans Lecaros ( назад)
This is the Japanese version of Super Double Dragon, is called Return of the Double Dragon, change your misleading title.

Автор Jon 'X' MacLennan ( назад)

Автор Ярослав Яковлев ( назад)
чё за ггг

Автор BillYouArent ( назад)
Streets of Rage before Streets of Rage!

Автор vteaznsemaj ( назад)
Return of Double Dragon, not Super Double Dragon.

Автор William Dickinson (1127 лет назад)
This is return not super

Автор DOOMED ! ( назад)
This game is so full of almost it's disgusting. So fucking close to making something special. Still a really fun game if you're talking the Japanese version but you can't help but be constantly reminded of all the unrealized potential when playing it. Just a little more time and polish with the fighting engine. So close. So goddamn close.

Автор Vontray Lockett ( назад)

Автор Joe Salinas ( назад)
I grew up playing the American version. When I down load this rom I was amazed on how much better it was from the US release. This has a better hurricane kick and final stage.

Автор ZeroHyperGaming ( назад)
Holy your fuking good dude lol. I loved this game. I miss games like this.

Автор Andrew The Transformer ( назад)
First fight scene, Billy vs Ryu, Guile, and a guy from Reservoir Dogs lol.
And i hate that clown boss, reminded me of Blanka with that roll attack haha.

Автор Andrew The Transformer ( назад)
Love the Jap as the NTSC and Pal version doesn't have this section as the final battle.
Also the Tatsu kick hits once and knocks the enemy down whereas the Jap version they get a few hits :D

Автор Machete 87 ( назад)
weird I hadn't a clue they used the dragon twins theme for double dragon. sounds quite kool though. too bad they have a crossover with river city ransom .

Автор Enzo Galeano ( назад)
I like beat em up games

Автор Francois Blair ( назад)
especially the boss Duke really a good final boss

Автор Francois Blair ( назад)
The best Double Dragon ever made, all the others are just complete rubbish

Автор Psychopulse75 ( назад)
This game should be remade and sold as a digital download to make it more faithful to how the game was originally going to be like.  This was the only Double Dragon game I could consistently beat aside from Double Dragon Advance.

Автор boru25 ( назад)
I just thought of this game as I was think of 5.

Автор kenji harima (1917 лет назад)
DDIV has the BEST moveset ever in any beat 'em up game, too bad this game has no ending, just credits you beat the boss credits roll that's it. 

Автор rsuriyop ( назад)
Why was this game only available on Super Famicom and not SNES as well? :(

Автор I main Jhin Lel (1820 лет назад)
Where's Jeff? :(

Автор Urvy1A ( назад)
I didn't know you can fight against a clown!  Maybe the Shadow Warriors also run a circus too.

Автор OceanWaves ( назад)
If you guys love double dragon you will absolutely enjoy Shank 1 or Shank 2 on PC, 360, or ps 3 !!!! Check out the gameplay on YouTube and I'm sure you will agree !!

Автор alvinete vitorino soutelo ( назад)
well, only one can have the glory

Автор alexis l'oiseau ( назад)
arnold is in Double Dragon 2 Revenge Of Billy and he have military pant

Автор alexis l'oiseau ( назад)
Its impossible vs the boss of the gang he have NO HIT, INCREDIBLE

Автор TruyanZx ( назад)
That depends on the difficult level you are playing
In hard mode, he kicks your ass with h4x0r

Автор TruyanZx ( назад)
Then you should try Double Dragon Advance

Автор Red Hua ( назад)
This video has the ponytail guy too.

Автор 77rxpharmacy ( назад)
Why is this boss different from the other final boss? I just recently played this and beat it and it was the blond hair ponytail guy. And some other vids show the same ponytail final boss.

Автор Henrik Isacsson ( назад)

Автор devblue510 ( назад)
darn... I was hoping to hear the credits music. :(

Автор Lestat Wolff ( назад)

Автор Jay Brown ( назад)
does anyone know were I can find the DD Collection for P.C. these grames are tight

Автор Calvin Cain ( назад)
I got to admit, that's pretty fucking epic! :D

Автор Shadow Chaser ( назад)
Who knew human bodies bounced so well :-) I love this game.

Автор Shadow Chaser ( назад)
Yes, you are disgraceful.

Автор handsomebrick ( назад)
One time me and my brother were fighting the final boss, and we figured out that if we knocked someone off their feet, they would never recover as long as we kept punching from both sides, because hitting people while they fall keeps them from landing. So we punched and punched and punched, he was probably dead about halfway through, but we kept going just in case.

Автор KyogaShimaru ( назад)
Oh, c'mon, it was just a game. We did it as a homage to the very first double dragon. Man, I miss that game.

Автор Jim Gunn ( назад)
As someone who loves this game I can honestly say thats one of the more bad ass things ever done on a snes

Автор RetroSteve ( назад)
attack while jumping always works.

Автор ojideagu ( назад)
The last boss of Golden Axe is not easy at all!

Автор SlackersIndustry ( назад)
this DD is way better than the neon one

Автор syxx573 ( назад)
cool story about you and your bro

Автор KyogaShimaru ( назад)
Once my brother and I were playing together against this final boss, when we decided to turn against each other, so only one could stand alive by the end of the battle. And so, we were trying to defeat us each other while avoiding the boss' attacks at the end of our last life. Then, I, increases my dragon meter, move here and there and release it on a hurricane kick which hit both, my brother and the boss. And so, in slow motion, I defeated both in a kick ass flying hurricane kick.

Автор Rishi Dave ( назад)
This was one of the best D&D versions. I wish they would remake this and release it on XBLA or PS3

Автор Nicholas Houzenga ( назад)
That last boss doesn't pass for a real End Boss. And End Boss forces you to save extra lives. That thing was about as weak as the end boss to Golden Axe. Too many exploitable Ai movements in the enemies.

Автор Andrew The Transformer ( назад)
ah yes you are right :)

Автор shaolinlueb ( назад)
first double dragon had boss with machine gun also. 2nd arcade game did too i believe.

Автор Andrew The Transformer ( назад)
5:01 Billy vs Arnold LOL

Автор Andrew The Transformer ( назад)
4:02 the clown boss blocks with his stomach even though hes getting kicked to the face hahaha :D

Автор Andrew The Transformer ( назад)
looooooooool that was sick :)

Автор Andrew The Transformer ( назад)
you're thinking of Streets of Rage looooooooooool :)))))

Автор claudiofiloxxx ( назад)
this level is diferent!

Автор Kionwarrior Rgammons ( назад)
DUDE! fuckin 2:44 is like jackie chan shit.....

Автор DarkCode ( назад)
I like duke as a boss. I tried to grab him and do the multiple backfist but i could never do it even after weakening him. Im able to sometimes grab his arm but never do any counter moves. I wonder if anyone here has been able to do it and how :)

Автор SpriteZilla ( назад)
Also you can punch/kick knifes that are thrown at you. And you catch the boomerang after throwing it instead of getting hit when it comes back. the Japanese version has little minor differences but in the end they all add up to make this version Waaaaaaay better than the crap version we got in the states.

Автор Swagimir Putin (1630 лет назад)
Was the thing with the Hurricane Kick the same in the PAL version as the JAP version?
Because I can hit multiple times with the hurricane kick no problem.

Автор vsg1980 ( назад)
threw I mean. and it's boomerang, not boomeranE...what the heck?

Автор vsg1980 ( назад)
I liked the Japanese version because the hurricane kick hits usually until the guy falls down, and you could catch the boomerane when you threw it instead of having to get outta the way because in the U.S. version it would just freakin' hit you when it came back. Also, if you timed it right, when a bad guy through a knife at you, you could hit it and send it flying back at them to hit them. Awesome game, it was my favorite SNES title.

Автор 0SUPER0DRAGON7 ( назад)
Fuck kratos double dragon rules

Автор rollstuhlwolf ( назад)
This summer on PSN and XBLA. 2012. Double Dragon Neon.

Автор ZoddGuts ( назад)
Hurricane kick breaks this game.

Автор Number1StarSB ( назад)
This entire game is in slow motion.

Автор Carlos Cazanas ( назад)
billy kinda look like chuck noris

Автор Kevin Lor ( назад)
So who is the chick at 0:23 from? And what anime if she is in one? ^^

Автор Stacey Paquette ( назад)
In the center of the floor is the Tradewest symbol with a black dragon through it?

Автор V Guyver ( назад)
@artfan101 Most recent Double Dragon game was for the iphone which was more or less a remake of the first 2. Just like DD Advance, except they added female bosses and new music and stages. As for fighting games, they had 2. One based off the crappy movie, which honestly the game wasn't that bad, and Rage of the Dragons which was meant to be a Double Dragon game but couldn't get licensing, but it's still based off our beloved franchise.

Автор SpriteZilla ( назад)
@syxx573 Hey isn't the last bosses name Duke or something like that ?

Автор Sword Familiar ( назад)
Skills. I've beaten this game only once, but I don't think I was as keen on when to use what attack. Some great resource management going on there.

Автор DJCandyManMike ( назад)
It may already be on the download for 360 and PS3. Look up Revenge of the Wounded Dragon. It's a modern day upgrade to Double Dragon 2, which doesn't include the original game unfortunately. I wish someone would put DD2 up for download at some point in its original form, and why they would remake the game and not offer the original version escapes me.

Автор DJCandyManMike ( назад)
Willy's not in this game. This time around, the Shadow Warriors were led by Duke.

Автор Blomsternisse ( назад)
I just LOVE those 90´s suits!!!!

Автор DieInFire ( назад)
@AlphaFirefly on the japanese version you can use the boomerang more than once, just have to hit it when it comes back.

Автор Waffen9999 ( назад)
What I disliked about this game was the bouncing enemies. Seriously, are you fighting on the moon or something? Since when does a person hit the ground and bounce like these guys do?

Автор Xuncu ( назад)
Wait, wait, wait..... spikes in a videogame that DON'T cause horrible pain?!

Автор psychogorilla ( назад)
Very nice. I only wish the absolute, total complete game would've been released. Even the SFC version wasn't 100 percent what was planned, and there's a Beats of Rage DC homebrew that shows how it would've worked... too bad that version locks up at the end on DC consoles!

Автор JCDenton112788 ( назад)
lol like batman and flash.fighting all the bosses before main boss.

Автор 77rxpharmacy ( назад)
Same (or very similar) theme song as River City Ransom's final boss. Nice. For those of u who don't know, RCR is a classic. I recommend u play the original on NES and not GBA's remake.

Автор Fallen Belmont ( назад)
@shaolinlueb that guy has been already killed in double dragon 2 , its not appear in this sequel

Автор WinAFreeAppleIPod ( назад)
@syxx573 jap version sucks, knives do piss damage and the music is way worse

Автор Fallen Belmont ( назад)
duke es much stronger and cheaper in double dragon neo geo

Автор Waffen9999 ( назад)
Ahhh, you gotta love this game. Enemies bounce when they hit the ground. It's like your either fighting on the moon or the floors are trampolines. Than again, I can't account for the top of the semi.

Автор Fallen Belmont ( назад)
famicom version is better

Автор dougprrz ( назад)
he look like he's wearing uggs.. lol

Автор MrChosenone10 ( назад)
whoever makes more double dragon games needs to make it like return of double dragon the best by far

Автор syxx573 ( назад)
@AlphaFirefly the hurricane kick hits a bunch of times in the japanese version plus the story is more fleshed out

Автор Purrscratchheadbutt ( назад)
HAÏ !!

Автор samuraiconscious ( назад)
I always thought the guys at 1:45 were kung fu elvises

Автор MrChosenone10 ( назад)
@DDRUTOU i would buy sequels to super double dragon on virtual console

Автор MrChosenone10 ( назад)
we need a company to make sequels to super double dragon i'd buy them sdd best beatem up ever

Автор MrChosenone10 ( назад)
@nihonjin84 yes team ninja needs the franchise just look at ninja gaiden series

Автор Carlos Cazanas ( назад)
I surprise they didn't give billy and jimmy the ability to throw hadokens only tatsumaki senpukyaku but then again capcom would have sue

Автор syxx573 ( назад)
@shaolinlueb machine gun willy

Автор shaolinlueb ( назад)
wheres teh guy with the machine gun?

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